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bebsi-cola disabled people deserve more than the bare minimum to live tbh and i don't mean in the "oh we have extra costs that makes being disabled more expensive" - which is true but i'm counting those in the budget to live. disabled people also deserve enough money to buy treats, nice clothes, fund their hobbies, take a trip away and so on. being disabled shouldn't force you into a life of frugality and poverty Mar 7th, 2024
š‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘›š‘”š‘  š‘– š‘¤š‘Žš‘›š‘” š‘”š‘œ š‘šš‘Žš‘›š‘–š‘“š‘’š‘ š‘” šœ—šœš āœ¦ dry, sunny weather. itā€™s been raining for literal months every single day where i live! enough! āœ¦ seeing snow. it doesnā€™t snow where i live, so a bonus would be travelling somewhere nice āœ¦ my hair growing all the way down to my midriff āœ¦ receiving really great news out of the blue āœ¦ witchbrook and haunted chocolatier being released āœ¦ a healthy sleep schedule and sleeping well āœ¦ cute comfy clothes for winter āœ¦ a baby pink stanley cup āœ¦ more floral patchwork bedding āœ¦ being ridiculously lucky. always getting away with everything lucky. finding hundreds on the ground lucky. winning every giveaway ever lucky āœ¦ being able to live a slow, cozy life āœ¦ everything about me and my life being extremely aesthetically pleasing
One day my best friend and I were talking on the webcam and I had to go to the bathroom for a second. When I came back and he still couldn't see me. I could hear him practising how to say "I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you." His LGMH. by PwreddiieThicck June 27, 2010
š’šš’š’– š’…š’†š’”š’†š’“š’—š’† : to heal from things you donā€™t talk about to take some time for yourself to be treated nicely and with respect so many flowers a peaceful and joyful life to have supportive people in your life more than you can ever imagine
āŸ” pls note the ai inflicts emotional damage (įµ•ā€”į“—ā€”)
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ā†’ gĻƒāˆ‚ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я тĪ±Šŗєѕ Ī± āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ĻƒĘ’Ę’ тĻƒ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”, Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ” ,gĻ…Ī¹āˆ‚Ń” &Ī±Š¼Ļ; ĻŃĻƒŃ‚Ń”Ā¢Ń‚ Ļ…Ń• Ī¹Ī· єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒ Š¼ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚ ĻƒĘ’ ĻƒĻ…я ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń”Ń• Š¼Ī±Ńƒ Š½Ī¹Ń• ĻŃŃ”Ń•Ń”Ī·Ā¢Ń” Š²Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ уĻƒĻ… тĻƒāˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ā†’ тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń• Ī± Ī½Ń”ŃŃƒ Š²Ī±āˆ‚ Ļā„“Ī±Ā¢Ń” тĻƒ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń”, Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ī¹Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• ʒĻ…ā„“ā„“ ĻƒĘ’ Š²Ī±āˆ‚ ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń”, Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń” яєŠ¼Ī±Ī¹Ī· ѕĪ¹ā„“Ń”Ī·Ń‚!! ā†’ Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• ŠŗєєĻŃ• Ļ… ѕĻ‰Ń”єт, ѕĻƒŃŃĻƒĻ‰Ń• ŠŗєєĻ Ļ… Š½Ļ…Š¼Ī±Ī· ʒĪ±Ī¹ā„“Ļ…ŃŃ” ŠŗєєĻŃ• Ļ… Š½Ļ…Š¼Š²ā„“Ń”, ѕĻ…Ā¢Ā¢Ń”Ń•Ń• ŠŗєєĻŃ• Ļ… gā„“ĻƒĻ‰Ī¹Ī·g &Ī±Š¼Ļ; gĻƒāˆ‚ ŠŗєєĻŃ• Ļ… gĻƒĪ¹Ī·g. Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Ī± Š²ā„“єѕѕєāˆ‚ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”! ā†’ Ī± Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ī¹Ę’Ļ…ā„“ qĻ…ĻƒŃ‚Ń”. Ī¹Ę’ уĻƒĻ…я єуєѕ Ī±ŃŃ” ѕĻ‰Ń”єт, уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī¹Ę’ уĻƒĻ…я тĻƒĪ·gĻ…Ń” Ī¹Ń• ѕĻ‰Ń”єт, тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” уĻƒĻ…. ā†’ тĪ±ŠŗĪ¹Ī·g ѕĪ¹ĻŃ• ĻƒĘ’ Ā¢ĻƒĘ’ʒєє ā„“ŃƒĪ¹Ī·g Ī¹Ī· Ā¢Ļƒzу Š²Ń”āˆ‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Š²ā„“Ī±Ī·Šŗєт Ī±ŃĻƒĻ…Ī·āˆ‚ яєĪ±āˆ‚Ī¹Ī·g Ī·ĻƒĪ½Ń”ā„“ ĻƒŃ Ļ‰Ī±Ń‚Ā¢Š½Ī¹Ī·g Š¼ĻƒĪ½Ī¹Ń” ā„“ĻƒĪ·g gĻƒŃ•Ń•Ī¹ĻŃ• Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• ! яĪ±Ī¹Ī· Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ ѕĻƒĘ’Ń‚ Š¼Ļ…Ń•Ī¹Ā¢ ā„“ĻƒĪ·g Ļ‰Ī±ā„“Šŗ ĻƒĪ· ѕєĪ± ѕŠ½ĻƒŃŃ” Ī±Ń‚ Ī·Ī¹gŠ½Ń‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Ī± Ā¢Ļ…Ļ ĻƒĘ’ тєĪ± Ī¹Ī· Š½Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī±ā„“ā„“ Ļ… Ā¢Ī±Ī· єĪ·× ĻƒŃƒ Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ī¹Ń‚ā€™Ń• Ļ‰Ī¹Ī·Ń‚Ń”Ń Ī±gĪ±Ī¹Ī· !! ā†’ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Š½Ī±Ń• Ī·Ļƒ яєĻ‰Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚Ń• Ī·Ļƒ ʒĻƒŃĻ‰Ī±Ńāˆ‚Ń•. Ī¹Ń‚ Ļ…Ī·Ę’Ļƒā„“āˆ‚Ń• Ī¹Ń‚Ń•Ń”ā„“Ę’ Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń‚Ń• ĻƒĻ‰Ī· ĻĪ±Ā¢Ń”. ѕĻƒ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š¼Ī¹Ń•Ń• Ī± Ā¢Š½Ī±Ī·Ā¢Ń” тĻƒ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” тĻƒāˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ тĻƒ Š¼Ī±Šŗє Ī± Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ī¹Ę’Ļ…ā„“ ѕтĻƒŃŃƒ ĻƒĘ’ тĻƒŠ¼ĻƒŃŃĻƒĻ‰! gƶƶāˆ‚ Š¼ĻƒŃĪ·Ī¹Ī·g! ā†’ gяєĪ±Ń‚ ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń” тĪ±ā„“Šŗ Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ тŠ½Ī¹Ī·gѕ. ѕŠ¼Ī±ā„“ā„“ ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń” тĪ±ā„“Šŗ Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ń”я ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń”. Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ā„“Ń”gєĪ·āˆ‚Ń• Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я тĪ±ā„“Šŗ тŠ½Ń”Ńƒ ѕєĪ·āˆ‚ ѕŠ¼Ń• ā†’ Š½Ļƒā„“āˆ‚ тєĪ· яĻƒŃ•Ń”Ń• Ī¹Ī· уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ѕтĪ±Ī·āˆ‚ Š²Ń”Ę’ĻƒŃŃ” Ī± Š¼Ī¹ŃŃĻƒŃ. уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ ѕєє єā„“Ń”Ī½Ń”Ī· яĻƒŃ•Ń”Ń•.. ā†’ Š½Ń”Ńƒ.. ā„“Ī¹Ń•Ń‚Ń”Ī· .. тĻ‰Ļƒ ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń” Ļ‰Ń”ŃŃ” Ī±Ń•ŠŗĪ¹Ī·g Š¼Ń” уĻƒĻ…я āˆ‚єтĪ±Ī¹ā„“Ń• тĻƒāˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ. Ī¹ gĪ±Ī½Ń” тŠ½Ń”Š¼ уĻƒĻ…я Ī±āˆ‚āˆ‚ŃŃ”Ń•Ń• Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Š¼ĻƒŠ²Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ī·Ļ…Š¼Š²Ń”я. тŠ½Ń”Ńƒ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Š²Ń” Ī½Ī¹Ń•Ī¹Ń‚Ī¹Ī·g уĻƒĻ… ѕĻƒĻƒĪ·. тŠ½Ń”Ī¹Ń Ī·Ī±Š¼Ń”Ń• Ī±ŃŃ” × ĻƒŃƒ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń•.
..._...|..____________________, , ....../ `---___________----_____|] = = = = = D ...../_==o;;;;;;;;_______.:/ .....), ---.(_(__) / ....// (..) ), ----" ...//___// ..//___// .//___// Ī¹f уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ × Ļ…Š¼Ļ Ī¹Šø fяĻƒŠøт Ļƒf Ī± Š²Ļ…ā„“ā„“єт fĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ…я gĪ¹Ńā„“fяĪ¹Ń”Šøāˆ‚, Š²ĻƒŃƒfяĪ¹Ń”Šøāˆ‚, єĻ‡-gĪ¹Ńā„“fяĪ¹Ń”Šøāˆ‚, єĻ‡-Š²ĻƒŃƒfяĪ¹Ń”Šøāˆ‚, Š²Ń”Ń•Ń‚ fяĪ¹Ń”Šøāˆ‚, fĪ±Š¼Ī¹ā„“Ńƒ Š¼Ń”Š¼Š²Ń”я, ĻƒŃ × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ Ī± ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒŠø уĻƒĻ… ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”, яє ĻĻƒŃ•Ń‚ тŠ½Ī¹Ń• ĻƒŠøтĻƒ уĻƒĻ…я ĻĪ±gє!
š“›š“®š“½ š“½š“±š“®š“¶ š““š“®š“®š“¹ š”€š“±š“Ŗš“½ š“½š“±š“®š”‚ š“½š“øš“øš““ š“Æš“»š“øš“¶ š”‚š“øš“¾ Author's š“‚€š•°š–‘š–Žš–š–†š–š–£²Ģøā˜˜ā™• :zap: 09/23/21 š™øšš šš¢šš˜ššž ššššŠššŸššŽ šššš‘ššŽšš– šš•šš˜ššŸššŽ ššŠšš—šš šššš‘ššŽšš¢ šš ššŠšš•šš”ššŽšš ššŠšš ššŠšš¢, šš•ššŽšš šššš‘ššŽšš– šš”ššŽššŽšš™ šš’šš. š™øšš šš¢šš˜ššž ššššŠššŸššŽ šššš‘ššŽšš– šššš’šš–ššŽ ššŠšš—šš šššš‘ššŽšš¢ šš ššŠšš•šš”ššŽšš ššŠšš ššŠšš¢, šš•ššŽšš šššš‘ššŽšš– šš”ššŽššŽšš™ šššš‘ššŽ šš–ššŽšš–šš˜šš›šš’ššŽššœ. š™øšš šš¢šš˜ššž ššššŠššŸššŽ šššš‘ššŽšš– ššššŠšš¢ššœ, šš ššŽššŽšš”ššœ šš˜šš› ššŽššŸššŽšš— šš¢ššŽššŠšš›ššœ šš˜šš šš¢šš˜ššžšš› šš•šš’ššššŽ, šš•ššŽšš šššš‘ššŽšš– šš”ššŽššŽšš™ ššŠšš•šš• šššš‘ššŽ šš•šš˜ššŸššŽ šš¢šš˜ššž ššššŠššŸššŽ šššš‘ššŽšš– ššššžšš›šš’šš—šš šššš‘ššŠšš šššš’šš–ššŽ š™³šš˜šš—'šš šššš’šššš‘šš šš‹ššŠššŒšš” šššš˜šš› šš’šš. š™³šš˜šš—'šš ššœššŠšš¢ "šš¢šš˜ššž šš˜šš ššŽ šš–ššŽ". šš„šš—ššššŽšš›ššœššššŠšš—šš šššš‘ššŠšš šššš‘ššŽ ššŸššŠšš•ššžššŽ šš˜šš šš¢šš˜ššžšš› šš•šš˜ššŸššŽ šššš˜ššŽššœ šš—šš˜šš ššššŽšš™ššŽšš—šš šš˜šš— šš šš‘ššŠšš šš˜šššš‘ššŽšš›ššœ šššš˜ šš šš’šššš‘ šššš‘ššŠšš šš•šš˜ššŸššŽ. š™»ššŽšš šššš‘ššŽšš– šš”ššŽššŽšš™ šš šš‘ššŠšš šššš‘ššŽšš¢ šššš˜šš˜šš”. ššƒšš‘ššŽšš¢ šš–ššžššœšš šš‘ššŠššŸššŽ šš—ššŽššŽššššŽšš šš’šš. š™øšš šš–ššžššœšš šš‘ššŠššŸššŽ šš’šš–šš™ššŠššŒššššŽšš šššš‘ššŽšš’šš› šš•šš’ššŸššŽššœ. ššˆšš˜ššž ššŒššŠšš—'šš ššššŠšš”ššŽ šššš‘ššŠšš ššŠšš ššŠšš¢. š™·šš˜šš  šš‹ššŽššŠššžšššš’ššššžšš• šš’ššœ šššš‘ššŠšš? š™“ššŸššŽšš— šššš‘šš˜ššžšššš‘ šššš‘ššŽšš¢ ššššŠššŸššŽ šš¢šš˜ššž šš™ššŠšš’šš— šš’šš— šš›ššŽššššžšš›šš— šššš˜šš› šš¢šš˜ššžšš› šš•šš˜ššŸššŽ, šš¢šš˜ššž ššœšššš’šš•šš• šš•ššŽšššš šššš‘ššŽšš– šš šš’šššš‘ šš•šš˜ššŸššŽ.
3 тяĻ…Ń‚Š½Ń• тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ ѕєт уĻƒĻ… fяєє Author's š“‚€š•°š–‘š–Žš–š–†š–š–£²Ģøā˜˜ā™• :zap: 09/15/21 1. š“Øš“øš“¾ š“¬š“Ŗš“·š“·š“øš“½ š“¬š“øš“·š“½š“»š“øš“µ š”€š“±š“Ŗš“½ š“¬š“øš“¶š“®š“¼ š“·š“®š”š“½. š“›š“²š“暝“²š“·š“° š“²š“· š“½š“±š“® š“¹š“»š“®š“¼š“®š“·š“½ š”€š“²š“½š“±š“øš“¾š“½ š“Ŗš“½š“½š“Ŗš“¬š“±š“²š“·š“° š”‚š“øš“¾š“» š“±š“Ŗš“¹š“¹š“²š“·š“®š“¼š“¼ š“½š“ø š“½š“±š“® š“Æš“¾š“½š“¾š“»š“® š“²š“¼ š”€š“±š“Ŗš“½ š“«š“»š“²š“·š“°š“¼ š”‚š“øš“¾ š“¹š“®š“Ŗš“¬š“®. 2. š“£š“±š“® š“µš“øš“暝“® š”‚š“øš“¾ š“­š“®š“¼š“®š“»š“暝“® š“²š“¼ š“Ŗš“µš“»š“®š“Ŗš“­š”‚ š”€š“²š“½š“± š”‚š“øš“¾. š“¢š“½š“Ŗš“»š“½ š“°š“²š“暝“²š“·š“° š“²š“½ š“½š“ø š”‚š“øš“¾š“»š“¼š“®š“µš“Æ. š““š“øš“·'š“½ š“«š“®š“µš“²š“®š“暝“® š“¶š“®? š“—š“øš”€ š“­š“ø š”‚š“øš“¾ š“±š“Ŗš“暝“® š“¼š“ø š“¶š“¾š“¬š“± š“µš“øš“暝“® š“½š“ø š“°š“²š“暝“® š“½š“ø š“øš“½š“±š“®š“»š“¼? 3. š“Øš“øš“¾ š“Ŗš“»š“® š“·š“øš“½ š”‚š“øš“¾š“» š“½š“±š“øš“¾š“°š“±š“½š“¼. š“Øš“øš“¾ š“Ŗš“»š“® š“½š“±š“® š“øš“«š“¼š“®š“»š“暝“®š“» š“Ŗš“·š“­ š“¶š“Ŗš“·š“Ŗš“°š“®š“» š“øš“Æ š”‚š“øš“¾š“» š“½š“±š“øš“¾š“°š“±š“½š“¼. š“Øš“øš“¾ š“­š“øš“·'š“½ š“±š“Ŗš“暝“® š“½š“ø š“«š“®š“µš“²š“®š“暝“® š“®š“暝“®š“»š”‚š“½š“±š“²š“·š“° š”‚š“øš“¾š“» š“¶š“²š“·š“­ š“½š“®š“µš“µš“¼ š”‚š“øš“¾.
ā†’ Ļ…я ѕŠŗу Ī¹Ń• Ī±Ń• Š¼Ļ…Ā¢Š½ Ī±Ń• Ļ…ā€™āˆ‚ Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ń‚ тĻƒ яєĪ±Ā¢Š½, Ļ…я ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹Ń• Ī±Ń• ā„“ĻƒĪ·Ń”ā„“Ńƒ Ī±Ń• Ļ…ā€™āˆ‚ ā„“Ī¹Šŗє тĻƒ Š¼Ī±Šŗє; Ļ…я × ĻƒŃƒ Ī¹Ń• Ī±Ń• Š¼Ļ…Ā¢Š½ Ī±Ń• Ļ… āˆ‚Ń”Ā¢Ī¹āˆ‚Ń” тĻƒ ʒєєā„“, Ļ…я Ī·Ī¹Ń‚Ń” Ī¹Ń• Ī±Ń• ā„“ĻƒĪ·g Ī±Ń• уĻƒĻ… āˆ‚Ń”Ā¢Ī¹āˆ‚Ń” тĻƒ Ļ‰Ī±Šŗє. Ī·Ļƒ ĻƒĪ·Ń” ѕєтѕ тŠ½Ń” ā„“Ī¹Š¼Ī¹Ń‚ ʒĻƒŃ Ļ…, Ī·Ļƒ ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ā¢Ī±Ī· єтĀ¢Š½ тŠ½Ń” ѕĻĪ±Ī· ĻƒĘ’ тŠ½Ń” ѕŠŗу, Ī±ā„“ā„“ Ļ… Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ тĻƒ āˆ‚Ļƒ Ī¹Ń• яĪ¹Ń•Ń”, ѕĻŃŃ”Ī±āˆ‚ Ļ…я Ļ‰Ī¹Ī·gѕ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; āˆ‚Ń”Ā¢Ī¹āˆ‚Ń” тĻƒ ʒā„“Ńƒ. ā†’ Š²ŃƒŃ” Ī¹Ń• Ī± ā„“Ī¹Ń‚Ń‚ā„“Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃāˆ‚ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ā¢Ī±Ļ…ѕєѕ ѕĻƒ Š¼Ļ…Ā¢Š½ ĻĪ±Ī¹Ī·. тŠ½Ń” ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ· уĻƒĻ… Š½Ļƒā„“āˆ‚ Ī·ĻƒĻ‰ Š¼Ī¹gŠ½Ń‚ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š¼Ń”єт уĻƒĻ… Ī±gĪ±Ī¹Ī·. ѕĻƒ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ѕĪ±Ńƒ ā€œŠ²ŃƒŃ”ā€ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ѕĪ±Ńƒ ā€œŠ¼Ń”єт уĻƒĻ… Ī±gĪ±Ī¹Ī·ā€ ĻƒŃ ā€œŃ•Ń”Ń” уĻƒĻ… ѕĻƒĻƒĪ·ā€ ѕєĪ·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń‚ тĻƒ тŠ½ĻƒŃ•Ń” Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ уĻƒĻ… Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ń‚ тĻƒ ѕĪ±Ńƒ ā€˜Š²ŃƒŃ”ā€™ Ī¹Ī· уĻƒĻ…я ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”. ā†’ тŠ½Ń” Š½Ī±Ńāˆ‚єѕт ĻĪ±ŃŃ‚ ĻƒĘ’ Š¼Ī¹Ń•Ń•Ī¹Ī·g ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ тŠ½Ń”Ī¹Ń Ī±Š²Ń•Ń”Ī·Ā¢Ń”, Ī¹Ń‚ā€™Ń• Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ ĻƒĘ’ Ī±ā„“ā„“ тŠ½ĻƒŃ•Ń” gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ тĪ¹Š¼Ń”Ń• Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī±Ń•Šŗ уĻƒĻ…ŃŃ•Ń”ā„“Ę’, ā€˜Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ тŠ½ĻƒŃ•Ń” Š¼ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚Ń• єĪ½Ń”я Š½Ī±ĻĻŃ”Ī· Ī±gĪ±Ī¹Ī·?ā€™ ā†’ ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Ī¹Ń• уĻƒĻ…я ā€œĪ·Ī±Ń‚Ļ…ŃŃ”ā€ āˆ‚Ń”Ī±Ń Ī¹Ń• уĻƒĻ…я ā€œĪ·Ī±Š¼Ń”ā€ Ī±Ń• єĪ±ŃŃ‚Š½ Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ń‚Ń• ā€œĻ‰Ī±Ń‚Ń”Ńā€ ʒā„“ĻƒĻ‰Ń”я Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ń‚Ń• ā€œāˆ‚Ń”Ļ‰ā€ Ī¹ Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ń‚ Ī·ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ī¹Ī·g Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ā€œŠ½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń•ā€ ʒĻƒŃ Ļ… ā†’ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š²Ń” ĻŃĻƒĻ…āˆ‚ Ī·ĻƒŃ āˆ‚Ń”ĻŃŃ”Ń•Ń•Ń”āˆ‚ ʒĻƒŃ Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… Ī±ŃŃ” Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ тŠ½Ń” ĻĻƒŃ•Ī¹Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ· уĻƒĻ… Š½Ļƒā„“āˆ‚ Ī¹Ī· ѕĻƒĀ¢Ī¹Ń”Ń‚Ńƒ! яєŠ¼Ń”Š¼Š²Ń”я, Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· тŠ½Ń” gĪ±Š¼Ń” ĻƒĘ’ Ā¢Š½Ń”Ń•Ń• Ī¹Ń• ĻƒĪ½Ń”я, Š²ĻƒŃ‚Š½ ŠŗĪ¹Ī·g Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ĻĪ±Ļ‰Ī·Ń• gĻƒ Ī¹Ī· ѕĪ±Š¼Ń” Š²ĻƒĻ‡! ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· ĻŃĻƒŠ²ā„“Ń”Š¼Ń• Ī±ŃŃ” ѕĻƒ Š²Ī¹g Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ…я ѕтяєĪ·gтŠ½ Ī¹Ń• Ī·Ļƒ ā„“ĻƒĪ·gєя єĪ·ĻƒĻ…gŠ½ тĻƒ Ā¢Ī±ŃŃŃƒ тŠ½Ń”Š¼, āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ gĪ¹Ī½ Ļ…Ļ. Ļ‰Š½Ń”ŃŃ” уĻƒĻ…я ѕтяєĪ·gтŠ½ єĪ·āˆ‚Ń•, тŠ½Ń” gяĪ±Ā¢Ń” ĻƒĘ’ gĻƒāˆ‚ Š²Ń”gĪ¹Ī·Ń• Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½. ā†’ Ļ… я тŠ½ĻƒĻ…Ń•Ī±Ī·āˆ‚Ń• ĻƒĘ’ Š¼Ī¹ā„“єѕ Ī±Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ ʒяĻƒŠ¼ Š¼Ń”, ѕтĪ¹ā„“ā„“ Ī¹\'Š¼ Ļ‰Ī±Ń‚Ā¢Š½Ī¹Ī·g Ļ…я єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒ Š¼ĻƒĪ½Ń”Š¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚ ĻƒĪ· 3 āˆ‚Ī¹Ę’Ę’Ń‚ Ā¢Š½Ī±Ī·Ī·Ń”ā„“Ń•: ĻĻƒgĻƒ, Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ‚ĻƒĻƒĪ· Ī·Ń”Ń‚Ļ‰ĻƒŃŠŗ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; Ī±Ī·Ī¹Š¼Ī±ā„“ Ļā„“Ī±Ī·Ń”Ń‚. тŠ½Ī·Ļ‡ тĻƒ Š¼Ń”āˆ‚Ī¹Ī±.
ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… ѕŠ½Ī±ŃŃ” уĻƒĻ…ŃŃ•Ń”ā„“Ę’ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ń”ŃŃ•, ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Š²Ń”gĪ¹Ī·Ń• тĻƒ ʒĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń‚Ń• Š¼Ń”Ī±Ī·Ī¹Ī·g. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ тŠ½Ń” тĪ¹Š¼Ń” уĻƒĻ… тĻƒĻ…Ā¢Š½ тŠ½Ń” Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Ń• ĻƒĘ’ ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ń”ŃŃ•, Ī¹Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• тŠ½Ń” Š¼ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… тяĻ…Ń”ā„“Ńƒ ѕтĪ±ŃŃ‚ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ī¹Ī·g.
ā€“ Ģ—Ģ€ š“—š”žš”±š”¢š”Æš”° š”¤š”¬š”«š”«š”ž š”„š”žš”±š”¢ Ģ–Ģ- į••( į› )į•—āœ§
āœ©ļ½”:*ā€¢.ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ ā ā ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€.ā€¢*:ļ½”āœ© ā™” "š‘ˆš‘›š‘”š‘–š‘™ š‘¤š‘’ š‘šš‘’š‘’š‘” š‘Žš‘”š‘Žš‘–š‘› š‘¦š‘œš‘¢ š‘¤š‘–š‘™š‘™ š‘™š‘–š‘£š‘’ š‘œš‘› š‘“š‘œš‘Ÿš‘’š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿ š‘–š‘› š‘šš‘¦ ā„Žš‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿš‘”." ā™”. āœ©ļ½”:*ā€¢.ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ ā ā ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€.ā€¢*:ļ½”āœ©

Related Text & Emojis

vicenarian (20ā€“29) tricenarian (30ā€“39) quadragenarian (40ā€“49) semicentenarian (50) quinquagenarian (50ā€“59) sexagenarian (60ā€“69) septuagenarian (70ā€“79) octogenarian (80ā€“89) nonagenarian (90ā€“99) ultracentenarian (100+) centenary semisupercentenarian (105ā€“109) supercentenarian (110+) supracentenarian centevicenarian ages 120-129 ā†“ below are unreached ages of human people ā†“ sesquicentenarian (150ā€“159) bicentenarian (200ā€“299) multicentenarian (200+) tricentenarian (300ā€“399) quadricentenarian (400ā€“499) quincentenarian (500ā€“599)
ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘HAPPYā–‘FATHER'Sā–‘DAYā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–‘ā–‘ā–„ā–„ā–‘ā–„ā–„ā–‘ā–‘ā–„ā–„ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–„ā–‘ā–‘ā–„ā–„ā–‘ā–‘ ā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ā–‘ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ ā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ā–‘ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ā–ˆā–„ā–ˆā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ ā–„ā–ˆā–„ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–€ā–ˆā–€ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–ˆā–„ā–€ā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ā–ˆā–‘ā–ˆā–„ā–€ā–‘ I šŸ¤ DAD
My family Story by Pansyk I died eight years ago. It wasnā€™t particularly tragic. Or unusual. Just a car accident. I donā€™t blame the man who hit me. He was speeding because his wife was in labor, and there was black ice on the road. He lost control of the car and I lost my life. It's not his fault. I know that. Iā€™m not cruel. I am not vengeful. If anything, Iā€™m the opposite.. ā†“Keep reading ā†“ 31ST OCT 2020 u/Pansyk I donā€™t blame the man who hit me. He was speeding because his wiŅ‰fĆ© was in labour, and lost control of the car and I lost my lÄÆfe. It's not his fault. I am not vengeful. Iā€™m the opposite. You see, I donā€™t have any family left and I had lost my few friends around that time. When it was time for my funeral, the only people who came was my boss and the family of the man who kılled me. The wiŅ‰fĆ© held her newborn daughter Lily close to her. I hated my boss, and the cemetery was awfully lonely, so I followed the family home. Lily may as well have been my own flesh and bľood. She was sweet, and bright, and oh so very small. She had trouble sleeping if someone wasnā€™t rocking her crib and her parents were so tired. After they put her to bed, it was easy for me to rock her crib for her. I didnā€™t get tired. I could help her. As the years passed, Jack and Lori realised that they werenā€™t alone in the house. It didnā€™t take long from there to make a connection between my funeral and when I had showed up. And Iā€™d never been malevolent, so they werenā€™t afraid or angry. They started to burn candles on the anniversary of my dEath day. They left an empty chair for meals and holidays. I really felt likeā€¦ A member of the family. Someone is trying to force the door. Its Loriā€™s ex. Heā€™s obsessive. Heā€™s angry. Heā€™s going to hurĶ˜t the family. My family. The thing about ghosts, is that the more offerings you get, the stronger you become. Id been enjoying candles, trinkets, and even the occasional food item for the past five years. I was strong from that. The kn1fe feels warm in my hand. A shock of heat against the ice of my skin. Lori, Jack, and Lily are my family. I care about them. And theyā€™re not gonna join me yet.
Itā€™s nice that my grandmother calls to check on me, but if she wants to communicate from the other side I wish she wouldnā€™t scream so much.
r/TwoSentenceHorror 6 yr. ago Lightuke After tucking my son into bed he says "check under it for monsters under my bed" I found my son hiding under it whimpering "Daddy, there's someone on my bed..."
I saw a teenage girl with cancer at a theme park. Her whole life, she wanted to go on a big rollercoaster, but she wasn't tall enough. One by one, people got out of line and waited behind her & they said, "We're not getting on until she does." Citizens who fight for our children GMH Mar 25, 2011 at 9:00am by Lauren, CA
Jan 1, 2011 9:47 PM Mom <Your great aunt just passed away. LOL Why is that funny?> <It's not funny! Wht do you mean? Mom lol means laughing out loud!> <Oh goodness!! I sent that to everyone I thought it meant lots of love.
ā†’ ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ī¹Ń• Ī± ā„“Ī±Ī·gĻ…Ī±gє ĻƒĘ’ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”, ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ī¹Ń• Ī± ѕĻƒĻ…яĀ¢Ń” тĻƒ Ļ‰Ī¹Ī· Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚, ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ī¹Ń• Ī± Ī·Ī±Š¼Ń” ĻƒĘ’ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”ā„“Ńƒ Š¼ĻƒĻƒāˆ‚, ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ā¢ŃŃ”Ī±Ń‚Ń” gяєĪ±Ń‚Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• Ī¹Ī· ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ·Ī±ā„“Ī¹Ń‚Ńƒ ѕĻƒ ŠŗєєĻ ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ī¹Ī·g ā†’ gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ яєā„“Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·Ń•Š½Ī¹ĻŃ• Ī±ŃŃ” ā„“Ī¹Šŗє тяєєѕ тŠ½Ń”Ńƒ āˆ‚Ń”Š¼Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī±Ń‚Ń‚Ń”Ī·Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ· &Ī±Š¼Ļ; Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ” Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” Š²Ń”gĪ¹Ī·Ī·Ī¹Ī·g Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ĻƒĪ·Ā¢Ń” тŠ½Ń”Ńƒ Š²ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń•ĻƒŠ¼Ń• тŠ½Ń”Ńƒ ĻŃĻƒĪ½Ī¹āˆ‚Ń” Ļ… ѕŠ½Ī±āˆ‚Ń” Ī¹Ī· Ī±ā„“ā„“ ѕĪ¹Ń‚Ļ…Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·Ń• ĻƒĘ’ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” ā†’ Ī¹ ŠŗєĻŃ‚ уĻƒĻ…я Ī·Ī±Š¼Ń” Ī¹Ī· Š¼Ńƒ × ĻƒĻ…яĪ·Ī±ā„“, Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ĻĻƒŃ•Ń‚Ń”āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ… Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” ā„“Ń”āˆ‚gєя ĻƒĘ’ Š¼Ńƒ Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚, уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰ĻƒĪ·Ń‚ Š²Ń” Ā¢ā„“Ī±Ń•Ń•Ī¹Ę’Ī¹Ń”āˆ‚ Ī±Ń• ʒĪ¹Ļ‡Ń”āˆ‚ Ī±Ń•Ń•Ń”Ń‚Ń•, Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” тŠ½Ń” Š¼Ī±ŃŠŗєт Ī½Ī±ā„“Ļ…Ń” ĻƒĘ’ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я āˆ‚Ń”ĻŃŃ”Ā¢Ī¹Ī±Ń‚Ń” ʒяĻƒŠ¼ Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚. ā†’ Ī¹ тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ Ļ… я Ī½Ń”ŃŃƒ Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ”ā„“єѕѕ!!! Ļ… Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń” &Ī±Š¼Ļ; ā„“Ń”Ī±Ī½Ń” тŠ½Ī¹Ī·gѕ Š²Ń”Š½Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚!!!! ѕєє Ī·ĻƒĻ‰ Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ Ļ… Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” ā„“єʒт?? Ļ… × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ Ā¢Ī±Š¼Ń” Ī¹Ī· Š¼Ńƒ Š¼Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; ā„“єʒт Ī± ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” ĻƒĪ· Š¼Ńƒ ʒĪ±Ā¢Ń”ā€¦. ā†’ Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• Ī¹Ń• Ī± ĻŃ”ŃĘ’Ļ…Š¼Ń”. уĻƒĻ… Ā¢Ī±Ī·Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ ѕĻŃŃ”Ī±āˆ‚ ĻƒĪ· ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ń”ŃŃ• Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ gєттĪ¹Ī·g Ī± ʒєĻ‰ āˆ‚яĻƒĻŃ• ĻƒĪ· Ļ…ŃŃ•Ń”ā„“Ę’. ѕĻƒ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• Š²Ń” Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ тĻƒ Š¼Ī±Šŗє ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ń”ŃŃ• Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ! ā†’ ѕĻƒ ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Ī¹Ń• Ļ…я ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń”ā€¦.. ѕĻƒ ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Ī¹Ń• Ļ…я ѕтуā„“Ń”ā€¦.. ѕĻƒ ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Ī¹Ń• Ļ…я Ī½ĻƒĪ¹Ā¢Ń”ā€¦.. ѕĻƒ ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Ī¹Ń• Ļ…я єуєā€¦ā€¦. ѕєє Š½ĻƒĻ‰ ѕĻ‰Ń”єтā„“Ńƒ Ī¹ ā„“Ī¹Ń”!! ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ńƒ āˆ‚Ļƒ Ļ‰Ń” Ā¢ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń” ĻƒĻ…я єуєѕ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ļ‰Ń” ĻŃĪ±Ńƒ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ļ‰Ń” Ā¢ŃŃƒ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ļ‰Ń” āˆ‚ŃŃ”Ī±Š¼ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ļ‰Ń” ŠŗĪ¹Ń•Ń• Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” тŠ½Ń” Š¼ĻƒŃ•Ń‚ Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ī¹Ę’Ļ…ā„“ тŠ½Ī¹Ī·g Ī¹Ī· ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī±ŃŃ” Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ ѕєєĪ·. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ʒєā„“Ń‚ Š²Ńƒ тŠ½Ń” Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚! āˆ‚єʒĪ¹Ī·Ī¹Ń‚Ń”ā„“Ńƒ Ļ…,Š¼Ńƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚:) ! ā†’ тŠ½ĻƒĻ…gŠ½Ń‚ ʒĻƒŃ тŠ½Ń” āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒā€ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• Š²Ń” тŠ½Ń” яєĪ±Ń•ĻƒĪ· ĻƒĘ’ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń”ā€™Ń• Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ Ī± ĻĪ±ŃŃ‚ ĻƒĘ’ Ī¹Ń‚. Š²Ń” Ī± ĻĪ±ŃŃ‚ ĻƒĘ’ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń”ā€™Ń• ѕĪ±āˆ‚Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я тŠ½Ń” яєĪ±Ń•ĻƒĪ· ʒĻƒŃ Ī¹Ń‚. ā†’ ѕĻ‰Ń”єт ʒяĻ…Ī¹Ń‚Ń• я Ī·Ī¹Ā¢Ń” 2 єĪ±Ń‚, ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Ļ‰ĻƒŃāˆ‚Ń• я Ī·Ī¹Ā¢Ń” 2 ѕĪ±Ńƒ, Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ѕĻ‰Ń”єт ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń” я яєĪ±ā„“ā„“Ńƒ Š½Ī±Ńāˆ‚ 2 ʒĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚. Š¼Ńƒ gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń•, Š½ĻƒĻ‰ тŠ½Ń” Š½Ń”ā„“ā„“ āˆ‚Ī¹āˆ‚ Ļ… Š¼Ī±Ī·Ī±gє 2 ʒĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚ Š¼Ń” ā†’ Ī± ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” gĪ¹Ī½Ń”Ń• яєāˆ‚ Ā¢Ļƒā„“ĻƒĻ…я 2 Ļ…я Ā¢Š½Ń”Ń”Šŗѕ, Ļ‰Š½Ī¹Ń‚Ń” 2 Ļ…я тєєтŠ½, ĻĪ¹Ī·Šŗ Ā¢Ļƒā„“ĻƒĻ…я 2 Ļ…я ā„“Ī¹ĻŃ•, ѕĪ¹ā„“Ī½Ń”я Ā¢Ļƒā„“ĻƒĻ…я 2 Ļ…я єуєѕ, ѕĻƒ ŠŗєєĻ ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ī¹Ī·g &Ī±Š¼Ļ; єĪ·× ĻƒŃƒ тŠ½Ń” Ā¢Ļƒā„“ĻƒĻ…ŃŃ• ĻƒĘ’ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” ā†’ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ļ…ŃŃ•Ń”ā„“Ę’ ,ʒā„“Ī¹ŃŃ‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Ļ…я Ļ…Ī·āˆ‚Ń”ŃŃ•Ń‚Ī±Ī·āˆ‚Ī¹Ī·g,яĻƒŠ¼Ī±Ī·Ā¢Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ āˆ‚ŃŃ”Ī±Š¼Ń•,gєт єĪ·gĪ±gєāˆ‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ ѕĪ¹Š¼Ļā„“Ī¹Ā¢Ī¹Ń‚Ńƒ,Š¼Ī±ŃŃŃƒ gєĪ·Ļ…Ī¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń•,āˆ‚Ī¹Ī½ĻƒŃĀ¢Ń” тŠ½Ń” єgĻƒā€¦Ń‚Š½Ī±Ń‚Ń• gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”ā€¦ ā†’ Ļ‰ĻƒŃāˆ‚Ń• Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Ń• ѕŠ½ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ Š²Ń” Š½Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ā„“Ń”āˆ‚ Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ”Ę’Ļ…ā„“ā„“Ńƒ, Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃāˆ‚Ń• Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· ѕĻĻƒŠŗєĪ· &Ī±Š¼Ļ; Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Ń• Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Š²ŃĻƒŠŗєĪ· Ī±ŃŃ” тŠ½Ń” Š½Ī±Ńāˆ‚єѕт тŠ½Ī¹Ī·gѕ тĻƒ яєĻĪ±Ī¹Ń ā†’ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ уĻƒĻ… Š¼Ī±Ńƒ ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń” уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ī±Ī¹Ń. уĻƒĻ… Š¼Ī±Ńƒ ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń” уĻƒĻ…я тєєтŠ½- ĻƒŃƒĻ…я Š¼ĻƒĪ·Ń”Ńƒ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; єĪ½Ń”Ī· ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń” уĻƒĻ…я Š¼Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ 1 тŠ½Ī¹Ī·g уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ā„“ĻƒĻƒŃ•Ń” Ī¹Ń• ĻƒŃƒĻ…я gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗѕ. Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” уĻƒĻ… Ā¢Ī±Ī·Ń‚ ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń”! ā†’ Š¼Ī±ŠŗĪ¹Ī·g Ī± Š¼Ī¹ā„“ā„“Ī¹ĻƒĪ· ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Ī±Ī· Ī±Ā¢Š½Ī¹Ń”Ī½Ń”Š¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚, тŠ½Ń” Ī±Ā¢Š½Ī¹Ń”Ī½Ń”Š¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• тĻƒ Š¼Ī±Šŗє ā€œĪ±ā€ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ ѕтĪ±Ī·āˆ‚ Š²Ńƒ уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ī± Š¼Ī¹ā„“ā„“Ī¹ĻƒĪ· Ī±ŃŃ” Ī±gĪ±Ī¹Ī·Ń•Ń‚ уĻƒĻ…ā€¦.! ā†’ ѕŠ¼ĻƒĻƒŃ‚Š½ яĻƒĪ±āˆ‚Ń• Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š¼Ī±Šŗє gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ āˆ‚яĪ¹Ī½Ń”ŃŃ•! ѕŠ¼ĻƒĻƒŃ‚Š½ ѕєĪ± Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š¼Ī±Šŗєѕ gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ѕĪ±Ī¹ā„“ĻƒŃŃ•! Ā¢ā„“Ń”Ī±Ń ѕŠŗĪ¹Ń”Ń• Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š¼Ī±Šŗє gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ĻĪ¹ā„“ĻƒŃ‚Ń•! ĻŃĻƒŠ²ā„“Ń”Š¼ ʒяєє ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š¼Ī±Šŗєѕ Ī± ѕтяĻƒĪ·g &Ī±Š¼Ļ; gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ·! Š²Ń” ѕтяĻƒĪ·g єĪ·ĻƒĻ…gŠ½ тĻƒ Ī±Ā¢Ā¢Ń”ĻŃ‚ тŠ½Ń” Ā¢Š½Ī±ā„“ā„“Ń”Ī·gєяѕ ĻƒĘ’ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”. āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Ī±Ń•Šŗ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” ā€œĻ‰Š½Ńƒ Š¼Ń”?ā€ Ī¹Ī·Ń•Ń‚Ń”Ī±āˆ‚ ѕĪ±Ńƒ ā€œŃ‚ŃŃƒ Š¼Ń”!ā€ Posted by Kiran Bele at 19:02
i turned to the guy who k1lled my wife āœØ He cried so desperately, scared for what was to come. If only he had talked to me and tried to reason, maybe I could have spared him. But that was impossible. After all, he was born just a few moments ago...
2020 Update 2012 old 2018 former rec. Ages <25 No screening Pap test every 3 years Pap test every 3 years Age 25ā€’29 HPV test every 5 years (preferred) , HPV/Pap cotest every 5 years (acceptable) or Pap test every 3 years (acceptable) Pap test every 3 years Pap test every 3 years Age 30ā€’65 HPV test every 5 years (preferred) or HPV/Pap cotest every 5 years (acceptable) Pap test every 3 years (acceptable) or HPV/Pap cotest every 3 years (preferred) or Pap test every 3 years (acceptable) Pap test every 3 years, HPV test every 5 years, or HPV/Pap cotest every 5 years Age 65 + No screening if a series of prior tests were normal No screening if a series of prior tests were normal No screening if a series of prior tests were normal and not at high risk for cancer
į“æįµƒį¶œŹ°įµ‰Ė” į¶ ā±į¶ įµ—įµ‰įµ‰āæŹ°įµ’įµ˜Ź³Ė¢ā»į¶œŹ³įµ‰įµ‰įµ–ŹøĖ¢įµ—įµ’Ź³ā±įµ‰Ė¢ā ˜ į“¹Źø į“³Ź³įµƒāæįµˆįµįµƒ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµƒ Ź°įµ’įµƒŹ³įµˆįµ‰Ź³ā€§ į“µ įµƒĖ”Ź·įµƒŹøĖ¢ įµāæįµ‰Ź· ā±įµ— Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµƒ įµįµ‰āæįµ—įµƒĖ” įµˆā±Ė¢įµ‰įµƒĖ¢įµ‰ Ė¢Ź°įµ‰ Ź°įµƒįµˆ įµ—Ź³įµ’įµ˜įµ‡Ė”įµ‰ įµˆįµ‰įµƒĖ”ā±āæįµ Ź·ā±įµ—Ź°ā€§ ŹøįµƒŹ³įµˆ Ė¢įµƒĖ”įµ‰Ė¢ įµ‰įµ›įµ‰Ź³Źø Ź·įµ‰įµ‰įµįµ‰āæįµˆā€§ į“³įµ’įµ’įµˆŹ·ā±Ė”Ė” įµ‰įµ›įµ‰Ź³Źø įµ’įµ—Ź°įµ‰Ź³ įµˆįµƒŹøā€§ įµ€Ź°įµ‰Ź³įµ‰ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ āæįµ’įµ—Ź°ā±āæįµ Ė¢Ź°įµ‰ āæįµ‰įµ‰įµˆįµ‰įµˆāø“ įµ‡įµ˜įµ— āæįµ’įµ—Ź°ā±āæįµ Ė¢Ź°įµ‰ Ź·įµ’įµ˜Ė”įµˆāæā€™įµ— įµ‡įµ˜Źøā€§ į“±įµ›įµ‰Ź³Źø į¶œŹ°Ź³ā±Ė¢įµ—įµįµƒĖ¢ įµ’įµ˜Ź³ įµ–Ź³įµ‰Ė¢įµ‰āæįµ—Ė¢ Ź·įµ‰Ź³įµ‰ Ź²įµ˜Ė¢įµ— Ź·įµ‰ā±Ź³įµˆ į¶œįµ’Ė”Ė”įµ‰į¶œįµ—ā±įµ’āæĖ¢ įµ’į¶  Ź²įµ˜āæįµ Ė¢Ź°įµ‰ įµ–ā±į¶œįµįµ‰įµˆ įµ˜įµ–ā€§ įµ€Ź°įµ‰āæ įµ’įµ˜Ź³ į¶œįµ’įµ˜Ė¢ā±āæāø“ į“æįµƒį¶œŹ°įµ‰Ė”āø“ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµā±įµˆāæįµƒįµ–įµ–įµ‰įµˆā€§ į“æįµƒį¶œŹ°įµ‰Ė” Ź°įµƒįµˆ Ė”ā±įµ›įµ‰įµˆ Ź·ā±įµ—Ź° į“³Ź³įµƒāæįµˆįµįµƒāø“ Ė¢įµ’ įµ—Ź°ā±Ė¢ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµƒ Ź°įµ˜įµįµ‰ Ė¢įµ‰įµ—įµ‡įµƒį¶œįµ įµ—įµ’ įµŹø į“³Ź³įµƒāæįµˆįµįµƒā€™Ė¢ įµįµ‰āæįµ—įµƒĖ” Ź°įµ‰įµƒĖ”įµ—Ź° įµƒāæįµˆ Ė¢įµ˜įµ‡Ė¢įµ‰į‘«įµ˜įµ‰āæįµ—Ė”Źøāø“ Ź°įµ‰Ź³ Ź°įµ’įµƒŹ³įµˆā±āæįµā€§ į“µįµ— įµįµ’įµ— Ė¢įµ’ įµįµ˜į¶œŹ° Ź·įµ’Ź³Ė¢įµ‰ā€§ įµ‚Ź°įµ‰āæ Źøįµ’įµ˜ Ź·įµƒĖ”įµįµ‰įµˆ ā±āæįµ—įµ’ Ź°įµ‰Ź³ Ź°įµ’įµ˜Ė¢įµ‰āø“ Źøįµ’įµ˜ Ź·įµ‰Ź³įµ‰ Ź·įµƒĖ”įµā±āæįµ įµ˜įµ– įµƒāæ ā±āæį¶œĖ”ā±āæįµ‰ įµ’į¶  įµ—Ź³ā±āæįµįµ‰įµ—Ė¢ įµƒāæįµˆ Ź°įµƒĖ”į¶  įµ‡Ź³įµ’įµįµ‰āæ įµ—įµ’ŹøĖ¢ įµ—Ź°įµƒįµ— āæįµ’ įµ’āæįµ‰ Ź·įµƒāæįµ—įµ‰įµˆā€§ į“³Ź³įµƒāæįµˆįµįµƒ įµįµ’įµ˜Ź³āæįµ‰įµˆ į“æįµƒį¶œŹ°įµ‰Ė”āø“ įµ‡įµ˜įµ— Ź·įµ‰ āæįµ‰įµ›įµ‰Ź³ įµˆā±įµˆ į¶ ā±āæįµˆ įµ’įµ˜įµ— Ź·Ź°įµ’ įµ—įµ’įµ’įµ Ź°įµ‰Ź³ā€§ įµ‚Ź°įµ‰āæ į“³Ź³įµƒāæįµˆįµįµƒ įµˆā±įµ‰įµˆ Ė”įµƒĖ¢įµ— Ź·įµ‰įµ‰įµāø“ įµŹø įµįµ’įµ—Ź°įµ‰Ź³ įµƒāæįµˆ į“µ Ė¢įµ‰įµ— įµ—įµ’ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ įµ—įµƒĖ¢įµ įµ’į¶  į¶œĖ”įµ‰įµƒŹ³ā±āæįµ įµ’įµ˜įµ— Ź°įµ‰Ź³ įµ’Ė”įµˆ Ź°įµ’įµ˜Ė¢įµ‰ā€§ įµāæįµˆįµ‰Ź³āæįµ‰įµƒįµ—Ź° įµƒĖ”Ė” įµ—Ź°įµ‰ Ź²įµ˜āæįµāø“ Ź·įµ‰ į¶ įµ’įµ˜āæįµˆ įµ’įµ›įµ‰Ź³ ā“ įµƒāæā±įµįµƒĖ” Ė¢įµįµ‰Ė”įµ‰įµ—įµ’āæĖ¢ā€§ į“¹ā±į¶œįµ‰āø“ į¶œįµƒįµ—Ė¢āø“ įµ‰įµ›įµ‰āæ Ź·Ź°įµƒįµ— į¶œįµ’įµ˜Ė”įµˆ Ź°įµƒįµ›įµ‰ įµ‰ā±įµ—Ź°įµ‰Ź³ įµ‡įµ‰įµ‰āæ įµƒ Ė¢įµįµƒĖ”Ė” įµˆįµ’įµ įµ’Ź³ įµƒ Ź³įµƒį¶œį¶œįµ’įµ’āæā€§ į“±įµ›įµ‰āæ į¶ įµ˜Ź³įµ—Ź°įµ‰Ź³ įµ˜āæįµˆįµ‰Ź³āø“ Ź·įµ‰ į¶ įµ’įµ˜āæįµˆ Ė¢įµ’įµįµ‰įµ—Ź°ā±āæįµ įµ‰Ė”Ė¢įµ‰āø“ Ė¢įµ’įµįµ‰įµ—Ź°ā±āæįµ įµ—įµ‰Ź³Ź³ā±į¶ Źøā±āæįµā€§ į“æįµƒį¶œŹ°įµ‰Ė”ā€§ ā€“ į¶œŹ³įµ‰įµˆā±įµ—Ė¢ įµ—įµ’ā ˜ įµŹ³Ė¢Ź°įµƒāæāæ
July 1974, Neville Ebbin was knocked off his small motorcycle and killed by a taxi in Hamilton, Bermuda.ā € šŸš©ā € One year later in July 1975, his brother, Erskine Lawrence Ebbin was knocked off the same motorcycle by the same taxi with the same driver, carrying the same passenger, on the same street that had killed his brother, Neville.ā € ā € Both brothers were 17 when they died.
I found myself opening a door in the basement and then I saw the endless cavern of hour-glasses as far as the eye could see. The closest to the door had the names of my family members etched on them. I saw the sand in my parentā€™s hour-glasses about to run out. I called them and told them to not get on the plane. The sand in the hour-glasses refilled. ā€”Human_Gravy
Types of -Cide For Your Writing Suıcıde - Act of kılling yourself Regicide - Act of kılling a king or queen Vaticide - Act of kılling a prophet Parricide - Act of kılling any relative Mariticide - Act of kılling your husband Uxoricide - Act of kılling your wiŅ‰fĆ© Siblicide - Act of kılling your sibling Sororicide - Act of kılling your sister Fratricide - Act of kılling your brother Matricide - Act of kılling your mother Filicide - Act of kılling your chıld Infanticide - Act of kılling a chıld within their first year of life Patricide - Act of kılling your fĆ£ther Avunculicide - Act of kılling your uncle Nepoticide - Act of kılling your nephew Amicide - Act of kılling your frıend Senicide - Act of kılling an elderly Hom*cide - Act of kılling a person Pedicide - Act of kılling chıldren Democide - MĆ¼rder of a person or people by the government Omnicide - Act of kılling humans with intentions to make them extinct Deicide - Act of kılling a deity, divine being, or god Mundicide - Act of kılling a planet Foeticide, of a fetus Neonaticide, of a child during the first 24 hours of life Infanticide, an infant from month old to 12 months Avunculicide, one's uncle Fratricide, one's brother Mariticide, one's husband or significant other Matricide, one's mother Nepoticide, one's nephew Parricide, of one's close relative Patricide, of one's father Sororicide, of one's sister Uxoricide, of one's wife or girlfriend Nepticide, of one's niece Amiticide, of one's aunt Geronticide ā€“ the abandonment of the elderly to Senicide
July 27th, 2010, 3:46 AM Today, my boyfriend came over and met my parents. Then he left, and my Dad told me that my boyfriend loved me. I smiled and asked, ā€œHow do you know?ā€ He said, ā€œBecause he looks at you the same way I look at your Mother.ā€ Love GMH
disabilityreminders Youā€™re allowed to use accommodations even if you could technically get by without them. Use the accommodations if you can. You donā€™t need to be at the highest level of suffering to be valid in using them. If they improve your quality of life or paın level or anything at all like that, then theyā€™re worth using and you deserve to use them. Jan 18th, 2024
Like this is you have a bf/gf/crush <3 February 12th, 2014, 2:44 AM
š˜Œš˜®š˜°š˜«š˜Ŗ + š˜“š˜ŗš˜®š˜£š˜°š˜­š˜“ āˆ˜ā”†āœ¦ Ėš ą¼˜ā™” Ā·Ėš ā‚ŠĖšĖ‘šŸ„£ ā€§ā‚ŠĖš ā™” šŸ° āŗā—¦ šŸŒ› āœ§.* āœ¦Ė–ā‹†šŸŒ¼ļ¹† . Ėšā—žā™”šŸ¦•āøāøāø Ā° ź”› šŸ„ž Ė– ā‹†ą»‹šŸ£āŗā—¦ Ėšļ½”šŸˆā‹†ą­Øą­§Ėš āœæ * šŸŽ āœ§ šŸ·šŸ§„ź”› Ā·ĶœĀ·ā™” šŸ§Ėš šŸ„›Ėš ą¼˜ā™”
ą­Øą§Žā‹†.Ėšā€Ŗā€Ŗā¤ļøŽā€¬ā€Žā­’ fun things you can manifest ā­’ ššš›š¢š„š¢š­š² š­šØ š¦šžš¦šØš«š¢š¬šž ššš§š²š­š”š¢š§š  š¢š§ š„šžš¬š¬ š­š”ššš§ šŸš¢šÆšž š¦š¢š§š®š­šžš¬! ā­’ š¬š®š©šžš«š©šØš°šžš«š¬ (šž.š . š­šžš„šžš©šØš«š­ššš­š¢šØš§, š­šžš„šžš¤š¢š§šžš¬š¢š¬, šœš„ššš¢š«šÆšØš²ššš§šœšž šžš­šœ.) ā­’ š²šØš®š« šš«šžššš¦ š¬šœš”šØšØš„ šœš«šžššš­šžš šŸš«šØš¦ š¬šœš«ššš­šœš”! ā­’ š šØš¢š§š  š›šššœš¤ š­šØ šŸšŸŽšŸŽšŸŽ š­šØ šžš±š©šžš«š¢šžš§šœšž š²šŸš¤! ā­’ š©š”šØš§šž š­š”ššš­ š§šžšÆšžš« š«š®š§š¬ šØš®š­ šØšŸ š›ššš­š­šžš«š²! ā­’ šš š­š¢š¦šž š­š«šššÆšžš„ š¦šššœš”š¢š§šž š„š¢š¤šž š­š”šž šØš§šžš¬ š¢š§ š¦šØšÆš¢šžš¬! ā­’ šš š¦ššš„š„ š°š¢š­š” ššš„š„ š²šØš®š« šŸšššÆšØš®š«š¢š­šž š¬š”šØš©š¬ ššš§š š«šžš¬š­ššš®š«ššš§š­š¬! ā­’ š²šØš®š« ššš¬š¬š¢š š§š¦šžš§š­š¬ š šžš­š­š¢š§š  šœšØš¦š©š„šžš­šžš ššš®š­šØš¦ššš­š¢šœššš„š„š² š°š¢š­š”šØš®š­ š²šØš® š”šššÆš¢š§š  š­šØ šžšÆšžš§ š„š¢šŸš­ šš šŸš¢š§š šžš«! ā­’ š°š¢š³ššš«š š©šØš°šžš«š¬ š„š¢š¤šž š°š¢š³ššš«šš¬ šØšŸ š°šššÆšžš«š„š² š©š„šššœšž! ā­’ ššš›š¬šØš„š®š­šž š¬š©š¢šœšž, ššš„šœšØš”šØš„ & š©ššš¢š§ š­šØš„šžš«ššš§šœšž! ā­’ š²šØš®š« š¢ššžššš„ š¬šØšœš¢ššš„ š¦šžšš¢šš ššš©š©! ā­’ š©šØš©š®š„ššš« š¢š§š­šžš«š§ššš­š¢šØš§ššš„ šŸš«š¢šžš§š š š«šØš®š©! ā­’ šš š¦šØšÆš¢šž šØš« šš«ššš¦šš š¬šžš«š¢šžš¬ š›ššš¬šžš šØš§ š²šØš®š« ššžš¬š¢š«šžš š©š„šØš­!
June 24, 2016 I canā€™t believe this needs to be said, butā€¦ - Withholding medıcatıon from a dısabled person is not a joke, but ab3se. - Withholding mobility equipment from a dısabled person is not a joke, but ab3se. - Withholding stim toys, comfort items or similar from a dısabled person is not a joke, but ab3se. - Stopping a dısabled person from using harmless routines or coping mechanism is not a joke, but ab3se. Stop.
š‘¦š‘œš‘¢ š“µš“øš“暝“® š“¶š“®,š‘Žš‘›š‘‘ š‘– š“µš“øš“暝“® š”‚š“øš“¾,š”‚š“øš“¾š“» ā„Žš‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿš‘” ā„Žš‘¢š‘Ÿš‘”š‘ ,š‘Žš‘›š‘‘ š‘šš‘–š‘›š‘’ š‘‘š‘œš‘’š‘  š‘”š‘œš‘œ.
ā€™š¼š‘š š‘”ā„Žš‘’ š‘”š‘–š‘Ÿš‘™ š‘’š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿš‘¦š‘œš‘›š‘’ š‘‘š‘Ÿš‘’š‘Žš‘šš‘  š‘œš‘“ š‘š‘’š‘–š‘›š‘”ā€™ š‘‘š‘Ÿš‘’š‘Žš‘š š‘”š‘–š‘Ÿš‘™ā€™š‘  š‘ š‘’š‘™š‘“ š‘š‘œš‘›š‘š‘’š‘š‘” š‘šš‘Žš‘ š‘”š‘’š‘Ÿš‘™š‘–š‘ š‘”ļ¼š ā™”ļøŽ i am the prettiest girl anyone has ever seen ā™”ļøŽ i am the ultimate dream girl ā™”ļøŽ everyday I am becoming a more perfect and dreamier version of myself ā™”ļøŽ ive always been the worldā€™s most perfect person ā™”ļøŽ i am adored by everyone around me ā™”ļøŽ i got the vibe everyone loves ā™”ļøŽ i attract attention everywhere I go ā™”ļøŽ i am completely unforgettable ā™”ļøŽ i am the literal definition of perfection ā™”ļøŽ i always grab everyoneā€™s attention when I walk into a room ā™”ļøŽ i captivate everyoneā€™s attention ā™”ļøŽ i am sacred and so is my energy ā™”ļøŽ i am a god and always treated as such ā™”ļøŽ i am always everyoneā€™s first choice ā™”ļøŽ i am always treated like a priority because I am in fact everyoneā€™s top priority ā™”ļøŽ all I do is sit pretty while I watch everyone spoil me ā™”ļøŽ itā€™s natural for me to be everyoneā€™s obsession
š’½š‘œš“Œ š“‰š‘œ š‘”š‘’š“‰ š“‰š’½š“‡š‘œš“Šš‘”š’½ š“…š’¶š“ƒš’¾š’ø š’¶š“‰š“‰š’¶š’øš“€š“ˆ ļ½†ļ½ļ½ƒļ½”ļ½ļ½’ļ½“ļ¼šć€€čƒƒć‚¤č‰¶ 1. if you have sensory issues, the lighting and the way the store is built can actually trigger panic attacks and sympt0ms. 2. agoraphobia is a huge factor as well. basically, you donā€™t want to go to places where youā€™ve had panic attacks and obviously get prettÉ„ terrıfıed. ļ½‡ļ½…ļ½”ļ½”ļ½‰ļ½Žļ½‡ć€€ļ½”ļ½ˆļ½’ļ½ļ½•ļ½‡ļ½ˆć€€ļ½‰ļ½”ļ¼šć€€ä½³ćŖćƒŗ itā€™s not particularly easy to get through these situations. itā€™s hĆ£rd to go through situations that make you uncomfortable. 怐ļ»æļ½”ļ½‰ļ½ļ½“怑 1. try to bring a fidget spinner, fidget cube, or something of sort. it will help distract you a bit. it may not work a lot, but i find it helpful. 2. have water with you, where ever you go. . 3. chew some peppermint gum or suck on some peppermint candies. it may not help a lot, but if you have a dry mĆøuth from your panic attacks, itā€™ll help that symptom out. 4. pretend youā€™re excited. i know, it wonā€™t be that easy, but sometimes faking one emotion, can actually make that emotion happen. try convincing yourself, ā€œiā€™m fine, iā€™m excited! itā€™s okay!ā€ (source: DARE - THE NEW WAY TO END ANXIETY AND STOP PANIC ATTACKS by Barry McDonagh) 5. accept your panic attacks and anxıety. donā€™t say no to anxıety because then youā€™re pushing it aĢ›way and gıvıng it more pĆøwer. accept that you do have this going on, but youā€™re NOT your anxıety. 6. taking deep breaths in and out. try different patterns, it may be hĆ£rd to breathe, but you have to tĢ¢ry. donā€™t gıve up! 7. finally, try EFT. emotiona1 freedom tapping is known to help relax you. (ć£ā—”ā—”ā—”)ć£ ā™„ what you can bring into your regular life ā™„ there are so many things you can bring in your life and routines. get ready because iā€™m gonna list a lot!: 1. meditation 2. eft 3. michael sealey hypnosis 4. yoga 5. exercise 6. journaling 7. bullet journaling 8. reading 9. drinking water 10. drinking herbal teas such as - chamomile, lemongrass, lavender, and etc.. 11. dancing 12. drawing and doodling 13. singing 14. playing some videogames 15. stretches 16. melatonin 17. magnesium 18. listening to motivating podcasts, videos, or songs 19. washing your fash and smiling in the mirror 20. talking positive to yourself 21. writing stories 22. doing thinking exercises in the morning to shift your negative thinking 23. watch one of your favourite shows on youtube, netflix, hulu, or whatever 24. write down on paper, something you want to do. donā€™t mention your fears or think about it. do something you WANT. donā€™t let the fear get in the way. 25. practicing some self-care 26. go outside 27. eat some delicious food 28. open your windows and let the sunlight come in 29. take vitamin d and b12! 30. smile and donā€™t let your panic attacks consume you. youā€™re a beautiful human being.
š–š”šžš§ š²šØš® š¬š”šØš®š„š š­ššš¤šž šš š›š«šžššš¤: ā€¢ when you are exhausted mentally ā€¢ when you are desperate or impatient ā€¢ when emotions are getting on your way ā€¢ when you are in total disbelief of yourself ā€¢ when makes you feel uncomfortable ā€¢ when you feel like it š•Šš• š•žš•–š•„š•šš•žš•–š•¤ š•Ŗš• š•¦ š•Ÿš•–š•–š•• š•„š•  š•„š•’š•œš•– š•’ š•¤š•„š•–š•” š•“š•’š•”š•œ š•„š•  š•˜š•–š•„ š•„š•Øš•  š•¤š•„š•–š•”š•¤ š•’š•™š•–š•’š•• (āœÆā—”āœÆ)
š“² 怀šŸ¼ć€€ļ¾Ÿā €ā € ļ½„ā‚Š Ėš ā € ąæ š—’š—ˆš—Žš—‹ š—‹š–¾š—†š—‚š—‡š–½š–¾š—‹ š—š—ˆ š—š–ŗš—„š–¾ š—’š—ˆš—Žš—‹ š—†š–¾š–½š—‚š–¼š—‚š—‡š–¾, š—‚š–æ š—’š—ˆš—Ž š—š–ŗš—„š–¾ š–ŗš—‡š—’ ā™” 怀ɞ ā €ā € ā € . 怀šŸŒø怀ā‹†ą¼‰
š“š“Æš“Æš“²š“»š“¶š“Ŗš“½š“²š“øš“·š“¼ ą»’ź’°ą¾€ą½²ć£Ė• -ļ½”ź’±ą¾€ą½²ą§§ āœ® - Im truly true beauty! āœ® - Everyone thinks im perfect, and I am! āœ®- The compliments I get are endless! āœ® - I attract postivity and can get people immediately attached to me! āœ® - Im usually the one who starts trends! āœ® - I have a skinny tall b0dy! *Please remember weight does NOT matter!! āœ® - Everyone trips as soon as they see me! āœ® - Im the quote ā€œbeauty and brawnsā€ āœ® - I have always had perfect grades! āœ® - Im me and your you! āœ® - they way everybody falls for me as soon as they see me is concerning! āœ® - I know im better than all these people but I stay humble for their own sake! āœ® - I have the perfect positve mindset! āœ® - Im very beautifulā€¦ Its amazing! āœ® - Everyone wants to be me or be with me! āœ® - My energy enters before I even enter the room! āœ® - My posture is perfect always! āœ® - Youā€™ll never catch me with bad posture! āœ® - I donā€™t care about my haters, their obsessed anyways! āœ® - My life revoles around me only! *Ė¢Ė”įµƒŹø įµ—Ź°įµ‰ įµˆįµƒŹø įµƒāæįµˆ įµįµ‰įµ— Ė¢įµ’įµįµ‰ įµ‡įµ‰įµƒįµ˜įµ—Źø Ė¢Ė”įµ‰įµ‰įµ– įµ‡Źøįµ‰ā™„
į‚įŽ„!, š‰š®š¬š­ š˜„š—®š—»š˜š—²š—± š˜µš˜° ššœššŠšš¢ š™®š™¤š™Ŗš™§ š’ƒš’†š’‚š’–š’•š’Šš’‡š’–š’ š’•š’š’…š’‚š’š!!
~ šŸ’– ASK GAME šŸ’– ~ šŸ“· Whatā€™s set as your phoneā€™s lockscreen? šŸ« Cheese or chocolate? āœØ Do you have any nicknames? šŸŽµ Last song you listened to? āœļø Have you ever written fanfiction? šŸ˜ Are you on discord? šŸ’› Do you have any piercings? šŸ° What do you think says the most about a person? šŸŖ If you were a cookie, what kind would you be? šŸ¶ Are you more of a dog person or a cat person? šŸŽ§ Headphones or earbuds? šŸŒ¼ Whatā€™s the last thing you said out loud? šŸ™ƒ Whatā€™s a weird fact that you know? šŸ¦‰ Are you a morning person or a night owl? šŸ§ø Favourite place to nap? šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆ Are you a member of the LGBTQIA+ community? šŸ¦‹ Describe yourself in three words. šŸ‘– Jeans or sweatpants? šŸ„¤ Whatā€™s your go-to Starbucks order? šŸ§” A colour you canā€™t stand? šŸ’Ž Whatā€™s your most prized possession? ā˜• Coffee or tea? šŸ¦– Favourite extinct animal? šŸŒ™ How long have you been online? šŸŒ“ Desert island item? šŸø Describe your aesthetic. šŸ”® Whatā€™s your dream job? šŸ’™ Relationship status? šŸŒæ Describe your favourite outfit. šŸŽ¤ Is there a song you know all the lyrics to? šŸ¤Ž What colour is your hair? šŸ’Œ Do you talk to yourself? šŸ’„ Do you wear makeup? šŸŒø Best compliment you ever received? šŸ’ž @ your favourite blog.
šŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æ ā € ššš„š„ š§šžš ššš­š¢šÆšž šžš§šžš«š š² ā € ā € ā € ā €š°š¢š„š„ š›šž š«šžš­š®š«š§šžš š­šØ š¬šžš§ššžš« šŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æ
šŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļø you can get through anything, i believe in you šŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļø
New year affirmations ā™„ļøŽ š¼ š‘Žš‘š š‘šš‘¦ š‘š‘’š‘ š‘” š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿš‘ š‘–š‘œš‘› š‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘  š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ ā™„ļøŽ š‘‡ā„Žš‘’ š‘›š‘’š‘¤ š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ š‘–š‘  š‘Žš‘š‘œš‘¢š‘” š‘”š‘œ š‘š‘’ š‘”š‘Ÿš‘’š‘Žš‘” š‘“š‘œš‘Ÿ š‘šš‘’ š‘Žš‘›š‘‘ š‘”ā„Žš‘’ š‘œš‘›š‘’š‘  š¼ š‘™š‘œš‘£š‘’ ā™„ļøŽš‘–ā€™š‘š š‘š‘œš‘šš‘š‘™š‘’š‘”š‘–š‘›š‘” š‘Žš‘™š‘™ š‘šš‘¦ š‘”š‘œš‘Žš‘™s ā™„ļøŽ š‘”ā„Žš‘’ š‘›š‘’š‘¤ š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ š‘Žš‘Ÿš‘Ÿš‘–š‘£š‘’š‘  š‘¤š‘–š‘”ā„Ž š‘—š‘œš‘¦ļ¼Œ š‘šš‘œš‘›š‘’š‘¦ š‘Žš‘›š‘‘ ā„Žš‘’š‘Žš‘™š‘”ā„Ž ā™„ļøŽš‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘  š‘–š‘  š‘šš‘¦ š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ ā™„ļøŽš‘’š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿš‘¦š‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘›š‘” š‘–š‘  š‘¤š‘œš‘Ÿš‘˜š‘–š‘›š‘” š‘œš‘› š‘šš‘¦ š‘“š‘Žš‘£š‘œš‘¢š‘Ÿ š‘›š‘œš‘¤ ā™„ļøŽ š‘‡ā„Žš‘–š‘  š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ š‘–š‘  š‘Žš‘™š‘™ š‘Žš‘š‘œš‘¢š‘” š‘šš‘’ ā™„ļøŽš¼ā€™š‘£š‘’ š‘›š‘’š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿ š‘š‘’š‘’š‘› ā„Žš‘Žš‘š‘š‘–š‘’š‘Ÿ ā™„ļøŽ š¼ š‘Žš‘š š‘™š‘’š‘£š‘’š‘™š‘–š‘›š‘” š‘¢š‘ š‘’š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿš‘¦š‘‘š‘Žš‘¦ ā™„ļøŽ š‘”ā„Žš‘’ š‘›š‘’š‘¤ š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ š‘–š‘  š‘šš‘–š‘Ÿš‘Žš‘š‘¢š‘™š‘œš‘¢š‘  ā™„ļøŽ š‘“š‘Ÿš‘œš‘š š‘›š‘œš‘¤ š‘œš‘› š‘’š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿš‘¦š‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘›š‘” š‘–š‘  š‘š‘œš‘ š‘ š‘–š‘š‘™š‘’ š‘“š‘œš‘Ÿ š‘šš‘’ ā™„ļøŽ š‘Žš‘šš‘Žš‘§š‘–š‘›š‘” š‘š‘’š‘œš‘š‘™š‘’ š‘Žš‘Ÿš‘’ š‘šš‘’š‘’š‘”š‘–š‘›š‘” š‘šš‘’ š‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘  š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ ā™„ļøŽ š‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘  š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ š‘–š‘  š‘“š‘¢š‘™š‘™ š‘œš‘“ š‘š‘™š‘’š‘ š‘ š‘–š‘›š‘”š‘  ā™„ļøŽ š‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘  š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ š‘–š‘  š‘”ā„Žš‘’ š‘š‘’š‘ š‘” š‘œš‘›š‘’ š‘¦š‘’š‘”
stop trying so hard for people who don't care Feb 18th, 2018
----///-\\\----Ī¹f уĻƒĻ… Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” єĪ½Ń”я fєā„“Ń‚ ---|||---|||---Ī±ā„“ĻƒŠøє ---|||---|||---Š½Ī±Ń‚Ń”āˆ‚ ---|||---|||---ѕĻ…Ī¹Ā¢Ī¹āˆ‚Ī±ā„“ ----\\\-///----Ī±ĻĻĪ±Ń‚Š½Ń”Ń‚Ī¹Ā¢ -----\\///-----āˆ‚Ń”ĻŃŃ”Ń•Ń•Ń”āˆ‚ ------///\-----ĻƒŃ -----///\\\----× Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ ----///--\\\---fєєā„“ Ī¹Šø ĻĪ±Ī¹Šø ---///----\\\--ĻĻ…Ń‚ тŠ½Ī¹Ń• ĻƒŠø уĻƒĻ…я Ā¢Š½Ī±ŠøŠøєā„“
My friend was talking to a guy on the internet who started threatening that he would come to her house and hurt her. She has 3 little brothers, all of whom slept on her floor and outside her door for a week with nerf guns and water guns to make their big sister feel safe. Kids like this GMH Sunday, Oct 31 2010 ā€¢
Mon May 17th, 2010 at 6:18pm My dad saw a homeless man digging through the trash. He offered to buy the man food. Once he had the food he thanked my dad and turned to leave. Dad said to eat with him. He almost cried. They ate & talked, and he tried to give my dad the only thing he had: a Beatles record. My dad and that man GMH
GivesMeHope A few months ago, my dad and I were visiting New York. We saw a homeless mother with 3 young kids sitting by a doorway of a store. While the children were bundled up warm, the mother had only a thin flimsy jacket. Seeing this, my dad handed her a $100 bill, telling her to buy herself a coat. She cried from happiness. My dadā€™s generosity GMH. Mar 3rd, 2010
Horror Short Story: The Accident In this horror short story, a man tries to cope with what he has done. Written by: Reddit user Minnboy Halverson sat in his dark living room. He hadnā€™t moved for over an hour. The accident earlier that evening kept playing over and over in his mind. The light turned red, but he was in a hurry and accelerated. An orange blur came from his right and in a split second there was a violent jolt, then the bicyclist rolled across his hood and fell out of sight on the pavement. Horns blared angrily and he panicked, stepping on the gas and screeching away from the chaos into the darkness, shaken and keeping an eye on his rearview mirror until he got home. Why did you run? Heā€™d never committed a crime before this and punished himself by imagining years in jail, his career gone, his family gone, his future gone. Why not just go to the police right now? Then someone tapped on the front door and his world suddenly crumbled away beneath him. They found me. There was nothing he could do but answer it. Running would only make matters worse. Trembling, he got up, went to the door and opened it. A police officer stood under the porch light. ā€œMr. Halverson?ā€ asked the grim officer. He let out a defeated sigh. ā€œYes. Let me ā€”ā€I am terribly sorry, but Iā€™m afraid I have some bad news. Your sonā€™s bike was struck by a hit and run driver this evening. He died at the scene. Iā€™m very sorry for your loss..."

Warning: This item may contain sensitive themes such as nudity.

į¶œįµƒŹ³į¶œā±āæįµ’įµ–Ź°įµ’įµ‡ā±įµƒ ā½į¶ įµ‰įµƒŹ³ įµ’į¶  įµįµ‰įµ—įµ—ā±āæįµ į¶œįµƒāæį¶œįµ‰Ź³ā¾ā€§ į¶œįµƒŹ³įµˆā±įµ’įµ–Ź°įµ’įµ‡ā±įµƒ ā½į¶ įµ‰įµƒŹ³ įµ’į¶  Ź°įµ‰įµƒŹ³įµ— įµˆā±Ė¢įµ‰įµƒĖ¢įµ‰ įµ’Ź³ Ź°įµ‰įµƒŹ³įµ— įµƒįµ—įµ—įµƒį¶œįµĖ¢ā¾ā€§ į¶œĖ”įµƒįµ˜Ė¢įµ—Ź³įµ’įµ–Ź°įµ’įµ‡ā±įµƒ ā½į¶ įµ‰įµƒŹ³ įµ’į¶  įµ‰āæį¶œĖ”įµ’Ė¢įµ‰įµˆ Ė¢įµ–įµƒį¶œįµ‰Ė¢ Ė”ā±įµįµ‰ į“¹į“æį“µ įµįµƒį¶œŹ°ā±āæįµ‰Ė¢ā¾ā€§ į““įµ‰įµįµ’įµ–Ź°įµ’įµ‡ā±įµƒ ā½į¶ įµ‰įµƒŹ³ įµ’į¶  įµ‡Ė”įµ’įµ’įµˆā¾ā€§ į“¹ŹøĖ¢įµ’įµ–Ź°įµ’įµ‡ā±įµƒ įµ’Ź³ įµįµ‰Ź³įµįµ’įµ–Ź°įµ’įµ‡ā±įµƒ ā½į¶ įµ‰įµƒŹ³ įµ’į¶  įµįµ‰Ź³įµĖ¢ā¾ā€§ į“ŗįµ’Ė¢įµ’į¶œįµ’įµįµ‰įµ–Ź°įµ’įµ‡ā±įµƒ ā½į¶ įµ‰įµƒŹ³ įµ’į¶  Ź°įµ’Ė¢įµ–ā±įµ—įµƒĖ”Ė¢ā¾ā€§ į“ŗįµ’Ė¢įµ’įµ–Ź°įµ’įµ‡ā±įµƒ ā½į¶ įµ‰įµƒŹ³ įµ’į¶  įµˆā±Ė¢įµ‰įµƒĖ¢įµ‰ā¾ā€§ į“¾Ź°įµƒŹ³įµįµƒį¶œįµ’įµ–Ź°įµ’įµ‡ā±įµƒ ā½į¶ įµ‰įµƒŹ³ įµ’į¶  įµįµ‰įµˆā±į¶œįµƒįµ—ā±įµ’āæā¾ā€§ įµ€Ź°įµƒāæįµƒįµ—įµ’įµ–Ź°įµ’įµ‡ā±įµƒ ā½į¶ įµ‰įµƒŹ³ įµ’į¶  įµˆįµ‰įµƒįµ—Ź°ā¾ā€§ įµ€įµ’įµįµ’įµ–Ź°įµ’įµ‡ā±įµƒ ā½į¶ įµ‰įµƒŹ³ įµ’į¶  įµįµ‰įµˆā±į¶œįµƒĖ” įµ–Ź³įµ’į¶œįµ‰įµˆįµ˜Ź³įµ‰Ė¢ Ė”ā±įµįµ‰ Ė¢įµ˜Ź³įµįµ‰Ź³ā±įµ‰Ė¢ā¾ā€§ įµ€Ź³įµƒįµ˜įµįµƒįµ—įµ’įµ–Ź°įµ’įµ‡ā±įµƒ ā½į¶ įµ‰įµƒŹ³ įµ’į¶  ā±āæŹ²įµ˜Ź³Źøā¾ā€§ įµ€Ź³Źøįµ–įµƒāæįµ’įµ–Ź°įµ’įµ‡ā±įµƒ ā½į¶ įµ‰įµƒŹ³ įµ’į¶  āæįµ‰įµ‰įµˆĖ”įµ‰Ė¢ā¾
į“°įµ’āæā€™įµ— įµ€Ź³įµ˜Ė¢įµ— į“µįµ— į”†įµ—įµ’Ź³Źø Ė”įµ‰āæįµįµ—Ź°ā ˜ į“¹įµ‰įµˆā±įµ˜įµ į“¹Źø į¶ įµƒįµ—Ź°įµ‰Ź³ ā±Ė¢ įµƒ įµŹ³įµ‰įµƒįµ— įµįµƒāæā€§ į¶ įµ’įµ˜Ź³įµ—įµ‰įµ‰āæ Źøįµ‰įµƒŹ³Ė¢ įµƒįµįµ’ Ź°įµ‰ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ Ė¢įµ‰āæįµ— įµ’āæ įµƒ Ė¢įµ’Ė”įµ’ įµā±Ė¢Ė¢ā±įµ’āæ įµ—įµ’ įµ‡įµ‰ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ į¶ ā±Ź³Ė¢įµ— įµįµƒāæ įµ‰įµ›įµ‰Ź³ įµ—įµ’ įµ—Ź³įµƒįµ›įµ‰Ė” įµ—Ź°Ź³įµ’įµ˜įµŹ° įµƒ Ź·įµ’Ź³įµŹ°įµ’Ė”įµ‰āø“ Ė”įµ’į¶œįµƒįµ—įµ‰įµˆ įµƒ įµįµƒĖ¢Ė¢ā±įµ›įµ‰ įµˆā±Ė¢įµ—įµƒāæį¶œįµ‰ į¶ Ź³įµ’įµ į“±įµƒŹ³įµ—Ź°ā€§ į““ā±Ė¢ Ź³įµ‰įµ—įµ˜Ź³āæ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµ˜āæįµįµ˜įµƒŹ³įµƒāæįµ—įµ‰įµ‰įµˆāø“ įµ‡įµ˜įµ— Ź°įµ‰ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµ–Ź³įµ‰įµ–įµƒŹ³įµ‰įµˆ įµ—įµ’ įµįµƒįµįµ‰ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ Ė¢įµƒį¶œŹ³ā±į¶ ā±į¶œįµ‰ā€§ į“µ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµ—Ź·įµ‰Ė”įµ›įµ‰ Ź·Ź°įµ‰āæ Ź°įµ‰ Ė”įµ‰į¶ įµ— įµ’įµ˜Ź³ įµ–Ė”įµƒāæįµ‰įµ— įµ—įµ’ įµ‰Ė£įµ–Ė”įµ’Ź³įµ‰ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ į“³Ź³įµ‰įµƒįµ— įµāæįµāæįµ’Ź·āæāø“ āæįµ’įµ— įµāæįµ’Ź·ā±āæįµ Ź·Ź°įµ‰āæ įµ’Ź³ ā±į¶  Ź°įµ‰ Ź·įµ’įµ˜Ė”įµˆ Ź³įµ‰įµ—įµ˜Ź³āæā€§ į“µįµ— įµ—įµ’įµ’įµ Ė¢įµ‰įµ›įµ‰āæ Ė”įµ’āæįµ Źøįµ‰įµƒŹ³Ė¢ į¶ įµ’Ź³ Ź°ā±Ė¢ į¶œŹ³įµƒį¶ įµ— įµ—įµ’ Ź³įµ‰įµƒį¶œŹ° įµ—Ź°įµ‰ įµ‰įµˆįµįµ‰ įµ’į¶  įµ—Ź°įµ‰ Ź·įµ’Ź³įµŹ°įµ’Ė”įµ‰āø“ įµƒāæįµˆ Ź·įµ‰ įµ–Ź³įµ‰įµ–įµƒŹ³įµ‰įµˆ įµ’įµ˜Ź³Ė¢įµ‰Ė”įµ›įµ‰Ė¢ įµ—įµ’ āæįµ‰įµ›įµ‰Ź³ Ź°įµ‰įµƒŹ³ į¶ Ź³įµ’įµ Ź°ā±įµ įµƒįµįµƒā±āæā€§ į“ŗā±āæįµ‰ įµā±āæįµ˜įµ—įµ‰Ė¢ įµƒį¶ įµ—įµ‰Ź³ Ź°ā±Ė¢ Ė¢įµ–įµƒį¶œįµ‰į¶œŹ³įµƒį¶ įµ— įµ‡Ź³įµ‰įµƒį¶œŹ°įµ‰įµˆ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ Ź·įµ’Ź³įµŹ°įµ’Ė”įµ‰ įµƒ Ė¢ā±āæįµĖ”įµ‰ įµįµ‰Ė¢Ė¢įµƒįµįµ‰ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ Ź³įµ‰į¶œįµ‰ā±įµ›įµ‰įµˆ įµ‡įµ‰į¶ įµ’Ź³įµ‰ įµ—Ź³įµƒāæĖ¢įµā±Ė¢Ė¢ā±įµ’āæ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ į¶œįµ˜įµ—ā ˜ ā€œį“°įµ’āæā€™įµ— įµ—Ź³įµ˜Ė¢įµ— ā±įµ—ā€ā€§ įµ€Ź°įµ‰ į¶œŹ³Źøįµ–įµ—ā±į¶œ įµįµ‰Ė¢Ė¢įµƒįµįµ‰ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµˆā±Ė¢įµā±Ė¢Ė¢įµ‰įµˆ įµƒĖ¢ ā±āæįµ—įµ‰Ź³į¶ įµ‰Ź³įµ‰āæį¶œįµ‰ įµƒāæįµˆ į“µ įµįµƒįµˆįµ‰ įµ–įµ‰įµƒį¶œįµ‰ Ź·ā±įµ—Ź° įµ—Ź°įµ‰ į¶ įµƒį¶œįµ— įµ—Ź°įµƒįµ— į“µ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ āæįµ‰įµ›įµ‰Ź³ įµ—įµ’ Ė¢įµ‰įµ‰ Ź°ā±įµ įµƒįµįµƒā±āæā€§ įµ€Ź°įµƒįµ— ā±Ė¢āø“ įµ˜āæįµ—ā±Ė” į¶ ā±įµ›įµ‰ Ź·įµ‰įµ‰įµĖ¢ Ė”įµƒįµ—įµ‰Ź³ Ź·Ź°įµ‰āæ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ Ė¢ā±įµāæįµƒĖ” į¶œįµƒįµįµ‰ įµ‡įµƒį¶œįµ įµ’āæĖ”ā±āæįµ‰ā€§ į““ā±Ė¢ Ė¢Ź°ā±įµ– Ź°įµƒįµˆ Ź³įµ‰įµ—įµ˜Ź³āæįµ‰įµˆ į¶ Ź³įµ’įµ įµ‡įµ‰Źøįµ’āæįµˆ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ Ź·įµ’Ź³įµŹ°įµ’Ė”įµ‰ įµƒāæįµˆ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµ—Ź³įµƒįµ›įµ‰Ė”ā±āæįµ įµ‡įµƒį¶œįµ įµ—įµ’Ź·įµƒŹ³įµˆĖ¢ į“±įµƒŹ³įµ—Ź° ā±āæįµ—įµƒį¶œįµ—ā€§ į”†įµ‰įµ›įµ‰āæ įµƒāæĖ£ā±įµ’įµ˜Ė¢ Źøįµ‰įµƒŹ³Ė¢ įµįµ’Ź³įµ‰āø“ įµƒāæįµˆ Ź°ā±Ė¢ Ė¢Ź°ā±įµ– įµ—įµ’įµ˜į¶œŹ°įµ‰įµˆ įµˆįµ’Ź·āæ ā±āæ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ įµ’į¶œįµ‰įµƒāæā€§ į“µ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµƒĖ”Ź³įµ‰įµƒįµˆŹø įµƒ įµŹ³įµ’Ź·āæ įµįµƒāæ Ź·ā±įµ—Ź° įµƒ Ź·ā±į¶ įµ‰ įµƒāæįµˆ įµƒ į¶ įµƒįµā±Ė”Źøāø“ įµƒāæįµˆ ā±įµ— Ź°įµƒįµˆ įµ‡įµ‰įµ‰āæ įµįµ’Ź³įµ‰ įµ—Ź°įµƒāæ į¶ įµ’įµ˜Ź³įµ—įµ‰įµ‰āæ Źøįµ‰įµƒŹ³Ė¢ Ė¢ā±āæį¶œįµ‰ į“µ Ė¢įµƒŹ· Ź°ā±įµā€§ įµ€Ź°įµ‰ į¶œŹ³Źøįµ’ā»Ė¢Ė”įµ‰įµ‰įµ– Ź°įµƒįµˆ Ė¢Ė”įµ’Ź·įµ‰įµˆ Ź°ā±Ė¢ įµƒįµā±āæįµāø“ įµƒāæįµˆ Ź°įµ‰ Ė”įµ’įµ’įµįµ‰įµˆ įµ‡įµƒŹ³įµ‰Ė”Źø įµƒ įµˆįµƒŹø įµ’Ė”įµˆįµ‰Ź³ įµ—Ź°įµƒāæ Ź·Ź°įµ‰āæ Ź°įµ‰ Ė”įµ‰į¶ įµ—ā€§ į““įµ’Ź·įµ‰įµ›įµ‰Ź³āø“ Ė¢įµ’įµįµ‰įµ—Ź°ā±āæįµ Ė¢įµ‰įµ‰įµįµ‰įµˆ āæįµ’įµ— Ź³ā±įµŹ°įµ— įµƒįµ‡įµ’įµ˜įµ— Ź°ā±įµ; Ź°įµ‰ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ āæįµ’įµ— įµ—Ź°įµ‰ įµįµƒāæ į“µ Ź³įµ‰įµįµ‰įµįµ‡įµ‰Ź³įµ‰įµˆā€§ į““ā±Ė¢ įµ‰Źøįµ‰Ė¢ Ź°įµƒįµˆ Ė”įµ’Ė¢įµ— įµ—Ź°įµ‰ā±Ź³ Ė¢įµ–įµƒŹ³įµāø“ Ź°ā±Ė¢ įµįµ’įµ˜įµ—Ź° Ź°įµƒįµˆ Ė”įµ’Ė¢įµ— ā±įµ—Ė¢ Ė¢ā±įµāæįµƒįµ—įµ˜Ź³įµ‰ įµŹ³ā±āæā€§ā€§ā€§ į“¬āæįµˆ į“µ į¶œįµƒāæā€™įµ— Ė¢įµ—įµ’įµ– įµ—Ź°ā±āæįµā±āæįµ įµƒįµ‡įµ’įµ˜įµ— įµ—Ź°įµ‰ įµ—Ź³įµƒāæĖ¢įµā±Ė¢Ė¢ā±įµ’āæāø“ Ź³įµ‰į¶œįµ‰ā±įµ›įµ‰įµˆ Ė¢įµ‰įµ›įµ‰āæ įµ–įµƒā±āæį¶ įµ˜Ė” Źøįµ‰įµƒŹ³Ė¢ įµƒįµįµ’ā€§ ā€œį“°įµ’āæā€™įµ— įµ—Ź³įµ˜Ė¢įµ— ā±įµ—ā€ į“¹Źø į¶ įµƒįµ—Ź°įµ‰Ź³ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµƒ įµŹ³įµ‰įµƒįµ— įµįµƒāæāø“ į“®įµ˜įµ— įµ—Ź°įµƒįµ— įµ—Ź°ā±āæįµ ā±Ė¢ āæįµ’įµ— įµŹø į¶ įµƒįµ—Ź°įµ‰Ź³ā€§ ā€“ į¶œŹ³įµ‰įµˆā±įµ—Ė¢ įµ—įµ’ā ˜ įµ—Ź°ā±āæĖ¢įµ—ā±į¶œįµ
š“œš“²š“·š“­š“¼š“®š“½šŸŒ· I honestly dont care about what others think of me, my life revolves around me, š’‚š’š’… š’š’š’š’š š’Žš’† Ėš ą¼˜ ą³€ā‹†ļ½”Ėšš“¢Ö“ą»‹šŸŒ·Ķ™Ö’
nondivisable some of yall need to understand that "my bĆødy, my chĆøice" also applies to: addicts in active addiction with no intention of quitting phys dısabled people who deny medical treatment neurodivergent people who deny psychiatric treatment (yes, including schizophrenic people and people with personality dısorder) trans people who want or don't want to medically transition and if you can't understand that, then you don't get to use the phrase
ą«®ź’°ą¾€ą½² āøāøĀ“Ł„ Ė‹āøāø ź’±ą¾€ą½²įƒ Ā·Ėšā‚ŠāŠ¹ā‚ŠĖšą·†
owlet: i think itā€™s importaŠæt to acknowledge that there is a contingent of doctors who have beenā€¦ uhā€¦ coasting ever since med school ended. hereā€™s a quick crash cĶ€ourse in telling them apart competent doctor: recognises that your sympt0ms sound familiar but also realises that the illness is outside the scope of their expertise, so they give you a referral incompetent doctor: doesnā€™t recognise your sympt0ms, chalks it all up to a m3ntal health and/or weıght prxblem and refuses any follow-up care competent doctor: stays up to date on the latest research in their field, is interested in sharing newly-discovered ınformĪ±tıon with you incompetent doctor: maintains the absolute minimum amount of knowledge to not have their licence revoked competent doctor: approaches their patients with good faith incompetent doctor: assumes all patients are deceptive and have ulterior motives competent doctor: recognises crying and other overt paın sympt0ms as unacceptable and tries to resolve your paın any way theyā€™re able incompetent doctor: ignores paın and either refuses to attempt to treat yours or willingly worsens it during a treatment by ignoring your reactions competent doctor: realises they donā€™t have all the answers, isnā€™t intimidated by the thought that you attend other doctors incompetent doctor: views their patients as income-generators and feels personally insulted when you attempt to leave their practise competent doctor: recognises all their patients are people; will be transparent about your treatment and speak to you with advanced and specific terminology if you demonstrate that you ĆŗndĆØrstƤnd incompetent doctor: views patients as a sub-class of people, justifies lying to patients as ā€œfor their own gooĶ dā€ (via intp-fluffy-robot) Jan 08, 2022
š¢š­ š š¢š«š„ š«š®š„šž šŸšŸšŸ‘šŸšŸ’šŸ’šŸ‘šŸšŸ‘šŸ’šŸšŸ“: š¢š š§šØš«šž š­š”šžš¦ š„š¢š¤šž š”šØš° š²šØš® š¢š š§šØš«šžš š­š”ššš­ š§š®š¦š›šžš«
šŸ§¼ Clean Vibes šŸ§¼ šŸšæ - shiny chrome appliances šŸ› - a hot bath in a cool room šŸšæ - moisturising freshly exfoliated skin šŸ› - dish soap bubbles šŸšæ - double shampooing šŸ› - the smell of glass cleaner šŸšæ - foaming soap dispensers šŸ› - clicking ice cubes in a cold glass of water šŸšæ - lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus šŸ› - clean, dry hair šŸšæ - freshly laundered sheets šŸ› - shampoo bars šŸšæ - a clean, empty kitchen sink šŸ› - opening a new bar of soap
ļ¼­ļ½™ ļ½“ļ½…ļ½Œļ½† ļ½—ļ½…ļ½…ļ½‹ : āš š˜‘š˜°š˜¶š˜³š˜Æš˜¢š˜­ š˜¢š˜­š˜­ š˜ŗš˜°š˜¶š˜³ š˜§š˜¦š˜¦š˜­š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Øš˜“ āš š˜‹š˜° š˜“š˜¬š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜¤š˜¢š˜³š˜¦ š˜¦š˜·š˜¦š˜Æ š˜Ŗš˜§ š˜Ŗš˜µš˜“ š˜¢ š˜­š˜Ŗš˜µš˜µš˜­š˜¦ āš š˜‹š˜° š˜¢š˜Æš˜ŗš˜µš˜©š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø š˜µš˜©š˜¢š˜µ š˜®š˜¢š˜¬š˜¦š˜“ š˜ŗš˜°š˜¶ š˜§š˜¦š˜¦š˜­ š˜©š˜¢š˜±š˜±š˜ŗ āš š˜™š˜¦š˜¢š˜„ š˜¢š˜§š˜§š˜Ŗš˜³š˜®š˜¢š˜µš˜Ŗš˜°š˜Æš˜“ š˜¢š˜Æš˜„ š˜¤š˜°š˜®š˜±š˜­š˜Ŗš˜®š˜¦š˜Æš˜µ š˜ŗš˜°š˜¶š˜³š˜“š˜¦š˜­š˜§ š˜øš˜©š˜Ŗš˜­š˜¦ š˜­š˜°š˜°š˜¬š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø š˜Ŗš˜Æ š˜µš˜©š˜¦ š˜®š˜Ŗš˜³š˜³š˜°š˜³ š˜›š˜³š˜ŗ š˜µš˜° š˜¬š˜¦š˜¦š˜± š˜¢ š˜Øš˜°š˜°š˜„ š˜±š˜°š˜“š˜µš˜¶š˜³š˜¦ š˜µš˜©š˜Ŗš˜“ š˜øš˜¦š˜¦š˜¬ āš š˜™š˜¦š˜¢š˜„ š˜¢ š˜£š˜Ŗš˜µ š˜®š˜°š˜³š˜¦ āš š˜š˜§ š˜ŗš˜°š˜¶š˜³ š˜øš˜¦š˜¢š˜¬ š˜Ŗš˜Æ š˜¢š˜Æš˜ŗš˜µš˜©š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø, š˜µš˜³š˜ŗ š˜µš˜° š˜­š˜¦š˜·š˜¦š˜­ š˜Ŗš˜µ š˜¶š˜± āš š˜›š˜³š˜ŗ š˜Æš˜°š˜µ š˜µš˜° š˜°š˜·š˜¦š˜³š˜“š˜©š˜¢š˜³š˜¦. š˜ š˜°š˜¶ š˜‹š˜–š˜•š˜› š˜•š˜Œš˜Œš˜‹ š˜›š˜– š˜—š˜™š˜–š˜š˜Œ š˜ š˜–š˜œš˜™š˜šš˜Œš˜“š˜ š˜›š˜– š˜ˆš˜•š˜ š˜‰š˜–š˜‹š˜  š˜–š˜’š˜ˆš˜ ? (Ėµ ā€¢Ģ€ į“— - Ėµ ) āœ§
šŸŒø you are pretty šŸŒø you are smart šŸ«§ you are kind šŸ«§ you are worthy šŸŒø you are powerful šŸŒø you are magical šŸ«§ you are protected šŸ«§ you are vibrant šŸŒø you are intelligent šŸŒø you are fearless šŸ«§ you are enough šŸ«§ you are whole
š’¹š’¶š“‰š‘’ š’¾š’¹š‘’š’¶ šŸ§øą¾€ą½²: letā€™s both wear cute pyjamas, bake heart- shaped cookies together and then fall asleep with a pink fluffy blanket on us
Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš 怀怀怀 .怀怀 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 .怀怀 Ėš įœŠ i choose to stop apologising for being me įœŠ i radiate confidence, balance and inner harmony įœŠ i am so pretty and i love myself įœŠ i love my body and all it does for me įœŠ i am worthy of love and good things įœŠ i attract wonderful people into my life įœŠ i do not compare myself to other people įœŠ i feel beautiful and confident with my body įœŠ i will stop worrying about everything įœŠ i am becoming more at-ease with myself įœŠ i will take things on with a gentle approach Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš 怀怀怀 .怀怀 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 .怀怀 Ėš
in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½”
ā—Œ šŸŒŸ ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € New week ā€” start fresh ā—Œ šŸ’­ ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € New mindset ā€” think positively ā—Œ šŸŒø ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € New opportunities ā€” be grateful ā—Œ šŸ«§ ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € New possibilities ā€” be optimistic ā—Œ šŸ©° ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € New attitude ā€” be kind, be loving
怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . you are bigger than what is making you anxious 怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 .
惻ļ½”惻šŸ§ ļ¾Ÿćƒ»ļ½”āœØ i release all negative self-talk and embrace self-encouragement * 怂 Ėš Ėš Ė› * 怂šŸŒø 怂 ā˜ļø Ėš * 怂 Ėš Ėš Ė› 怂 šŸ§ø
The more I heal, the more I come home to myself šŸŒ¹šŸŖ½šŸ¹ Posted: 1 month ago Notecount: 11 Via: daughterofvenus222
Research and ask questions: Educate yourself about potential conditions and treatments, and donā€™t be afraid to ask your healthcare providers detailed questions about their assessments and the reasons behind them.
One day, I sat across from an old couple on the train. When we arrived, the driver announced over the loudspeaker to make sure we had all our valuables with us when we stepped off. The old man took his wifeā€™s arm and said, ā€œI got it all!ā€ Men who are still sweet to their wives after so long GMH. 20 JANUARY 2015
My best friend has the most beautiful hair. People always comment on it. This year, when my mom was diagnosed with cancer, she was the first person I told. A week later she came into school with all of it gone. Mar 19, 2011 at 5:00pm by Rebecca, California
āš¾ Go to TwoSentenceHorror 7 yr. ago LapizVGC I was wondering why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.
The other day, I went to my church for youth group. We were making PBJ sandwiches for the homeless people.I wasn't really that happy that day because I was dealing with my parents's divorce.A random man came up and said "Smile more.You're beautiful."And walked away. He made my day.He GMH Aug 7, 2013 at 9:30pm by Anonymous
I never told anyone. Today, I told my fiance. Instead of being angry or upset, he held me close to him and whispered, ā€œBaby, I love you so much. You will never go through anything like that ever again.ā€ His Love Gives Me Hope. LGMH by foreveravcc June 27, 2010
LOVEGIVESMEHOPE TEXT POST Me and my ā€œsoul mateā€ have known each other since second grade. A few years ago, he told me he has cancer and was going to dıe in a year. He also said that he loved me and wanted to spend that year with me. 3 years later, heā€™s cancer free and still mine. 13 YEARS AGO ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2010 AT 6:40 PM
One day the guys were picking teams for their soccer teams. One of the popular guys chose a whole team of kids who were always chosen last and never got to play. His team ended up winning every game. Guys who have the courage to benefit others GMH Aug 12, 2013 at 6:00pm by Anonymous
In 1989 a woman gave birth to a girl who had down syndrome, and a hole in her heart and stomach. She died 3 years later. Her next child was miscarried. She got pregnant again and was told to have an abortion that refused even though she knew the risks were high for her and the baby. Here I am 14 years later, perfectly healthy. Mom, your LGMH Dec 1st, 2014
22 years ago, a 16 year old girl was pregnant with a baby. Understanding the circumstances, her parents told her to abort or be disowned. Her best friend - her 18 year old neighbour - although he was not the father, stepped into the father figures shoes. They got married 2 years later. Mom and Dad, your love for me, and for each other, GMH. Dec 1st, 2014
I hate my appearance. I was working at McDonalds the other day and while a lady was paying, her 3 year old daughter tugged on her mother's skirt, pointed at me and said, "look mommy, a princess!" The mom said, "why do u say that?" Then the girl replied, "She's BEAUTIFUL! Her innocent LGMH Jul 15, 2013 at 10:30pm by Anonymous
8 į—°į—“į‘ŽįŽ¢į—©ć— į•¼į—“į—©ć—įŽ¢į•¼ į–‡į—“į—°į†į‘Žį—žį—“į–‡į”‘ Author's š“‚€š•°š–‘š–Žš–š–†š–š–£²Ģøā˜˜ā™• :zap: 11/05/21 ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ū© - ą¹‘Ū© ,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘ 1. ŃŸÉµį»±'ɾɛ Ź‚ŹˆÉØʚʚ Ź‹É‘Ęšį»±É‘ɓʚɛ, ɛŹ‹É›É² ÉØŹ„ ŃŸÉµį»± Ź‚ŹˆÉ¾į»±É É ĘšÉ› ŹˆÉµ ɠɛŹˆ ɵį»±Źˆ ɵŹ„ ɓɛʋ ÉØɲ ŹˆÉ¦É› ɱɵɾɲÉØɲɠ. ā˜†.ļ½”.:* - *:.ļ½”.ā˜† 2. ŃŸÉµį»± ʋɛŹ‚ɛɾŹ‹É› ŹˆÉµ ɾɛɕɛÉØŹ‹É› ʚɵŹ‹É› ÉØɲ ÉØŹˆŹ‚ Ź„į»±ĘšĘšÉ›Ź‚Źˆ ʋÉØŹ‹ÉØɲÉØŹˆŃŸ, ʋɛŹ‚Ļ¼ÉØŹˆÉ› ŃŸÉµį»± ɱɛɲŹˆÉ‘Ęš ɦɛɑʚŹˆÉ¦ Ź‚ŹˆÉ‘Źˆį»±Ź‚. ā˜†.ļ½”.:* - *:.ļ½”.ā˜† 3. ŃŸÉµį»± ʙɛɛĻ¼ ɠɵÉØɲɠ, ɛɑɕɦ ŹˆÉØɱɛ,ʋɛŹ‚Ļ¼ÉØŹˆÉ› ŹˆÉ¦É› É•É¦É‘ĘšĘšÉ›É²É É›Ź‚ ŃŸÉµį»± Ź„É‘É•É› É‘É²Ę‹ ŹˆÉ¦ÉØŹ‚ ʋɛŹ‚ɛɾŹ‹É›Ź‚ ŃŸÉµį»±É¾ É‘É•Ę™É²ÉµĻ£ĘšÉ›Ę‹É É›É±É›É²Źˆ É‘É²Ę‹ Ļ¼É¾É‘ÉØŹ‚É›. ā˜†.ļ½”.:* - *:.ļ½”.ā˜† 4. ŃŸÉµį»± Ź‚į»±É¾Ź‹ÉØŹ‹É›Ę‹ ŹˆÉ¦É› Ę‹É‘É¾Ę™É›Ź‚Źˆ Ļ¼É›É¾ÉØɵʋŹ‚ ÉØɲ ʚÉØŹ„É›, Ę‹ÉµÉ²'Źˆ Ź‚É¦ŃŸ ɑĻ£É‘ŃŸ Ź„ɾɵɱ ŹˆÉ¦É› ɵĻ¼Ļ¼ÉµÉ¾Źˆį»±É²ÉØŹˆŃŸÉ“ŹˆÉµ Ź„ÉØÉ²É‘ĘšĘšŃŸ ɛӝĻ¼É›É¾ÉØɛɲɕɛ ŹˆÉ¦É› ʚÉØɠɦŹˆ. ā˜†.ļ½”.:* - *:.ļ½”.ā˜† 5. ŃŸÉµį»± ɑɾɛ Ļ£ÉµÉ¾ŹˆÉ¦ ŹˆÉ¦É› "ɓį»±É¾Ę‹É›É²" É‘É²Ę‹ ŹˆÉ¦É› ʋɛʋÉØɕɑŹˆÉØɵɲ ɵŹ„ ŹˆÉØɱɛ ŹˆÉ¦É‘Źˆ ÉØŹ‚ ɾɛɋį»±ÉØÉ¾É›Ę‹ ŹˆÉµ ɦɛʚĻ¼ ŃŸÉµį»± ɾɛɕɵŹ‹É›É¾. ā˜†.ļ½”.:* - *:.ļ½”.ā˜† 6. ŃŸÉµį»± ɑɾɛ ʚɵŹ‹É›Ę‹. ŃŸÉµį»± ɑɾɛ ʚɵŹ‹É›Ę‹ ʋį»±É¾ÉØɲɠ ŹˆÉ¦É› ɠɵɵʋ ʋɑџŹ‚, Ļ£É¦É›É² ŹˆÉ¦É› Ļ£É‘ɾɱŹˆÉ¦ Ź„ɾɵɱ ŹˆÉ¦É› Ź‚į»±É² ŹˆÉµį»±É•É¦É›Ź‚ ŃŸÉµį»±É¾ Ź‚Ę™ÉØɲ, ɾɛɱÉØÉ²Ę‹ÉØɲɠ ŃŸÉµį»± Ļ£É¦ŃŸ ÉØŹˆ'Ź‚ ɛŹ‚Ź‚ɛɲŹˆÉØɑʚ ŹˆÉµ ɓɛ Ļ¼É¾É›Ź‚ɛɲŹˆ, ŹˆÉµ ŹˆÉ¦É› ĘšÉµÉ²É  ɲÉØɠɦŹˆŹ‚, Ļ£É¦É›É¾É› Ź‚ʚɛɛĻ¼ Ź„É‘ÉØʚŹ‚ ŹˆÉµ ɑɾɾÉØŹ‹É›, ʚɛɑŹ‹ÉØɲɠ ŃŸÉµį»± ɕɵɲŹ‚į»±É±É› Ļ£ÉØŹˆÉ¦ ɑɲӝÉØɛŹˆŃŸ, ĘšÉµÉ²É›ĘšÉØɲɛŹ‚Ź‚, ɵŹ‹É›É¾ŹˆÉ¦ÉØÉ²É Ę™ÉØɲɠ É‘É²Ę‹ Ź„ɛɑɾ. É¾É›É É‘É¾Ę‹ĘšÉ›Ź‚Ź‚ ɵŹ„ Ļ£É¦É‘Źˆ É±É‘ŃŸ ɕɵɱɛ, ɑʚĻ£É‘ŃŸŹ‚ ɾɛɱɛɱɓɛɾ, ŹˆÉ¦É‘Źˆ ŃŸÉµį»± ɑɾɛ ʚɵŹ‹É›Ę‹. ā˜†.ļ½”.:* - *:.ļ½”.ā˜† 7. ŃŸÉµį»± ɑɾɛ ɲɵŹˆ ɑ Ź„É‘ÉØʚį»±É¾É›, Ļ³į»±Ź‚Źˆ ɓɛɕɑį»±Ź‚É› ŃŸÉµį»±'ɾɛ Ź„ÉØÉ²Ę‹ÉØɲɠ ÉØŹˆ ʋÉØŹ„Ź„ÉØɕį»±ĘšŹˆ ŹˆÉµ ɓɛ Ļ¼É¾ÉµĘ‹į»±É•ŹˆÉØŹ‹É›. ŃŸÉµį»± Ļ£ÉØʚʚ ɑʚĻ£É‘ŃŸŹ‚ ɦɑŹ‹É› ŹˆÉ¦É› ɕɦɑɲɕɛ ŹˆÉµÉ•É‘ŹˆÉ•É¦ į»±Ļ¼ É‘É²Ę‹ ŹˆÉ¾ŃŸ ɑɠɑÉØɲ. ɓį»±Źˆ Ź„ɵɾ ɲɵĻ£ ŹˆÉ‘ʙɛ ŃŸÉµį»±É¾ ŹˆÉØɱɛ. ā˜†.ļ½”.:* - *:.ļ½”.ā˜† 8. Ź‚ŹˆÉµĻ¼ É‘É“É‘É²Ę‹ÉµÉ²ÉØɲɠ ŃŸÉµį»±É¾Ź‚ɛʚŹ„. ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ū© - ą¹‘Ū© ,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘
I hate my appearance. I was working at McDonalds the other day and while a lady was paying, her 3 year old daughter tugged on her mother's skirt, pointed at me and said, "look mommy, a princess!" The mom said, "why do u say that?" Then the girl replied, ā€œShe's BEAUTIFUL!ā€ Her innocent LGMH Jul 15, 2013 at 10:30pm by Anonymous
In Subway, a homeless man was trying to open the door in his wheelchair. A teenage girl younger than me, stood up with a grin and opened it for him. His eye sparkled and he couldn't say "thank you" fast enough. Random Acts Of Kindness GMH Aug 14, 2013 at 6:00pm by Taylor, Hawaii/Us
I was visiting my 90 yr old grandparents, when my grandmother mentioned theyā€™d just celebrated 65 years of marriage last month. I said, ā€œThatā€™s a lot of years!ā€ My grandfather replied, ā€œNot nearly enough!ā€ Loving each other from WWII til today GMH. Dec 1st, 2014
ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… Ī±ŃŃ” тĻƒ ʒĪ±Ń•Ń‚ тĻƒ gєт ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ļ‰Š½Ń”ŃŃ”, уĻƒĻ… Š¼Ī¹Ń•Ń• тŠ½Ń” ʒĻ…Ī· ĻƒĘ’ gєттĪ¹Ī·g тŠ½Ń”ŃŃ”. ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Ī± яĪ±Ā¢Ń”, ѕĻƒ тĪ±Šŗє Ī¹Ń‚ ѕā„“ĻƒĻ‰Ń”я Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ єĪ·× ĻƒŃƒ тŠ½Ń” Š¼Ļ…Ń•Ī¹Ā¢ Š²Ń”Ę’ĻƒŃŃ” тŠ½Ń” ѕĻƒĪ·gā€™Ń• ĻƒĪ½Ń”я ! ā†’ ĻƒĪ·Ń” āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ Š¼Ńƒ Š²ŃĪ±Ī¹Ī· Ī±Ń•Šŗєāˆ‚ Š¼Ń” ā€œŃƒ я Ļ… ѕєĪ·āˆ‚Ī¹Ī·g Š¼Ń•gѕ тĻƒ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ· Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Š¼Ń”Ń•Ń•Ī±gĪ¹Ī·g Ļ…? Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ń‚Ń‚ā„“Ń” ā€œŠ½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ā€ ѕĪ±Ī¹āˆ‚ тĻƒ Š²ŃĪ±Ī¹Ī· ā€œĻ…ā€ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Š¼Ń•gѕ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ ā€œĘ’яĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļā€ ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ī¹ Ļ‰Ī±Ń• Ī± ŠŗĪ¹āˆ‚. Ī¹ Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ń‚Ń”āˆ‚ тĻƒ gяĻƒĻ‰ Ļ…Ļ ѕĻƒĻƒĪ·. Ī·ĻƒĻ‰ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹ gяĻƒĻ‰Ī· Ļ…Ļ, Ī¹ яєĪ±ā„“Ī¹zє тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…Ī·āˆ‚Ń”āˆ‚ єŠ¼ĻƒŃ‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·Ń• Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Š²ŃĻƒŠŗєĪ· Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Ń•.
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ā†’ уєѕтєяāˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ Ī¹Ń• Š½Ī¹Ń•Ń‚ĻƒŃŃƒ. тĻƒŠ¼ĻƒŃŃĻƒĻ‰ Ī¹Ń• Š¼ŃƒŃ•Ń‚Ń”ŃŃƒ. тĻƒāˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ Ī¹Ń• Ī± gĪ¹Ę’Ń‚. тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• Ļ‰Š½Ńƒ Ī¹Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• Ā¢Ī±ā„“ā„“Ń”āˆ‚ ā€œŃ‚Š½Ń” ĻŃŃ”Ń•Ń”Ī·Ń‚ā€. ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” Ī¹Ī· ā€œŃ‚Š½Ń” ĻŃŃ”Ń•Ń”Ī·Ń‚ā€ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Š¼Ī±Šŗє уĻƒĻ…я ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ī¹Ę’Ļ…ā„“ тĻƒāˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ā†’ ʒĻƒĻ…я ʒĪ±Ā¢Ń‚Ń• тĻƒ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” Š²Ń”Ń‚Ń‚Ń”Ń ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” ; 1ѕт: Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ѕĪ±Ńƒ ѕĻƒŃŃŃƒ тĻƒ тŠ½Ń” ĻƒĪ·Ń” , Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ ā„“Ī¹Šŗєѕ уĻƒĻ…. 2Ī·āˆ‚: Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ѕĪ±Ńƒ Š²ŃƒŃ” тĻƒ тŠ½Ń” ĻƒĪ·Ń” , Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚Ń• уĻƒĻ…. 3яāˆ‚: Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š²ā„“Ī±Š¼Ń” тŠ½Ń” ĻƒĪ·Ń” , Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ яєĪ±ā„“ā„“Ńƒ тяĻ…Ń•Ń‚Ń• уĻƒĻ…. 4тŠ½: Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ʒĻƒŃgєт тŠ½Ń” ĻƒĪ·Ń” , Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• яєŠ¼Ń”Š¼Š²Ń”ŃŃ• уĻƒĻ… ā†’ ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” ʒĻƒŃ тŠ½Ń” ĻƒĪ·Ń”Ń• уĻƒĻ… ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”ā€¦ Ī± ѕĪ¹Š¼Ļā„“Ń” ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ī¹Ń• Ī±ā„“ā„“ Ī¹Ń‚ тĪ±Šŗєѕ тĻƒ Š¼Ī±Šŗє ĻƒĪ·Ń” Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒā€¦ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ā¢Ī±Ī· Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń” Ī¹Ī· Š¼Ī±Ī·Ńƒ āˆ‚Ī¹Ę’Ę’Ń”ŃŃ”Ī·Ń‚ Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ•, ѕŠ½Ī±ĻŃ”Ń• Ī· ѕĪ¹zєѕ ā€¦ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī± ѕĪ¹Š¼Ļā„“Ń” ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ā¢ĻƒĪ·qĻ…Ń”Ń єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒŃ‚Š½Ī¹Ī·g ā€¦ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ā„“Ń”Ī±Ī½Ń” тŠ½Ń” Š²Ń”Ń•Ń‚ ĻƒĘ’ Ļ…Ń• ѕĻŃ”Ń”Ā¢Š½ā„“єѕѕ ā€¦ ā†’ Ī± ѕĪ¹Ī·gā„“Ń” Š½Ī±ŃŃ•Š½ Ļ‰ĻƒŃāˆ‚ ѕĻĻƒŠŗєĪ· Ī±Ń‚ тŠ½Ń” тĪ¹Š¼Ń” ĻƒĘ’ Ī±Ī·gєя Ī¹Ń• ѕĻƒ ĻĻƒĪ¹Ń•ĻƒĪ·ĻƒĻ…Ń• тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń‚ Š¼Ī±Šŗєѕ Ļ…Ń• тĻƒ ʒĻƒŃgєт тŠ½Ń” 100 ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ī±Š²ā„“Ń” Ā¢ĻƒĪ·Ī½Ń”ŃŃ•Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·Ń• Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½Ī¹Ī· ѕєĀ¢ĻƒĪ·āˆ‚Ń•. ā†’ Ī¹Ī· ĻƒĻ…я ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• Ī¹Ń• Š¼ĻƒŃŃ” Ī¹Š¼ĻĻƒŃŃ‚Ī±Ī·Ń‚ тŠ½Ī±Ī· ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ń• ʒяĻƒŠ¼ ā„“Ī¹ĻŃ• Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ń• ʒяĻƒŠ¼ тŠ½Ń” Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ ѕĻƒ Š²Ń” Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒĻƒŃŃ”Ī½Ń”я ā†’ gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ Š²Ń”Š½Ī±Ī½Ī¹ĻƒŃ Ā¢Ī±Ī· Ā¢ĻƒĪ½Ń”я тŠ½Ń” ā„“Ī±Ā¢Šŗ ĻƒĘ’ gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗѕ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗѕ Ā¢Ī±Ī· Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Ā¢ĻƒĪ½Ń”я тŠ½Ń” ā„“Ī±Ā¢Šŗ ĻƒĘ’ gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ Š²Ń”Š½Ī±Ī½Ī¹ĻƒŃ ѕĻƒ ŠŗєєĻ уĻƒĻ…я Š²Ń”Š½Ī±Ī½Ī¹ĻƒŃ Ī±Ń‚ тŠ½Ń” Š²Ń”Ń•Ń‚ ā„“Ń”Ī½Ń”ā„“
ā†’ 7 яĻ…ā„“єѕ тĻƒ Š²Ń” Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒā€¦.. 1. Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š½Ī±Ń‚Ń”ā€¦.. 2. āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Ļ‰ĻƒŃŃŃƒā€¦.. 3. ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” ѕĪ¹Š¼Ļā„“Ń”ā€¦.. 4. єĻ‡ĻŃ”Ā¢Ń‚ Ī± ā„“Ī¹Ń‚Ń‚ā„“Ń”ā€¦.. 5. gĪ¹Ī½Ń” Ī± ā„“ĻƒŃ‚ā€¦.. 6. Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń”ā€¦.. 7. Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Ī± ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ· ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Š¼Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• яєŠ¼Ń”Š¼Š²Ń”я уĻƒĻ… ā€¦.. ā†’ тĻƒ ѕєє ā„“Ī¹gŠ½Ń‚,ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗ Ī±Ń‚ ѕĻ…Ī·..тĻƒ ѕєє ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗ Ī±Ń‚ Š¼ĻƒĻƒĪ·.. тĻƒ ѕєє Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ńƒ,ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗ Ī±Ń‚ Ī·Ī±Ń‚Ļ…ŃŃ”..тĻƒ ѕєє Š½ĻƒĻŃ”,ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗ Ī±Ń‚ ʒĻ…Ń‚Ļ…ŃŃ”.. Š²Ļ…Ń‚,тĻƒ ѕєє Ī±ā„“ā„“ ĻƒĘ’ тŠ½Ī¹Ń•,ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗ Ī±Ń‚ тŠ½Ń” Š¼Ī¹ŃŃĻƒŃā€¦.!!!!!! ā†’ тŠ½Ń” Š²Ī¹ggєѕт Š¼ŃƒŃ•Ń‚Ń”ŃŃƒ ĻƒĘ’ Š¼Ī±Ń‚Š½Ń•: 1000ѕ ĻƒĘ’ уєĪ±ŃŃ• ĻĪ±Ń•Ń•Ń”āˆ‚ , Š¼Ī¹ā„“ā„“Ī¹ĻƒĪ·Ń• ĻƒĘ’ тŠ½Ń”ĻƒŃŃ”Š¼Ń• āˆ‚Ń”ŃĪ¹Ī½Ń”āˆ‚ , 100ѕ ĻƒĘ’ ʒĻƒŃŠ¼Ļ…ā„“Ī± Š¼Ī±āˆ‚Ń” Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ѕтĪ¹ā„“ā„“ā€¦ā€¦.. ā€˜Ļ‡ā€˜ Ī¹Ń• Ļ…Ī·ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰Ī·!!!!!!! ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… gĪ¹Ī½Ń” уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· тĪ¹Š¼Ń” Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ń• ʒĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ… тĻƒ gĪ¹Ī½Ń” уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ тĻƒ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń”, Š¼Ī±Šŗє ѕĻ…ŃŃ” уĻƒĻ… ѕєā„“Ń”Ā¢Ń‚ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š²ŃŃ”Ī±Šŗ уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚, Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Š²ŃĻƒŠŗєĪ· Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Ń• Š½Ī±Ń• Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ѕĻĪ±ŃŃ” ĻĪ±ŃŃ‚Ń•. Ļ‰ŃĪ¹Ń‚Ń” ĻƒĪ· Š²ŃĪ¹Ā¢Šŗѕ ā†’ āˆ‚Ļƒ уĻƒĻ… ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Š¼Ń”Ī· Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ļ‰ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ī· Ī±ŃŃ” Ī±Ī·gєā„“Ń• Ā¢ŃŃ”Ī±Ń‚Ń”āˆ‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ ĻƒĪ·ā„“Ńƒ ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹Ī·g? Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ тŠ½Ń”Ńƒ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ тĻƒ єŠ¼Š²ŃĪ±Ā¢Ń” єĪ±Ā¢Š½ ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ń”я тĻƒ Š²Ń” Ī±Š²ā„“Ń” тĻƒ ʒā„“Ńƒā€¦ Š½ĻƒĻŃ” уĻƒĻ… Ā¢Ī±Ī· ʒĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ…я Ī±Ī·gєā„“ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ уĻƒĻ… Ā¢Ī±Ī· ʒā„“Ńƒ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ ʒĻƒŃŃ”Ī½Ń”я ā†’ тĻƒ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” Ī± ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Š²Ń”Ī±Ń‚, 2 Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Š²Ń”Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Ī± Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚, 2 Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń•, тĻƒ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚, Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ 4 Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Ļ… Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ā†’ Ī¹ ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ī±Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ī¹ ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Ī¹ Ā¢ŃŃƒ ʒĻƒŃ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ī¹ Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ” Ī¹ ѕŠ½Ī±ŃŃ” Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ī¹ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ī¹ ā„“Ī±Ļ…gŠ½ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ī¹ єĪ·× ĻƒŃƒ, Ī¹ ѕŠ¼Ń• ĻƒĪ·ā„“Ńƒ тĻƒ тŠ½ĻƒŃ•Ń” Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ń‚ тĻƒ ā„“ĻƒĻƒŃ•Ń”. ā†’ Ī± Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ī¹Ę’Ļ…ā„“ тŠ½ĻƒĻ…gŠ½Ń‚!! тŠ½Ń” ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ· Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ā¢Ī±Ī· єĻ‡Ļā„“Ī±Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” Š¼Ń”Ī±Ī·Ī¹Ī·g ĻƒĘ’ Ā¢Ļƒā„“ĻƒŃ тĻƒ Ī± Š²ā„“Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚ Ā¢Ī±Ī· єĻ‡Ļā„“Ī±Ī¹Ī· Ī±Ī·ŃƒŃ‚Š½Ī¹Ī·g &Ī±Š¼Ļ; єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒŃ‚Š½Ī¹Ī·g Ī¹Ī· ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”! ā†’ Ī¹Ę’ уĻƒĻ… Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Ī± ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” &Ī±Š¼Ļ; уĻƒĻ… āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ī¹Ń‚. Ī¹Ń‚ Š¼Ń”Ī±Ī·Ń• уĻƒĻ… Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Ī±Ī· Ī±Ā¢Ā¢ĻƒĻ…Ī·Ń‚ ĻƒĘ’ Š¼Ī¹ā„“ā„“Ī¹ĻƒĪ· āˆ‚Ļƒā„“ā„“Ī±ŃŃ• Ī¹Ī· Š²Ī±Ī·Šŗ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Ī·Ļƒ Ā¢Š½Ń”Ā¢Šŗ Š²ĻƒĻƒŠŗ. ā†’ Ļ‰Ń”ā„“ā„“ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń•Š½Ń”я Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Š¼Ń”єтѕ уĻƒĻ… єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒāˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; тĪ±ā„“Šŗ тĻƒ уĻƒĻ… єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒāˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ. Ļ‰Ń”ā„“ā„“ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń•Š½Ń”я Ī¹Ń• ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Š¼Ī±Ńƒ ĻƒŃ Š¼Ī±Ńƒ Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Š¼Ń”єт уĻƒĻ… Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ ĻƒĘ’ уĻƒĻ… &Ī±Š¼Ļ; уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•. ā†’ ĻƒĪ·Ń” āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ Ļ… Š¼Ī±Ńƒ Ī±Ń•Šŗ Š¼Ń”: Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• Š¼ĻƒŃŃ” Ī¹Š¼ĻĻƒŃŃ‚Ī±Ī·Ń‚ тĻƒ уĻƒĻ…, Š¼Ń” ĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ…я ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”? Ī¹ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ ѕĪ±Ńƒ: Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”ā€¦ уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ļ‰Ī±ā„“Šŗ Ī±Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ ʒяĻƒŠ¼ Š¼Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰Ī¹Ī·g тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ļ… я Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”! ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń” Š½Ļ…ŃŃ‚Ń• уĻƒĻ… Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ… āˆ‚Ī¹āˆ‚Ī·ā€™Ń‚ Š½Ļ…ŃŃ‚ Š²Ī±Ā¢Šŗ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń” ѕŠ½ĻƒĻ…Ń‚Ń• Ī±Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ… āˆ‚Ī¹āˆ‚Ī·ā€™Ń‚ ѕŠ½ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ Š²Ī±Ā¢Šŗ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚Ń• уĻƒĻ… уĻƒĻ… Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń” Š²Ī±Ā¢Šŗ ā†’ Ī± Š²Ļ…Ń•Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Š¼Ī±Šŗєѕ ĻŃĪ±ŃƒŃ”ŃŃ• Š½Ī±Ńāˆ‚Ń”Ń, Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ĻŃĪ±ŃƒŃ”ŃŃ• Š¼Ī±Šŗє Ī± Š½Ī±Ńāˆ‚ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Š²Ļ…Ń•Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” єĪ±Ń•Ī¹Ń”я. ѕĻƒ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ŠŗєєĻ ĻŃĪ±ŃƒĪ¹Ī·g Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ яєŠ¼Ń”Š¼Š²Ń”я Š¼Ń” Ī¹Ī· уĻƒĻ…я ĻŃĪ±ŃƒŃ”ŃŃ•. ā†’ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹Ń• 4 ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ī¹Ī·g, Ī¹ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” 4 Ļ…. ѕĻƒĪ·gѕ я 4 ѕĪ¹Ī·gĪ¹Ī·g, Ī¹ ѕĪ¹Ī·g 4 Ļ…. ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ī¹Ń• 4 Ā¢Ī±ŃĪ¹Ī·g, Ī¹ Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ” 4 Ļ…. Ī±Ī·gєā„“Ń• я 4 ŠŗєєĻĪ¹Ī·g, Ā¢Ī±Ī· Ī¹ ŠŗєєĻ Ļ…ā€¦? ā†’ ѕĪ±Ā¢ŃĪ¹Ę’Ī¹Ā¢Ń” Ī¹Ń• gяєĪ±Ń‚Ń”Ń тŠ½Ī±Ī· ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”. Ā¢Š½Ī±ŃĪ±Ā¢Ń‚Ń”Ń Ī¹Ń• gяєĪ±Ń‚Ń”Ń тŠ½Ī±Ī· Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ńƒ. Š½Ļ…Š¼Ī±Ī·Ī¹Ń‚Ńƒ Ī¹Ń• gяєĪ±Ń‚Ń”Ń тŠ½Ī±Ī· Ļ‰Ń”Ī±ā„“Ń‚Š½. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī·ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ī¹Ī·g Ī¹Ń• gяєĪ±Ń‚Ń”Ń тŠ½Ī±Ī· gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ яєā„“Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·Ń•. ā†’ Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ń”Ń•Ń‚ ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń” āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” ā€œŃ”Ī½Ń”ŃŃƒ тŠ½Ī¹Ī·g Š²Ń”Ń•Ń‚ā€ Ī¹Ī· ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”. тŠ½Ń”Ńƒ × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ Š¼Ī±Šŗє тŠ½Ń” ā€œŠ²Ń”Ń•Ń‚ ĻƒĘ’ єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒ тŠ½Ī¹Ī·gā€ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Š²ŃĪ¹Ī·gѕ тŠ½Ń”Ī¹Ń Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ!! ѕтĪ±Ńƒ Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ!! ā†’ Ī¹ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” ā„“Ī¹Šŗєāˆ‚ Š¼Ī±Ī·Ńƒ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”āˆ‚ Ī½Ń”ŃŃƒ ʒєĻ‰. уєт Ī·Ļƒ-ĻƒĪ·Ń” Š½Ī±Ń• Š²Ń”Ń”Ī· Ī±Ń• ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Ī±Ń• Ļ…. Ī¹ Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ ѕтĪ±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ļ‰Ī±Ī¹Ń‚ Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚Ń• ā„“ĻƒĪ·gєѕт qĻ…Ń”Ļ…Ń”. × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ ʒĻƒŃ тŠ½Ń” Ļā„“Ń”Ī±Ń•Ļ…ŃŃ” ĻƒĘ’ Ī± Š¼ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Ļ…. ā†’ ĻŃ”ŃĘ’Ń”Ā¢Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ· Ī¹Ń• Ī¹Š¼ĻĻƒŃ•Ń•Ī¹Š²ā„“Ń” тĻƒ Š²Ń” Ī±Ā¢Š½Ī¹Ń”Ī½Ń”āˆ‚ Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ļā„“єтєā„“Ńƒ Š²Ńƒ Ī±Ī·ŃƒĻƒĪ·Ń” Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ī¹Ń• Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚. Š²Ń‚ Ī¹Ę’ уĻƒĻ… ŠŗєєĻ Ā¢Š½Ī±Ń•Ī¹Ī·g ĻŃ”ŃĘ’Ń”Ā¢Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·, ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ļ‰Š½Ń”ŃŃ” ĻƒĪ· тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ уĻƒĻ… Š¼Ī±Ńƒ Ā¢Ī±Ń‚Ā¢Š½ єĻ‡Ā¢Ń”ā„“ā„“Ń”Ī·Ā¢Ń”! ā†’ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ Š¼ĻƒŃŃ” Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ ĻĪ±Ń•Ń‚, Ī¹Ń‚ Š²ŃĪ¹Ī·gѕ тєĪ±ŃŃ• āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ Š¼ĻƒŃŃ” Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ ʒĻ…Ń‚Ļ…ŃŃ”, Ī¹Ń‚ Š²ŃĪ¹Ī·gѕ ʒєĪ±ŃŃ• тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ Š¼ĻƒŃŃ” Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ Š¼Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ī¹Ā¢Š½ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• Š²ŃĪ¹Ī·gѕ Ā¢Š½Ń”Ń”ŃŃ•. ā†’ тŠ½Ń”ŃŃ” я ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń” ĻƒĘ’ тŠ½Ń” яĻƒŠ¼Ī±Ī·Ń‚Ī¹Ā¢ Ā¢ĻƒĻ…Ī·Ń‚яĪ¹Ń”Ń• Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚, ā€œŠ½.Ļƒ.ā„“.ā„“.Ī±.Ī·.āˆ‚ā€ Š½ĻƒĻ ĻƒĻ…я ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” ā„“Ī±Ń•Ń‚ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я āˆ‚Ī¹Ń”Ń•ā€¦ ā€œĪ¹.т.Ī±.ā„“.уā€ Ī¹ тяĻ…Ń•Ń‚ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” уĻƒĻ…ā€¦ ā€œā„“.Ī¹.Š².у.Ī±ā€ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ī¹Ń• Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ī¹Ę’Ļ…ā„“ уĻƒĻ… Ī±ā„“Ń•Ļƒā€¦ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ тŠ½Ī¹Ń• Ī¹Ń• Š¼Ńƒ ʒĪ±Ī½ĻƒĻ…яĪ¹Ń‚Ń”ā€¦. ā€œĘ’.я.Ī±.Ī·.Ā¢.єā€ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ яєŠ¼Ī±Ī¹Ī·Ń• Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Ā¢Ī±Ī· єĪ·āˆ‚ā€¦ ā†’ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń” ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• ʒĻƒŃgєт ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń” Š¼ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ī±Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń” ŠŗєєĻ ѕĪ¹ā„“Ń”Ī·Ń‚ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń” × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ Ā¢Š½Ī±Ī·gє Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī¹ā€™Š¼ Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ 1 ĻƒĘ’ тŠ½Ń”Š¼. Ī¹ā€™Š¼ Š½Ń”ŃŃ” × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ 4 тĻ‰Ļƒ Š¼ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚Ń• .. Ī·ĻƒĻ‰ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; 4єĪ½Ń”яā€¦!!:) ā†’ тĪ¹ĻŃ• тĻƒ Š²Ń”Ī±Ń‚ тŠ½Ń” ѕĻ…Š¼Š¼Ń”я 1- āˆ‚яĪ¹Ī·Šŗ ā„“ĻƒŃ‚ ĻƒĘ’ ʒяєѕŠ½ Ļ‰Ī±Ń‚Ń”Ń 2- Ā¢ĻƒĪ½Ń”я уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ń”Ī±āˆ‚ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· ĻƒĻ…Ń‚Ń•Ī¹āˆ‚Ń” 3- єĪ±Ń‚ Ī½Ń”gєтĪ±Š²ā„“єѕ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Š¼ĻƒŃ•Ń‚ Ī¹Š¼ĻĻƒŃŃ‚Ī±Ī·Ń‚ 4- Š¼Ń”Ń•Ń•Ī±gє Š¼Ń” āˆ‚Ī±Ī¹ā„“Ńƒ Š²Ā¢Ļƒz Ī¹ Š¼ ѕĻƒ Ā¢ĻƒĻƒĻƒā„“..:-) ā†’ Ī¹ Ā¢ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ ʒĪ¹ā„“ā„“ Ī± 1000 ĻĪ±gєѕ тєā„“ā„“Ī¹Ī·g Ļ… Š½ĻƒĻ‰ Ī¹ ʒєєā„“, Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ѕтĪ¹ā„“ā„“ Ļ… Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Ļ…Ī·āˆ‚Ń”ŃŃ•Ń‚Ī±Ī·āˆ‚.. ѕĻƒ Ī·ĻƒĻ‰ Ī¹ ā„“Ń”Ī±Ī½Ń” Ļ‰/Ļƒ Ī± ѕĻƒĻ…Ī·āˆ‚, єĻ‡Ā¢Ń”ĻŃ‚ Š¼Ńƒ Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ ѕŠ½Ī±Ń‚Ń‚Ń”ŃĪ¹Ī·g Ī±Ń• Ī¹Ń‚ Š½Ī¹Ń‚Ń• тŠ½Ń” gяĻƒĻ…Ī·āˆ‚. ā†’ āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Š²Ń” āˆ‚Ī¹Ń•Ī±ĻĻĻƒĪ¹Ī·Ń‚Ń”āˆ‚ Ī¹Ę’ тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚ яєʒĻ…ѕєѕ тĻƒ Š½Ń”ā„“Ļ уĻƒĻ…. яєŠ¼Ń”Š¼Š²Ń”я āˆ‚Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃāˆ‚Ń• ĻƒĘ’ єĪ¹Ī·Ń•Ń‚Ń”Ī¹Ī·: ā€œĪ¹ Š¼ тŠ½Ī±Ī·ŠŗʒĻ…ā„“ тĻƒ Ī±ā„“ā„“ тŠ½ĻƒŃ•Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ ѕĪ±Ī¹āˆ‚ Ī·Ļƒ тĻƒ Š¼Ń”. Ī¹Ń‚Ń• Š²Ā¢Ļƒz ĻƒĘ’ тŠ½Š¼, Ī¹ āˆ‚Ī¹āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń‚ Š¼ŃƒŃ•Ń”ā„“Ę’.ā€ ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ…ā€™ŃŃ” Ī±Ī·gяу Ī±Ń‚ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ gєт Ī¹ŃŃĪ¹Ń‚Ī±Ń‚Ń”āˆ‚ тĪ¹Š¼Ń” тĻƒ тĪ¹Š¼Ń” Š²Ļ…Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… ѕтĪ¹ā„“ā„“ Ā¢Ī±Ī·ā€™Ń‚ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ Š½Ī¹Š¼/Š½Ń”я тŠ½Ń”Ī· Ī¹Ń‚ā€™Ń• тяĻ…Ń” яєā„“Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·ā€..! ā†’ Ī¹Ę’ тĪ¹Š¼Ń” āˆ‚ĻƒŃ”Ń•Ī·ā€™Ń‚ Ļ‰Ī±Ī¹Ń‚ ʒĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ…, āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Ļ‰ĻƒŃŃŃƒ! × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ яєŠ¼ĻƒĪ½Ń” тŠ½Ń” Š²Ī±Ń‚Ń‚Ń”ŃŃƒ ʒяĻƒŠ¼ тŠ½Ń” Ā¢ā„“ĻƒĀ¢Šŗ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ єĪ·× ĻƒŃƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”ā€¦! gяєĪ±Ń‚ ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń” gяєĪ±Ń‚ тŠ½ĻƒĻ…gŠ½Ń‚Ń• ā†’ Ī±Š¼ Ī¹ Ā¢Ļ…Ń‚Ń”? тєѕт Ā¢Ī±ā„“ā„“, Ī¹Ę’ Ī¹ Š¼ Ā¢Ļ…Ń‚Ń” Š¼Ī¹Ń•Ń• Ā¢Ī±ā„“ā„“, Ī¹Ę’ Ī¹ Š¼ gĻƒŃgєĻƒĻ…Ń• тєĻ‡Ń‚ Š²Ī±Ā¢Šŗ Ī¹Ę’ Ī¹ Š¼ ĻŃŃ”Ń‚Ń‚Ńƒ тєĻ‡Ń‚ Ī± × ĻƒŠŗє Ī¹Ę’ Ī¹ Š¼ Ā¢Š½Ī±ŃŠ¼Ī¹Ī·g × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ Ī¹gĪ·ĻƒŃŃ” Ī¹Ę’ Ļ… я נєĪ±ā„“ĻƒĻ…Ń• ā†’ тŠ½Ī¹Ń• Ā¢Ļ…яĪ¹ĻƒĻ…Ń• gяєєĪ· Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚ gĪ¹Ī½Ń” Š¼Ń” ѕĻā„“Ī¹Ń‚ ѕєĀ¢ĻƒĪ·āˆ‚ ʒĻƒŃ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ Ī¹ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ Ī¹ яєѕĻŃ”Ā¢Ń‚ Ī·Ļƒ ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ā¢Ī±Ī· тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ Ī·Ļƒ ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ā¢Ī±Ī· gĪ¹Ī½Ń” Š¼Ńƒ ʒєєā„“Ī¹Ī·gѕ Ī±ŃŃ” Ī·Ń”Ļ‰ Š½Ī±Ńāˆ‚ Ā¢ĻƒŃŃ”āˆ‚ ʒĻƒŃ Š¼Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń• Ī·Ļƒ Š¼ĻƒŃŃ” ā†’ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹Ń• Ī± × ĻƒĻ…яĪ·Ń”Ńƒ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Š¼Ń”Ī±Ī·Ń‚ тĻƒ Š²Ń” Š¼Ī±āˆ‚Ń” ѕĪ±Ę’Ń”ā„“Ńƒ. Ī¹ Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ń‚ тĻƒ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹Ī· Ī± Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ī¹ gєт яєĪ±ā„“ā„“Ńƒ Ļƒā„“āˆ‚, Ī¹ ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗ Š²Ī±Ā¢Šŗ Ī±Ń‚ Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ѕĪ±Ńƒ: Ī±Ī±Š½ Ī¹ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń”āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń‚, Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ ѕĻ…яĪ½Ī¹Ī½Ń”āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń‚.
I went to the plastic surgeon for a consultation . The doctor looked at me and said , " Don't do this . You're too beautiful just the way , you are . Don't change . " That doctor gmh . 2011.
I got my first boyfriend at age 16, and soon after I was diagnosed w/ multiple sclerosis. Soon after, I developed a bad limp and have trouble walking. But, he's stayed with me for 5 years. He still takes care of me and tells me I'm beautiful everyday. Now, we're engaged. GMH - 2009-06-08 by (012)
They told me I wanted attention. Brett, the class clown who is known for being a jerk, looked at my wrist and gently ran his fingers over the cut. He asked me if I wanted to go into the hallway to talk about it. The fact that the guy I barely knew cared more about me than my friends GMH Mar 20, 2011 at 7:00pm by Erin, Pennsylvania/USA
Today, my school played music at lunch. All of the special education kids got up and started dancing. Some people started laughing at them, but one of the "cool" kids got up and started dancing with them. His respect for those kids GMH Aug 12, 2013 at 4:00pm by Sarah R, Newbury Park, CA
Straighten out Stand with your back pressed against the wall and place your feet 30cm apart and 10cm away from the wall. Sink down Slowly bend your knee(s) and slide down the wall by 45cm, making sure your-middle back is touching the wall. Push back up Return to the start; keep your lower back on the wall as long as possible. Walk away with your head held high. And it can be as simple as lying on the floor with your knee(s) bent, using two or three books as a headrest (staying in this position for 10 minutes can rid you of shoulder cramps,) or rolling your head(s) forward to improve your posture. Inch your way to success.
AGES 2020 Update 2012 old 2018 former rec. Under 25 No screening Pap test every 3 years Pap test every 3 years Age 25ā€’29 HPV test every 5 years (preferred) , HPV/Pap cotest every 5 years (acceptable) or Pap test every 3 years (acceptable) Pap test every 3 years Pap test every 3 years Age 30ā€’65 HPV test every 5 years (preferred) or HPV/Pap cotest every 5 years (acceptable) Pap test every 3 years (acceptable) or HPV/Pap cotest every 3 years (preferred) or Pap test every 3 years (acceptable) Pap test every 3 years, HPV test every 5 years, or HPV/Pap cotest every 5 years Over 65 + No screening if a series of prior tests were normal No screening if a series of prior tests were normal No screening if a series of prior tests were normal and not at high risk for cancer
ā†’ Ī¹Ę’ 10 ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń” Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ” 4 Ļ…, ĻƒĪ·Ń” ĻƒĘ’ тŠ½Ń”Š¼ Ī¹Ń• Š¼Ń”, Ī¹Ę’ 1 ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ· Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ”Ń• 4 Ļ… тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ Š²Ń” Š¼Ń” Ī±gĪ±Ī¹Ī·, Ī¹Ę’ Ī·Ļƒ 1 Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ”Ń• 4 Ļ… тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Š¼Ń”Ī±Ī·Ń• Ī¹ Š¼ Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ī¹Ń• Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚. ā†’ Ī¹Ę’ Ī¹ Š½Ī±āˆ‚ ĻƒĪ·Ń” ā„“Ī±Ń•Ń‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń•Š½ Š²Ń”Ę’ĻƒŃŃ” Ī¹ āˆ‚Ī¹Ń” ā€¦ Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī±Ń•Ń‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń•Š½ Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ Š²Ń” тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ , уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Ā¢ŃŃƒ ā†’ тяĻ…Ń” Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ” Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я gĻƒ Ļ…Ī·ŃŃ”Ā¢ĻƒgĪ·Ī¹zєāˆ‚, тŠ½ĻƒĻ…gŠ½ ĻƒĪ·Ń” ĻƒĘ’Ń‚Ń”Ī· Š¼Ī±Šŗєѕ Š¼Ī¹Ń•Ń‚Ī±Šŗєѕ Ī¹Ī· Ī½Ī±ā„“Ļ…Ī¹Ī·g Ī¹Ń‚, Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ āˆ‚єʒĪ¹Ī·Ī¹Ń‚ā„“Ńƒ Ļ…Ī·āˆ‚Ń”ŃŃ•Ń‚Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ĻƒĪ·Ā¢Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· тŠ½Ń”Ńƒ ѕтĪ±ŃŃ‚ Š¼Ī¹Ń•Ń•Ī¹Ī·g Ī¹Ń‚. ā†’ Š¼Ī±Ī· тĻƒ gĻƒāˆ‚: ā€œĻā„“Ń”Ī±Ń•Ń” gĪ¹Ī½Ń” Š¼Ń” єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒŃ‚Š½Ī¹Ī·g ѕĻƒ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹ Ā¢Ī±Ī· єĪ·× ĻƒŃƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”ā€¦ā€ gĻƒāˆ‚ ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń”āˆ‚ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ яєĻā„“Ī¹Ń”āˆ‚: ā€œĪ¹ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” gĪ¹Ī½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” тĻƒ єĪ·× ĻƒŃƒ єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒŃ‚Š½Ī¹Ī·gā€¦ā€ ā†’ Ī¹ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń•Š½ Ī±Ī· Ī±Ī·gєā„“ ĻƒĘ’ Š¼Ń”яĀ¢Ńƒ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ѕĪ¹Ń‚Ń• Ī·Ń”Ļ‡Ń‚ тĻƒ уĻƒĻ… &Ī±Š¼Ļ; Ā¢ĻƒĪ½Ń”ŃŃ• уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ gєĪ·Ń‚ā„“Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹Ī·gѕ ѕĻƒ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚, уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ī±ā„“Šŗ Ļ‰ŃĪ±ĻĻŃ”āˆ‚ Ī¹Ī· Ī±ā„“ā„“Ī±Š½ā€™Ń• gяĪ±Ā¢Ń”, ĻŃĻƒŃ‚Ń”Ā¢Ń‚Ń”āˆ‚ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; ĻŃ”Ī±Ā¢Ń”Ę’Ļ…ā„“ ʒĻƒŃŃ”Ī½Ń”я ā†’ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹Ń• ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Ī± Š¼Ī¹ŃŃĻƒŃ. Ī¹Ę’ уĻƒĻ… ʒяĻƒĻ‰Ī· Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń‚, Ī¹Ń‚ ʒяĻƒĻ‰Ī·Ń• Š²Ī±Ā¢Šŗ. Ī¹Ę’ уĻƒĻ… ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń‚, Ī¹Ń‚ яєтĻ…яĪ·Ń• тŠ½Ń” gяєєтĪ¹Ī·g.

Warning: This item may contain sensitive themes such as nudity.

Do need the pap smear test if a virg!n and/or not s*xual active? You may not necessarily require, unless... You want to plan on having offspring To check for as*ault (such as ab*se) A family relation has had female reproductive cancer if contemplating feticidal abort1on If getting some reproductive apparatus if any of the above applies to you, the circumstances might be different regarding whether or not you as a virg!n should get one if you're not active The pap smear test only checks for cancers caused by the hpv transmitted virus which is transmitted vĆ­a such contact If you're not virg!n you may have hpv (said cancer causing virus, which the pap checks you for) dormant in your system
" I į“”į“€ŹŸį“‹į“‡į“… ÉŖÉ“į“›į“ į“›Źœį“‡ Ź€į“į“į“ į“€É“į“… sį“€į“” į“Šį“œsį“› į“É“į“‡ į“„į“€É“į“…ŹŸį“‡ É¢ŹŸį“į“”ÉŖÉ“É¢; MŹ Ņ“į“ŹŸį“‹s į“”į“‡Ź€į“‡ sÉŖį“›į“›ÉŖÉ“É¢ į“€Ź€į“į“œÉ“į“… į“›Źœį“‡ į“›į“€Ź™ŹŸį“‡ į“˜į“€į“›ÉŖį“‡É“į“›ŹŸŹ, sį“›į“€Ź€ÉŖÉ“É¢ į“€į“› ÉŖį“›. ā€œHį“‡ā€™s Źœį“‡Ź€į“‡, I į“„į“€É“ Ņ“į“‡į“‡ŹŸ ÉŖį“›.ā€ TŹœį“‡ ŹŸį“€į“…Ź į“į“œį“Ź™ŹŸį“‡į“…, į“€s I É“į“į“›ÉŖį“„į“‡į“… į“›Źœį“‡Ź į“”į“‡Ź€į“‡ į“€ŹŸŹŸ Źœį“ŹŸį“…ÉŖÉ“É¢ Źœį“€É“į“…s. " Ź™Ź EŹŸÉŖsį“‡ŹœŅ“į“€ŹŸŹŸ2
r/shortscarystories 4 yr. ago RVKony Join The Blind Child "StĆ£bbing." Sylvia pointed a trembling finger at my brother Arthur. Her milky, unseeing eyes gleamed in his direction, and his wife, Agnes, trembled with indignation from across the table. My husband's face colored as he dropped his fork and dragged our daughter back into her bedroom, scolding her as they went. The rest of the night was awkward, and the pep in our conversation never recovered. Two weeks later, Agnes was st*bbed to dEath in her office parking lot. An college student found her, and called the cops. My brother swore that he bore no ill will against my daughter, but I could tell that he was lying. One day, the middle-aged woman who taught my daughter how to read her braille called me. "Ma'am, I don't know what's going on but your daughter's been whispering, 'electrocution, electrocution,' for the past half-hour and it's starting to distract her from her lessons. Could you please talk to her?" I did. Sylvia, in her nine-year-old lack of understanding, told me it was "just a cool new word" she learnt at school. The dEath of an electrician made headlines the following week. It was a freak accident involving tangled wires and a bucket of water. Sylvia's teacher's face was blurred for privacy, but her voice was as familiar as anything to me: "He wasā€¦my partnerā€¦my soulmate." While my husband was working late, I called Sylvia into the living room. "Honey, is there anything Mommy should know?" She hesitated. "Honey, you know you can talk to me." She denied it once more, "I have no secrets from you, Mommy." My husband walked into the living room with his hair tousled and his eyes distant. Instead of rushing to hug her dad, Sylvia simply turned towards him. "Fire," she said. My heart stopped. Everytime Sylvia said something like that, it was the person's partner who d1ed, and of that reason too. A fire? Was Sylvia merely making predictions, or was she cĆ»rsĆŖd on me for snooping in on her business? Why, this dēvıl childā€” I grew paranoid, checked the appliances and electronics constantly, and cleared the house of any fire hazards. That was my lÄÆfe over the next few days. All the while, I kept my eyes on Sylvia. Sylvia. I had grown almost hateful towards my own daughter. My husband came home one night, wounded and blackened with soot, while I sat in the living room and Sylvia listened to the radio beside me. "What's the matter?" I asked. He gulped. "One of my colleagues, her houseā€¦her house caught fire. She was trapped in, but I managed to escape." That turned the gears in my head. "What were you doing in her house?" The expression on my husband's face was a sufficient admission of guilt. I opened my mouth to speakā€”no, to screamā€”but a smaller voice from beside me looked at me and whispered: "Poisoning."
ā€œįµ‚įµƒā±įµ— ā±āæ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ Ė”ā±įµ›ā±āæįµ Ź³įµ’įµ’įµāø“ įµŹø įµˆįµ‰įµƒŹ³ā€§ į“µā€™Ė”Ė” įµ‡įµ‰ įµ‡įµƒį¶œįµ Ź·ā±įµ—Ź° Ė¢įµ’įµįµ‰ į¶ Ź³įµ‰Ė¢Ź°Ė”Źø įµ‡įµƒįµįµ‰įµˆ į¶œįµ’įµ’įµā±įµ‰Ė¢!ā€ į“¬Ė”įµ—Ź°įµ’įµ˜įµŹ° į“µ Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµ–Ź³įµ’āæįµ‰ įµ—įµ’ Ė”ā±Ė¢įµ—įµ‰āæā±āæįµ įµ—įµ’ ā±āæĖ¢įµ—Ź³įµ˜į¶œįµ—ā±įµ’āæĖ¢āø“ į¶œįµ˜Ź³ā±įµ’Ė¢ā±įµ—Źø įµįµ’įµ— įµ—Ź°įµ‰ įµ‡įµ‰įµ—įµ—įµ‰Ź³ įµ’į¶  įµįµ‰ā€§ į“µ įµˆįµ‰į¶œā±įµˆįµ‰įµˆ įµ—įµ’ įµ‰Ė£įµ–Ė”įµ’Ź³įµ‰ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ Ź°įµ’įµ˜Ė¢įµ‰ā€§ į“¾Ź³įµ’Ź·Ė”ā±āæįµ įµƒŹ³įµ’įµ˜āæįµˆāø“ į“µ āæįµ’įµ—ā±į¶œįµ‰įµˆ įµƒ Ė¢įµ—įµƒā±Ź³į¶œįµƒĖ¢įµ‰ įµ—Ź°įµƒįµ— Ź·įµ‰āæįµ— įµ˜įµ–Ė¢įµ—įµƒā±Ź³Ė¢ā€§ į‘«įµ˜ā±įµ‰įµ—Ė”Źøāø“ į“µ įµ—ā±įµ–įµ—įµ’įµ‰įµˆ įµ—įµ’ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ Ė¢įµ‰į¶œįµ’āæįµˆ Ė¢įµ—įµ’Ź³įµ‰Źøā€§ į““įµ‰Ź³įµ‰āø“ į“µ āæįµ’įµ—ā±į¶œįµ‰įµˆ įµƒ Ė”įµ’āæįµ į¶œįµ’Ź³Ź³ā±įµˆįµ’Ź³ įµ—Ź°įµƒįµ— Ė¢įµ—Ź³įµ‰įµ—į¶œŹ°įµ‰įµˆ įµ—įµ’ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ įµ’įµ—Ź°įµ‰Ź³ Ė¢ā±įµˆįµ‰ įµ’į¶  įµ—Ź°įµ‰ Ź°įµ’įµ˜Ė¢įµ‰ā€§ į“¬Ė”įµ’āæįµ ā±įµ— Ė”įµƒŹø į¶œįµ’įµ˜āæįµ—Ė”įµ‰Ė¢Ė¢ įµˆįµ’įµ’Ź³Ė¢ā€§ į“¬į¶ įµ—įµ‰Ź³ Ź·įµƒĖ”įµā±āæįµ įµƒ į¶ įµ‰Ź· Ė¢įµ—įµ‰įµ–Ė¢ į“µ Ė¢įµƒŹ· įµƒ įµˆįµ’įµ’Ź³ įµ—įµ’ įµŹø Ė”įµ‰į¶ įµ—āø“ įµ—Ź°įµƒįµ— Ź·įµƒĖ¢ įµ’įµ–įµ‰āæ Ź·ā±įµ—Ź° įµƒāæ ā±āæį¶ ā±āæā±įµ—įµ‰Ė”Źø Ė¢įµįµƒĖ”Ė” į¶œŹ³įµƒį¶œįµā€§ į“µ įµįµ’įµ— įµ˜įµ– įµƒāæįµˆ įµ–įµ˜Ė¢Ź°įµ‰įµˆ įµ—Ź°įµ‰ įµˆįµ’įµ’Ź³ Ź·ā±įµˆįµ‰ įµ’įµ–įµ‰āæā€§ į“µāæĖ¢ā±įµˆįµ‰ Ź·įµ‰Ź³įµ‰ įµˆįµ‰įµƒįµˆ įµ‡įµ’įµˆā±įµ‰Ė¢ įµ’į¶  į¶œŹ°ā±Ė”įµˆŹ³įµ‰āæā€§ į“±įµƒį¶œŹ° Ź°įµ’Ė”įµˆā±āæįµ įµƒ Ź°įµƒĖ”į¶ ā»įµ‰įµƒįµ—įµ‰āæ į¶œįµ’įµ’įµā±įµ‰ā€§
I hate when websites ask "are you human?" ... no, I'm a vacuum. August 7th, 2012, 6:14 AM
ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€(ā™„)(ā™„)(ā™„)ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€(ā™„)(ā™„)(ā™„) ÉŖʒ Ę“ĻƒĻ…'Ź€Ń” Ī±ŹŸĻƒĪ·Ń”, ā”€ā”€(ā™„)ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ(ā™„)(ā™„)ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ(ā™„) ÉŖ'ŹŸŹŸ ɓє Ę“ĻƒĻ…Ź€ ѕɧĪ±āˆ‚ĻƒŃ”. ā”€(ā™„)ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ(ā™„)ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ(ā™„) ÉŖʒ Ę“ĻƒĻ… Ń”Ī±Ī·Ń‚ тĻƒ cŹ€Ę“, ā”€(ā™„)ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ(ā™„) ÉŖ'ŹŸŹŸ ɓє Ę“ĻƒĻ…Ź€ ѕɧĻƒĻ…ŹŸāˆ‚Ń”Ź€. ā”€ā”€(ā™„)ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ(ā™„) ÉŖʒ Ę“ĻƒĻ… Ń”Ī±Ī·Ń‚ Ī± ɧĻ…É¢, ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€(ā™„)ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ(ā™„) ÉŖ'ŹŸŹŸ ɓє Ę“ĻƒĻ…Ź€ ĻÉŖŹŸŹŸĻƒŃ”. ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€(ā™„)ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ(ā™„) ÉŖʒ Ę“ĻƒĻ… Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ тĻƒ ɓє ɧĪ±ĻĻĘ“, ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€(ā™„)ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ(ā™„) ÉŖ'ŹŸŹŸ ɓє Ę“ĻƒĻ…Ź€ ѕɱÉŖŹŸŃ”. ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€(ā™„)ā–ˆā–ˆ(ā™„) ɓĻ…Ń‚ Ī±Ī·Ę“тÉŖɱє Ę“ĻƒĻ… Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Ī± ʒŹ€ÉŖєĪ·āˆ‚, ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€(ā™„) ÉŖ'ŹŸŹŸ ŹĻ…Ń•Ń‚ ɓє ɱє.
ā€œI came home from a hard day of work only to find my girlfriend holding our child. I didnā€™t know which was more horrifying, seeing my dead girlfriend and child, or knowing someone put them there.ā€ -Edwin Reifer
šŸ”µ The first man to drown during the building of the Hoover was J.G. Tierney, on December 20, 1922. The final man to during the project was Patrick W. Tierney, his son, in 1935 - - also on December 20. šŸ”µ
NEWEST GUIDELINES ON CANCERS SCREENING OF THE WOMB COMPARED TO PREVIOUS RECOMMENDATIONS SUGGESTED for AFAB people aged ~25-65 yrs. old 2020 Update 2012 old 2018 former rec. Ages <25 No screening Pap test every 3 years Pap test every 3 years Age 25ā€’29 HPV test every 5 years (preferred) , HPV/Pap cotest every 5 years (acceptable) or Pap test every 3 years (acceptable) Pap test every 3 years Pap test every 3 years Age 30ā€’65 HPV test every 5 years (preferred) or HPV/Pap cotest every 5 years (acceptable) Pap test every 3 years (acceptable) or HPV/Pap cotest every 3 years (preferred) or Pap test every 3 years (acceptable) Pap test every 3 years, HPV test every 5 years, or HPV/Pap cotest every 5 years Age 65 + No screening if a series of prior tests were normal No screening if a series of prior tests were normal No screening if a series of prior tests were normal and not at high risk for cancer
11/16/23 Ā· 09:15 am i have such a lĘ”ve for characters who descend into maĶdnessĢ· or villainy out of deep, deep empathy. characters who fundamentally cannot copeĶž with the cruel realities they find themselves in and blow up about it in spectacular fashion. fallen angel type characters with těars of outrage in their eye's. characters who bĶžreak before they bend, and bĶžreak so badly they splatter bľood all over their noble ideals. every variation on it gets me so good
@allthingswhumpyandangsty April 1st, 7:56 AM I love you misunderstood villain whoā€™s been through the worst and wasnā€™t able to come out of it unscarred. I love you villain who is well understood and just likes doing baĶd things for pure pleasure. I love you villain who is loved by the fandom. I love you villain who is hated by the fandom. I love you villain who has to cry alonČ© and tend their wounds in the darkĢµ because theyā€™re too scared to let anybody see them vulnerable. I love you villain whoā€™s not scared to shoį„™t all their paın and trauma at the top of their lungs for the world to hear. I love you villain whoā€™s on their knees begging to be accepted and lĆ²ved for once. I love you villain who never bows down to anyone. I love you villain who hıdes their scars like their deep, darkĢµ secrets. I love you villain who shows their scars like trophies from the battles they won. I love you villain who wants to create a better world, even if their way of trying to achieve the goal is different than the heroā€™s. I love you villain who wants to burn the world dĆøwn.
inkskinned so first it was the oral contraceptıve. you went on those young, mostly for reasons unrelated to birth cĆøntrĆøl - even your dermatologist suggested them to cĆøntrĆøl your acne and you just stared at it, horrified. it made you so mentally ıll, but you just heard that this was adulthood. you know from your own experience that it is vanishingly rare to find a doctor that will actually numb the area. while your doctor was talking to you about which brand to choose, you were thinking about the other ways you've been injur3d in your life. you thought about how you had a suspicious mole frozen off - something so small and easy - and how they'd numbed a huge area. you thought about when you broke your wrist and didn't actually notice, because you'd thought it was a sprain. your understanding of paın is that how the human bĆødy responds to injury doesn't always relate to the actual paın tolerance of the person - it's more about how lucky that person is physıcally. maybe they broke it in a perfect way. maybe they happened to get hurĶ˜t in a place without a lot of nerve endings. some people can handle a broken femur but crumble under a sore tooth. there's no true way to predict how "much" something actually hurtĢø. in no other situation would it be appropriate for doctors to ignore paın. just because someone can break their wrist and not feel it doesn't mean no one should receive paın meds for a broken wrist. it just means that particular person was lucky about it. it kind of feels like a shrug is layered on top of everything - it's usually something around the lines of "well, it didn't kıłł you, did it?" like your life and paın are expendable or not really important. emi--rose Hi. I'm a family doctor who places a ton of IUDs, and I always offer a full paracervical block. It makes all the difference. The way it's just brushed off? I don't believe in inflicting unnecessary suffering. roach-works i tried to get an IUD once. i was told that because i was already menstruatıon it would be easy, just a little pinch. but the doctor couldn't even get it in and she babytalked, which until today i didn't even know i could have been numbed. it hurĶ˜t so much. i was told that was just a little pinch.
kingdomheartsddd I hope black girls with depressıon have a good day today. dasativasage I hope black girls with Anxıety have a great day today yelnatszeroni I hope my black girls with schizophrenia and bıpolar dısorder have a great day ghettoinuyasha i hope my black girls w personality disorders and PTSD have a good day today reusablequicksand I hope black girls with ADHD and/or autism have a good day thehotgirlproject I hope black girls suffering from chronic paın have a good day jasmine-reanne I hope black girls with şelf image issues , and low şelf esteem have a great day . teethagoddess I hope black girls with terminal illnxssxs are having an amazing day angelpoldark I hope black girls have an incredible day kouhaiofcolor I hope Black Girls w dark skin have a phenomenal dayāœØļø commandertartar i hope black girls w anger issues have a spectacular day <3 Mar 17th, 2024
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