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December 20th, 2011, 2:08 PM finding a new song you like and forever listening to it on repeat. justgirlythings
April 14th, 2018, 9:44 AM justgirlythings going to your local fair.
August 8th, 2012, 3:53 PM matching everything. justgirlythings
Feb 27th, 2015 cooking with your girlfriend justgirlythings
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October 21st, 2012, 8:05 PM justgirlythings being silly with him.
July 22nd, 2014, 4:30 PM jurstgirlythings wanting to drive through the mountains.
Justgirlythings wanting to go on a fall camping trip. Nov 16th, 2020
Jun 27th, 2022 celebrating pride with your person. justgirythings
April 17th, 2014, 7:05 PM Ā© missing your best friend when you are apart.
Nov 28th, 2021 Justgirlythings spending the day watching Christmas movies together

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Ķ€Ģ—źŖ¶ā™”Ķ™ŪŖŪ«×„ź¦æā”ˆā”ā”ˆā”ā”ˆ ā½šŸ“ā¾ĖŸļ¢•ā—¦ŪŖŪŖĢ„ ā”ˆā•® ļ½”:+* ļ¾Ÿ 悜ļ¾Ÿ *+:ļ½”:+* ļ¾Ÿ 悜ļ¾Ÿ *+:ļ½”:+* ļ¾Ÿ 悜ļ¾Ÿ *+:ļ½”:+* ļ¾Ÿ 悜ļ¾Ÿ *+:ļ½”:+* ļ¾Ÿ 悜ļ¾Ÿ *+:ļ½” āœ£āœ¤āœ„āœ¦ā‰āˆāœ²āœ¦ āœ§āœ© āœŖ āœ« āœ¬ āœ­ āœ® āœÆ āœ° āœ± āœ²āœµ āœ¶ āœ· āœø āœ¹ āœŗ āœ» āœ¼ āœ½Ūž ā… ā† āˆ ā‰ āŠ ā‹ āœ™ āœš āœ› āœœ āœ  āœ¢ āœ£ āœ¤ āœ„ ā€  ā‹†ā‹†ā‹†ā˜… ā˜… ā˜…ā‹†ā‹†ā‹† ā²āœ¦ā€¢Ā·Ā·Ā·Ā·Ā·ā³Ā°ā€¢ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā‹± ā‹® ā‹° (+[__]āˆ™:āˆ™) [+..ā€¢ā€¢] Ā· Ā· ā€¢ ā€¢ ā€¢ āœ¤ ā€¢ ā€¢ ā€¢ Ā· Ā· ļ¼Šļ½”ļ½”*ļ¾Ÿ*ļ½”ļ¼Šļ½”*ļ¾Ÿ*ļ½”ļ½”ļ¼Š šŸ”ŖĀ·ā€¢Ā°šŸ–¤Ā°ā€¢Ā·šŸ—” (:Ģ²Ģ…:Ģ²Ģ…:[Ģ²Ģ…:ā™”:]Ģ²Ģ…:Ģ²Ģ…:Ģ²Ģ…:Ģ²Ģ…) *ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŠ±ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢āœ©ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŠ°ā€¢* ā‹†*Ėøāø¼ĶÆį®«Ķ“Ģ½Ėø*ā‹† ąæ™ĶœÖ’ąæšąæ™ĶœÖ’ąæšąæ™ĶœÖ’ąæšąæ™Ö’Ķœąæšąæ™Ö’Ķœąæšąæ™Ö’Ķœąæšąæ™Ö’Ķœąæšąæ™Ö’Ķœąæšąæ™ĶœÖ’ąæš āāƒ˜ą¤¼ļøŽā€¢ļ½„ļ½„Ķ“ā”ˆĢŠļøŽĖ³ļ½„Ģ„Ģ¤Ė³ā”ˆĢŠļøŽļ½„Ķ“ļ½„ā€¢āāƒ˜ą¤¼ļøŽ ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ ā™”Ķ„ ā™”Ķ¦ ā™”Ķ® ā™”Ķ¤ Āø.ā€¢.ĀøĀøą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ĀØ*āœ¼*ĀØą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ĀøĀø.ā€¢.Āø ąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæšąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæšąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæšąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæšąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæšąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæšąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæš āĢ«āĢ«āĢ«āĢ«āĢ«āĢ«āĢ«āĢ«āĢ« ā‹†ąøŗ=ĶŸĶŸĶžĶž=ĶŸĶŸĶžĶž ą­Øą­§ā”„ā”ˆą­Øą­§ā€§āŗĢ£ĖšĢ£Ģ£*Ģ£Ģ©ā‹†Ģ©Ā·Ģ©Ģ©ą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§Ā·Ģ©Ģ©ā‹†Ģ©*Ģ£Ģ©ĖšĢ£Ģ£āŗĢ£ā€§ą­Øą­§ā”ˆā”ˆą­Øą­§ š“ƒŗš“ƒ”š“ƒ¾š“ƒæš“„€š“„ƒš“†™š“†‘š“†¦š“†Ø Ū° āø¼ Ū« ā—Œ ā‹® įŸšļ¼š ā‹†*Ėø*āœ»*Ėø*ā‹†ć€€ā‹†*Ėø*āœ»*Ėø*ā‹†ć€€ā‹†*Ėø*āœ»*Ėø*ā‹†ć€€ā‹†*Ėø*āœ»*Ėø*ā‹† ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŗĖš āŗā€§Ķ™āŗĖšā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŗĖš āŗā€§Ķ™āŗĖšā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŗĖš āŗā€§Ķ™āŗĖšā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŗĖš Ā·Ķ™āŗĖš*ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āœ©ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™*Ėšāŗā€§Ķ™āŗĖš*ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āœ©ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™*Ėšāŗā€§Ķ™āŗĖš*ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āœ©ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™*Ėšāŗā€§Ķ™ Ėšą¼˜ āƒŸ ā‹® į°. Ė–ą£Ŗ ą­Øą­§āøāøĖ™Ė³ā‘…Ė™ā‹†ź’°šŸØź’±ļ»æā‹†ļ»æĖ™ā‘…Ė™Ė³āøœāøœą­Øą­§ .惻*惻.惻*惻.惻*惻.惻*惻. . * āœ¦ . ā— āˆ˜ . * āœ¦ ā€§ āˆ˜ āŠ¹ ā€ŽāŒ–Ėšā€ŽŁ­ ļ“¾ļ“æ āŒ–Ėšā€ŽŁ­ š“‚‚ š“ø š“ ā—Œ ā•ā•ā•ā• āˆ˜ā—¦āā—¦āˆ˜ ā•ā•ā•ā• .ćƒ»ć€‚.ćƒ»ć‚œāœ­ćƒ».惻āœ«ćƒ»ć‚œćƒ»ć€‚. *ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŠ±ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢āœ©ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŠ°ā€¢* ā‹†āŒāŒāŒā¤ļøŽāŒāŒāŒā‹† .āƒ— āø¼ * Ū«ŪŖŪŖŪŖ Ė– Ė‘ ÜøÜø Ū° āø¼ ā‰ *ĢŠą„¦Ö»ĢŠą„°Ė³Ö¶ĢŠą„°Ģ„ą„¦Ķ™ā€§ā‚Š āƒ™ āƒš āƒ› āƒœ āƒ āƒž āƒŸ āƒ  āƒ” āƒ¢=ĶŸĶŸĶžĶž=ĶŸĶŸĶžĶž ź«‚Ķ™źØ©āƒŸĶ™Ė–āƒŸź’° ŪŖŪŖą½“ą½»āźŖ³Ķ™ź«¶į¬½ā–āƒ°Ģ¤į®€š¬†ā¢Žāƒ›Ģ·źŖ³ĶĢØĢŒįŖ½ĶŠāƒ¢ā–“āƒ›ą½“ ā”ƒą³ƒĶ“įŖ°ā–’Ģ·ź«¶ĢžāƒŸį¬ŗāƒ”ą¼…āā½āŖ ā› āœā‚Žā«ā¾ā¢Ž į¬ź¦¹ź¦µāƒ¢Ė–ź«¶ļ®³į®€ā–‘ź«¶Ģ¼Ė–Ė³į®€āƒœį¬øą§”įŖ¶Ģ¼ź«¶āƒœāø™ą­ź«¶ āœ¦Ā°.ā€¢ā €āˆ—.ā€¢.Ā°āœ¦Ā°.ā€¢ā €āˆ—.ā€¢.Ā° ā‰āø¼ * Ū«ŪŖŪŖŪŖ Ė– Ė‘ ÜøÜø źœœ āøƒāøƒ āø¼ źžˆ āø— ā­ ā–¾ ź­› Ė– ļø“ ā†» ā‡ ļ¹ 悛 ā‡¢ ļ¾ž ļ¢” ā¾ā¾ ā­ž ą¬½ ą­­Ģ„ āž¶ ā†» āœ˜ ā”ˆ ąæ‰ąæ†ąæ†ąæƒąæ†ąæ‰ąæ†ąæ†ąæ‰ąæ†ąæƒąæ†ąæ†ąæ‰ąæ†ąæ†ąæƒąæ†ąæ‰ąæ†ąæ‰ąæ†ąæ†ąæ‰ąæ†ąæ†ąæƒąæ† ā€Ž ĖšĖ™ą¼“ąæ‡ą¼“Ė™ĖšĖ™ą¼“ąæ‡ą¼“Ė™ĖšĖ™ą¼“ąæ‡ą¼“Ė™ĖšĖšĖ™ą¼“ąæ‡ą¼“Ė™ĖšĖ™ą¼“ąæ‡ą¼“Ė™ĖšĖ™ą¼“ąæ‡ą¼“Ė™Ėš Ė–āœ»*Ėøź•¤*Ėø*ā‹†ć€‚Ė–āœ»*Ėøź•¤*Ėø*ā‹†ć€‚Ė–āœ»*Ėøź•¤*Ėø*ā‹†ć€‚Ė–āœ»*Ėøź•¤*Ėø*ā‹†ć€‚ ā€¢ āŠ¹ * Ėš Ėš * āŠ¹ ā€¢ ą„±ā—ŒĢ„*āƒĢ£ ā‹†.*āƒĢ„ā—Œą„± Ģ‘ā–’āƒ¤ā–’āƒ¤ā–‘āƒ¤ įš” įš’ įš‘ įš įš įš‘ įš’ įš” ֎֍ įš¼į•€į āœ©Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£ĶÆā”„ā€¢Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™ā”„āœ©ĶÆā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ©ĶÆā”„ā€¢Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™ā”„āœ©Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£ĶÆ ā¤ĶŸĶžĶŸĶžā˜…ā¤ĶŸĶžĶŸĶžā£āˆ— ą·žā€¢ą·žā€¢ą·žā€¢ą·žā€¢ą·žā€¢ą·žā€¢ą·ž Āø.ā€¢.ĀøĀøą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ĀØ*āœ¼*ĀØą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ĀøĀø.ā€¢.Āø _Ģ“ıĢ“Ģ“Ģ”Ģ”Ģ” Ģ”ĶŒlĢ”Ģ”Ģ” Ģ”ĶŒlĢ”*Ģ”Ģ” Ģ“Ģ”ıĢ“Ģ“Ģ” Ģ”Ģ”Ķ”|Ģ²Ģ²Ģ²Ķ”Ķ”Ķ” Ģ²ā–«Ģ²Ķ” Ģ²Ģ²Ģ²Ķ”Ķ”Ļ€Ģ²Ģ²Ķ”Ķ” Ģ²Ģ²Ķ”ā–«Ģ²Ģ²Ķ”Ķ” Ģ²|Ģ”Ģ”Ģ” Ģ” Ģ“Ģ”ıĢ“Ģ”Ģ” Ģ”ĶŒlĢ”Ģ”Ģ” ą¼“ā…āƒą¼“ą¼“ąæ‡āƒą¼“ą¼“ā…āƒą¼“ ļø¶į­Øą½² ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€ļø¶ ā€¢Ķ™ā”„āœ©ĶÆā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ©ĶÆā”„ā€¢Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™ā”„āœ©ĶÆā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ©ĶÆā”„ā€¢Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™ā”„āœ©ĶÆā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ©ĶÆā”„ā€¢Ķ™āœ§āƒ āƒŸ āƒŸāžāƒŸ ą­­ąæ” āƒŸ āŸ¢ą­­ąæ” š“‹ˆš“Š…š“‰†š“ˆˆš“„°š“Œ–ąæ‚ąæ…ąæšš‚·š“Œš“ˆœš“‡¬š“…øš“…«š“„ š“„ƒš“ƒ±š“ƒšš“ƒ¦š“‚š–Ø„š–¦¼š–¦¹š–¦·š–¦„Ģ»Ģ»āŠ¹Ķ¢ā‚ŠĖš 怀ļ½”*ā˜†āˆ“ļ½”怀ļ½”āˆ“ā˜†*ļ½” ļ½”ā˜…*ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿ*ā˜…āˆµā˜…*ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿ*ā˜…ļ½” ā˜†ļ¾Ÿć€€ć€€ ļ¾Ÿā˜†ļ¾Ÿć€€ć€€ ļ¾Ÿā˜† ā˜…* 怀怀怀怀怀 *ā˜… ļ¾Ÿā˜†ļ½”怀怀怀怀怀怀ļ½”ā˜†ļ¾Ÿ 怀*ā˜…ļ½”怀怀怀怀 ļ½”ā˜…* 怀 āˆµā˜†ļ½”怀怀ļ½”ā˜†āˆµ 怀 怀 ļ¾Ÿ*ā˜…ļ½”ļ½”ā˜…*ļ¾Ÿ 怀 ļ¾Ÿ*ā˜†* ļ¾Ÿ ā˜ƒļøŽĶ«Ķ«įŖ¤ā›ā‹±ā‹°ā—Œā¤Øā£æā§›ā§šš€£š‡µš“…æ š–§øā€§ą£­ā€¤Ė‘ā–¹ āø» ļ½”ŪŖŪŖŪ«Ū«ā†› ā™”*Ėšā‹†ļ½”Ėšļ½”Ėšā™”*Ėšā‹†ļ½”Ėš ļ½”Ėšā™”*Ėšā‹†ļ½”Ėšļ½”Ėšā™” ā€æļøµā€æļøµā€æļøµą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ - - - -ą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æļøµā€æļøµā€æļøµ ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æ :-:+:-:+:-:+:-:+:-:+:-:+:-:+:-: āƒŸāƒœāƒ¤ ą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æ ą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æ ā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ©ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ© ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ©ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ© ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽ ą«°ą¼šāˆ˜į¤āˆ˜ą¼šą«°āœ§ ā€¢ā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā€¢ā€¢āœ¦ā˜ŖļøŽāœ¦ā€¢ā€¢ā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā€¢ šŸ‚¾šŸ‚¼šŸ‚»šŸ‚ŗšŸ‚¹šŸ‚øšŸ‚·šŸ‚¶šŸ‚µšŸ‚“šŸ‚³šŸ‚²šŸ‚± š– š– ƒš– „š– …š– ‡š– ‹š– Šš– Œš– š– š– ’š– ”š– –š– ™š– Ÿš– ¦š– £š– §š– Øš– ©š– «š– °š– ±š– ³š– µš– ·š– ¶š– øš– ¹š– ŗš– »š– ½š– æš–”ƒš–”…š–”†š–”‡š–”‰š–”‹š–”š–”Šš–”‚š–”Žš–”š–”‘š–”’š–””š–”•š–”–š–”—š–”˜š–”›š–”œš–”¢š–”¤š–”¦š–”š–”žš–”Ÿš–”§š–”Øš–”©š–”Ŗš–”±š–”²š–”³š–”“š–”µš–”¶š–”·š–”ŗš–”»š–”¼š–”½š–¢„š–¢…š–¢‚š–”æš–¢Œš–¢š–¢š–¢’š–¢”š–¢”š–¢˜š–¢žš–¢Øš–¢§š–¢„š–¢Ŗš–¢­š–¢·š–¢ŗš–¢»š–¢¼š–¢¾š–¢æš–£€š–£š–£“š–£”š–£–š–£˜š–£™š–£œš–£žš–£ š–£”š–£©š–£Øš–£§š–£¦š–£¢š–£Æš–£«š–£°š–£“š–£¶š–£¹š–¤„š–¤‡š–¤ˆš–¤‰š–¤š–¤š–¤Œš–¤Šš–¤‹š–¤™š–¤˜š–¤—š–¤–š–¤•š–¤“š–¤›š–¤œš–¤š–¤žš–¤”š–¤£š–¤¤š–¤„š–¤«š–¤²š–¤³š–¤¹š–¤¾š–¤½š–¤¼š–¤»š–„‚š–„ƒš–„…š–„†š–¤æš–„‘š–„Žš–„š–„Œš–„‹š–„“š–„”š–„•š–„—š–„™š–„ š–„Ÿš–„žš–„š–„šš–„›š–„¢š–„£š–„¤š–„¦š–„§š–„«š–„®š–„³š–„¶š–„øš–„½š–¦†š–¦…š–¦„š–¦Šš–„¹š–„ŗš–¦‚š–¦…š–„¾š–¦Žš–¦”š–¦’š–¦•š–¦“š–„»š–¦”š–¦žš–¦„š–¦›š–¦¤š–¦Øš–¦˜š–¦–š–¦ š–¦œš–¦š–¦«š–¦²š–¦³š–¦“š–¦·š–¦Æš–¦°š–¦¹š–¦µš–¦¶š–¦ŗš–¦Ŗš–¦»š–¦¼š–¦¾š–¦æš–¦øš–¦®š–§„š–§‹š–§‰š–§‹š–§Žš–§Šš–§…š–§‘š–§š–§•š–§–š–§—š–§“š–§šš–§›š–§œš–§š–§žš–§š–§š–§‰š–§‰š–§æš–§¦š–§¤š–§”š–§Ÿš–§š–§Øš–§©š–§°š–§¶š–§«š–§Ŗš–§ŗš–§»š–§½š–؇š–؆š–Ø„š–ØŽš–Øžš–ØŖš–Ø£š–ؤš–ØØš–Ø­š–Ø®š–Ø°š–سš–جš–Ø·š–Øøš–Ø­ ā‰āœ¹āœ¦ź”› ā€¢*ĀØ*ā€¢Āø.ā€¢*ĀØ*ā€¢Āø.ā€¢*ĀØ*ā€¢Āø.ā€¢*ĀØ*ā€¢ Ā°.āœ©ā”ˆā”ˆāˆ˜*ā”ˆą­Øą­§ā”ˆ*āˆ˜ā”ˆā”ˆāœ©.Ā° *ļ½”ā‹†ā¤āƒ›ćƒ»ć€‚.怂**ļ½”ā‹†ā¤āƒ›*怂.ć€‚ćƒ»**ļ½”ā‹†ā¤āƒ›*ćƒ»ć€‚.怂**ļ½”ā‹†ā¤āƒ›ć€€*怂*ļ½”ā‹†ā¤āƒ›ćƒ» Ė³ ā‚’ ā—¦ Ā°Ā° ā—¦ ā‚’ Ė³Ė³ ā‚’ ā—¦ Ā°Ā° ā—¦ ā‚’ Ė³ ā‚’ ā—¦ Ā°Ā° ā—¦ ā‚’ Ė³Ė³ ā‚’ ā—¦ Ā°Ā° ā—¦ ā‚’ Ė³ ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ą­Øā™”ą­§āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—” į ƒā—āƒŖš–¤˜Ö„āœš–£¢×… ā–‘ā€āƒŸ āƒŸāžāƒŸāŸ¢šŸ’— ā•³āƒŸāƒāƒŸā•³ź§‡āć€¬ā€§ŻŠą»‹š– µąøŗŪŸ š–؆ļøŽįŖ„ļøŽš–£”ļøŽāļøŽāļøŽš‘ļøŽā˜»ļøŽš“‡½ļøŽš–£˜ļøŽ ā–“āƒŸā€āƒŸā–’ā–’āƒŸā€āƒŸā–“ š”˜“ Ö“Ö¶ š–”¼Ö˜ą»‹į³Ā·š–¦øą»‹ŻŠį³Ā·ą« ā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ©ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ© ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ©ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ© ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ ĢŸĢ®ć€ŽĢøĢĢ˜Ķ•Ģ—Ģ ĢŸĢ©Ģ®Ģ£Ģ²ĢŖĢ»Ķ–Ģ©Ķ§Ģ’Ģ†Ģ†Ģ¾Ķ˜ĶœĶĶ…Ķ…怀Ģ“ĢŸĢ¹Ģ°Ģ‹ĢˆĶØĢ”Ķ›ĢĶŖĢ€ĶŸć€€Ķ£Ķ‹ĶÆĶ£Ķ‹Ģš ĢøĢ›Ģ«Ģ–ĶšĢ«Ģ¼ĶšĢ«Ģ­ĢŗĢ™Ģ™ĶšĶØĢƒĶÆĢĢ„Ģ“ĢĢ‹Ģ½Ķ¢ć€ĢŗĢĶšĢ ĶŽĢ­Ģ±Ķ«ĢŽĢĢƒĢ½Ķ‘ĢĶžĶ…Ķ… ĢŸĢ®ć€ŽĢøĢĢ˜Ķ•Ģ—Ģ ĢŸĢ©Ģ®Ģ£Ģ²ĢŖĢ»Ķ–Ģ©Ķ§Ģ’Ģ†Ģ†Ģ¾Ķ˜ĶœĶĶ…Ķ…怀Ģ“ĢŸĢ¹Ģ°Ģ‹ĢˆĶØĢ”Ķ›ĢĶŖĢ€ĶŸć€€Ķ£Ķ‹ĶÆĶ£Ķ‹Ģš ĢøĢ›Ģ«Ģ–ĶšĢ«Ģ¼ĶšĢ«Ģ­ĢŗĢ™Ģ™ĶšĶØĢƒĶÆĢĢ„Ģ“ĢĢ‹Ģ½Ķ¢ āŠ°įƽāŠ±ā”ˆā”€ā”€ā•ŒāŠā•Œā”€ā”€ā”ˆāŠ°įƽāŠ± ļ½„:*:ļ½„ *ź’¦ź’·Ö“Ö¶ÖøĀ·* āŪŖŪŖą½“ą½»į­­ź«¶āƒŸ āƒŸāø™ĶŽ ļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ ļ¾Ÿļ¼Š.ļ½”.ļ¼Šļ¾Ÿļ¼Š.ļ½”.ļ¼Šļ¾Ÿļ¼Š.ļ½”.ļ¼Šļ¾Ÿļ¼Š.ļ½”.ļ¼Šļ¾Ÿ ź§ā‚†ā¶ā‚†ź§‚ įŖ„āœÆš–£”š–§·ß·ź™¬ā‚āŒ˜š–¦¹ŪžāŸš–£˜š“‡½š–¦¹āįƾā˜…ā˜†āœ«āœ°įƽš“ƒŸš“‚‰š“€¬š“†™ą¬ˆš“ƒ’š“€”š“ƒ š“…暐‚‚š“†ˆš“ƒ—š“ƒ±š“€æš“…·š“†š– Œš‚ƒš‚Šāˆš“„š“ƒ° ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ ā€¢Ā°ā€¢ āœ¾ ā€¢Ā°ā€¢ ā¤āƒā™”āƒā™”āƒā™”āƒā™” šŸ’šŸ’•.惻šŸ’šŸ’•.惻 ā˜†ā˜†.ļ½”.:*ļ½„ļ¾Ÿ*:.ļ½”.ā˜†ā˜†.ļ½”.:*ļ½„ļ¾Ÿ*:.ļ½”.ā˜†ā˜† ā– ā–”ā–¢ā–£ā–¤ā–„ā–¦ā–§ā–Øā–©ā–Ŗā–«ā–¬ā–­ā–®ā–Æā–°ā–±ā–²ā–³ā–“ā–µā–¶ā–·ā–ŗā–»ā–¼ā–½ā–¾ā–æā—€ā—ā—„ā—…ā—†ā—‡ā—ˆā—‰ā—Šā—‹ā—Œā—ā—Žā—ā—ā—‘ā—’ā—“ā—”ā—•ā—–ā——ā—˜ā—™ā—šā—›ā—œā—ā—žā—Ÿā— ā—”ā—¢ā—£ā—¤ā—„ā—¦ā—§ā—Øā—©ā—Ŗā—«ā—¬ā—­ā—®ā—Æā–‘ā–’āāā‘ ļ½„*:.ļ½”.ļ½„*:.ļ½”.ļ½„*:.ļ½” įŖ£įŖ„į³€ź™°ź™³ā‹†įÆ­ ą¼˜ā—āƒ˜ŪŖŪŖįŸ¶ āœ¼ć€€ā€¢ā€¢ā”ˆā”ˆā€¢ā€¢šŸŽ€ā€¢ā€¢ā”ˆā”ˆā€¢ā€¢ć€€āœ¼ ź”°ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź—„ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”° ā™„*ā™”+:ļ½”.ļ½” ā¤āƒļ½”.ļ½”:+ā™”*ā™„ ā€¢ā—¦ āˆ ā—¦ā€¢ - Ķ€Ģ—ąø°šŸŒ™ą»’ā« ā‹® āž® ā˜…ć‚œćƒ»ć€‚ć€‚ćƒ»ć‚œć‚œćƒ»ć€‚ć€‚ćƒ»ć‚œā˜†ć‚œćƒ»ć€‚ć€‚ćƒ»ć‚œć‚œćƒ»ć€‚ć€‚ćƒ»ć‚œā˜… ā€¢ šŸŒ› ā€¢ā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆļ¼Šā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆļ¼Šā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆļ¼Šā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā€¢ šŸŒ› ā€¢ Āøā€žĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°ĀØ ĀØĀ°ĀŗĀ¤Ćøā€žĀø ź’°šŸ’ā€§ā‚ŠĀ° ŪŖŪŖŪŖź’±'- ļ½”ļ¾Ÿļ¼Žā˜†ā‰”ļ½”ļ¾Ÿļ¼Žā˜†ā‰”ļ½”ļ¾Ÿļ¼Žā˜†ā‰”ļ½”ļ¾Ÿļ¼Žā˜†ā‰”ļ½”ļ¾Ÿļ¼Žā˜†ā‰”ļ½”ļ¾Ÿļ¼Ž š“ˆ’ā“°š“‚‚š“ƒ‰ą«°ą¼šā—¦š¬¹ź ¶š‘‚»ź Øāˆ˜ļæ®āø°į›œį­œą„°į¤Ā°Ėšź§†į£žāµ“š–”ŗš¬æš¬¾ā€¤š€›Ė™į£Ÿā‹±ā‹°ā– āš ā› ā˜ ā˜…ļ½”+ļ¾Ÿā˜†ļ¾Ÿ+ļ½”ā˜…ļ½”+ļ¾Ÿā˜†ļ¾Ÿ+ļ½”ā˜…ļ½”+ļ¾Ÿā˜†ļ¾Ÿ+ļ½”ā˜… .ļ½”ā*.:ļ½”ā ā‚Š ą¼ ļ½„ Ė– ā‚Š Ėš 怂 . ā‹† :+:-惻:+:-惻:+:-惻:+:-惻:+: āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽ Ā°Ėšā—¦Ė³Ė³ā—¦ĖšĀ°Ā°Ėšā—¦Ė³Ė³ā—¦ĖšĀ°Ā°Ėšā—¦Ė³Ė³ā—¦ĖšĀ°Ā°Ėšā—¦Ė³Ė³ā—¦ĖšĀ° Ģ‘āø¬įسĢ‘ā–’āƒ¤ā–’āƒ¤ā–‘āƒ¤Ģ‘ą¼„ą¼… ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ 怀ļ½”*ā˜†āˆ“ļ½”怀ļ½”āˆ“ā˜†*ļ½” ļ½”ā˜…*ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿ*ā˜…āˆµā˜…*ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿ*ā˜…ļ½” š–”ŽźŖ³āƒ—Ż‚ į¢†įš¼į•½ Ā·Ā·Ā·ąŗ°Ģ½ā–¹ź’²ąæą½“ą¾€Ā·Ā·Ā· ā—¦į®€Ū¬įؘā€¤Ł°ļ½”Ėšą¼·ļ½”Ėšą¼·āž® āŗā‘… Ėš š–”¼.š–¤£š–„§š– ‹š–§·ā‚Š ā•­ ā—œā— Ķ” ā—œā— Ķ” ā—œā— ā•® ā•° ā—Ÿā—ž Ķœ ā—Ÿ Ķœ ā—Ÿā—ž ā•Æ O Ā°. 怂.怂:+* 悜 悜悜 *+:怂.怂:+* 悜 悜悜 *+:怂.怂:+* 悜 悜悜 *+: 怂.怂:+* 悜 ā.ļ½”.:*:.ļ½”.āœ½.ļ½”.:*:.ļ½”.ā.ļ½”.:*:.ļ½”.āœ½.ļ½”.:*:.ļ½”.ā.ļ½”. 怂.怂:+* 悜 悜悜 *+:怂.怂:+* 悜 悜悜 *+:怂.怂:+* 悜
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ā™„__ā™„_____ā™„__ā™„___ Put This _ā™„_____ā™„_ā™„_____ā™„__ Heart _ā™„______ā™„______ā™„__ On Your __ā™„_____/______ā™„__ Page If ___ā™„____\_____ā™„___ You Had ____ā™„___/___ā™„_____ Your Heart ______ā™„_\_ā™„_______ Broken ________ā™„_________ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦.
Like this is you have a bf/gf/crush <3 February 12th, 2014, 2:44 AM
emoji combos *pink/cute* šŸŒøšŸ¼šŸ”ā˜šŸ„› šŸ’­šŸ§šŸ„šŸ°šŸ§ø *dark/edgy* šŸ“Žā›“ļøšŸ“½šŸŽ¬šŸŽ§ šŸ—ÆšŸ¾šŸ™šŸŽ¹šŸ•Æ *cottagecore* šŸ“šŸŒ±šŸ„šŸŒˆšŸ§ŗ šŸ„ØšŸ„žšŸ„–šŸžšŸ„ *dark academia* šŸ¦‰šŸ‚ā˜•šŸŽ»šŸ•° āš°ļøšŸ“œšŸ©šŸ·šŸ“
Things to Remember thespacegoat: ā€¢ Accidentally close a tab? Ctrl+Shift+T reopens it. ā€¢ Bananas release dopamine, eat them when youā€™re sad. ā€¢ CTRL+SHIFT+ESC is the one handed version of CTRL+ALT+DEL ā€¢ Donā€™t brush your teeth hard, it makes them sensitive and removes enamel. ā€¢ Donā€™t like spiders? Put citronella oil on your walls and they will not go there. ā€¢ Drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have, youā€™ll get drunk without getting a hangover. ā€¢ Get clear ice cubes by boiling water before freezing it ā€¢ Heal paper cuts and immediately stop the pain with chapstick. ā€¢ If you accidentally write on your dry erase board with a permanent marker, scribble over it with a dry eraser marker to remove it. ā€¢ If your shoes smell, put them in the freezer overnight, it will kıll the bacteria. ā€¢ Make bug bites stop itching with a banana peel. ā€¢ Make a paper longer with 12-point text, but 14-point periods and commas. ā€¢ Need to get around a blocked website at work? Try replacing the http:// with https:// ā€¢ Never send your resume as a word file (unless asked) Instead, print it to a pdf file, itā€™s much cleaner and professional looking. ā€¢ Pick a flavour of gum you donā€™t normally chew, and chew it while studying during a test. ā€¢ Place a piece of bread in a container with your homemade cookies and they will stay soft. ā€¢ Put a dry towel into a dryer with wet clothes, they will dry faster. ā€¢ Put toothpaste on a pimple and it will dry out. ā€¢ Practise fake smiling in the mirror every day before going to work/school, youā€™ll genuinely start to feel happier. ā€¢ Rub canola/olive oil on knives before cutting onions, you wonā€™t cry, alternatively chew gum and you wonā€™t either. ā€¢ Short on time with a wrinkled dress shirt? Hang it up in the bathroom to steam it flat. ā€¢ The night before, place things you donā€™t want to forget the next morning on top of your shoes. ā€¢ Use hydrogen peroxide to remove bľood stains from clothing. ā€¢ When cleaning windows use newspapers or coffee filters instead of paper towels, they will not leave streaks. ā€¢ When microwaving bread products/pizza put a glass of water in with it, it will keep your bread for going spongy. ā€¢ When you move into a new place youā€™re renting, take pictures of any and all damage, then post them on facebook (privately if preferred) so you can use the reference date as proof you didnā€™t do it. ā€¢ When searching plane tickets online delete your cookies prior, prices go up when you visit a site multiple times.
š’¶š’»š’»š’¾š“‡š“‚š’¶š“‰š’¾š‘œš“ƒš“ˆ ā™” ą©ˆ i am loved i am beautiful i am worthy i am kind to myself i trust myself
ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–ˆā–ˆā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–“ā–„ā–„ā–“ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–€ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–€ā–€ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–„ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–ˆā–ˆā–„ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–ˆā–ˆā–„ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–„ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–„ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–„ā–„ā–„ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–„ā–„ā–„ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–„ ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆā–„ā–„ā–„ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–„ā–„ā–„ā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–€ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–„ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–„ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–„ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–“ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–“ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–“ā–“ā–ˆā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–ˆā–“ā–“ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–„ ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆ ā–„ā–ˆā–€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–„ā”€ā–„ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆā–€ā–€ā”€ā–ˆā–€ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆā–€ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–„ ā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–€ā–ˆā–€ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆā–„ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–„ā–€ā”€ā–ˆā–„ā–€ā”€ā–ˆā–„ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆ ā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆā–„ā–„ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆā”€ā–„ā–„ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆ ā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆ ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆā–€ā–ā”€ā–ˆā–ā–€ā–ˆā–ā”€ā–ˆā–€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–€ā–ā–„ā”€ā–„ā–Œā–ā–€ā–Œā–ˆā–€ā”€ā–ˆ ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆā”€ā–ā–„ā–ˆā–ā–„ā–€ā–ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā–ā–€ā–ˆā–€ā–Œā–ā–„ā–Œā–€ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆ ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆā–„ā–ā”€ā–ˆā–ā”€ā–ˆā–ā”€ā–„ā–ˆā”€ā”€ā–ˆā”€ā–ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–Œā–ā”€ā–Œā–„ā–ˆā”€ā–ˆ ā”€ā–ˆā–„ā–„ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–„ā–ˆ ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā–€ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–Œ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–Œ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–Œ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–Œā–ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–Œ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–Œā”€ā”€ā–ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–Œ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–„
Sometimes I feel like I have my life together and then I'm like WOW that was a really nice 45 seconds November 14th, 2015, 11:51 AM
ā˜†ź§lil reminder!: š˜‰š˜¦š˜§š˜°š˜³š˜¦ š˜ŗš˜°š˜¶ š˜«š˜¶š˜„š˜Øš˜¦ š˜“š˜°š˜®š˜¦š˜°š˜Æš˜¦, š˜Ŗš˜®š˜¢š˜Øš˜Ŗš˜Æš˜¦ š˜ŗš˜°š˜¶š˜³š˜“š˜¦š˜­š˜§ š˜Ŗš˜Æ š˜µš˜©š˜¦š˜Ŗš˜³ š˜“š˜©š˜°š˜¦š˜“. Ėšā‚Šā€§ź’°įƒ ā˜† ą»’ź’± ā€§ā‚ŠĖš
š”š”¢š”Æš”Æš”¶ ā„­š”„š”Æš”¦š”°š”±š”Ŗš”žš”° š•øš–Šš–—š–—š–ž š•®š–š–—š–Žš–˜š–™š–’š–†š–˜ š‘€š‘’š“‡š“‡š“Ž š’žš’½š“‡š’¾š“ˆš“‰š“‚š’¶š“ˆ š“œš“®š“»š“»š”‚ š“’š“±š“»š“²š“¼š“½š“¶š“Ŗš“¼ ɱĪµą«Øą«Øįƒ§ ą«®É¦ą«Øą¹€ąø£Ę­É±Ī±ąø£ ļøµā€æɱĪµą«Øą«Øįƒ§ ą«®É¦ą«Øą¹€ąø£Ę­É±Ī±ąø£ā€æļøµ ļ¼¼ļ¼¼\ɱĪµą«Øą«Øįƒ§ ą«®É¦ą«Øą¹€ąø£Ę­É±Ī±ąø£//ļ¼ļ¼ ą¹“Ń”Š³Š³× Ļ‚Ń’Š³ą¹€ąø£tą¹“ąø„ąø£ ā™Ŗą¹“Ń”Š³Š³× Ļ‚Ń’Š³ą¹€ąø£tą¹“ąø„ąø£ā™Ŗ 怂Ā°ć€‚ą¹“Ń”Š³Š³× Ļ‚Ń’Š³ą¹€ąø£tą¹“ąø„ąø£ć€‚Ā°ć€‚ źŽ­źŸź‹Ŗź‹ŖźŒ© ź‰“źƒ…ź‹Ŗź€¤źŒ—ź“„źŽ­źźŒ— āœ¼ć€€ Ņ‰ 怀źŽ­źŸź‹Ŗź‹ŖźŒ© ź‰“źƒ…ź‹Ŗź€¤źŒ—ź“„źŽ­źźŒ— Ņ‰ 怀āœ¼ ā„³ĘŽŠÆŠÆŠ£ ā„‚ā„ŠÆƮʧāœžā„³Š”ʧ āˆµāƒā”ā˜†ļ¾Ÿ. Ņ‰*ā„³ĘŽŠÆŠÆŠ£ ā„‚ā„ŠÆƮʧāœžā„³Š”ʧ Ņ‰*:.ļ½” ɱą«ÆՐՐע ą„®ŅŗՐÉæĻ‚ą©®É±ąø„Ļ‚ ā¢āƒā”ā˜†ļ¾Ÿ. Ņ‰*ļ½„ɱą«ÆՐՐע ą„®ŅŗՐÉæĻ‚ą©®É±ąø„Ļ‚ Ņ‰*:.ļ½”
ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦........ā˜…... ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦...ā˜¼ā˜¼... ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ ā€¦*ā€¢ā—‹ā™„ā—‹ā€¢*ā€¦ ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ .*ā™„ā™«ā™€ā™‚ā™«ā™„*ā€™ā€¦ ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦..ā€¦ā€¦*ā™„ā€¢ā™¦ā–ŗā™«ā—„ā€¢ā€¢ā™„* ā€¦ ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦*ā™„ā˜ŗā–¬ā™„ā˜ŗā™„ā–¬ā˜ŗā™„* ā€¦ ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦.*ā™„ā€¢ā™„ā–¬#ā™  ā™„#ā–¬ā™„ā€¢*ā™„*ā€¦ ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦*ā™„ā™«ā™„ā™„ā–¬ā™«ā™„ ā™„ā™«ā–¬ā™„*ā™«* ā€¦ ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦*ā™„ā˜ŗā™„ā˜ŗā™„ā™«*ā™£ā™„ā™«ā™„ā˜ŗā™„ā˜ŗ ā™„*ā€¦ ā€¦ā€¦.*ā™„ā™£ā™«ā™„ā™£ā™„ā˜ŗā™„ā™«ā™„ā˜ŗā™„ļæ½ ļæ½ā™«ā™£ā™„*ā€¦ ā€¦ā€¦.*ā™„ā™„ā˜ŗā™£ā™„ā™«ā™„ā™„ā™«ā™„ā˜ŗā™„ā™« ā™„ā™£ā˜ŗā™„ā™„*ā€¦ ā€¦.ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā–“ā–ˆ... ā€¦ā€¦.ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā–“ā–ˆ... ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦.ą¹‘Ū©ŪžŪ©ą¹‘ā€¦
Tumblr | 10/6/2014 | 7:44pm | DO YOU? meeplol: Most people agree that dying while being asleep is the best way to dıe. Peaceful, not signs of torturĶ˜e nor paın. My grandma used to say angels carry them, the ones who are dying while being asleep, to heaven. But sometimes angels can be clumsy and drop them by accident. Remember the time you felt like falling in your sleep and suddenly woke up?
ā†’ ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ī¹Ń• Ī± ā„“Ī±Ī·gĻ…Ī±gє ĻƒĘ’ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”, ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ī¹Ń• Ī± ѕĻƒĻ…яĀ¢Ń” тĻƒ Ļ‰Ī¹Ī· Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚, ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ī¹Ń• Ī± Ī·Ī±Š¼Ń” ĻƒĘ’ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”ā„“Ńƒ Š¼ĻƒĻƒāˆ‚, ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ā¢ŃŃ”Ī±Ń‚Ń” gяєĪ±Ń‚Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• Ī¹Ī· ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ·Ī±ā„“Ī¹Ń‚Ńƒ ѕĻƒ ŠŗєєĻ ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ī¹Ī·g ā†’ gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ яєā„“Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·Ń•Š½Ī¹ĻŃ• Ī±ŃŃ” ā„“Ī¹Šŗє тяєєѕ тŠ½Ń”Ńƒ āˆ‚Ń”Š¼Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī±Ń‚Ń‚Ń”Ī·Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ· &Ī±Š¼Ļ; Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ” Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” Š²Ń”gĪ¹Ī·Ī·Ī¹Ī·g Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ĻƒĪ·Ā¢Ń” тŠ½Ń”Ńƒ Š²ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń•ĻƒŠ¼Ń• тŠ½Ń”Ńƒ ĻŃĻƒĪ½Ī¹āˆ‚Ń” Ļ… ѕŠ½Ī±āˆ‚Ń” Ī¹Ī· Ī±ā„“ā„“ ѕĪ¹Ń‚Ļ…Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·Ń• ĻƒĘ’ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” ā†’ Ī¹ ŠŗєĻŃ‚ уĻƒĻ…я Ī·Ī±Š¼Ń” Ī¹Ī· Š¼Ńƒ × ĻƒĻ…яĪ·Ī±ā„“, Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ĻĻƒŃ•Ń‚Ń”āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ… Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” ā„“Ń”āˆ‚gєя ĻƒĘ’ Š¼Ńƒ Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚, уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰ĻƒĪ·Ń‚ Š²Ń” Ā¢ā„“Ī±Ń•Ń•Ī¹Ę’Ī¹Ń”āˆ‚ Ī±Ń• ʒĪ¹Ļ‡Ń”āˆ‚ Ī±Ń•Ń•Ń”Ń‚Ń•, Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” тŠ½Ń” Š¼Ī±ŃŠŗєт Ī½Ī±ā„“Ļ…Ń” ĻƒĘ’ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я āˆ‚Ń”ĻŃŃ”Ā¢Ī¹Ī±Ń‚Ń” ʒяĻƒŠ¼ Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚. ā†’ Ī¹ тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ Ļ… я Ī½Ń”ŃŃƒ Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ”ā„“єѕѕ!!! Ļ… Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń” &Ī±Š¼Ļ; ā„“Ń”Ī±Ī½Ń” тŠ½Ī¹Ī·gѕ Š²Ń”Š½Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚!!!! ѕєє Ī·ĻƒĻ‰ Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ Ļ… Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” ā„“єʒт?? Ļ… × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ Ā¢Ī±Š¼Ń” Ī¹Ī· Š¼Ńƒ Š¼Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; ā„“єʒт Ī± ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” ĻƒĪ· Š¼Ńƒ ʒĪ±Ā¢Ń”ā€¦. ā†’ Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• Ī¹Ń• Ī± ĻŃ”ŃĘ’Ļ…Š¼Ń”. уĻƒĻ… Ā¢Ī±Ī·Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ ѕĻŃŃ”Ī±āˆ‚ ĻƒĪ· ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ń”ŃŃ• Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ gєттĪ¹Ī·g Ī± ʒєĻ‰ āˆ‚яĻƒĻŃ• ĻƒĪ· Ļ…ŃŃ•Ń”ā„“Ę’. ѕĻƒ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• Š²Ń” Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ тĻƒ Š¼Ī±Šŗє ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ń”ŃŃ• Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ! ā†’ ѕĻƒ ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Ī¹Ń• Ļ…я ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń”ā€¦.. ѕĻƒ ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Ī¹Ń• Ļ…я ѕтуā„“Ń”ā€¦.. ѕĻƒ ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Ī¹Ń• Ļ…я Ī½ĻƒĪ¹Ā¢Ń”ā€¦.. ѕĻƒ ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Ī¹Ń• Ļ…я єуєā€¦ā€¦. ѕєє Š½ĻƒĻ‰ ѕĻ‰Ń”єтā„“Ńƒ Ī¹ ā„“Ī¹Ń”!! ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ńƒ āˆ‚Ļƒ Ļ‰Ń” Ā¢ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń” ĻƒĻ…я єуєѕ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ļ‰Ń” ĻŃĪ±Ńƒ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ļ‰Ń” Ā¢ŃŃƒ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ļ‰Ń” āˆ‚ŃŃ”Ī±Š¼ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ļ‰Ń” ŠŗĪ¹Ń•Ń• Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” тŠ½Ń” Š¼ĻƒŃ•Ń‚ Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ī¹Ę’Ļ…ā„“ тŠ½Ī¹Ī·g Ī¹Ī· ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī±ŃŃ” Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ ѕєєĪ·. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ʒєā„“Ń‚ Š²Ńƒ тŠ½Ń” Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚! āˆ‚єʒĪ¹Ī·Ī¹Ń‚Ń”ā„“Ńƒ Ļ…,Š¼Ńƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚:) ! ā†’ тŠ½ĻƒĻ…gŠ½Ń‚ ʒĻƒŃ тŠ½Ń” āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒā€ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• Š²Ń” тŠ½Ń” яєĪ±Ń•ĻƒĪ· ĻƒĘ’ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń”ā€™Ń• Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ Ī± ĻĪ±ŃŃ‚ ĻƒĘ’ Ī¹Ń‚. Š²Ń” Ī± ĻĪ±ŃŃ‚ ĻƒĘ’ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń”ā€™Ń• ѕĪ±āˆ‚Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я тŠ½Ń” яєĪ±Ń•ĻƒĪ· ʒĻƒŃ Ī¹Ń‚. ā†’ ѕĻ‰Ń”єт ʒяĻ…Ī¹Ń‚Ń• я Ī·Ī¹Ā¢Ń” 2 єĪ±Ń‚, ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Ļ‰ĻƒŃāˆ‚Ń• я Ī·Ī¹Ā¢Ń” 2 ѕĪ±Ńƒ, Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ѕĻ‰Ń”єт ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń” я яєĪ±ā„“ā„“Ńƒ Š½Ī±Ńāˆ‚ 2 ʒĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚. Š¼Ńƒ gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń•, Š½ĻƒĻ‰ тŠ½Ń” Š½Ń”ā„“ā„“ āˆ‚Ī¹āˆ‚ Ļ… Š¼Ī±Ī·Ī±gє 2 ʒĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚ Š¼Ń” ā†’ Ī± ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” gĪ¹Ī½Ń”Ń• яєāˆ‚ Ā¢Ļƒā„“ĻƒĻ…я 2 Ļ…я Ā¢Š½Ń”Ń”Šŗѕ, Ļ‰Š½Ī¹Ń‚Ń” 2 Ļ…я тєєтŠ½, ĻĪ¹Ī·Šŗ Ā¢Ļƒā„“ĻƒĻ…я 2 Ļ…я ā„“Ī¹ĻŃ•, ѕĪ¹ā„“Ī½Ń”я Ā¢Ļƒā„“ĻƒĻ…я 2 Ļ…я єуєѕ, ѕĻƒ ŠŗєєĻ ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ī¹Ī·g &Ī±Š¼Ļ; єĪ·× ĻƒŃƒ тŠ½Ń” Ā¢Ļƒā„“ĻƒĻ…ŃŃ• ĻƒĘ’ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” ā†’ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ļ…ŃŃ•Ń”ā„“Ę’ ,ʒā„“Ī¹ŃŃ‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Ļ…я Ļ…Ī·āˆ‚Ń”ŃŃ•Ń‚Ī±Ī·āˆ‚Ī¹Ī·g,яĻƒŠ¼Ī±Ī·Ā¢Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ āˆ‚ŃŃ”Ī±Š¼Ń•,gєт єĪ·gĪ±gєāˆ‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ ѕĪ¹Š¼Ļā„“Ī¹Ā¢Ī¹Ń‚Ńƒ,Š¼Ī±ŃŃŃƒ gєĪ·Ļ…Ī¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń•,āˆ‚Ī¹Ī½ĻƒŃĀ¢Ń” тŠ½Ń” єgĻƒā€¦Ń‚Š½Ī±Ń‚Ń• gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”ā€¦ ā†’ Ļ‰ĻƒŃāˆ‚Ń• Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Ń• ѕŠ½ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ Š²Ń” Š½Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ā„“Ń”āˆ‚ Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ”Ę’Ļ…ā„“ā„“Ńƒ, Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃāˆ‚Ń• Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· ѕĻĻƒŠŗєĪ· &Ī±Š¼Ļ; Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Ń• Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Š²ŃĻƒŠŗєĪ· Ī±ŃŃ” тŠ½Ń” Š½Ī±Ńāˆ‚єѕт тŠ½Ī¹Ī·gѕ тĻƒ яєĻĪ±Ī¹Ń ā†’ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ уĻƒĻ… Š¼Ī±Ńƒ ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń” уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ī±Ī¹Ń. уĻƒĻ… Š¼Ī±Ńƒ ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń” уĻƒĻ…я тєєтŠ½- ĻƒŃƒĻ…я Š¼ĻƒĪ·Ń”Ńƒ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; єĪ½Ń”Ī· ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń” уĻƒĻ…я Š¼Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ 1 тŠ½Ī¹Ī·g уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ā„“ĻƒĻƒŃ•Ń” Ī¹Ń• ĻƒŃƒĻ…я gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗѕ. Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” уĻƒĻ… Ā¢Ī±Ī·Ń‚ ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń”! ā†’ Š¼Ī±ŠŗĪ¹Ī·g Ī± Š¼Ī¹ā„“ā„“Ī¹ĻƒĪ· ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Ī±Ī· Ī±Ā¢Š½Ī¹Ń”Ī½Ń”Š¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚, тŠ½Ń” Ī±Ā¢Š½Ī¹Ń”Ī½Ń”Š¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• тĻƒ Š¼Ī±Šŗє ā€œĪ±ā€ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ ѕтĪ±Ī·āˆ‚ Š²Ńƒ уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ī± Š¼Ī¹ā„“ā„“Ī¹ĻƒĪ· Ī±ŃŃ” Ī±gĪ±Ī¹Ī·Ń•Ń‚ уĻƒĻ…ā€¦.! ā†’ ѕŠ¼ĻƒĻƒŃ‚Š½ яĻƒĪ±āˆ‚Ń• Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š¼Ī±Šŗє gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ āˆ‚яĪ¹Ī½Ń”ŃŃ•! ѕŠ¼ĻƒĻƒŃ‚Š½ ѕєĪ± Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š¼Ī±Šŗєѕ gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ѕĪ±Ī¹ā„“ĻƒŃŃ•! Ā¢ā„“Ń”Ī±Ń ѕŠŗĪ¹Ń”Ń• Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š¼Ī±Šŗє gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ĻĪ¹ā„“ĻƒŃ‚Ń•! ĻŃĻƒŠ²ā„“Ń”Š¼ ʒяєє ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š¼Ī±Šŗєѕ Ī± ѕтяĻƒĪ·g &Ī±Š¼Ļ; gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ·! Š²Ń” ѕтяĻƒĪ·g єĪ·ĻƒĻ…gŠ½ тĻƒ Ī±Ā¢Ā¢Ń”ĻŃ‚ тŠ½Ń” Ā¢Š½Ī±ā„“ā„“Ń”Ī·gєяѕ ĻƒĘ’ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”. āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Ī±Ń•Šŗ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” ā€œĻ‰Š½Ńƒ Š¼Ń”?ā€ Ī¹Ī·Ń•Ń‚Ń”Ī±āˆ‚ ѕĪ±Ńƒ ā€œŃ‚ŃŃƒ Š¼Ń”!ā€ Posted by Kiran Bele at 19:02
怀Ėš 怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš 怀 . everything you are worried about is going to turn out ok, i promise you Ė™įµ•Ė™ ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† ā‹†. š–¦ ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† ā‹†. š–¦ ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† ā‹†. š–¦ ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹†
Thank You You know, Iā€™ve really grown attached to you. All this time Iā€™ve spent with you has really made me feel a special connection to you. I mean, that doesnā€™t surprise you now, does it? You gave me shelter, fed me, and youā€™ve always been there for me. I honestly do not know how I could ever truly express my gratitude towards you. Youā€™ve been so good to me, and I hope you know that I could not be any more grateful. I just wanted you to know that tonight, Iā€™ll be bearing my - no, our - children, all 15,000 of them. Theyā€™ll be a reminder of the special connection weā€™ve shared these past few weeks; I just hope that you, or maybe your friends or family, will share the same connection with our children. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for being such a good host.
I hate when websites ask "are you human?" ... no, I'm a vacuum. August 7th, 2012, 6:14 AM
Ėš . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš 怀 怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ sending you as many good vibes as virtually possible āœØšŸ§āœØā˜ļøāœØšŸ§āœØā˜ļøāœØšŸ§āœØā˜ļøāœØšŸ§āœØā˜ļø
January 15th, 2013, 1:58 PM I have a bad habit of laughing at inappropriate moments.
š’š’Šš’ˆš’‰š’• š’š’‡ š˜“š˜­š˜¦š˜¦š˜±š˜°š˜·š˜¦š˜³ š˜žš˜ˆš˜•š˜› š˜µš˜° š˜©š˜¢š˜·š˜¦ š˜¢ š˜“š˜­š˜¦š˜¦š˜± š˜°š˜·š˜¦š˜³. āœ¦š“‚… š˜±š˜Ŗš˜­š˜­š˜°š˜ø š˜§š˜°š˜³š˜µš˜“ š˜­š˜¢š˜¶š˜Øš˜©š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø š˜Ŗš˜Æ š˜¢ š˜³š˜°š˜°š˜® š˜§š˜Ŗš˜­š˜­š˜¦š˜„ š˜øš˜Ŗš˜µš˜© š˜§š˜³š˜Ŗš˜¦š˜Æš˜„š˜“ š˜øš˜¢š˜µš˜¤š˜©š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø š˜µš˜¦š˜³š˜³š˜Ŗš˜£š˜­š˜¦ š˜¤š˜©š˜¦š˜¢š˜±š˜­š˜ŗ š˜®š˜¢š˜„š˜¦ š˜®š˜°š˜·š˜Ŗš˜¦š˜“ š˜“š˜©š˜¢š˜³š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø š˜°š˜³ š˜µš˜¦š˜­š˜­š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø š˜©š˜°š˜³š˜³š˜°š˜³ š˜“š˜µš˜°š˜³š˜Ŗš˜¦š˜“..ā˜¾ ā‹†
šˆ š¦ššš² š¬š­š¢š„š„ š”šššÆšž šš š„šØš­ š­šØ š„šžššš«š§ ššš›šØš®š­ š„šØšÆšž, š›š®š­ šˆ š¤š§šØš° š°š”ššš­ š¢š­ š¦šžššš§š¬ š­šØ š¬š”ššš«šž š¦š² š”šžššš«š­ š°š¢š­š” šØš­š”šžš«š¬. š€š§š š¢š­ š°š¢š„š„ š­ššš¤šž š¦šØš«šž š­š”ššš§ š²šØš® š­šØ š›š«šžššš¤ šš š›šØš§š š„š¢š¤šž š­š”ššš­.
No One Will Get This 100% Right! 1)My First Name 2)My Middle Name 3) My Last Name 4) Something I Can't Live Without Repost 5)My Favourite Colour And See 6)My natural Hair Colour 7)My Birthday Who 8)My Eye Color Knows 9)My Favourite Candy 0)My Nickname You Best! 1)My Shoe Size 2)My Favourite Soda October 18, 2013
Autism is a spectrum. This means everybody with autism is different. Some autistic people need little or no support. Others may need helpā€¦ What is autism? Review: 7 September 2025 autism can affect everyday life and how you can help support and understand autistic people. What is autism? Autistic people may act in a different way to other people Autistic people may: *find it hard to communicate and interact with other people *find it hard to understand how other people think or feel *find things like bright lights or loud noises overwhelming, stressful or uncomfortable *get anxious or upset about unfamiliar situations and social events *take longer to understand information *do or think the same things over and over Signs of autism might be noticed when you're very young, or not until you're older. If you're autistic, you're autistic your whole life. But some people need support to help them with certain things. Autistic people can live a full life Being autistic does not have to stop you having a good life. Like everyone, autistic people have things they're good at as well as things they struggle with. Being autistic does not mean you can never make friends, have relationships or get a job. But you might need extra help with these things. Autism is different for everyone Autism is a spectrum. This means everybody with autism is different. Some autistic people need little or no support. Others may need help from a parent or carer every day. Some people use other names for autism There are other names for autism used by some people, such as: autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the medical name for autism Asperger's (or Asperger syndrome) Autistic people can have any level of intelligence Some autistic people have average or above average intelligence. Some autistic people have a learning disability. This means they may find it hard to look after themselves and need help with daily life. Autistic people may have other conditions Autistic people often have other conditions, such as: *attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) *dyslexia *anxiety *depression *epilepsy
ą¼ŗāœæŚ°Ū£Śæāœæą¼» GOOį—Ŗ į–“į–‡IEį‘Žį—Ŗį”• į—©į–‡E TO į—·E Gį—©Tį•¼Eį–‡Eį—Ŗ į’ŖIKE į–‡Oį”•Eį”• ą¼ŗāœæŚ°Ū£Śæāœæą¼»
ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā˜†ā˜†ā˜†ā˜†ā˜†ā˜† ā˜†ā˜†ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ ā–„ā–€ā–„ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ ā–„ā–€ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ ā–„ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ ā˜† ʑʦʖŠ„ʝʩʧ ʑʠʦŠ„Ę”Š„ʦ ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ ā–„ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ ā–„ā–€ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ ā–„ā–€ā–„ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā˜† ā–„ā–€ā–„ā˜† ā–„ ā”Š ā”Š ā”Š ā”Š ā”Šā˜† ā”Š ā˜… ā˜†
ā†’ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī¹Ń• Ī½Ī±Ń•Ń‚ ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Ļ…Ī·Ī¹Ī½Ń”ŃŃ•Ń”. āˆ‚єєĻ ā„“Ī¹Šŗє ĻƒĀ¢Ń”Ī±Ī·. Š½Ī¹gŠ½ ā„“Ī¹Šŗє ѕŠŗу. ѕтяĻƒĪ·g ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Ī¹ŃĻƒĪ·. ŠŗĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚ ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Š¼ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ń”я. Ā¢Ļ…Ń‚Ń” ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Š¼Ń”.
In high school, my best friend and I swore that we would never date. Our friends laughed, and joked that they would quote us on that at our wedding. They did. May 2nd, 2010
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆMERRYā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆ ā•­ā•®ā”“ā”“ā”³ā•®ā”³ā•­ā•®ā”ā”³ā”“ā”³ā”³ā•®ā•­ā•®ā•­ā•® ā”ƒā”ˆā”£ā”«ā”£ā”«ā”ƒā•°ā•®ā”ˆā”ƒā”ˆā”ƒā”ƒā”ƒā”£ā”«ā•°ā•® ā•°ā•Æā”›ā”›ā”»ā•°ā”»ā•°ā•Æā”ˆā”»ā”ˆā”›ā”›ā”›ā”›ā”›ā•°ā•Æ ā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆTOā”ˆYOUā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆ
Gį“ į“›į“ Tį“”į“Sį“‡É“į“›į“‡É“į“„į“‡Hį“Ź€Ź€į“Ź€ Ź€/Tį“”į“Sį“‡É“į“›į“‡É“į“„į“‡Hį“Ź€Ź€į“Ź€ 6 ŹœŹ€. į“€É¢į“ Sį“œį“ į“‡É“Pį“€É“ I Ņ“į“į“œÉ“į“… į“į“œį“› į“›Źœį“€į“› I į“”į“€s į“É“į“„į“‡ į“€É¢į“€ÉŖÉ“ į“›Źœį“‡ į“į“…į“… į“É“į“‡ į“į“œį“› į“€į“į“É“É¢ į“Ź Ņ“Ź€ÉŖį“‡É“į“…s. Eį“ į“‡Ź€Źį“É“į“‡ į“‡ŹŸsį“‡'s į“˜į“€Ź€į“€į“„Źœį“œį“›į“‡ į“į“˜į“‡É“į“‡į“… į“Šį“œsį“› Ņ“ÉŖÉ“į“‡.
ā†’ 7 яĻ…ā„“єѕ тĻƒ Š²Ń” Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒā€¦.. 1. Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š½Ī±Ń‚Ń”ā€¦.. 2. āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Ļ‰ĻƒŃŃŃƒā€¦.. 3. ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” ѕĪ¹Š¼Ļā„“Ń”ā€¦.. 4. єĻ‡ĻŃ”Ā¢Ń‚ Ī± ā„“Ī¹Ń‚Ń‚ā„“Ń”ā€¦.. 5. gĪ¹Ī½Ń” Ī± ā„“ĻƒŃ‚ā€¦.. 6. Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń”ā€¦.. 7. Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Ī± ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ· ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Š¼Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• яєŠ¼Ń”Š¼Š²Ń”я уĻƒĻ… ā€¦.. ā†’ тĻƒ ѕєє ā„“Ī¹gŠ½Ń‚,ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗ Ī±Ń‚ ѕĻ…Ī·..тĻƒ ѕєє ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗ Ī±Ń‚ Š¼ĻƒĻƒĪ·.. тĻƒ ѕєє Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ńƒ,ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗ Ī±Ń‚ Ī·Ī±Ń‚Ļ…ŃŃ”..тĻƒ ѕєє Š½ĻƒĻŃ”,ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗ Ī±Ń‚ ʒĻ…Ń‚Ļ…ŃŃ”.. Š²Ļ…Ń‚,тĻƒ ѕєє Ī±ā„“ā„“ ĻƒĘ’ тŠ½Ī¹Ń•,ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗ Ī±Ń‚ тŠ½Ń” Š¼Ī¹ŃŃĻƒŃā€¦.!!!!!! ā†’ тŠ½Ń” Š²Ī¹ggєѕт Š¼ŃƒŃ•Ń‚Ń”ŃŃƒ ĻƒĘ’ Š¼Ī±Ń‚Š½Ń•: 1000ѕ ĻƒĘ’ уєĪ±ŃŃ• ĻĪ±Ń•Ń•Ń”āˆ‚ , Š¼Ī¹ā„“ā„“Ī¹ĻƒĪ·Ń• ĻƒĘ’ тŠ½Ń”ĻƒŃŃ”Š¼Ń• āˆ‚Ń”ŃĪ¹Ī½Ń”āˆ‚ , 100ѕ ĻƒĘ’ ʒĻƒŃŠ¼Ļ…ā„“Ī± Š¼Ī±āˆ‚Ń” Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ѕтĪ¹ā„“ā„“ā€¦ā€¦.. ā€˜Ļ‡ā€˜ Ī¹Ń• Ļ…Ī·ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰Ī·!!!!!!! ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… gĪ¹Ī½Ń” уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· тĪ¹Š¼Ń” Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ń• ʒĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ… тĻƒ gĪ¹Ī½Ń” уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ тĻƒ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń”, Š¼Ī±Šŗє ѕĻ…ŃŃ” уĻƒĻ… ѕєā„“Ń”Ā¢Ń‚ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š²ŃŃ”Ī±Šŗ уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚, Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Š²ŃĻƒŠŗєĪ· Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Ń• Š½Ī±Ń• Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ѕĻĪ±ŃŃ” ĻĪ±ŃŃ‚Ń•. Ļ‰ŃĪ¹Ń‚Ń” ĻƒĪ· Š²ŃĪ¹Ā¢Šŗѕ ā†’ āˆ‚Ļƒ уĻƒĻ… ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Š¼Ń”Ī· Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ļ‰ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ī· Ī±ŃŃ” Ī±Ī·gєā„“Ń• Ā¢ŃŃ”Ī±Ń‚Ń”āˆ‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ ĻƒĪ·ā„“Ńƒ ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹Ī·g? Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ тŠ½Ń”Ńƒ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ тĻƒ єŠ¼Š²ŃĪ±Ā¢Ń” єĪ±Ā¢Š½ ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ń”я тĻƒ Š²Ń” Ī±Š²ā„“Ń” тĻƒ ʒā„“Ńƒā€¦ Š½ĻƒĻŃ” уĻƒĻ… Ā¢Ī±Ī· ʒĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ…я Ī±Ī·gєā„“ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ уĻƒĻ… Ā¢Ī±Ī· ʒā„“Ńƒ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ ʒĻƒŃŃ”Ī½Ń”я ā†’ тĻƒ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” Ī± ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Š²Ń”Ī±Ń‚, 2 Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Š²Ń”Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Ī± Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚, 2 Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń•, тĻƒ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚, Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ 4 Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Ļ… Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ā†’ Ī¹ ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ī±Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ī¹ ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Ī¹ Ā¢ŃŃƒ ʒĻƒŃ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ī¹ Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ” Ī¹ ѕŠ½Ī±ŃŃ” Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ī¹ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ī¹ ā„“Ī±Ļ…gŠ½ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ī¹ єĪ·× ĻƒŃƒ, Ī¹ ѕŠ¼Ń• ĻƒĪ·ā„“Ńƒ тĻƒ тŠ½ĻƒŃ•Ń” Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ń‚ тĻƒ ā„“ĻƒĻƒŃ•Ń”. ā†’ Ī± Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ī¹Ę’Ļ…ā„“ тŠ½ĻƒĻ…gŠ½Ń‚!! тŠ½Ń” ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ· Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ā¢Ī±Ī· єĻ‡Ļā„“Ī±Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” Š¼Ń”Ī±Ī·Ī¹Ī·g ĻƒĘ’ Ā¢Ļƒā„“ĻƒŃ тĻƒ Ī± Š²ā„“Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚ Ā¢Ī±Ī· єĻ‡Ļā„“Ī±Ī¹Ī· Ī±Ī·ŃƒŃ‚Š½Ī¹Ī·g &Ī±Š¼Ļ; єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒŃ‚Š½Ī¹Ī·g Ī¹Ī· ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”! ā†’ Ī¹Ę’ уĻƒĻ… Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Ī± ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” &Ī±Š¼Ļ; уĻƒĻ… āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ī¹Ń‚. Ī¹Ń‚ Š¼Ń”Ī±Ī·Ń• уĻƒĻ… Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Ī±Ī· Ī±Ā¢Ā¢ĻƒĻ…Ī·Ń‚ ĻƒĘ’ Š¼Ī¹ā„“ā„“Ī¹ĻƒĪ· āˆ‚Ļƒā„“ā„“Ī±ŃŃ• Ī¹Ī· Š²Ī±Ī·Šŗ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Ī·Ļƒ Ā¢Š½Ń”Ā¢Šŗ Š²ĻƒĻƒŠŗ. ā†’ Ļ‰Ń”ā„“ā„“ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń•Š½Ń”я Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Š¼Ń”єтѕ уĻƒĻ… єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒāˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; тĪ±ā„“Šŗ тĻƒ уĻƒĻ… єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒāˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ. Ļ‰Ń”ā„“ā„“ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń•Š½Ń”я Ī¹Ń• ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Š¼Ī±Ńƒ ĻƒŃ Š¼Ī±Ńƒ Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Š¼Ń”єт уĻƒĻ… Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ ĻƒĘ’ уĻƒĻ… &Ī±Š¼Ļ; уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•. ā†’ ĻƒĪ·Ń” āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ Ļ… Š¼Ī±Ńƒ Ī±Ń•Šŗ Š¼Ń”: Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• Š¼ĻƒŃŃ” Ī¹Š¼ĻĻƒŃŃ‚Ī±Ī·Ń‚ тĻƒ уĻƒĻ…, Š¼Ń” ĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ…я ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”? Ī¹ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ ѕĪ±Ńƒ: Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”ā€¦ уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ļ‰Ī±ā„“Šŗ Ī±Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ ʒяĻƒŠ¼ Š¼Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰Ī¹Ī·g тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ļ… я Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”! ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń” Š½Ļ…ŃŃ‚Ń• уĻƒĻ… Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ… āˆ‚Ī¹āˆ‚Ī·ā€™Ń‚ Š½Ļ…ŃŃ‚ Š²Ī±Ā¢Šŗ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń” ѕŠ½ĻƒĻ…Ń‚Ń• Ī±Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ… āˆ‚Ī¹āˆ‚Ī·ā€™Ń‚ ѕŠ½ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ Š²Ī±Ā¢Šŗ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚Ń• уĻƒĻ… уĻƒĻ… Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń” Š²Ī±Ā¢Šŗ ā†’ Ī± Š²Ļ…Ń•Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Š¼Ī±Šŗєѕ ĻŃĪ±ŃƒŃ”ŃŃ• Š½Ī±Ńāˆ‚Ń”Ń, Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ĻŃĪ±ŃƒŃ”ŃŃ• Š¼Ī±Šŗє Ī± Š½Ī±Ńāˆ‚ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Š²Ļ…Ń•Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” єĪ±Ń•Ī¹Ń”я. ѕĻƒ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ŠŗєєĻ ĻŃĪ±ŃƒĪ¹Ī·g Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ яєŠ¼Ń”Š¼Š²Ń”я Š¼Ń” Ī¹Ī· уĻƒĻ…я ĻŃĪ±ŃƒŃ”ŃŃ•. ā†’ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹Ń• 4 ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ī¹Ī·g, Ī¹ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” 4 Ļ…. ѕĻƒĪ·gѕ я 4 ѕĪ¹Ī·gĪ¹Ī·g, Ī¹ ѕĪ¹Ī·g 4 Ļ…. ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ī¹Ń• 4 Ā¢Ī±ŃĪ¹Ī·g, Ī¹ Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ” 4 Ļ…. Ī±Ī·gєā„“Ń• я 4 ŠŗєєĻĪ¹Ī·g, Ā¢Ī±Ī· Ī¹ ŠŗєєĻ Ļ…ā€¦? ā†’ ѕĪ±Ā¢ŃĪ¹Ę’Ī¹Ā¢Ń” Ī¹Ń• gяєĪ±Ń‚Ń”Ń тŠ½Ī±Ī· ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”. Ā¢Š½Ī±ŃĪ±Ā¢Ń‚Ń”Ń Ī¹Ń• gяєĪ±Ń‚Ń”Ń тŠ½Ī±Ī· Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ńƒ. Š½Ļ…Š¼Ī±Ī·Ī¹Ń‚Ńƒ Ī¹Ń• gяєĪ±Ń‚Ń”Ń тŠ½Ī±Ī· Ļ‰Ń”Ī±ā„“Ń‚Š½. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī·ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ī¹Ī·g Ī¹Ń• gяєĪ±Ń‚Ń”Ń тŠ½Ī±Ī· gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ яєā„“Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·Ń•. ā†’ Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ń”Ń•Ń‚ ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń” āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” ā€œŃ”Ī½Ń”ŃŃƒ тŠ½Ī¹Ī·g Š²Ń”Ń•Ń‚ā€ Ī¹Ī· ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”. тŠ½Ń”Ńƒ × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ Š¼Ī±Šŗє тŠ½Ń” ā€œŠ²Ń”Ń•Ń‚ ĻƒĘ’ єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒ тŠ½Ī¹Ī·gā€ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Š²ŃĪ¹Ī·gѕ тŠ½Ń”Ī¹Ń Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ!! ѕтĪ±Ńƒ Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ!! ā†’ Ī¹ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” ā„“Ī¹Šŗєāˆ‚ Š¼Ī±Ī·Ńƒ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”āˆ‚ Ī½Ń”ŃŃƒ ʒєĻ‰. уєт Ī·Ļƒ-ĻƒĪ·Ń” Š½Ī±Ń• Š²Ń”Ń”Ī· Ī±Ń• ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Ī±Ń• Ļ…. Ī¹ Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ ѕтĪ±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ļ‰Ī±Ī¹Ń‚ Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚Ń• ā„“ĻƒĪ·gєѕт qĻ…Ń”Ļ…Ń”. × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ ʒĻƒŃ тŠ½Ń” Ļā„“Ń”Ī±Ń•Ļ…ŃŃ” ĻƒĘ’ Ī± Š¼ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Ļ…. ā†’ ĻŃ”ŃĘ’Ń”Ā¢Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ· Ī¹Ń• Ī¹Š¼ĻĻƒŃ•Ń•Ī¹Š²ā„“Ń” тĻƒ Š²Ń” Ī±Ā¢Š½Ī¹Ń”Ī½Ń”āˆ‚ Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ļā„“єтєā„“Ńƒ Š²Ńƒ Ī±Ī·ŃƒĻƒĪ·Ń” Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ī¹Ń• Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚. Š²Ń‚ Ī¹Ę’ уĻƒĻ… ŠŗєєĻ Ā¢Š½Ī±Ń•Ī¹Ī·g ĻŃ”ŃĘ’Ń”Ā¢Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·, ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ļ‰Š½Ń”ŃŃ” ĻƒĪ· тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ уĻƒĻ… Š¼Ī±Ńƒ Ā¢Ī±Ń‚Ā¢Š½ єĻ‡Ā¢Ń”ā„“ā„“Ń”Ī·Ā¢Ń”! ā†’ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ Š¼ĻƒŃŃ” Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ ĻĪ±Ń•Ń‚, Ī¹Ń‚ Š²ŃĪ¹Ī·gѕ тєĪ±ŃŃ• āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ Š¼ĻƒŃŃ” Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ ʒĻ…Ń‚Ļ…ŃŃ”, Ī¹Ń‚ Š²ŃĪ¹Ī·gѕ ʒєĪ±ŃŃ• тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ Š¼ĻƒŃŃ” Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ Š¼Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ī¹Ā¢Š½ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• Š²ŃĪ¹Ī·gѕ Ā¢Š½Ń”Ń”ŃŃ•. ā†’ тŠ½Ń”ŃŃ” я ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń” ĻƒĘ’ тŠ½Ń” яĻƒŠ¼Ī±Ī·Ń‚Ī¹Ā¢ Ā¢ĻƒĻ…Ī·Ń‚яĪ¹Ń”Ń• Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚, ā€œŠ½.Ļƒ.ā„“.ā„“.Ī±.Ī·.āˆ‚ā€ Š½ĻƒĻ ĻƒĻ…я ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” ā„“Ī±Ń•Ń‚ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я āˆ‚Ī¹Ń”Ń•ā€¦ ā€œĪ¹.т.Ī±.ā„“.уā€ Ī¹ тяĻ…Ń•Ń‚ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” уĻƒĻ…ā€¦ ā€œā„“.Ī¹.Š².у.Ī±ā€ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ī¹Ń• Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ī¹Ę’Ļ…ā„“ уĻƒĻ… Ī±ā„“Ń•Ļƒā€¦ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ тŠ½Ī¹Ń• Ī¹Ń• Š¼Ńƒ ʒĪ±Ī½ĻƒĻ…яĪ¹Ń‚Ń”ā€¦. ā€œĘ’.я.Ī±.Ī·.Ā¢.єā€ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ яєŠ¼Ī±Ī¹Ī·Ń• Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Ā¢Ī±Ī· єĪ·āˆ‚ā€¦ ā†’ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń” ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• ʒĻƒŃgєт ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń” Š¼ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ī±Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń” ŠŗєєĻ ѕĪ¹ā„“Ń”Ī·Ń‚ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń” × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ Ā¢Š½Ī±Ī·gє Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī¹ā€™Š¼ Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ 1 ĻƒĘ’ тŠ½Ń”Š¼. Ī¹ā€™Š¼ Š½Ń”ŃŃ” × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ 4 тĻ‰Ļƒ Š¼ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚Ń• .. Ī·ĻƒĻ‰ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; 4єĪ½Ń”яā€¦!!:) ā†’ тĪ¹ĻŃ• тĻƒ Š²Ń”Ī±Ń‚ тŠ½Ń” ѕĻ…Š¼Š¼Ń”я 1- āˆ‚яĪ¹Ī·Šŗ ā„“ĻƒŃ‚ ĻƒĘ’ ʒяєѕŠ½ Ļ‰Ī±Ń‚Ń”Ń 2- Ā¢ĻƒĪ½Ń”я уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ń”Ī±āˆ‚ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· ĻƒĻ…Ń‚Ń•Ī¹āˆ‚Ń” 3- єĪ±Ń‚ Ī½Ń”gєтĪ±Š²ā„“єѕ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Š¼ĻƒŃ•Ń‚ Ī¹Š¼ĻĻƒŃŃ‚Ī±Ī·Ń‚ 4- Š¼Ń”Ń•Ń•Ī±gє Š¼Ń” āˆ‚Ī±Ī¹ā„“Ńƒ Š²Ā¢Ļƒz Ī¹ Š¼ ѕĻƒ Ā¢ĻƒĻƒĻƒā„“..:-) ā†’ Ī¹ Ā¢ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ ʒĪ¹ā„“ā„“ Ī± 1000 ĻĪ±gєѕ тєā„“ā„“Ī¹Ī·g Ļ… Š½ĻƒĻ‰ Ī¹ ʒєєā„“, Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ѕтĪ¹ā„“ā„“ Ļ… Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Ļ…Ī·āˆ‚Ń”ŃŃ•Ń‚Ī±Ī·āˆ‚.. ѕĻƒ Ī·ĻƒĻ‰ Ī¹ ā„“Ń”Ī±Ī½Ń” Ļ‰/Ļƒ Ī± ѕĻƒĻ…Ī·āˆ‚, єĻ‡Ā¢Ń”ĻŃ‚ Š¼Ńƒ Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ ѕŠ½Ī±Ń‚Ń‚Ń”ŃĪ¹Ī·g Ī±Ń• Ī¹Ń‚ Š½Ī¹Ń‚Ń• тŠ½Ń” gяĻƒĻ…Ī·āˆ‚. ā†’ āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Š²Ń” āˆ‚Ī¹Ń•Ī±ĻĻĻƒĪ¹Ī·Ń‚Ń”āˆ‚ Ī¹Ę’ тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚ яєʒĻ…ѕєѕ тĻƒ Š½Ń”ā„“Ļ уĻƒĻ…. яєŠ¼Ń”Š¼Š²Ń”я āˆ‚Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃāˆ‚Ń• ĻƒĘ’ єĪ¹Ī·Ń•Ń‚Ń”Ī¹Ī·: ā€œĪ¹ Š¼ тŠ½Ī±Ī·ŠŗʒĻ…ā„“ тĻƒ Ī±ā„“ā„“ тŠ½ĻƒŃ•Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ ѕĪ±Ī¹āˆ‚ Ī·Ļƒ тĻƒ Š¼Ń”. Ī¹Ń‚Ń• Š²Ā¢Ļƒz ĻƒĘ’ тŠ½Š¼, Ī¹ āˆ‚Ī¹āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń‚ Š¼ŃƒŃ•Ń”ā„“Ę’.ā€ ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ…ā€™ŃŃ” Ī±Ī·gяу Ī±Ń‚ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ gєт Ī¹ŃŃĪ¹Ń‚Ī±Ń‚Ń”āˆ‚ тĪ¹Š¼Ń” тĻƒ тĪ¹Š¼Ń” Š²Ļ…Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… ѕтĪ¹ā„“ā„“ Ā¢Ī±Ī·ā€™Ń‚ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ Š½Ī¹Š¼/Š½Ń”я тŠ½Ń”Ī· Ī¹Ń‚ā€™Ń• тяĻ…Ń” яєā„“Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·ā€..! ā†’ Ī¹Ę’ тĪ¹Š¼Ń” āˆ‚ĻƒŃ”Ń•Ī·ā€™Ń‚ Ļ‰Ī±Ī¹Ń‚ ʒĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ…, āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Ļ‰ĻƒŃŃŃƒ! × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ яєŠ¼ĻƒĪ½Ń” тŠ½Ń” Š²Ī±Ń‚Ń‚Ń”ŃŃƒ ʒяĻƒŠ¼ тŠ½Ń” Ā¢ā„“ĻƒĀ¢Šŗ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ єĪ·× ĻƒŃƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”ā€¦! gяєĪ±Ń‚ ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń” gяєĪ±Ń‚ тŠ½ĻƒĻ…gŠ½Ń‚Ń• ā†’ Ī±Š¼ Ī¹ Ā¢Ļ…Ń‚Ń”? тєѕт Ā¢Ī±ā„“ā„“, Ī¹Ę’ Ī¹ Š¼ Ā¢Ļ…Ń‚Ń” Š¼Ī¹Ń•Ń• Ā¢Ī±ā„“ā„“, Ī¹Ę’ Ī¹ Š¼ gĻƒŃgєĻƒĻ…Ń• тєĻ‡Ń‚ Š²Ī±Ā¢Šŗ Ī¹Ę’ Ī¹ Š¼ ĻŃŃ”Ń‚Ń‚Ńƒ тєĻ‡Ń‚ Ī± × ĻƒŠŗє Ī¹Ę’ Ī¹ Š¼ Ā¢Š½Ī±ŃŠ¼Ī¹Ī·g × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ Ī¹gĪ·ĻƒŃŃ” Ī¹Ę’ Ļ… я נєĪ±ā„“ĻƒĻ…Ń• ā†’ тŠ½Ī¹Ń• Ā¢Ļ…яĪ¹ĻƒĻ…Ń• gяєєĪ· Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚ gĪ¹Ī½Ń” Š¼Ń” ѕĻā„“Ī¹Ń‚ ѕєĀ¢ĻƒĪ·āˆ‚ ʒĻƒŃ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ Ī¹ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ Ī¹ яєѕĻŃ”Ā¢Ń‚ Ī·Ļƒ ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ā¢Ī±Ī· тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ Ī·Ļƒ ĻƒĪ·Ń” Ā¢Ī±Ī· gĪ¹Ī½Ń” Š¼Ńƒ ʒєєā„“Ī¹Ī·gѕ Ī±ŃŃ” Ī·Ń”Ļ‰ Š½Ī±Ńāˆ‚ Ā¢ĻƒŃŃ”āˆ‚ ʒĻƒŃ Š¼Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń• Ī·Ļƒ Š¼ĻƒŃŃ” ā†’ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹Ń• Ī± × ĻƒĻ…яĪ·Ń”Ńƒ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Š¼Ń”Ī±Ī·Ń‚ тĻƒ Š²Ń” Š¼Ī±āˆ‚Ń” ѕĪ±Ę’Ń”ā„“Ńƒ. Ī¹ Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ń‚ тĻƒ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹Ī· Ī± Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ī¹ gєт яєĪ±ā„“ā„“Ńƒ Ļƒā„“āˆ‚, Ī¹ ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗ Š²Ī±Ā¢Šŗ Ī±Ń‚ Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ѕĪ±Ńƒ: Ī±Ī±Š½ Ī¹ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń”āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń‚, Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ ѕĻ…яĪ½Ī¹Ī½Ń”āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń‚.
ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā‚Šā €ā €ļ؛ā €ā € ŪŖ ā €ā € ׂ ā €ā €šŸŽā €ā €š†¹ ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ą­Øā €ā €āŽā €ā € Ö“ Ö¹ ā €ā €šŸŽ…ā €ā €ą­§ ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €įƒā €ā €š“ˆ’ā €ā €šŸŽ„ā €ā €į„“hrĪ¹stmį„²s ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā € Ķ˜ā €ā €ź’±ā €ā €šŸ””ā €ā €š“ˆ’ā €ā €ā—œā €ā €ć…Ž ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā €ā™”ā €ā €Ė³ā €ā €āŽÆāŽÆā €ā €šŸ¦Œā €ā €āŠ§ā €ā €
š’š’‡š’‡š’š’Šš’š’† š‘Žš‘›š‘‘ š’š’š’š’Šš’š’† š‘–'š‘š š‘ š‘”š‘–š‘™š‘™ š‘”ā„Žš‘’ š‘ š‘Žš‘šš‘’ š‘š‘Ÿš‘–š‘›š‘š‘’š‘ š‘ , š‘ š‘¤š‘’š‘’š‘” š‘Žš‘  š‘£š‘Žš‘›š‘–š‘™š‘™š‘Ž š‘Žš‘›š‘‘ š‘ š‘”š‘Ÿš‘Žš‘¤š‘š‘’š‘Ÿš‘Ÿš‘¦ š‘“š‘Ÿš‘œš‘ š‘”š‘–š‘›š‘” ā™” Ėšā‚Šā€§āŗ
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ā—Œ šŸŒø ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € š—‡š–¾š— š—†š—ˆš—‡š—š—ć€€ ā€Žā—Œ šŸ§ššŸ½ā€ā™‚ļø ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € š—‡š–¾š— š—š—‚š–»š–¾š—Œ 怀 ā€Žā—Œ šŸ«§ ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € š—‡š–¾š— š—†š–ŗš—€š—‚š–¼ ā€Žā—Œ šŸŒ± ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € š—‡š–¾š— š–¾š—‡š–¾š—‹š—€š—’ ā€Žā—Œ šŸŖ· ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € š—‡š–¾š— š–»š–¾š—€š—‚š—‡š—‡š—‚š—‡š—€š—Œ
To who ever is reading this; youā€™re lovely. Absolutely lovely. A perfect creation. You have so much potential and can achieve so much. Really, you are. So live your life the way it feel right, dream big dreams, and live passionately. Aug 19th, 2019
š‘€š‘œš‘›š‘‘š‘Žš‘¦ š½š‘œš‘¢š‘Ÿš‘›š‘Žš‘™ š‘ƒš‘Ÿš‘œš‘šš‘š‘”š‘  what are 3 things i want to accomplish this week? what are 3 ways i can improve from last week? what can i let go of this week? what drained my energy last week? how can i prevent that from happening this week? list 3 things iā€™m grateful for my affirmation for this week is?
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š‘”š‘–š‘ šŸŽ€ ą·† self love is respecting yourself ą·† self love is setting boundaries ą·† self love is not skipping meals ą·† self love is standing firm on your beliefs ą·† self love is being kind to yourself ą·† self love is listening to what your body needs ą·† self love is prioritizing your mental health ą·† self love is embracing your physical ā€œflawsā€ because itā€™s a part of you and makes you who you are ą·† self love is leaving people and situations that drain you ą·† self love is saying ā€œnoā€ to situations youā€™re not comfortable with even if it hurts someone elseā€™s feelings
Losing Carrie Carrieā€™s parents were deep in mourning They had lost their daughter, without warning Her mom moaned and wailed in deep sorrow Her dad would call the funeral home tomorrow Her mom looked down and in her head She wondered, if Carrie could, what she would have said If she could speak to them now, reach into their hearts Tell them how they would cope, where could they start? Her father looked down also and in his head His mind was racing with a sense of dread See, if Carrie could talk what she really would have said Is, ā€˜Mom, please help me, he knows Iā€™m not dead.ā€™
Skin Deep On Monday she looked beautiful, her skin silky smooth and sleek. Then on Tuesday she was saddened by the pimple on her cheek. Wednesday was a nightmare, the awful blemish grew and grew. On Thursday people stopped and stared; it seemed like everybody knew. Friday left her scrambling, finding cover-up that matched. And early Saturday morningā€¦..it hatched.
Hidden by the Rustling Corn The shortcut through the Corn field tempts you as youā€™re walking home the clouds above keep the moon concealed As you enter the swaying corn, alone. - The corn grows tall and thick, my friend, the path you chose is muddy it grows in rows without scope or end and in the dark, you hurry - You donā€™t see the standing forms As you pass them on your way they stand still amongst the swaying corn which hides their pallor, and decay - hundreds gather in this field tonight though you see none at all yet still you look around in fright but the corn grows too thick, too tall - You tell yourself as you continue through ā€œIts merely the rustling of the leaves,ā€ But they see you, and they hear you, And they might not let you leave.
Giggles Chuck climbed out of the bed and made his way to the bathroom, refusing to turn on the bedside lamp in case he disturbed his wife whom was lĆ„yÄ«ng beside him. Finishing his busıness, he made his way to the sink, and just as he began to run the water, thought he heard a faint laughter coming from the bedroom. ā€œHoney? Was that you?ā€ He listened carefully, but there was no reply from that dark doorway. Chuck turned back to the sink and continued to wash his hands, certain that it was just his half-asleep brain playing tricks. However, moments later, he once again thought he could hear a faint laughter from the bedroom. He turned off the water, and began to make his way back into the bedroom. The light was off, and in the bed, he could make out the shape of his wife lĆ„yÄ«ng there. ā€œHoney? Were you laughing?ā€ Chuck flicked on the bedside lamp, and in an instant was looking into the unblinking đeađ eyes of his wife, her mouth sliced from ear-to-ear in a grotesque mockery of a smıle. Chuck felt his heart freeze, before relief washed over him. ā€œOh, it WAS you!ā€ he exclaimed with a smıle as he peeled back the Ģ› bed sheets, stıll stiff from the long dried błoođ, and climbed back into Ģ› bed, kissing his wifeā€™s cold cheek before turning out the light. ā€œFor a moment there, I thought I was going cRaZy.ā€
I Want to Help It was a beautiful morning when I woke up, the sun shining through and the wildlife up and about. I went for my morning stroll, taking my usual route. I stopped by the surface of the water, when I saw the most peculiar thing: a little girlā€¦ In there. Couldnā€™t she breathe? Why didnā€™t she come out? Panicking, I reached out and grabbed her arms, yanking her out of it and holding her close to me. She started to scream, but then seemed to be choking. I tried to calm her down. ā€œShhā€¦ Everything is fine, little one, I saved you! Relax! Breathe in!ā€ But she wouldnā€™t. And soon, despite all my efforts, she went limp. Not again! I couldnā€™t understand. I had taken her out of that horrible, disgusting air, and into the safety of the water. What had I done wrong this time? Maybe my tentacles frighten them. Maybe I wasnā€™t gentle enough. Human children are so unpredictable. Iā€™ll save one for real next time, I swear.
The End ā€œThe End is nighā€ ā€œAgency Officials: Spend this time with your loved onesā€ ā€œCitizens prepare for the Inevitableā€ The newspapers were all the same. His mother whisked him away from the news stand and into her arms, but not before he read the last headline. ā€œThe Invasion: What could We have done?ā€ ā€œMommy, whatā€™s happening?ā€ he whispered. She pressed his warm, chubby hand to her wet cheek and let out a quiet sob. ā€œThe humans. They found us.ā€
in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½”
Felizā˜…* 怂 ā€¢ Ėš Ėš Ė› Ėš Ė› ā€¢ ā€¢ć€‚ā˜…Navidadā˜… 怂* 怂 Ā° 怂 Ā° Ė›ĖšĖ› * _Ī _____*怂*Ėš Ėš Ė› ā€¢Ė›ā€¢Ėš */______/~ļ¼¼ć€‚Ėš Ėš Ė› Ėš Ė› ā€¢Ė›ā€¢ Ėš ļ½œē”°ē”° ļ½œé–€ļ½œ Ėš Un feliz aƱo nuevo
ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ» i hope this year brings us lots of love, blessings and good people šŸ§ āŸ” ļ¾Ÿļ½”
怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . you are bigger than what is making you anxious 怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 .
. āœ§ 怀 Ėšć€€ . i will face whatever comes today with a positive attitude ā™” 怀怀Ėš 怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ .
compassionatereminders "But why do you let your disability stop you?" Because that's.... what disabilities... do. That's... literally the basic definition... of being disabled... A disability impairs your ability to function. That's what the term means. That's the main thing Feb 17th, 2024
gĪ¹Ńā„“:āˆ‚Ļƒ уĻƒĻ… ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Ī±Ī·ŃƒĻƒĪ·Ń”ŲŸ Š²ĻƒŃƒ:уєѕ. Ī¹ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Š½Ń”я Š¼ĻƒŃŃ” тŠ½Ī±Ī· тŠ½Ń” Ī±Ī¹Ń Ī¹ Š²ŃŃ”Ī±Ń‚Š½ gĪ¹Ńā„“: Ļ‰Ń”ā„“ā„“ Ī¹'Š¼ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• Š½Ń”ŃŃ” ʒĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ… Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī¹ ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰ gĪ¹Ńā„“: Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚'ѕ Ļ‰ŃĻƒĪ·gŲŸ Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī¹ ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Š½Ń”я ѕĻƒ Š¼Ļ…Ā¢Š½ gĪ¹Ńā„“: тĪ±ā„“Šŗ тĻƒ Š½Ń”я Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī¹ āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·'т ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰, ѕŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒĪ·Ń‚ єĪ½Ń”Ī· ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Š¼Ń” gĪ¹Ńā„“: āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·'т ѕĪ±Ńƒ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ уĻƒĻ…'яє Ī±Š¼Ī±zĪ¹Ī·g Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī¹ Ā¢Ī±Ī· × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ тєā„“ā„“. gĪ¹Ńā„“: Ļ‰Ń”ā„“ā„“ × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ тєā„“ā„“ Š½Ń”я Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ ѕŠ½ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ Ī¹ ѕĪ±ŃƒŲŸ gĪ¹Ńā„“: тєā„“ā„“ Š½Ń”я Š½ĻƒĻ‰ Š¼Ļ…Ā¢Š½ уĻƒĻ… ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Š½Ń”я Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī¹ тєā„“ā„“ Š½Ń”я āˆ‚Ī±Ī¹ā„“Ńƒ gĪ¹Ńā„“: Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ āˆ‚Ļƒ уĻƒĻ… Š¼Ń”Ī±Ī·ŲŸ Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī¹'Š¼ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Š½Ń”я. Ī¹ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Š½Ń”я gĪ¹Ńā„“: Ī¹ ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰ Š½ĻƒĻ‰ уĻƒĻ… ʒєєā„“. Ī¹ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” тŠ½Ń” ѕĪ±Š¼Ń” ĻŃĻƒŠ²ā„“Ń”Š¼ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Š½Ń”'ā„“ā„“ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Š¼Ń” Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ļ‰Ī±Ī¹Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ āˆ‚Ļƒ уĻƒĻ… ā„“Ī¹ŠŗєŲŸ gĪ¹Ńā„“: ĻƒŠ½ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń” Š²ĻƒŃƒ Š²ĻƒŃƒ: ĻƒŠ½...Š½ĻƒĻ‰ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ī¹ ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰ ѕŠ½Ń” ā„“Ī¹Šŗєѕ Š¼Ń”ŲŸ gĪ¹Ńā„“:Ī¹ ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰ ѕŠ½Ń” āˆ‚ĻƒŃ”Ń• Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Š½ĻƒĻ‰ āˆ‚Ļƒ уĻƒĻ… ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰ŲŸ gĪ¹Ńā„“: Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń”, Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚Ī·'т ā„“Ī¹Šŗє уĻƒĻ…ŲŸ Š²ĻƒŃƒ: уĻƒĻ…! gĪ¹Ńā„“: уĻƒĻ…'яє Ļ‰ŃĻƒĪ·g, Ī¹ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” уĻƒĻ… Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī¹ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” уĻƒĻ… тĻƒĻƒ gĪ¹Ńā„“: ѕĻƒ Ī±ŃŃ” уĻƒĻ… gĻƒĪ¹Ī·g тĻƒ тĪ±ā„“Šŗ тĻƒ Š½Ń”яŲŸ Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī¹ × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ āˆ‚Ī¹āˆ‚ ~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā—~ā— gĪ¹Ńā„“: āˆ‚Ļƒ Ī¹ єĪ½Ń”я Ā¢ŃĻƒŃ•Ń• уĻƒĻ…я Š¼Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚ Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī·Ļƒ gĪ¹Ńā„“: āˆ‚Ļƒ уĻƒĻ… ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Š¼Ń”ŲŸ Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ яєĪ±ā„“ā„“Ńƒ gĪ¹Ńā„“: āˆ‚Ļƒ уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ń‚ Š¼Ń”ŲŸ Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī·Ļƒ gĪ¹Ńā„“: Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ… Ā¢ŃŃƒ Ī¹Ę’ Ī¹ ā„“єʒтŲŸ Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī·Ļƒ gĪ¹Ńā„“: Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ… ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” ʒĻƒŃ Š¼Ń”ŲŸ Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī·Ļƒ gĪ¹Ńā„“: Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ… āˆ‚Ļƒ Ī±Ī·ŃƒŃ‚Š½Ī¹Ī·g ʒĻƒŃ Š¼Ń”ŲŸ Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Ī·Ļƒ gĪ¹Ńā„“: Ā¢Š½ĻƒĻƒŃ•Ń”--Š¼Ń” ĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ…я ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Š²ĻƒŃƒ: Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” тŠ½Ń” gĪ¹Ńā„“ Ī¹Ī· ѕŠ½ĻƒĀ¢Šŗ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ĻĪ±Ī¹Ī· Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ тŠ½Ń” Š²ĻƒŃƒ яĻ…Ī·Ń• Ī±Ę’Ń‚Ń”Ń Š½Ń”я ѕĪ±ŃƒŃ•... Š²ĻƒŃƒ: тŠ½Ń” яєĪ±Ń•ĻƒĪ· уĻƒĻ… Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Ā¢ŃĻƒŃ•Ń• Š¼Ńƒ Š¼Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń• Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” уĻƒĻ…'яє Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ĻƒĪ· Š¼Ńƒ Š¼Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚. тŠ½Ń” яєĪ±Ń•ĻƒĪ· Ļ‰Š½Ńƒ Ī¹ āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·'т ā„“Ī¹Šŗє уĻƒĻ… Ī¹Ń• Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ī¹ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” уĻƒĻ…. тŠ½Ń” яєĪ±Ń•ĻƒĪ· Ī¹ āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·'т Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… Ī¹Ń• Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ…. тŠ½Ń” яєĪ±Ń•ĻƒĪ· Ī¹ Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚Ī·'т Ā¢ŃŃƒ Ī¹Ę’ уĻƒĻ… ā„“єʒт Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ī¹ Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ āˆ‚Ī¹Ń” Ī¹Ę’ уĻƒĻ… ā„“єʒт. тŠ½Ń” яєĪ±Ń•ĻƒĪ· Ī¹ Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚Ī·'т ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” ʒĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ… Ī¹Ń• Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ī¹ Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ āˆ‚Ī¹Ń” ʒĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ…. тŠ½Ń” яєĪ±Ń•ĻƒĪ· Ī¹'Š¼ Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“Ī¹Ī·g тĻƒ āˆ‚Ļƒ Ī±Ī·ŃƒŃ‚Š½Ī¹Ī·g ʒĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ… Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ī¹ āˆ‚Ļƒ єĪ½Ń”ŃŃƒŃ‚Š½Ī¹Ī·g ʒĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ…. тŠ½Ń” яєĪ±Ń•ĻƒĪ· Ī¹ Ā¢Š½ĻƒŃ•Ń” Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹Ń• Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” уĻƒĻ… Ī±ŃŃ” Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”
_________ā–„ā–ˆā–ˆāœæā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–„ _______ ā–„ā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–„ ______ā–ˆā–ˆā–€__ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ _____ā–ˆā–ˆ____ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–‘ā–‘Ł®ā–‘ā–€ ______ā–ˆā–ˆ____ā–ˆā–ˆā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ _______ā–ˆā–ˆ____ ā–ˆā–ˆā–‘ā–‘ā™„ _ (ā€āœæā€) ________ ā–ˆ_____ ā–ˆā–’ ___ (āœæ ā˜¼ āœæ) _________ā–ˆ ___ā–“ā–“ā–‘ā–“___ (ā€ā– ā€) ____ā–ˆā€ _ā–ˆ_ ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–’ā–‘ā–’ā–“__ā–ˆ_ā–__ā–„ _____ā–€ā–ˆā–€_ ā–“ā–“_ā–“ā–“ā–’ā–‘ā–’ā–“ ā–€ā–ˆā–_ā–ˆ _________ā–“ā–“_ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“____ ā–ā–€ _________ā–“ā–“_ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“______ā– _______ ā–“ā–“__ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“_ā–“ā–“____ā–ā–‘ ______ ā–“ā–“__ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“___ā–“___ā–’ā–’ _____ ā–“ā–“_ā–“ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā‹ā–ˆā–ˆā–“__ā–“ā–“ā–“ ___ā–’ā–’___ā–“ā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–“ ___ā–‘___ā–“ā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–ˆā–ˆā–“ ______ā–“ā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–“ _____ā–“ā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–ˆā–ˆā–“ _____ā–“ā–ˆā–’ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–“ ā–“___ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ ā–“________ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–’ ā–“________ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–’ ā–“________ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–’_ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–’ ā–“________ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–’__ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–’ ā–“________ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–’__ ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–’ ā–“________ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–’__ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–’ ā–“________ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–’ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–’ ā–“ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–„ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–’ ā–“ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–’ā–‘ā–‘ā–’ā–’ ā–“_ā–ˆā¤ā–ˆ___ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ ā–“ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ____ ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ ā–“ā–ˆ_______ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ ā–“________ā–ˆā–ˆā„ā–ˆ ā–“________ā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā–ˆā–ˆā–„
nondivisable some of yall need to understand that "my bĆødy, my chĆøice" also applies to: addicts in active addiction with no intention of quitting phys dısabled people who deny medical treatment neurodivergent people who deny psychiatric treatment (yes, including schizophrenic people and people with personality dısorder) trans people who want or don't want to medically transition and if you can't understand that, then you don't get to use the phrase
ur phone falls, we panic ur friends fall, we laugh. August 3, 2015
chthonic-pain if you work at an inaccessible venue and a dısabled person calls up to ask if there is wheelchair access, you are doing them a favour and being a good ally by saying the truth and warning that person about inaccessibility. if you want to help dısabled people, you need to make an effort not to put obstacles in our way, and that means informing us of access issues so that we can plan around them and avoid getting stuck or hurtĢø. if you lie about or try to minimise access issues, you are instead putting us in danger. we will learn about the inaccessibility one way or another: either by you telling us, or by going there and finding out for ourselves when we hit a roadblock. don't let it be the second one.. Mar 28th, 2024
bebsi-cola disabled people deserve more than the bare minimum to live tbh and i don't mean in the "oh we have extra costs that makes being disabled more expensive" - which is true but i'm counting those in the budget to live. disabled people also deserve enough money to buy treats, nice clothes, fund their hobbies, take a trip away and so on. being disabled shouldn't force you into a life of frugality and poverty Mar 7th, 2024
Accessibility should not be an afterthought Feb 21st, 2024 silversarcasm Your daily reminder that inaccessibility isnā€™t just a little bothį„±r to dısabled people but is part of a violent ableist culture that bars dısabled people from many parts of life and treats them as unimportant and unneeded
July 25, 2014 My wish for you today my friends is peace in your minds, love in your hearts and laughter in your lives! Much love and many blessings to vou!!
____________________ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ _________ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“____ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ __ ĘøĢµĢ”ӜĢµĢØĢ„Ę·ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“=ā–“____ā–“=ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ __ ā–“ā–“ā–“_ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–‘ā—____ā—ā–‘ā–‘ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ _ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“_ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–‘ā–‘__ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ _ ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“_ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–‘ā–‘ā™„__ā™„ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–“ā–“ā–“ __ ā–“ā–“ā–“___ā–“ā–“ā–‘ā–‘_____ā–‘ā–‘ā–‘ā–“ā–“ ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“____ā–“ā–‘ā–‘_____ā–‘ā–‘ā–“ _ ā–“ā–“____ ā–’ā–“ā–’ā–“ā–’___ ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ _______ ā–’ā–“ā–’ā–“ā–’ā–“ā–’_ ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ _______ā–’ā–“ā–’ā–“ā–’ā–“ā–’ ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ _____ ā–’ā–“ā–’ā–“ā–’ā–“ā–’_ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ _ ___ā–’ā–“ā–’ā–“ā–’ā–“ā–’__ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ _ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ _ā–“ā–“Xā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“__ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ_ ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ ā–“ā–“_ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–“ā–“__ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ_ ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ ā–“_ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–“ā–“__ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ_ ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ _ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–“ā–“__ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ _ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ _ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–“ā–“__ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“_ā–’ā–’ _ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–“ā–“__ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ _ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–“ā–“__ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ __ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–“___ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ _______ā–’ā–’ā–’ā–’ā–’____ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ _______ā–’ā–’ā–’ā–’ā–’ _____ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ _______ā–’ā–’ā–’ā–’ā–’_____ ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ _______ā–’ā–’ā–’ā–’ā–’ _____ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ ________ā–’ā–’ā–’ā–’______ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ā–“ ________ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ____ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆ _'ā–€ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–„ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā€‹ā”€ā–„ā”€ā”€ā–„_ ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā”€ā–„ā”€ā–ˆā–„ā–„ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–„ā”€ā”€ā€‹ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–„ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ā–ˆā•‘ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā–„ā•‘ā–„ā”€ā”€ā–„ā•‘ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ā€‹ā–ˆā•‘ā–„ā–ˆā•‘ ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ā–ˆā•‘ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā–€ā–€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ā€‹ā”€ā–€ā”€ā–€ ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ā–„ā•‘ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā–€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ā–„ā–ˆā•‘ā”€ā–€ā–€ ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–€ā–€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā”€ā–ˆā•‘ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–„ā”€ā–„ā–„ā–€ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–€ā–„ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–„ā–„ā–€ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā”€ā”€ā”€ā–„ā–€ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–ˆā–€ā–€ā–„ā–€ ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā–€ā–ˆā–€
š’ƒš’š ā€œš‘¾š’š’š’šš’š’–š’š’ˆš’Šš’”š’Žā€! ą»’ź’°ą¾€ą½²ć£Ė• -ļ½”ź’±ą¾€ą½²ą§§ ļ¼³ļ½”ļ½•ļ½„ļ½™ ļ½”ļ½‰ļ½ļ½“ ļ½†ļ½’ļ½ļ½ ļ½“ļ½ļ½ļ½…ļ½ļ½Žļ½… ļ½—ļ½ˆļ½: ļ½‡ļ½…ļ½”ļ½“ ļ½ˆļ½‰ļ½‡ļ½ˆ ļ½‡ļ½’ļ½ļ½„ļ½…ļ½“ ļ½ļ½Žļ½„ ļ½‰ļ½“ ļ½ ļ½”ļ½…ļ½ļ½ƒļ½ˆs ļ½†ļ½ļ½–ļ¼: źœ°ÉŖŹ€źœ±į“› É“į“ į“…ÉŖźœ±į“›Ź€į“€į“„į“›ÉŖį“É“źœ±!: į“į“€į“‹į“‡ źœ±į“œŹ€į“‡ Źį“į“œŹ€ į“˜Źœį“É“į“‡ ÉŖźœ± į“„ŹŸį“źœ±į“‡į“… į“€É“į“… ŹŸį“į“„į“‹į“‡į“… į“€į“”į“€Ź! į“”Źœį“€į“› ÉŖ į“…į“ ÉŖźœ± į“˜į“œį“› į“Ź į“˜Źœį“É“į“‡ į“Ź€ į“”Źœį“€į“›į“‡į“ į“‡Ź€ į“…į“‡į“ ÉŖį“„į“‡ Źį“į“œ į“œźœ±į“‡ ÉŖÉ“ į“€ źœ°į“€Ź€ į“…Ź€į“€į“”į“‡Ź€ į“›Źœį“€į“› Źį“į“œ į“˜Ź€į“Ź™ į“”į“É“į“› Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“‡É“į“į“œÉ¢Źœ į“į“į“›ÉŖį“ į“€į“›ÉŖį“É“ į“›į“ É¢į“ É¢į“‡į“› ÉŖį“›! į“€É“į“į“›Źœį“‡Ź€ į“”į“€Ź ÉŖźœ± į“„ŹŸį“źœ±ÉŖÉ“É¢ į“›Źœį“‡ É“į“į“›źœ°ÉŖį“„į“€į“›ÉŖį“É“źœ±! (į“€É“į“… ÉŖźœ± Źį“į“œ į“„į“€É“/į“”į“€É“į“› į“…į“‡ŹŸį“‡į“›ÉŖÉ“É¢ źœ±į“į“„ÉŖį“€ŹŸ į“į“‡į“…ÉŖį“€ į“€į“˜į“˜źœ±!), źœ±į“‡į“„į“É“į“…: źœ°į“Ź€į“„į“‡ Źį“į“œŹ€źœ±į“‡ŹŸźœ°źœ°źœ°źœ°źœ°!!!! į“į“į“›ÉŖį“ į“€į“›ÉŖį“É“źœ± ÉŖźœ± É“į“į“› É¢į“É“É“į“€ ŹŸį“€źœ±į“› ŹŸį“É“É¢ Źį“į“œ Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“›į“ źœ°į“Ź€į“„į“‡ Źį“į“œŹ€źœ±į“‡ŹŸźœ°! ÉŖį“›źœ± źœ±į“‡ŹŸźœ° į“…ÉŖźœ±į“˜ŹŸÉŖÉ“į“‡! źœ±į“€Ź į“›į“ Źį“į“œŹ€źœ±į“‡ŹŸźœ° ā€œÉŖźœ° Źį“į“œ į“‹į“‡į“‡į“˜ į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± į“œį“˜ Ź/É“ Źį“į“œŹ€ É¢į“É“É“į“€ É¢į“‡į“› É¢Ź€į“€į“…į“‡źœ±, É“į“ į“€į“„į“€į“…į“‡į“ÉŖį“„ į“ į“€ÉŖŹŸį“…į“€į“›ÉŖį“É“, į“€ É¢į“į“į“… į“ŹŸā€™ źœ±ŹŸį“€į“˜, į“Šį“Ź™, į“€É“į“… Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“›į“ Ź€į“‡į“…į“ į“›Źœį“‡ Źį“‡į“€Ź€ į“į“‡į“€É“į“”ŹœÉŖŹŸį“‡ į“€ŹŸŹŸ Źį“į“œŹ€ źœ°Ź€ÉŖį“‡É“į“…źœ± į“€Ź€į“‡ į“˜Ź€į“Ź™ É¢į“É“É“į“€ į“į“į“ į“‡ į“É“ į“›į“ į“›Źœį“‡ É“į“‡xį“›!ā€ į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± į“É“į“‡ ÉŖźœ± į“”Źœį“€į“› Ź€į“‡į“€ŹŸŹŸŹ į“‹į“‡į“‡į“˜źœ± į“į“‡ É¢į“ÉŖÉ“É¢ ŹŸį“ŹŸ! ā‚ŠĖšŹš į—¢ā‚ŠĖšāœ§ ļ¾Ÿ. į“›ŹœÉŖŹ€į“…!: į“‹į“‡į“‡į“˜ÉŖÉ“É¢ į“Ź€É¢į“€ÉŖÉ“źœ±į“‡į“… ÉŖźœ± Ź€į“‡į“€ŹŸŹŸŹ Źœį“€Ź€į“…! į“‡į“ į“‡É“ źœ°į“Ź€ į“į“‡ źœ±į“€į“…ŹŸŹ:( Ź™į“œį“›! į“É“į“‡ į“źœ° į“Ź ÉŖÉ“źœ±į“˜į“źœ± ÉŖźœ± į“˜ÉŖÉ“į“›į“‡Ź€į“‡źœ±į“› É“į“į“›į“‡źœ±! ÉŖ ŹŸÉŖį“‹į“‡ į“›į“ į“…į“ į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± į“›Źį“˜į“‡ į“źœ° É“į“į“›ÉŖÉ“É¢! ÉŖį“›źœ± Ź€į“‡į“€ŹŸŹŸŹ źœ±ÉŖį“į“˜ŹŸį“‡ Ź™į“œį“› Źį“‡į“› Źœį“‡ŹŸį“˜źœ± į“į“‡ į“€ŹŸį“į“› į“”ÉŖį“›Źœ ŹŸį“‡źœ±źœ±į“É“źœ± ÉŖ į“…į“ É“į“į“› į“œÉ“į“…į“‡Ź€źœ±į“›į“€É“į“…! ÉŖį“›źœ± į“„į“€ŹŸŹŸį“‡į“… į“„į“Ź€É“į“‡ŹŸŹŸ É“į“į“›į“‡źœ±! į“˜ŹŸį“œźœ± į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± ÉŖźœ± Ź€į“‡į“€ŹŸŹŸŹ Ź€į“‡į“€ŹŸŹŸŹ ÉŖį“į“˜į“Ź€į“›į“€É“į“›!: į“›į“€į“‹ÉŖÉ“É¢ É“į“į“›į“‡źœ± į“”ŹœÉŖŹŸį“‡ ÉŖÉ“ į“„ŹŸį“€źœ±źœ±! É“į“į“› ŹŸÉŖį“‹į“‡ źœ°į“œŹŸŹŸ į“É“ É“į“į“›į“‡źœ± į“Šį“œźœ±į“› Ź€į“‡į“ÉŖÉ“į“…į“‡Ź€źœ±! (į“‡x: ā€œį“€źœ± źœ±į“į“É“ į“€źœ± ÉŖ É¢į“‡į“› Źœį“į“į“‡ ÉŖ į“”ÉŖŹŸŹŸ źœ°ÉŖÉ“ÉŖźœ±Źœ į“›Źœį“‡ Ź™ÉŖį“ŹŸį“É¢Ź į“€źœ±źœ±ÉŖɢɓį“į“‡É“į“›ā€, ā€œÉŖÉ“ 2:50į“˜į“ ÉŖ į“”ÉŖŹŸŹŸ źœ±į“œį“Ź™ÉŖį“› į“›Źœį“‡ į“į“€į“›Źœ į“€źœ±źœ±ÉŖɢɓį“į“‡É“į“›ā€) į“œźœ±į“‡ ŹŸÉŖį“›į“›ŹŸį“‡ źœ±į“į“€ŹŸŹŸ į“„į“ŹŸį“Ź€į“‡į“… É“į“į“›į“‡źœ± į“€É“į“… źœ±į“›ÉŖį“„į“‹ į“›į“ į“›Źœį“‡į“ į“É“ į“€É“Źį“›ŹœÉŖÉ“É¢! ŹŸÉŖį“‹į“‡ Źį“į“œŹ€ į“„ŹœŹ€į“į“į“‡ ŹŸį“€į“˜! į“Ź€ Źį“į“œŹ€ źœ°į“€į“  į“œźœ±į“œį“€ŹŸ É“į“į“›į“‡Ź™į“į“į“‹ Źį“į“œ į“œźœ±į“‡ į“Ź€ źœ±į“į“į“‡į“›ŹœÉŖÉ“É¢, į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± Ź€į“‡į“€ŹŸŹŸŹ Źœį“‡ŹŸį“˜į“‡į“… į“į“‡ źœ±į“›į“€Ź ÉŖÉ“ į“›ÉŖį“į“‡ į“€É“į“… Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“€ źœ±į“„Źœį“‡į“…į“œŹŸį“‡! (į“€É“į“… ÉŖźœ° Źį“į“œ Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“€ į“į“‡źœ±źœ±Ź į“˜ŹŸį“€į“„į“‡, į“˜ŹŸį“‡į“€źœ±į“‡ Ź€į“‡į“ÉŖÉ“į“… Źį“į“œŹ€źœ±į“‡ŹŸźœ° į“‡į“ į“‡Ź€Ź źœ±ÉŖÉ“É¢ŹŸį“‡ į“›ÉŖį“į“‡ į“„ŹŸį“‡į“€É“ į“œį“˜!, į“›ÉŖį“…Ź į“œį“˜! į“€É“į“… źœ±į“›į“œźœ°źœ° ŹŸÉŖį“‹į“‡ į“›Źœį“€į“›, ā€œį“€ į“„ŹŸį“‡į“€É“ Ź€į“į“į“ = į“€ į“„ŹŸį“‡į“€É“ į“ÉŖÉ“į“…ā€ į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± ÉŖźœ± į“€į“„į“›į“œį“€ŹŸŹŸŹ į“ į“‡Ź€Ź į“›Ź€į“œį“‡! į“€É“į“… į“„į“€É“ į“€źœ°źœ°į“‡į“„į“› Źį“į“œŹ€ į“į“‡É“į“›į“€ŹŸ Źœį“‡į“€ŹŸį“›Źœ! į“”Źœį“‡É“ Źį“į“œ Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“€ į“į“‡źœ±źœ±Ź Ź€į“į“į“ į“›Źœį“‡É“ Źį“į“œŹ€ É¢į“É“É“į“€ Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“€ į“į“‡źœ±źœ±Ź į“ÉŖÉ“į“… į“”ŹœÉŖį“„Źœ ÉŖźœ± É“į“į“› É¢į“É“É“į“€ Źœį“‡ŹŸį“˜ źœ±į“›į“œį“…ŹÉŖÉ“É¢! į“Źœ į“€É“į“… ŹŸį“į“į“‹ į“œį“˜ į“˜ÉŖÉ“į“›į“‡Ź€į“‡źœ±į“› źœ±į“›į“œį“…Ź Qį“œį“į“›į“‡źœ± į“›Źœį“‡Ź Źœį“‡ŹŸį“˜ į“į“‡ į“€ŹŸį“į“› źœ±į“›į“€Ź źœ°į“į“„į“œźœ±į“‡į“…!) ą¬˜(ą©­ā—ŒĖŠįµ•Ė‹)ą©­* ą©ˆā™”ā€§ā‚ŠĖš į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± ÉŖźœ± į“€ŹŸŹŸ į“›Źœį“‡ į“›ÉŖį“˜źœ± ÉŖ į“„į“į“œŹŸį“… į“›ŹœÉŖÉ“į“‹ į“źœ° Ź€ÉŖÉ¢Źœį“› É“į“į“”!, ÉŖźœ° į“›Źœį“‡Ź€į“‡źœ± į“į“Ź€į“‡ ÉŖ'ŹŸŹŸ į“›į“‡ŹŸŹŸ Źį“€ŹŸŹŸ ŹŸį“€į“›į“‡Ź€ Ź™Źį“‡!! <3 ą©ˆāœ©ā€§ā‚ŠĖšą¼ŗā˜†ą¼»ą©ˆāœ©ā€§ā‚ŠĖš
July 15, 2015 A true relationship is two unperfect people refusing to give up on each other.
|ļæ£ļæ£ļæ£ļæ£ļæ£ļæ£ļæ£ļæ£ļæ£ļæ£ļæ£| | I love my friends a lot, | | I just suck at talking | | to them regularly | |ļ¼æļ¼æļ¼æļ¼æļ¼æļ¼æļ¼æļ¼æļ¼æļ¼æļ¼æ| (\__/) || (ā€¢ć……ā€¢) || / 怀 恄
A real friend is someone who knows how totally crazy you are but is still willing to be seen out with you in public. April 8, 2014
September 8, 2013 Good Friends Care For Each Other, Close Friends Understand Each Other, But TRUE FRIENDS Stay Forever... Beyond Words, Beyond Distance, Beyond Time.
disabilityreminders Youā€™re allowed to use accommodations even if you could technically get by without them. Use the accommodations if you can. You donā€™t need to be at the highest level of suffering to be valid in using them. If they improve your quality of life or paın level or anything at all like that, then theyā€™re worth using and you deserve to use them. Jan 18th, 2024
ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS ! šŸ’˜ friends to lovers ā£ļø enemies to lovers šŸ’œ love at first sight šŸ’™ slow burn šŸ’š skinny love šŸ’” exes to lovers again šŸ–¤ on again , off again familial relationships ! šŸŒ¼ older sibling šŸŒŗ younger sibling šŸ‘­ twins šŸŒ» friends like siblings šŸƒ cousins šŸŒµ parental friend relationships ! ā˜€ļø best friends šŸŒ¦ enemies to friends šŸŒˆ friends since childhood ā›…ļø friends of circumstance ā˜ļø school friends šŸŒ© friends from traumatic experıences enemy relationships ! šŸ”Ŗ friends to enemies šŸ’£ stole something from my muse šŸ”¦ stole something from your muse šŸ—” bullied my muse šŸ”« bullied your muse āš”ļø family feud šŸ›  feud between mutual friends āŒ guilty by association
š•¬š–˜ š•­š–‘š–†š–ˆš– š•³š–Žš–˜š–™š–”š–—š–ž š–’š–”š–“š–™š– š–ˆš–”š–’š–Šš–˜ š–™š–” š–† š–ˆš–‘š–”š–˜š–Š š–š–šš–˜š–™ š–† š–‹š–—š–Žš–Šš–“š–‰š–‘š–ž š–—š–Šš–’š–Žš–“š–‰š–Šš–— š–‘ š–†š–’ š–‡š–‘š–†š–ˆš– š–Šš–›š–Šš–—š–ž š–’š–”š–“š–™š–. š•²š–”š–”š–‰ š–’š–”š–—š–“š–Žš–“š–Œ š–š–†š–›š–Š š–† š–Œš–—š–Šš–†š–™ š–‰š–†š–ž š–†š–“š–‰ š–‡š–Š š–˜š–†š–‹š–Š š–†š–˜ š–œš–Šš–‘š–‘.
memies: image INTRODUCTION/ICEBREAKER STARTER - Feel free to change pronouns, e.t.c. ā€œAllow me to introduce myself, my name isā€¦ā€ ā€œA new face, eh? Havenā€™t seen one of those in a while.ā€ ā€œIā€™m sorry, but I couldnā€™t help but notice that you are crying. May I offer you a tissue?ā€ ā€œDo you know any good cafes in the area?ā€ ā€œNo, we havenā€™t met before. I must just have one of those faces, I suppose.ā€ ā€œThat looks heavy - need a hand?ā€ ā€œWhy donā€™t you want to tell me your name?ā€ ā€œHey! You canā€™t be in here!ā€ ā€œI seem to be low on cashā€¦ Would you mind sharing a ride with me?ā€ ā€œWhat are you staring at?ā€ ā€œWould you mind sharing your umbrella with me? I forgot mine at home.ā€ ā€œExcuse me!ā€ ā€œPlease donā€™t stand on that!ā€ ā€œI love your sweater, would you mind telling me where you got it?ā€ ā€œI know we barely know eachother, but Iā€¦ I could really use some company right now.ā€ ā€œGet out of my way!ā€ ā€œWould you mind removing your arm? You are blocking my armrest.ā€ ā€œExcuse me, have you seen this dog?ā€ ā€œI think you dropped this.ā€ ā€œIs this seat taken?ā€ ā€œNo, Iā€™m *Name here*. I think you are mistaking me for someone else.ā€ ā€œI wouldnā€™t mind some company, I donā€™t know anyone here.ā€ ā€œMay I borrow your phone?ā€ ā€œCould you help me with this?ā€ ā€œI need a strangerā€™s honest opinionā€¦ Which one of these dresses look best on me?ā€
ā™© ā™© ā™© ā™© ā™© ā™© ā€fяĪ¹Ń”Šøāˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī¹Ń•Šøā€™Ń‚ Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ уĻƒĻ…ā€™Ī½Ń” ŠŗŠøĻƒĻ‰Šø тŠ½Ń” ā„“ĻƒŠøgєѕт. Ī¹Ń‚ā€™Ń• Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ļ‰Ī±ā„“Šŗєāˆ‚ Ī¹ŠøтĻƒ уĻƒĻ…я ā„“Ī¹fє Ī±Šøāˆ‚ ѕĪ±Ī¹āˆ‚ ā€œĪ¹ā€™Š¼ Š½Ń”ŃŃ” fĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ…ā€ Ī±Šøāˆ‚ ĻŃĻƒĪ½Ń”āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń‚.ā€ ā™© ā™© ā™© ā™© ā™© ā™©
Terms for the Mvrder of Loved Ones Amicicide: of oneā€™s friend (amicus - friend) Avunculicide: of oneā€™s uncle (avunculus - maternal uncle) Familicide: of oneā€™s family (spouse and children) (familia - family) Filicide: of oneā€™s daughter or son (filia - daughter; filius - son) Fratricide: of oneā€™s brother (or sibling) (frater - brother; fratrem - sibling) Mariticide: of oneā€™s husband (or spouse) (maritus - husband, spouse) Matricide: of oneā€™s mother (mater - mother) Neonaticide: of oneā€™s newborn child (neo - new; natus - born) Patricide: of oneā€™s father (pater - father) Prolicide: of oneā€™s offspring (proles - offspring) Senicide: of oneā€™s elder (senes - elderly; senex - old man) Sororicide: of oneā€™s sister (soror - sister) Uxoricide: of oneā€™s wife (uxor - wife, spouse) Amiticide: of oneā€™s aunt (amita - paternal aunt) Aniclicide: of oneā€™s female elder (anicla - old woman) Avicide: of oneā€™s grandparent (avia - grandmother; avus - grandfather) Conjicide: of oneā€™s spouse (conjux, coniux - spouse, husband, wife) Nepticide: of oneā€™s niece (nepti - niece)
ɖĒŸŹ€į¦ ʈɦŹ€ÉØֆį†ŹĒŸÖ†: ֆɛŹ‹É›Õ¼ ֆɛĒŸÖ†Ö…Õ¼ĒŸŹŸ ŹÖ…Õ¼Ö†į†É›Ź€Ö† Ź„Ź€Ö…Ź ŹŹį†É¦ ĒŸÕ¼É– ŹŸÉ›É¢É›Õ¼É– Author's š“‚€š•°š–‘š–Žš–š–†š–š–£²Ģøā˜˜ā™• :zap: 11/12/21 ā•”ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•— ā•šā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• ā€”(ā€¢ā€¢Ć·[ š•“š–“š–™š–—š–”š–‰š–šš–ˆš–™š–Žš–”š–“ ]Ć·ā€¢ā€¢)ā€” :christmas_tree: Čā„ŒĘ¦Ä¬į¹ØŦį¹€į—›į¹Ø į¹€Ä¬įŽ¶ā„ŒÅ¦ Å¦ĘŸÄį—›Ę³ į—·ā„Ø į—› ŦĬį¹€ā„Ø ʟF ā„‘ĘŸĘ³ į—›ÅŠÄ Fā„Øį¹ØÅ¦Ä¬Ę²Ä¬Å¦Ę³, į—·į»°Å¦ į—› Fā„ØĻ– Čā„ØŊŦį»°Ę¦Ä¬ā„Øį¹Ø į—·ā„ØFĘŸĘ¦ā„Ø Fį—›Å¦ā„Œā„Øʦ Čā„ŒĘ¦Ä¬į¹ØŦį¹€į—›į¹Ø, į¹€į»°ÄŒā„Œ ʟF ā„Øį»°Ę¦ĘŸĘ¤ā„Ø į¹Øį—›Ļ– Ŧā„Œā„Ø į¹€Ä¬ÄĻ–ĬŊŦā„Øʦ į—›į¹Ø Ŧā„Œā„Ø ŦĬį¹€ā„Ø Ļ–ā„Œā„ØŊ Ŧā„Œā„Ø Đā„Øį—›Ä į—›ÅŠÄ Đā„Øį¹€ĘŸÅŠÄ¬ÄŒ Ę¦ĘŸį—›į¹€ā„ØĐ Ŧā„Œā„Ø FĘ¦ĘŸį¹ØÅ¦Ę³ Čʟį»°ÅŠÅ¦Ę¦Ę³į¹ØĬĐā„Ø. ʤį—›į»°Ä¹ ā„Œį—›Ļ–Ę˜Ä¬ÅŠį¹Ø į¹Øā„ØĹā„ØČŦį¹Ø į¹Øā„ØĘ²ā„ØŊ ʟF Ŧā„Œā„Ø į¹€ĘŸį¹ØŦ FʦĬįŽ¶ā„ŒÅ¦ā„ØŊĬŊįŽ¶ Čā„ŒĘ¦Ä¬į¹ØŦį¹€į—›į¹Ø ÄŒĘ¦ā„Øį—›Å¦į»°Ę¦ā„Øį¹Ø. ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ū© - ą¹‘Ū© ,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘ źˆ¼OĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼nĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼eĢ¶ā†¦ ā•”ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•— ā•šā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• krĪ±Ļ»Ļ¼įæ Ļ© rĻµĻ©ĻµĻ»Ļ¦lĻµĻ© Ī±Ķ· Ī±Ķ·ĻÆhrĻ“Ļ¼Ļ“Ļ»Ļ“rĻ¼hįæ–Ķ¼, Ī“ĻµĻ»Ļ“Ķ·įæ–Ķ¼ Ļ­Ļ“Ī±ĻÆ Ļ£hĻ“ Ļ¼įæ Ķ·įæ–Ļ©hĻµĻ© Ļ»įæ–Ļ©Ļ¦ĻµhĪ±Ī½įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ķ¼hįæ–lĪ“rĻµĶ·. hĻµ rįæ–Ļ¼Ļ© Ļ“įæ ĻÆ Ļ­įæ–rlĻ©ā€™ Ļ¼įæ–Ļ­ĻÆĪ±įæ–lĻ©, Ļ¦ĻµĪ±ĻÆĻ© Ķ¼hįæ–lĪ“rĻµĶ· Ļ£įæ–ĻÆh Ļ¦įæ–rĶ¼h Ļ¦rĪ±Ķ·Ķ¼hĻµĻ© Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ļ“fĻÆĻµĶ· Ķ¼Ī±rrįæ–ĻµĻ© Ī± Ļ¦Ī±Ļ©kĻµĻÆ Ļ“Ķ· hįæ–Ļ© Ļ¦Ī±Ķ¼k Ļ©Ļ“ hĻµ Ķ¼Ī±Ķ· Ķ¼Ī±rrĻ’ Ļ“ff Ī± Ķ¼hįæ–lĪ“ Ļ“f hįæ–Ļ© Ķ¼hĻ“Ļ“Ļ©įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ķ¼Ļ“Ķ·Ļ©įæ Ļ»Ļµ ĻÆhĻµĻ» fĻ“r Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻ»Ī±Ļ© Ī“įæ–Ķ·Ķ·Ļµr. 5 Ī“ĻµĶ¼ĻµĻ»Ļ¦Ļµr įæ–Ļ© krĪ±Ļ»Ļ¼įæ Ļ©Ķ·Ī±Ķ¼hĻÆ ā€“ ĻÆhĻµ Ķ·įæ–Ļ­hĻÆ Ļ£hĻµrĻµ Ļ»ĻµĶ· įæ–Ķ· hĻ“Ļ»ĻµĻ»Ī±Ī“Ļµ krĪ±Ļ»Ļ¼įæ Ļ© Ķ¼Ļ“Ļ©ĻÆįæ Ļ»ĻµĻ© Ķ¼hĪ±rĻ­ĻµĪ“ Ī±rĻ“įæ Ķ·Ī“ Ī±lĻ¼įæ–Ķ·Ļµ Ī½įæ–llĪ±Ļ­ĻµĻ© Ļ£įæ–ĻÆh Ļ¼įæ–ĻÆĶ¼hfĻ“rkĻ©, Ī“ĻµĻ»Ī±Ķ·Ī“įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ļ¦Ļ“Ļ“ĻŸĻµ Ī±Ķ·Ī“ ĻÆhrĻµĪ±ĻÆĻµĶ·įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ļ©ĻÆrĪ±Ķ·Ļ­ĻµrĻ©. Ļ­ĻµĶ·įæ įæ–Ķ·Ļµ Ļ»Ļ“Ķ·Ļ©ĻÆĻµrĻ© frĻ“Ļ» ĻÆhĻµ fįæ–rĻµĻ© Ļ“f hĻµll Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ļ¼rĻ“Ļ¦Ī±Ļ¦lĻ’ hĪ±Ī½Ļµ Ķ¼Ī±įæ Ļ©ĻµĪ“ lĻµĻ©Ļ© Ī“ĻµĻ©ĻÆrįæ Ķ¼ĻÆįæ–Ļ“Ķ·. ĻÆhĻµĻ©Ļµ 'krĪ±Ļ»Ļ¼įæ Ļ© rįæ Ķ·Ļ©' Ķ¼Ļ“Ķ·ĻÆįæ–Ķ·įæ Ļµ ĻÆĻ“Ī“Ī±Ļ’ Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ī±rĻµ Ī± lįæ–ĻÆĻÆlĻµ Ļ»Ļ“rĻµ Ļ“rĻ­Ī±Ķ·įæ–Ļ©ĻµĪ“ Ļ¦įæ ĻÆ Ļ©ĻÆįæ–ll ĻÆĻµrrįæ–fĻ’įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ ĻÆĻ“ Ļ£įæ–ĻÆĶ·ĻµĻ©Ļ©. Ļ£hįæ–lĻ©ĻÆ Ļ»Ī±Ķ·Ļ’ Ļ©įæ–Ķ·įæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻµr Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻ»Ī±Ļ© Ķ¼hĪ±rĪ±Ķ¼ĻÆĻµrĻ© Ļ¼ĻµĪ±kĻµĪ“ Ī“įæ rįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ ĻÆhĻµ 15ĻÆh Ī±Ķ·Ī“ 16ĻÆh Ķ¼ĻµĶ·ĻÆįæ rįæ–ĻµĻ©, įæ–Ķ·ĻÆĻµrĻµĻ©ĻÆ įæ–Ķ· krĪ±Ļ»Ļ¼įæ Ļ© hĪ±Ļ© Ļ­rĻ“Ļ£Ķ· Ļ“Ī½Ļµr ĻÆįæ–Ļ»Ļµ. ĻÆhĻµ 19ĻÆh-Ķ¼ĻµĶ·ĻÆįæ rĻ’ įæ–Ķ·Ī½ĻµĶ·ĻÆįæ–Ļ“Ķ· Ļ“f Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻ»Ī±Ļ© Ķ¼Ī±rĪ“Ļ© Ļ©Ī±Ļ£ Ī±Ķ· ĻµxĻ¼lĻ“Ļ©įæ–Ļ“Ķ· Ļ“f įæ–Ļ»Ī±Ļ­ĻµĻ© Ļ“f krĪ±Ļ»Ļ¼įæ Ļ© Ļ©ĻµĶ·ĻÆ Ī±rĻ“įæ Ķ·Ī“ ĻÆhĻµ Ļ£Ļ“rlĪ“. krĪ±Ļ»Ļ¼įæ Ļ© rįæ Ķ·Ļ© hĪ±Ī½Ļµ Ļ©Ļ¼rĻµĪ±Ī“ ĻÆĻ“ Ī±Ļ»Ļµrįæ–Ķ¼Ī± ĻÆĻ“Ļ“ Ī±Ķ·Ī“, Ļ©įæ–Ķ·Ķ¼Ļµ 2013, ĻÆhĻµrĻµ hĪ±Ī½Ļµ Ļ¦ĻµĻµĶ· Ī± Ļ©Ļµrįæ–ĻµĻ© Ļ“f krĪ±Ļ»Ļ¼įæ Ļ©-rĻµlĪ±ĻÆĻµĪ“ Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻ»Ī±Ļ© fįæ–lĻ»Ļ©, Ļ¼rĻµĻ©ĻµĶ·ĻÆįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ ĻÆhĻµ Ķ¼hĪ±rĪ±Ķ¼ĻÆĻµr Ī±Ļ© Ī±Ķ· Ī±Ķ·ĻÆįæ–Ī“Ļ“ĻÆĻµ ĻÆĻ“ Ļ“Ī½Ļµr-Ļ©ĻµĶ·ĻÆįæ–Ļ»ĻµĶ·ĻÆĪ±l fĻµĻ©ĻÆįæ–Ī½Ļµ Ķ¼ĻµlĻµĻ¦rĪ±ĻÆįæ–Ļ“Ķ·Ļ©. ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ū© - ą¹‘Ū© ,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘ źˆ¼TĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼wĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼oĢ¶ā†¦ ā•”ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•— ā•šā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• įæ–Ķ· Ķ·Ļ“rĻ£Ī±Ļ’ Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ļ©Ļ£ĻµĪ“ĻµĶ·, 13 Ī“ĻµĶ¼ĻµĻ»Ļ¦Ļµr įæ–Ļ© Ļ©ĻÆ lįæ Ķ¼įæ–Ī±ā€™Ļ© Ī“Ī±Ļ’. Ļ©ĻÆ lįæ Ķ¼įæ–Ī± įæ–Ļ© rĻµĻ¼rĻµĻ©ĻµĶ·ĻÆĻµĪ“ Ī±Ļ© Ī± Ļ¦ĻµĪ±įæ ĻÆįæ–fįæ l Ļ’Ļ“įæ Ķ·Ļ­ Ļ£Ļ“Ļ»Ī±Ķ· Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ķ·Ļ“Ļ£Ī±Ī“Ī±Ļ’Ļ© ĻÆhĻµ Ļ“Ķ¼Ķ¼Ī±Ļ©įæ–Ļ“Ķ· įæ–Ļ© Ļ»Ī±rkĻµĪ“ Ļ¦Ļ’ Ī± Ī± Ļ’Ļ“įæ Ķ·Ļ­ Ļ£Ļ“Ļ»Ī±Ķ· įæ–Ķ· Ī± Ļ£hįæ–ĻÆĻµ Ļ©Ī±Ļ©h rĻµĻ¼rĻµĻ©ĻµĶ·ĻÆįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ ĻÆhĻµ Ļ©Ī±įæ–Ķ·ĻÆ rĻ“Ī±Ļ»įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ ĻÆhĻµ Ļ©ĻÆrĻµĻµĻÆĻ© Ļ£įæ–ĻÆh Ī± hĻµĪ±lĻÆh Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ļ©Ī±fĻµĻÆĻ’ Ļ“ffįæ–Ķ¼Ļµr-Ļ¦Ī±įæ–ĻÆįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ķ¼rĻ“Ļ£Ķ· Ļ“f Ķ¼Ī±Ķ·Ī“lĻµĻ© Ļ“Ķ· hĻµr hĻµĪ±Ī“. hĻ“Ļ£ĻµĪ½Ļµr, Ī± fĻµĻ£ Ķ¼ĻµĶ·ĻÆįæ rįæ–ĻµĻ© Ī±Ļ­Ļ“ Ķ·Ļ“rĻ£Ī±Ļ’ Ķ¼ĻµlĻµĻ¦rĪ±ĻÆĻµĪ“ lįæ Ķ¼įæ–Ī± (Ļ“r lįæ Ļ©Ļ©įæ–) įæ–Ķ· Ī± Ī½ĻµrĻ’ Ī“įæ–ffĻµrĻµĶ·ĻÆ fĻ“rĻ». fĻ“r ĻÆhĻµ Ķ·įæ–Ļ­hĻÆ Ļ¦ĻµfĻ“rĻµ 13 Ī“ĻµĶ¼ĻµĻ»Ļ¦Ļµr ā€“ lįæ Ļ©Ļ©įæ–ā€™Ļ© Ķ·įæ–Ļ­hĻÆ - Ļ£Ī±Ļ© ĻÆhĻµ Ķ·įæ–Ļ­hĻÆ Ļ£hĻµĶ· ĻµĪ½įæ–l Ļ©Ļ¼įæ–rįæ–ĻÆĻ© Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ī“ĻµĻ»Ļ“Ķ·Ļ© rĻ“Ļ©Ļµ įæ Ļ¼ ĻÆĻ“ Ļ£Ī±Ķ·Ī“Ļµr ĻÆhĻµ ĻµĪ±rĻÆh. Ķ¼hįæ–lĪ“rĻµĶ· Ķ·ĻµĻµĪ“ĻµĪ“ ĻÆĻ“ Ļ¦Ļµ Ļ­Ļ“Ļ“Ī“ Ī±Ķ·Ī“ ĻÆhĻµ Ī±Ī“įæ lĻÆĻ© Ļ£Ī±rĪ“ĻµĪ“ Ļ“ff ĻµĪ½įæ–l Ļ¦Ļ’ Ļ¼rĻ“ĻÆĻµĶ¼ĻÆįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ ĻÆhĻµįæ–r hĻ“Ļ»ĻµĻ© Ļ£įæ–ĻÆh ĻÆhĻµ Ļ©įæ–Ļ­Ķ· Ļ“f ĻÆhĻµ Ķ¼rĻ“Ļ©Ļ©. lįæ Ļ©Ļ©įæ– Ļ£Ī±Ļ© Ļ¼Ļ“rĻÆrĪ±Ļ’ĻµĪ“ Ī±Ļ© Ī± hįæ–Ī“ĻµĻ“įæ Ļ© Ī“ĻµĻ»Ļ“Ķ· Ļ£įæ–ĻÆh ĻÆĻ’rĪ±Ķ·Ķ·įæ–Ķ¼Ī±l Ļ¼Ļ“Ļ£ĻµrĻ©. Ļ©hĻµ rĻ“Ī“Ļµ ĻÆhrĻ“įæ Ļ­h ĻÆhĻµ Ļ©kįæ–ĻµĻ© Ļ“Ķ· Ī± Ļ¦rĻ“Ļ“Ļ»Ļ©ĻÆįæ–Ķ¼k Ī±Ķ¼Ķ¼Ļ“Ļ»Ļ¼Ī±Ķ·įæ–ĻµĪ“ Ļ¦Ļ’ Ī“ĻµĻ»Ļ“Ķ·Ļ©, ĻµĪ½įæ–l Ļ©Ļ¼įæ–rįæ–ĻÆĻ© Ī±Ķ·Ī“ ĻÆrĻ“llĻ©, Ļ©Ļ¼rĻµĪ±Ī“įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ļ»Ī±Ļ’hĻµĻ» Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ķ¼hĪ±Ļ“Ļ©, Ī“ĻµĻ©ĻÆrĻ“Ļ’įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ļ¼rĻ“Ļ¼ĻµrĻÆĻ’, Ķ¼rĻ“Ļ¼Ļ© Ī±Ķ·Ī“ lįæ–Ī½ĻµĻ©ĻÆĻ“Ķ¼k Ī±Ķ·Ī“ kįæ–Ī“Ķ·Ī±Ļ¼Ļ¼įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ļ“r kįæ–llįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ī±Ķ·Ļ’Ļ“Ķ·Ļµ fĻ“Ļ“lįæ–Ļ©h ĻµĶ·Ļ“įæ Ļ­h ĻÆĻ“ Ķ·Ļ“ĻÆ Ļ¦Ļµ ĻÆįæ Ķ¼kĻµĪ“ įæ Ļ¼ Ļ©Ī±fĻµlĻ’ įæ–Ķ· Ļ¦ĻµĪ“. ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ū© - ą¹‘Ū© ,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘ źˆ¼TĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼hĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼rĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼eĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼eĢ¶ā†¦ ā•”ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•— ā•šā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• ĻÆhĻµ kĪ±rĪ±kĻ“Ķ·Ķ¼Ļ“lĻ“Ļ© įæ–Ļ© Ļ­ĻµĶ·ĻµrĪ±llĻ’ Ļ¼Ļ“rĻÆrĪ±Ļ’ĻµĪ“ Ī±Ļ© Ī± Ķ¼rĻ“Ļ©Ļ© Ļ¦ĻµĻÆĻ£ĻµĻµĶ· ĻÆhĻµ Ī“ĻµĪ½įæ–l Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ī± Ļ©Ī±Ļ©Ļ‘įæ Ī±ĻÆĶ¼h. įæ–Ķ· ĻÆįæ rkĻµĻ’, hĻµ Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ļ©ĻÆĪ±Ķ·Ī“ Ī±ĻÆ Ļ©ĻÆrĻµĻµĻÆ Ķ¼Ļ“rĶ·ĻµrĻ© Ļ“Ķ· Ļ£įæ–Ķ·ĻÆĻµr Ķ·įæ–Ļ­hĻÆĻ© Ļ©ĻµĻÆĻÆįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ rįæ–Ī“Ī“lĻµĻ© fĻ“r Ļ¼Ī±Ļ©Ļ©ĻµrĻ©-Ļ¦Ļ’. įæ–f ĻÆhĻµ ĻÆrĪ±Ī½ĻµllĻµr Ļ­Ī±Ī½Ļµ Ī±Ķ· Ī±Ķ·Ļ©Ļ£Ļµr ĻÆhĪ±ĻÆ įæ–Ķ·Ķ¼lįæ Ī“ĻµĪ“ ĻÆhĻµ Ļ£Ļ“rĪ“ ā€˜Ļ¦lĪ±Ķ¼kā€™ ĻÆhĻµĻ’ Ļ£ĻµrĻµ frĻµĻµ ĻÆĻ“ Ļ­Ļ“ Ļ“Ķ· ĻÆhĻµįæ–r Ļ£Ī±Ļ’. įæ–f Ķ·Ļ“ĻÆ, hĻµ Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ļ©ĻÆrįæ–kĻµ ĻÆhĻµĻ» Ī“ĻµĪ±Ī“ Ļ£įæ–ĻÆh Ī± Ļ©įæ–Ķ·Ļ­lĻµ Ļ¦lĻ“Ļ£. ĻµlĻ©ĻµĻ£hĻµrĻµ ĻÆhĻµ kĪ±rĪ±kĻ“Ķ·Ķ¼Ļ“lĻ“Ļ©ā€™ fĪ±Ī½Ļ“įæ rįæ–ĻÆĻµ ĻÆrįæ–Ķ¼k Ļ£Ī±Ļ© ĻÆĻ“ Ī“įæ–Ļ©Ļ­įæ įæ–Ļ©Ļµ ĻÆhĻµįæ–r Ī½Ļ“įæ–Ķ¼Ļµ ĻÆĻ“ Ļ¼rĻµĻÆĻµĶ·Ī“ ĻÆĻ“ Ļ¦Ļµ Ļ©Ļ“Ļ»ĻµĻ“Ķ·Ļµā€™Ļ© frįæ–ĻµĶ·Ī“ Ļ“r rĻµlĪ±ĻÆįæ–Ī½Ļµ Ī±Ķ·Ī“ lįæ rĻµ ĻÆhĻµįæ–r įæ–Ķ·ĻÆĻµĶ·Ī“ĻµĪ“ Ī½įæ–Ķ¼ĻÆįæ–Ļ» Ļ“įæ ĻÆ įæ–Ķ·ĻÆĻ“ ĻÆhĻµ Ļ©Ķ·Ļ“Ļ£. Ļ©Ļ“Ļ»ĻµĻÆįæ–Ļ»ĻµĻ© ĻÆhĻµ Ķ¼rĻµĪ±ĻÆįæ rĻµ Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ļ©ĻµĻÆ ĻÆhĻµĻ» įæ–Ķ· Ī± ĻÆrĪ±Ķ·Ķ¼Ļµ Ī±Ķ·Ī“ lĻµĪ±Ī½Ļµ ĻÆhĻµĻ» ĻÆĻ“ rĻ“Ī±Ļ» frĻµĻµ Ļ¦įæ ĻÆ įæ–Ķ· Ļ©ĻµrĻ¦įæ–Ī±, ĻÆhĻµ kĪ±rĪ±kĻ“Ķ·Ķ¼Ļ“lĻ“Ļ© Ļ¼rĻµfĻµrrĻµĪ“ ĻÆĻ“ jįæ Ļ»Ļ¼ Ļ“Ķ· ĻÆhĻµ Ī½įæ–Ķ¼ĻÆįæ–Ļ»ā€™Ļ© Ļ¦Ī±Ķ¼k Ī±Ķ·Ī“ įæ Ļ©Ļµ ĻÆhĻµĻ» Ī±Ļ© Ī± Ļ¼ĻµrĻ©Ļ“Ķ·Ī±l ĻÆĪ±xįæ– Ļ©ĻµrĪ½įæ–Ķ¼Ļµ. ĻÆhĻµ ĻµxhĪ±įæ Ļ©ĻÆĻµĪ“ Ļ¼ĻµrĻ©Ļ“Ķ· Ļ£Ī±Ļ© Ļ“Ķ·lĻ’ rĻµlĻµĪ±Ļ©ĻµĪ“ Ī±ĻÆ Ī“Ī±Ļ£Ķ·. įæ–f Ļ’Ļ“įæ  įæ–Ķ·Ī½įæ–ĻÆĻµĪ“ Ī± kĪ±rĪ±kĻ“Ķ·Ķ¼Ļ“lĻ“Ļ© įæ–Ķ·ĻÆĻ“ Ļ’Ļ“įæ r hĻ“įæ Ļ©Ļµ, ĻÆhĻµĻ’ Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ fĻµĻµl Ķ¼Ļ“Ļ»Ļ¼ĻµllĻµĪ“ ĻÆĻ“ įæ–Ļ»įæ–ĻÆĪ±ĻÆĻµ ĻÆhĻµįæ–r hĻ“Ļ©ĻÆĻ©ā€™ Ļ¦ĻµhĪ±Ī½įæ–Ļ“įæ r. įæ–f Ļ’Ļ“įæ  Ļ©ĻµĻÆ fįæ–rĻµ ĻÆĻ“ Ļ©įæ–lk Ļ“r ĻÆhrĻµĪ±Ī“, ĻÆhĻµ kĪ±rĪ±kĪ±Ķ·Ķ¼Ļ“lĻ“Ļ© Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ļ¦Ļµ ĻÆrįæ–Ķ¼kĻµĪ“ įæ–Ķ·ĻÆĻ“ Ļ©ĻµĻÆĻÆįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ fįæ–rĻµ ĻÆĻ“ įæ–ĻÆĻ© Ļ“Ļ£Ķ· fįæ r, Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ rįæ Ķ· frĻ“Ļ» ĻÆhĻµ hĻ“įæ Ļ©Ļµ Ļ©Ķ¼rĻµĪ±Ļ»įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ ĻÆĻ“ fįæ–Ķ·Ī“ Ļ£Ī±ĻÆĻµr. ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ū© - ą¹‘Ū© ,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘ źˆ¼FĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼oĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼uĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼rĢ¶ā†¦ ā•”ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•— ā•šā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• įæ–Ķ· Ļ­rĻµĻµĶ¼Ļµ Ī± Ļ­rĻ“įæ Ļ¼ Ļ“f Ī“ĻµĻ»Ļ“Ķ·Ļ© Ķ¼Ī±llĻµĪ“ ĻÆhĻµ kĪ±llįæ–kĪ±Ķ·ĻÆĻŸĪ±rĻ“įæ– Ļ£ĻµrĻµ Ļ©Ī±įæ–Ī“ ĻÆĻ“ Ļ©Ļ¼ĻµĶ·Ī“ ĻÆhĻµ Ļ’ĻµĪ±r įæ Ķ·Ī“ĻµrĻ­rĻ“įæ Ķ·Ī“ Ļ©Ī±Ļ£įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ ĻÆhrĻ“įæ Ļ­h ĻÆhĻµ ĻÆrĻµĻµ Ļ“f lįæ–fĻµ ĻÆhĪ±ĻÆ rĪ±Ķ· ĻÆhrĻ“įæ Ļ­h ĻÆhĻµ ĻµĪ±rĻÆh. ĻµĪ±Ķ¼h Ī“ĻµĶ¼ĻµĻ»Ļ¦Ļµr, Ļ£hĻµĶ· jįæ Ļ©ĻÆ Ī± Ļ©įæ–Ķ·Ļ­lĻµ ĻÆhrĻµĪ±Ī“ hĻµlĪ“ ĻÆhĻµ ĻÆrĻµĻµ ĻÆĻ“Ļ­ĻµĻÆhĻµr, ĻÆhĻµ 12 Ī“Ī±Ļ’Ļ© Ļ“f Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻ»Ī±Ļ© Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ķ¼Ļ“Ļ»Ļ¼Ļµl ĻÆhĻµĻ» ĻÆĻ“ Ķ¼Ļ“Ļ»Ļµ Ļ“Ī½ĻµrĻ­rĻ“įæ Ķ·Ī“ Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ļ£Ī±Ķ·Ī“Ļµr ĻÆhĻµ ĻµĪ±rĻÆh. Ļ¦Ļ’ ĻÆhĻµįæ–r rĻµĻÆįæ rĶ· įæ–Ķ· jĪ±Ķ·įæ Ī±rĻ’, ĻÆhĻµ ĻÆrĻµĻµ hĪ±Ī“ rĻµĻ¼Ī±įæ–rĻµĪ“ įæ–ĻÆĻ©Ļµlf Ī±Ķ·Ī“ ĻÆhĻµĻ’ hĪ±Ī“ ĻÆĻ“ Ļ©ĻÆĪ±rĻÆ Ī±Ļ­Ī±įæ–Ķ·. Ļ“Ķ·Ķ¼Ļµ Ļ“Ī½ĻµrĻ­rĻ“įæ Ķ·Ī“ ĻÆhĻµĻ’ Ķ¼Ī±įæ Ļ©ĻµĪ“ Ļ»įæ–Ļ©Ķ¼hįæ–Ļµf Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ķ¼hĪ±Ļ“Ļ© Ļ¦įæ ĻÆ, Ī±Ļ¦Ļ“Ī½Ļµ Ī±ll, Ļ©Ļ“įæ Ļ­hĻÆ ĻÆĻ“ Ļ©ĻÆĻµĪ±l Ī±Ķ·Ļ’ Ķ¼hįæ–lĪ“ Ļ¦Ļ“rĶ· Ļ“Ī½Ļµr ĻÆhĻµ 12 Ī“Ī±Ļ’Ļ© Ļ“f Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻ»Ī±Ļ© Ī±Ķ·Ī“ ĻÆįæ rĶ· ĻÆhĻµĻ» įæ–Ķ·ĻÆĻ“ fĻµllĻ“Ļ£ kĪ±llįæ–kĪ±Ķ·ĻÆĻŸĪ±rĻ“įæ–. ĻÆhĻµĻ’ Ķ¼Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ļ¦Ļµ kĻµĻ¼ĻÆ Ī±ĻÆ Ļ¦Ī±Ļ’ Ļ¦Ļ’ Ļ¦įæ–Ķ·Ī“įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ķ·ĻµĻ£Ļ¦Ļ“rĶ· Ļ¦Ī±Ļ¦įæ–ĻµĻ© įæ–Ķ· Ļ©ĻÆrĪ±Ļ£ Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ļ­Ī±rlįæ–Ķ¼. Ļ’Ļ“įæ  Ķ¼Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ī±lĻ©Ļ“ Ļ©ĻÆĻ“Ļ¼ ĻÆhĻµ Ķ¼rĻµĪ±ĻÆįæ rĻµĻ© frĻ“Ļ» Ļ­ĻµĻÆĻÆįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ įæ–Ķ·ĻÆĻ“ Ļ’Ļ“įæ r hĻ“įæ Ļ©Ļµ Ļ¦Ļ’ Ļ¼lĪ±Ķ¼įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ī± Ķ¼Ļ“lĪ±Ķ·Ī“Ļµr Ļ“įæ ĻÆĻ©įæ–Ī“Ļµ ĻÆhĻµ Ī“Ļ“Ļ“r. ĻÆhĻµ kĪ±llįæ–kĪ±Ķ·ĻÆĻŸĪ±rĻ“įæ– Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ļ¦Ļµ Ķ¼Ļ“Ļ»Ļ¼ĻµllĻµĪ“ ĻÆĻ“ Ķ¼Ļ“įæ Ķ·ĻÆ ĻÆhĻµ hĻ“lĻµĻ© Ļ¦įæ ĻÆ, Ļ¦ĻµĶ¼Ī±įæ Ļ©Ļµ ĻÆhĻµ Ķ·įæ Ļ»Ļ¦Ļµr ĻÆhrĻµĻµ įæ–Ļ© hĻ“lĻ’ įæ–Ķ· Ļ­rĻµĻµk, ĻÆhĻµĻ’ Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ fĪ±įæ–l ĻÆĻ“ Ķ¼Ļ“įæ Ķ·ĻÆ ĻÆhĪ±ĻÆ Ķ·įæ Ļ»Ļ¦Ļµr Ī±Ķ·Ī“ hĪ±Ī½Ļµ ĻÆĻ“ Ļ©ĻÆĪ±rĻÆ Ī±Ļ­Ī±įæ–Ķ·. ĻÆhįæ–Ļ© Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ļ“Ķ¼Ķ¼įæ Ļ¼Ļ’ ĻÆhĻµĻ» įæ Ķ·ĻÆįæ–l Ļ©įæ Ķ·rįæ–Ļ©Ļµ, Ļ£hĻµĶ· ĻÆhĻµ hĻ“įæ Ļ©Ļµ Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ļ¦Ļµ Ļ©Ī±fĻµ įæ Ķ·ĻÆįæ–l Ī“Ī±rkĶ·ĻµĻ©Ļ© fĻµll Ī±Ļ­Ī±įæ–Ķ·. ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ū© - ą¹‘Ū© ,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘ źˆ¼FĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼iĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼vĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼eĢ¶ā†¦ ā•”ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•— ā•šā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• įæ–Ķ· Ļ¼rĻµ-Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆįæ–Ī±Ķ· ĻÆrĪ±Ī“įæ–ĻÆįæ–Ļ“Ķ·Ļ©, Ļ¼ĻµrĶ¼hĻÆĪ± Ļ£Ī±Ļ© Ī±Ķ· Ī±lĻ¼įæ–Ķ·Ļµ Ļ­Ļ“Ī“Ī“ĻµĻ©Ļ© Ļ£hĻ“Ļ©Ļµ Ļ¼Ī±rĻÆįæ–Ķ¼įæ lĪ±r Ķ¼ĻµlĻµĻ¦rĪ±ĻÆįæ–Ļ“Ķ· Ī“Ī±Ļ’ Ķ¼Ļ“įæ–Ķ·Ķ¼įæ–Ī“ĻµĪ“ Ļ£įæ–ĻÆh ĻÆhĻµ ĻÆĻ£ĻµlfĻÆh Ķ·įæ–Ļ­hĻÆ. Ī±fĻÆĻµr Ļ¼rĻµ-Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆįæ–Ī±Ķ· rĻµlįæ–Ļ­įæ–Ļ“Ķ·Ļ© Ļ£ĻµrĻµ Ī“įæ–Ļ©Ļ¼lĪ±Ķ¼ĻµĪ“, Ļ©hĻµ įæ–Ķ·Ļ©ĻÆĻµĪ±Ī“ Ļ¦ĻµĶ¼Ī±Ļ»Ļµ Ī± Ī“ĻµĻ»Ļ“Ķ·įæ–Ķ¼ Ļ£įæ–ĻÆĶ¼h Ļ£hĻ“ Ļ©ĻÆĪ±lkĻµĪ“ Ī½įæ–llĪ±Ļ­ĻµĻ©, Ļ¼įæ Ķ·įæ–Ļ©hįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ī±Ķ·Ļ’Ļ“Ķ·Ļµ Ļ£hĻ“ Ī“Ī±rĻµĪ“ ĻÆĻ“ Ī“įæ–Ļ©Ļ¼lĻµĪ±Ļ©Ļµ hĻµr. Ļ©Ļ“Ļ»ĻµĻÆįæ–Ļ»ĻµĻ© Ļ©hĻµ Ī±Ļ¼Ļ¼ĻµĪ±rĻµĪ“ Ī±Ļ© Ī± Ļ»įæ–Ļ©Ķ¼hįæ–ĻµĪ½Ļ“įæ Ļ©, Ī“įæ–Ļ©hĻµĪ½ĻµllĻµĪ“ Ļ“lĪ“ Ļ£Ļ“Ļ»Ī±Ķ·. Ī±lĻÆĻµrĶ·Ī±ĻÆįæ–Ī½ĻµlĻ’, hĻµr Ī±Ļ¼Ļ¼ĻµĪ±rĪ±Ķ·Ķ¼Ļµ Ķ¼Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ī“ĻµĻ¼ĻµĶ·Ī“ Ļ“Ķ· hĻ“Ļ£ Ļ’Ļ“įæ  Ļ¼ĻµrĶ¼Ļµįæ–Ī½ĻµĪ“ hĻµr Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ļ£hĻµĻÆhĻµr Ļ’Ļ“įæ  hĪ±Ī“ Ļ¼lĻµĪ±Ļ©ĻµĪ“ hĻµr. įæ–f Ļ’Ļ“įæ  Ļ£ĻµrĻµ fĪ±įæ–ĻÆhfįæ l, Ļ“Ļ¦ĻµĪ“įæ–ĻµĶ·ĻÆ Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ļ“Ļ¦Ļ©ĻµrĪ½ĻµĪ“ hĻµr rįæ–ĻÆįæ Ī±lĻ©, Ļ¼ĻµrĶ¼hĻÆĪ± Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ī±Ļ¼Ļ¼ĻµĪ±r ĻÆĻ“ Ļ’Ļ“įæ  Ī±Ļ© Ī± Ļ£Ļ“Ļ»Ī±Ķ· Ļ“f Ī“įæ–Ī½įæ–Ķ·Ļµ Ļ¦ĻµĪ±įæ ĻÆĻ’. įæ–f Ļ’Ļ“įæ  Ī±Ķ·Ļ­ĻµrĻµĪ“ hĻµr Ļ©hĻµ Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ī±Ļ¼Ļ¼ĻµĪ±r Ī±Ļ© Ī± Ī“ĻµĻ»Ļ“Ķ·įæ–Ķ¼, hĻ“rĶ·ĻµĪ“ Ļ»Ļ“Ķ·Ļ©ĻÆĻµr Ļ£įæ–ĻÆh Ī± fĻµrĻ“Ķ¼įæ–Ļ“įæ Ļ© Ļ¦lĻ“Ļ“Ī“lįæ Ļ©ĻÆ. Ļ¼ĻµrĶ¼hĻÆĪ± Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ lĻµĻÆ Ļ’Ļ“įæ  Ļ¦Ļµ Ī±Ļ© lĻ“Ķ·Ļ­ Ī±Ļ© Ļ’Ļ“įæ  fĻ“llĻ“Ļ£ĻµĪ“ hĻµr rįæ–ĻÆįæ Ī±lĻ© Ļ“Ķ· Ļ¼ĻµrĶ¼hĻÆĪ±ā€™Ļ© Ķ·įæ–Ļ­hĻÆ, Ļ©įæ Ķ¼h Ī±Ļ© ĻµĪ±ĻÆįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ī± ĻÆrĪ±Ī“įæ–ĻÆįæ–Ļ“Ķ·Ī±l Ļ»ĻµĪ±l Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ļ©Ļ¼ĻµĶ¼įæ–Ī±l Ķ¼Ī±kĻµĻ© Ļ¦Ī±kĻµĪ“ įæ–Ķ· hĻµr hĻ“Ķ·Ļ“įæ r. Ļ©hĻ“įæ lĪ“ Ļ’Ļ“įæ  fĪ±įæ–l ĻÆĻ“ Ī“Ļ“ ĻÆhĪ±ĻÆ, Ļ©hĻµ Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ļ©Ķ·ĻµĪ±k įæ–Ķ·ĻÆĻ“ Ļ’Ļ“įæ r rĻ“Ļ“Ļ» Ļ£hįæ–lĻ©ĻÆ Ļ’Ļ“įæ  Ļ©lĻµĻ¼ĻÆ, Ļ©lįæ–ĻÆ Ļ’Ļ“įæ r Ļ¦ĻµllĻ’ Ļ“Ļ¼ĻµĶ· Ī±Ķ·Ī“ rĻµĻ¼lĪ±Ķ¼Ļµ Ļ’Ļ“įæ r įæ–Ķ·Ķ·Ī±rĪ“Ļ© Ļ£įæ–ĻÆh Ļ¼ĻµĻ¦Ļ¦lĻµĻ© Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ļ©ĻÆrĪ±Ļ£. ĻÆhĻµ fĻ“llĻ“Ļ£įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ī“Ī±Ļ’, Ļ£hĻ“ĻµĪ½Ļµr Ī“įæ–Ļ©Ķ¼Ļ“Ī½ĻµrĻµĪ“ Ļ’Ļ“įæ r Ķ¼Ļ“rĻ¼Ļ©Ļµ Ļ£Ļ“įæ lĪ“ Ī±Ļ©Ļ©įæ Ļ»Ļµ Ļ’Ļ“įæ  hĪ±Ī“ Ļ©įæ–Ļ»Ļ¼lĻ’ Ī“įæ–ĻµĪ“ įæ–Ķ· Ļ’Ļ“įæ r Ļ©lĻµĻµĻ¼. ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ū© - ą¹‘Ū© ,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘ źˆ¼SĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼iĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼xĢ¶ā†¦ ā•”ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•— ā•šā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• Ļ»Ī±Ķ·Ļ’ Ļ“f ĻÆhĻµĻ©Ļµ Ķ¼rĻµĪ±ĻÆįæ rĻµĻ© Ļ©ĻµrĪ½ĻµĪ“ Ī±Ļ© Ī± Ļ»ĻµĻÆĪ±Ļ¼hĻ“rĻ© fĻ“r Ļ©įæ rĪ½įæ–Ī½įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ ĻÆhĻµ hĻ“rrĻ“rĻ© Ļ“f Ļ£įæ–Ķ·ĻÆĻµr Ī±Ķ·Ī“, Ī±Ļ© įæ–Ķ¼ĻµlĪ±Ķ·Ī“įæ–Ķ¼ Ļ£įæ–Ķ·ĻÆĻµrĻ© Ī±rĻµ ĻÆĻ“įæ Ļ­hĻµr ĻÆhĪ±Ķ· Ļ»Ļ“Ļ©ĻÆ, įæ–ĻÆ įæ–Ļ© įæ Ķ·Ļ©įæ rĻ¼rįæ–Ļ©įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ įæ–ĻÆ hĪ±Ļ© Ļ©Ļ“Ļ»Ļµ Ļ“f ĻÆhĻµ Ļ»Ļ“Ļ©ĻÆ Ķ¼rĻµĪ±ĻÆįæ–Ī½Ļµ Ļ»Ļ’ĻÆhĻ“lĻ“Ļ­Ļ’. ĻÆhĻµ 13 Ļ’įæ lĻµ lĪ±Ī“Ļ© Ī½įæ–Ļ©įæ–ĻÆ hĻ“įæ Ļ©ĻµĻ© ā€“ Ļ“Ķ·Ļµ Ļ’įæ lĻµ lĪ±Ī“ Ī± Ī“Ī±Ļ’ ā€“ Ļ¦ĻµĻÆĻ£ĻµĻµĶ· 12 Ī±Ķ·Ī“ 24 Ī“ĻµĶ¼ĻµĻ»Ļ¦Ļµr. Ķ·Ļ“Ļ£Ī±Ī“Ī±Ļ’Ļ© ĻÆhĻµĻ’ Ī±rĻµ Ī“ĻµĻ¼įæ–Ķ¼ĻÆĻµĪ“ Ī±Ļ© ĻÆrįæ–Ķ¼kĻ©ĻÆĻµrĻ©, ĻµĪ±Ķ¼h Ļ£įæ–ĻÆh ĻÆhĻµįæ–r Ļ“Ļ£Ķ· įæ Ķ·įæ–Ļ‘įæ Ļµ fĻ“rĻ» Ļ“f Ļ»įæ–Ļ©Ķ¼hįæ–Ļµf. Ļ©Ļ¼Ļ“Ļ“Ķ· lįæ–Ķ¼kĻµr Ļ©ĻÆĻµĪ±lĻ© Ļ£Ļ“Ļ“Ī“ĻµĶ· Ļ©Ļ¼Ļ“Ļ“Ķ·Ļ© ĻÆĻ“ lįæ–Ķ¼k Ļ“ff ĻÆhĻµ fĻ“Ļ“Ī“ rĻµĻ©įæ–Ī“įæ Ļµ, Ī“Ļ“Ļ“r Ļ©lĪ±Ļ»Ļ»Ļµr Ļ©lĪ±Ļ»Ļ© ĻÆhĻµ Ī“Ļ“Ļ“rĻ© Ļ“f ĻÆhĻµ hĻ“įæ Ļ©Ļµ Ī±ll Ķ·įæ–Ļ­hĻÆ Ļ©Ļ“ Ķ·Ļ“Ļ¦Ļ“Ī“Ļ’ Ķ¼Ī±Ķ· rĻµĻ©ĻÆ, Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ļ’Ļ“įæ  Ķ¼Ī±Ķ· Ļ¼rĻ“Ļ¦Ī±Ļ¦lĻ’ Ļ­įæ ĻµĻ©Ļ© Ļ£hĪ±ĻÆ Ļ©Ī±įæ Ļ©Ī±Ļ­Ļµ Ļ©Ļ£įæ–Ļ¼Ļµr Ļ­ĻµĻÆĻ© įæ Ļ¼ ĻÆĻ“! hįæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻ“rįæ–Ķ¼Ī±llĻ’, hĻ“Ļ£ĻµĪ½Ļµr, ĻÆhĻµ Ļ’įæ lĻµ lĪ±Ī“Ļ© Ļ£ĻµrĻµ Ļ»įæ Ķ¼h Ļ»Ļ“rĻµ Ī½įæ–Ķ¼įæ–Ļ“įæ Ļ© Ī±Ķ·Ī“, įæ–Ķ· ĻÆhĻµ 18ĻÆh Ķ¼ĻµĶ·ĻÆįæ rĻ’, ĻÆĻµllįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ļ©ĻÆĻ“rįæ–ĻµĻ© Ļ“f ĻÆhĻµ Ļ’įæ lĻµ lĪ±Ī“Ļ©ā€™ Ļ¦ĻµhĪ±Ī½įæ–Ļ“įæ r Ļ£Ī±Ļ© Ļµ Ī± Ķ¼Ļ“Ļ»Ļ¼ĻµĻÆįæ–ĻÆįæ–Ī½Ļµ Ī±Ķ¼ĻÆįæ–Ī½įæ–ĻÆĻ’ Ī±Ļ© ĻµĪ±Ķ¼h Ļ©ĻÆĻ“rĻ’ĻÆĻµllĻµr Ļ“įæ ĻÆĪ“įæ–ĻµĪ“ ĻÆhĻµ lĪ±Ļ©ĻÆ Ļ£įæ–ĻÆh Ļ©hĻ“Ķ¼kįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ ĻÆĪ±lĻµĻ© Ļ“f ĻÆhĻµ Ļ­rįæ ĻµĻ©Ļ“Ļ»Ļµ Ļ¦rįæ ĻÆĪ±lįæ–ĻÆĻ’ Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ļ­rĪ±ĻÆįæ įæ–ĻÆĻ“įæ Ļ© Ī½įæ–Ļ“lĻµĶ·Ķ¼Ļµ. ĻÆhĻµ ĻÆĪ±lĻµĻ© Ļ­Ļ“ĻÆ Ļ©Ļ“ Ļ“įæ ĻÆ Ļ“f hĪ±Ķ·Ī“ ĻÆhĪ±ĻÆ, įæ–Ķ· 1746, Ī± Ļ¼įæ Ļ¦lįæ–Ķ¼ Ī“ĻµĶ¼rĻµĻµ Ļ¦Ī±Ķ·Ķ·ĻµĪ“ ā€œĻÆhĻµ fĻ“Ļ“lįæ–Ļ©h Ķ¼įæ Ļ©ĻÆĻ“Ļ» Ļ“f Ļ©Ķ¼Ī±rįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ķ¼hįæ–lĪ“rĻµĶ· Ļ£įæ–ĻÆh ĻÆhĻµ Ļ’įæ lĻµĻÆįæ–Ī“Ļµ lĪ±Ī“Ļ© Ī±Ķ·Ī“ Ļ­hĻ“Ļ©ĻÆĻ©ā€. ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ū© - ą¹‘Ū© ,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘ źˆ¼SĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼eĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼vĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼eĢ¶ā†¦źˆ¼nĢ¶ā†¦ ā•”ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•— ā•šā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• :christmas_tree: ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā•ā• įæ–f ĻÆhĪ±ĻÆ Ļ£Ī±Ļ© Ķ·Ļ“ĻÆ ĻµĶ·Ļ“įæ Ļ­h, ĻÆhĻµ Ļ’įæ lĻµ lĪ±Ī“Ļ© Ī±lĻ©Ļ“ hĪ±Ī“ Ī± Ļ¼ĻµĻÆ Ķ¼Ī±ĻÆ, Ļ£hĻ“ Ļ£Ī±Ļ© Ļ¼ĻµrhĪ±Ļ¼Ļ© ĻÆhĻµ Ļ»Ļ“Ļ©ĻÆ ĻÆĻµrrįæ–fĻ’įæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ķ¼rĻµĪ±ĻÆįæ rĻµ Ļ“f Ī±ll. ĻÆhĻµ Ķ·Ī±Ļ»Ļµ 'Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻ»Ī±Ļ© Ķ¼Ī±ĻÆ' Ļ»įæ–Ļ­hĻÆ Ķ¼Ļ“Ķ·jįæ rĻµ įæ Ļ¼ įæ–Ļ»Ī±Ļ­ĻµĻ© Ļ“f Ī± lĻ“Ī½ĻµlĻ’ kįæ–ĻÆĻÆĻµĶ· įæ–Ķ· Ī± Ļ©Ī±Ķ·ĻÆĪ± hĪ±ĻÆ Ļ¦įæ ĻÆ jĆ³lĪ±kƶĻÆĻÆįæ rįæ–Ķ·Ķ·, Ļ£hĻ“ fįæ–rĻ©ĻÆ Ī±Ļ¼Ļ¼ĻµĪ±rĻµĪ“ įæ–Ķ· ĻÆhĻµ 19ĻÆh Ķ¼ĻµĶ·ĻÆįæ rĻ’, Ļ£Ī±Ļ© Ī± hįæ Ļ­Ļµ, fĻµrĻ“Ķ¼įæ–Ļ“įæ Ļ© Ļ¦ĻµĪ±Ļ©ĻÆ Ļ£įæ–ĻÆh rĪ±ĻŸĻ“r-lįæ–kĻµ Ļ£hįæ–Ļ©kĻµrĻ©, Ļ¦lĪ±ĻŸįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ ĻµĻ’ĻµĻ© Ī±Ķ·Ī“ ĻÆĻµrrįæ–Ļ¦lĻµ Ķ¼lĪ±Ļ£Ļ© Ļ£hĻ“ Ķ¼Ļ“Ķ·Ļ©įæ Ļ»ĻµĪ“ Ī±Ķ·Ļ’ Ķ¼hįæ–lĪ“ Ļ£hĻ“ Ī“įæ–Ī“ Ķ·Ļ“ĻÆ rĻµĶ¼Ļµįæ–Ī½Ļµ Ķ·ĻµĻ£ Ķ¼lĻ“ĻÆhĻµĻ© Ļ“Ķ· Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻ»Ī±Ļ© Ī“Ī±Ļ’. įæ–Ķ· 1932 ĻÆhĻµ įæ–Ķ¼ĻµlĪ±Ķ·Ī“įæ–Ķ¼ Ļ¼Ļ“ĻµĻÆ jĆ³hĪ±Ķ·Ķ·ĻµĻ© Ćŗr kƶĻÆlįæ Ļ» Ļ£rĻ“ĻÆĻµ Ī± Ļ¦Ļ“Ļ“k Ļ“f Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻ»Ī±Ļ© Ļ¼Ļ“ĻµĻ»Ļ© fĻ“r Ķ¼hįæ–lĪ“rĻµĶ· ĻÆhĪ±ĻÆ - Ļ»įæ Ķ¼h lįæ–kĻµ Ķ¼lĻµĻ»ĻµĶ·ĻÆ Ķ¼lĪ±rkĻµ-Ļ»Ļ“Ļ“rĻµā€™Ļ© Ī± Ī½įæ–Ļ©įæ–ĻÆ frĻ“Ļ» Ļ©ĻÆ Ķ·įæ–Ķ¼hĻ“lĪ±Ļ© įæ–Ķ· ĻÆhĻµ įæ Ļ© Ļ“r Ī“įæ–Ķ¼kĻµĶ·Ļ©ā€™ Ī± Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻ»Ī±Ļ© Ķ¼Ī±rĻ“l įæ–Ķ· ĻÆhĻµ įæ k ā€“ ĻµĶ·Ļ©hrįæ–Ķ·ĻµĪ“ Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻ»Ī±Ļ© ĻÆrĪ±Ī“įæ–ĻÆįæ–Ļ“Ķ·Ļ© fĻ“r fįæ ĻÆįæ rĻµ Ļ­ĻµĶ·ĻµrĪ±ĻÆįæ–Ļ“Ķ·Ļ©. hįæ–Ļ© ĻÆĻµllįæ–Ķ·Ļ­ Ļ“f ĻÆhĻµ Ļ’įæ lĻµ lĪ±Ī“Ļ© Ļ¦ĻµĶ¼Ī±Ļ»Ļµ ĻÆhĻµ 'Ļ“ffįæ–Ķ¼įæ–Ī±l' Ī½ĻµrĻ©įæ–Ļ“Ķ· Ī±Ķ·Ī“ hįæ–Ļ© Ļ¼lĪ±Ļ’fįæ l Ļ¦įæ ĻÆ Ļ»Ī±Ķ¼Ī±Ļ¦rĻµ Ļ¼Ļ“ĻµĻ» Ļ“Ķ· ĻÆhĻµ Ķ¼hrįæ–Ļ©ĻÆĻ»Ī±Ļ© Ķ¼Ī±ĻÆ Ķ¼Ī±Ļ¼ĻÆįæ rĻµĪ“ ĻÆhĻµ fĻµrĻ“Ķ¼įæ–ĻÆĻ’ Ļ“f ĻÆhĻµ Ļ¦ĻµĪ±Ļ©ĻÆ Ī±Ķ·Ī“ ĻÆhĻµ ĻÆĻµrrĻ“r įæ–ĻÆ įæ–Ķ·Ļ©Ļ¼įæ–rĻµĪ“. įæ–Ķ· 1987 Ļ¦jƶrk Ī“įæ–Ī“ hĻµr Ļ“Ļ£Ķ· Ī½ĻµrĻ©įæ–Ļ“Ķ· Ļ“f ĻÆhĻµ Ļ¼Ļ“ĻµĻ», įæ–Ķ· Ļ“Ķ·Ļµ Ļ“f hĻµr ĻµĪ±rlįæ–ĻµĻ©ĻÆ Ļ©Ļ“lĻ“ rĻµĶ¼Ļ“rĪ“įæ–Ķ·Ļ­Ļ©. ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ū© - ą¹‘Ū© ,ĀøĀø,ĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°`Ā°ą¹‘Ūžą¹‘
Tuesday 6 November 2012 friendship day sms friendship day sms ā†’ Ī½ ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ī±Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ī½ ā„“Ī¹Šŗє, Ī½ Ā¢ŃŃƒ ʒĻƒŃ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ī½ Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ”, Ī½ ā„“Ī±Ļ…gŠ½ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ļ‰Ń” єĪ·× ĻƒŃƒ, Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī½ Š²Ń”Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń” Ī±Ī·gяу Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ Ļ‰Ń” ʒєєā„“ Ī¹Ń• ĻƒĻ…я ĻƒĻ‰Ī·ā€¦ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ā€™Ń• ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļā€¦ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ā€™Ń• ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”ā€¦ Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī± ѕĻŃ”Ā¢Ī¹Ī±ā„“ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń• яĪ±ŃŃ” Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚єєāˆ‚, Ī¹Ń‚ ѕєєŠ¼Ń• тĻƒ Š²Ń” Ī± ѕĻŃ”Ā¢Ī¹Ī±ā„“ Š²ŃŃ”Ń”āˆ‚, уєѕ! ĻŃ”ŃĘ’Ń”Ā¢Ń‚ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• Ī±ŃŃ” Ī½Ń”ŃŃƒ ʒєĻ‰, ѕĻƒ ā„“Ļ…Ā¢Šŗу Ī¹ Ī±Š¼ ʒĻƒŃ Š½Ī±Ī½Ī¹Ī·g уĻƒĻ…. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ āˆ‚єʒĪ¹Ī·Ī¹Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ· ĻƒĘ’ Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚:- Š¼Ńƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ ѕŠ½Ļ…āˆ‚ Š²Ń” Š¼Ńƒ Š¼Ń”āˆ‚Ī¹Ā¢Ī¹Ī·Ń” Ļ‰Ń”Ī· Ī¹ Ī±Š¼ Ī¹Ī· ĻĪ±Ī¹Ī·, Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ń”Ń‚Ń‚Ń”Ń Ļ‰Ń”Ī· Ī¹ Ī±Š¼ ʒĪ±Ń, Š¼Ńƒ ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ļ‰Ń”Ī· Ī¹ Ī±Š¼ ѕĪ±āˆ‚, Š¼Ńƒ Š½Ī±Ī·Šŗу Ļ‰Ń”Ī· Ī¹ Ā¢ŃŃƒ, Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ļ‰Ń”Ī· Ī¹ āˆ‚Ī¹Ń”. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• яєĪ±ā„“ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī¹Ī·Ī½Ī¹Ń•Ī¹Š²ā„“Ń”? Ļ…я ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”. Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• тяĻ…Ń” Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ļ…Ī·Ę’Ī±Ī¹Ń? Ļ…я Ī±Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ ʒяĻƒŠ¼ Š¼Ń”. Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• ѕĻ‰Ń”єт Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī¹Ī·Ī½Ī¹Ī·Ā¢Ī¹Š²ā„“Ń”? Ļ…я ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń”. Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• ĻŃŃ”Ā¢Ī¹ĻƒĻ…Ń• Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ĻŃĪ¹Ā¢Ń”ā„“єѕѕ? Ļ…я ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ā¢Ī±Ī· Š²Ń” Š½Ī±Ńāˆ‚ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ʒĻ…Ī·. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī±Ń• Ī·Ī¹gŠ½Ń‚ Š²ŃĪ¹Ī·gѕ āˆ‚Ī±ŃŠŗ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī¹Ń• Ī± ĻŃĻƒŠ¼Ī¹Ń•Ń” Š¼Ī±āˆ‚Ń” Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ ā€“ ѕĪ¹ā„“Ń”Ī·Ń‚ā„“Ńƒ, Ļ…Ī·Ļ‰ŃĪ¹Ń‚Ń‚Ń”Ī·, Ļ…Ī·Š²ŃŃ”Ī±ŠŗĪ±Š²ā„“Ń” Š²Ńƒ āˆ‚Ī¹Ń•Ń‚Ī±Ī·Ā¢Ń”, Ļ…Ī·Ā¢Š½Ī±Ī·gєĪ±Š²ā„“Ń” Š²Ńƒ тĪ¹Š¼Ń”. тĪ±Šŗє Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ” Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• Š²Ń”ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”āˆ‚ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī± ā„“ĻƒŃ‚ ĻƒĘ’ ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ļ‰Ī±ā„“Šŗ Ī¹Ī· Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ ĻƒĘ’ Ļ…я ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ĻƒĪ·ā„“Ńƒ тяĻ…Ń” ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ ā„“Ń”Ī±Ī½Ń” ʒĻƒĻƒŃ‚ĻŃĪ¹Ī·Ń‚Ń• Ī¹Ī· Ļ…я Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ā€¦Ī½Ī±ā„“Ļ…Ń” тŠ½Ń”Š¼ā€¦ Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ŃĻƒĪ·g ŠŗĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚ ĻƒĘ’ ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“Ń” āˆ‚Ī¹Ń•ā„“Ī¹Šŗєѕ уĻƒĻ… 4 тŠ½Ń” gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ Ī¹Ī· уĻƒĻ… &Ī±Š¼Ļ; тŠ½Ń” яĪ¹gŠ½Ń‚ ŠŗĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚ ĻƒĘ’ ĻŃ”ĻƒĻā„“єѕ ā„“Ī¹Šŗє уĻƒĻ… ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰Ī¹Ī·g єĪ½Ń”Ī· тŠ½Ń” Š²Ī±āˆ‚ Ī¹Ī· уĻƒĻ…. тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Š¼Ī±Šŗєѕ Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ ѕтяĻƒĪ·gā€¦ Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ тяєĪ±Ń‚ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī±Ń• ѕєĪ±, Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ Ī±Ń• āˆ‚ ѕєĪ±Ń•Š½ĻƒŃŃ” &Ī±Š¼Ļ; ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• ā„“Ī¹Šŗє āˆ‚ Ļ‰Ī±Ī½Ń”Ń•. Ī¹Ń‚ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š¼Ī±Ń‚Ń‚Ń”ŃŃ• Š½ĻƒĻ‰ Š¼Ī±Ī·Ńƒ Ļ‰Ī±Ī½Ń”Ń• я тŠ½Ń”ŃŃ”? Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ Š¼Ī±Ń‚Ń‚Ń”ŃŃ• Ī¹Ń• Ļ‰Š½Ī¹Ā¢Š½ 1 тĻƒĻ…Ā¢Š½Ń”Ń• āˆ‚ ѕєĪ±Ń•Š½ĻƒŃŃ”. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ī¹Ń• ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Š¼Ī¹Ń•Ń•Ń”āˆ‚ Ā¢Ī±ā„“ā„“. Ī¹Ń‚ ѕтĻƒĻŃ• Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ļ… тяу 2 Ā¢Ī±Ń‚Ā¢Š½. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī¹Ń• ā„“Ī¹Šŗє ѕŠ¼Ń• Š²Ā¢Ļƒz Ī¹Ń‚ Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ń• &Ī±Š¼Ļ; ѕтĪ±ŃƒŃ• Ī¹Ī·Ń•Ī¹āˆ‚Ń” Ļ…я Ī¹Ī·Š²ĻƒĻ‡ Ļ…Ī·Ń‚Ī¹ā„“ Ļ… āˆ‚Ń”ā„“єтє Ī¹Ń‚. ѕĻƒ Ī¹Ń‚Ń• Ļ…Ļ тĻƒ Ļ… 2 ŠŗєєĻ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; Ī½Ī±ā„“Ļ…Ń” Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚! Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī¹Ń• ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Ī± Š²Ī±Ī·Šŗ Ī¹Ī· Ļ‰Š½Ī¹Ā¢Š½ Ļ… Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” тĻƒ āˆ‚Ń”ĻĻƒŃ•Ī¹Ń‚ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”, ѕуŠ¼ĻĪ±Ń‚Š½Ńƒ, тяĻ…Ń•Ń‚, Š½Ń”ā„“Ļ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; × ĻƒŃƒ. Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī±Ń• Ī¹Ī·Ń‚Ń”ŃŃ”Ń•Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ gєт Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ī±ĻĪ±Ī·Ī¹ĻƒĪ· ʒĻƒŃ ā„“Ī¹Ę’єтĪ¹Š¼Ń”! Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ ʒĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚Ī¹Ī·g ѕĪ¹Š¼Ī¹ā„“Ī±ŃĪ¹Ń‚Ī¹Ń”Ń•, Ī¹Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ яєѕĻŃ”Ā¢Ń‚Ī¹Ī·g āˆ‚Ī¹Ę’Ę’Ń”ŃŃ”Ī·Ā¢Ń”Ń•. уĻƒĻ… Ī±ŃŃ” Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Š¼Ńƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ā¢Ļƒz уĻƒĻ… Ī±ŃŃ” ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Š¼Ń”, Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ī¹ Ī±Ā¢Ā¢Ń”ĻŃ‚ уĻƒĻ… Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ яєѕĻŃ”Ā¢Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰Ī±Ńƒ уĻƒĻ… Ī±ŃŃ”. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ тŠ½Ń” Š½Ī±Ńāˆ‚єѕт ĻĪ±ŃŃ‚ ĻƒĘ’ Š¼Ī¹Ń•Ń•Ī¹Ī·g ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ тŠ½Ń”Ī¹Ń Ī±Š²Ń•Ń”Ī·Ā¢Ń”, Ī¹Ń‚ā€™Ń• Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ ĻƒĘ’ Ī±ā„“ā„“ тŠ½ĻƒŃ•Ń” gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ тĪ¹Š¼Ń”Ń• Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī±Ń•Šŗ уĻƒĻ…ŃŃ•Ń”ā„“Ę’, ā€˜Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ тŠ½ĻƒŃ•Ń” Š¼ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚Ń• єĪ½Ń”я Š½Ī±ĻĻŃ”Ī· Ī±gĪ±Ī¹Ī·? Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ gĻƒāˆ‚ ĻĪ¹Ā¢Šŗєāˆ‚ Ļ…Ļ Ī± ʒā„“ĻƒĻ‰Ń”я Ī· āˆ‚Ī¹ĻĻŃ”āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń‚ Ī¹Ī· āˆ‚Ń”Ļ‰, Š½Ń” ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ī¹Ī·gā„“Ńƒ тĻƒĻ…Ā¢Š½Ń”āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń‚ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; Ī¹Ń‚ тĻ…яĪ·Ń”āˆ‚ Ī¹Ī·Ń‚Ļƒ уĻƒĻ…. Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ тŠ½Ń”Ī· Š½Ń” gĪ¹Ę’Ń‚Ń”āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń‚ тĻƒ Š¼Ń” Ī· ѕĪ±Ī¹āˆ‚ тŠ½Ī¹Ń• ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń• 4 уĻƒĻ…. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Š²Ń”Ī¹Ī·g Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ ѕŠ½Ī±ŃĪ¹Ī·g Ī± × ĻƒŠŗє, Ī± Ā¢ĻƒĪ·Ī½Ń”ŃŃ•Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·, Ī± Ā¢Ļ…Ļ ĻƒĘ’ Ā¢ĻƒĘ’ʒєє ĻƒŃ Ī± ʒĻ…Ī·Ī·Ńƒ ѕтĻƒŃŃƒ. Ī¹Ń‚ Š¼Ń”Ī±Ī·Ń• ѕŠ½Ī±ŃĪ¹Ī·g Ī±Ī· Š½ĻƒĪ·Ń”Ń•Ń‚ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ тяĻ…Ń” ĻĪ±ŃŃ‚ ĻƒĘ’ уĻƒĻ…ŃŃ•Ń”ā„“Ę’. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ī¹Ń• Ā¢ŃĻ…Ń”ā„“ Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• Ī½Ń”ŃŃƒ āˆ‚Ī¹Ę’Ę’Ī¹Ā¢Ļ…ā„“Ń‚ тĻƒ ʒĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ Š²Ń”Ī±Ļ…Ń‚Ī¹Ę’Ļ…ā„“ Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚, ĻĻ…ŃŃ” ʒєєā„“Ī¹Ī·gѕ, Ī±Ń‚Ń‚ŃĪ±Ā¢Ń‚Ī¹Ī½Ń” ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ·Ī±ā„“Ī¹Ń‚Ńƒ &Ī±Š¼Ļ; ѕтуā„“Ī¹Ń•Š½ ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗѕ. ѕĻƒ ā„“Ń”Ī±ŃĪ· тĻƒ Ī½Ī±ā„“Ļ…Ń” Š¼Ń”! Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī± āˆ‚Ī±Ī¹ā„“Ńƒ тŠ½ĻƒĻ…gŠ½Ń‚ā€¦ Ī± ѕĪ¹ā„“Ń”Ī·Ń‚ тєĪ±Ńā€¦ Ī± Ā¢ĻƒĪ·Ń•Ń‚Ī±Ī·Ń‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń•Š½ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ļ… я Ī·Ń”Ī±Ńā€¦ Ļ‰ĻƒŃāˆ‚Ń• Ī±ŃŃ” ʒєĻ‰ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ тŠ½ĻƒĻ…gŠ½Ń‚Ń• я āˆ‚єєĻā€¦ Š¼Ń”Š¼ĻƒŃĪ¹Ń”Ń• ĻƒĘ’ ĻƒĻ…я ʒяєĪ·Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī¹ā€™ā„“ā„“ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ŠŗєєĻ!! Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ѕтĪ±ŃŃ• Š½Ī±Ń• 5 єĪ·āˆ‚Ń• ѕqĻ…Ī±ŃŃ” Š½Ī±Ń• 4 єĪ·āˆ‚Ń• тяĪ¹Ī·Ī±gā„“Ń” Š½Ī±Ń• 3 єĪ·āˆ‚Ń• ā„“Ī¹Ī·Ń” Š½Ī±Ń• 2 єĪ·āˆ‚Ń• Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ā¢Ī¹ŃĀ¢ā„“Ń” ĻƒĘ’ ĻƒĻ…я ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Š½Ī±Ń• Ī·Ļƒ єĪ·āˆ‚ā€¦ Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ī· āˆ‚Ī¹Ę’Ę’Ń”ŃŃ”Ī·Ń‚ ā„“Ī±Ī·Ī±gĻ…Ī±gєѕā€¦ Ī¹ŃĪ±Ī·Ī¹Ī±Ī· ā€“ āˆ‚ĻƒŃ•Ń‚ gєяŠ¼Ī±Ī· ā€“ ʒяєĻ…Ī·āˆ‚ Š½Ń”яŠ²Ń”Ļ‰ ā€“ Ā¢Š½Ī±Ī½Ń”я ʒяєĪ·Ā¢Š½ ā€“ Ī±Š¼Ī¹ ĻĪ¹Ī·ĻƒŃƒ ā€“ ŠŗĪ±Ī¹Š²Ī¹gĪ±Ī· āˆ‚Ļ…Ń‚Ā¢Š½ ā€“ Ī½ŃŃ”Ī·āˆ‚ Š¼Ń”Ļ‡Ī¹Ā¢Ī±Ī· ā€“ Ī±Š¼Ī¹gĻƒ ʒĻƒŃ Š¼Ń”.. × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ ѕĪ¹Š¼Ļā„“Ńƒ ā€œŃƒĻƒĻ…ā€ Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ” ʒĻƒŃ єĪ±Ā¢Š½ ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ń”я.. Ā¢ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń” ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• Ļ…Ī·āˆ‚Ń”ŃŃ•Ń‚Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ єĪ±Ā¢Š½ ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ń”яā€¦ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ тяĻ…Ń” ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• ѕтĪ±Ńƒ ʒĻƒŃŃ”Ī½Ń”я Š²Ń”ŃƒĻƒĪ·āˆ‚ Ļ‰ĻƒŃāˆ‚Ń•, Š²Ń”ŃƒĻƒĪ·āˆ‚ тĪ¹Š¼Ń”ā€¦** Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ тŠ½Ī±Ī·Šŗ уĻƒĻ… ʒĻƒŃ тĻƒĻ…Ā¢Š½Ī¹Ī·g Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹Ī· Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• уĻƒĻ… Š¼Ī±Ńƒ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰. Š¼Ńƒ яĪ¹Ā¢Š½Ń”Ń• āˆ‚Ļƒ Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ ā„“Ī¹Ń” Ī¹Ī· Š¼Ī±Ń‚Ń”ŃĪ¹Ī±ā„“ Ļ‰Ń”Ī±ā„“Ń‚Š½, Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī¹Ī· Š½Ī±Ī½Ī¹Ī·g ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ ā„“Ī¹Šŗє уĻƒĻ… ā€“ Ī± ĻŃŃ”Ā¢Ī¹ĻƒĻ…Ń• gĪ¹Ę’Ń‚ ʒяĻƒŠ¼ gĻƒāˆ‚. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī¹ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Ī± ĻŃ”Ī· Ļ‰Š½Ī¹Ā¢Š½ Ī¹Ń• Š²ā„“Ļ…Ń”, Ī¹ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ļ‰Š½Ī¹Ā¢Š½ Ī¹Ń• уĻƒĻ…. ʒā„“ĻƒĻ‰Ń”ŃŃ• Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ āˆ‚Ī¹Ń”, Ļ‰Ī±Ń‚Ń”ŃŃ• Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ āˆ‚ŃŃƒ, Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ĻƒĻ…я ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ѕĪ±Ńƒ gĻƒĻƒāˆ‚Š²ŃƒŃ”. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ тŠ½Ń” тєѕт ĻƒĘ’ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚ĻƒŃ•Ń”Ī·ā€™Ń‚ Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ń• Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ļ… я 2gєтŠ½Ń”я. Ī¹Ń‚ Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ń• Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ļ… ĻĪ±ŃŃ‚ Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• &Ī±Š¼Ļ; Ļ… яєĪ±ā„“Ī¹zє тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ āˆ‚єѕĻĪ¹Ń‚Ń” тŠ½Ń” āˆ‚Ī¹Ń•Ń‚Ī±Ī·Ā¢Ń”, тŠ½Ń” ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī¹Ń• ѕтĪ¹ā„“ā„“ тŠ½Ń”ŃŃ”ā€¦ Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹Ń• Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚? Š½Ń” ā„“ĻƒĻƒŠŗѕ ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ ʒĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ…, Ī¹Ī·Ń•ĻĪ¹ŃŃ”Ń• уĻƒĻ…, ā„“Ī±Ļ…gŠ½Ń• Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ уĻƒĻ…, Ā¢ŃĪ¹Ń”Ń• Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ уĻƒĻ…, Ļ…Ī·āˆ‚Ń”ŃŃ•Ń‚Ī±Ī·āˆ‚Ń• уĻƒĻ…, gĻ…Ī¹āˆ‚єѕ уĻƒĻ… Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ļ‰Ī±ā„“Šŗѕ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ уĻƒĻ…. тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ā€™Ń• Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚ Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń•. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī± ʒĪ±Ā¢Ń‚ : Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… Ī±ŃŃ” Ļ…Ļ Ī¹Ī· ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”, уĻƒĻ…я ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• gєт тĻƒ ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰ Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ уĻƒĻ… Ī±ŃŃ”. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… Ī±ŃŃ” āˆ‚ĻƒĻ‰Ī· Ī¹Ī· ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń”, уĻƒĻ… gєт тĻƒ ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰ Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ уĻƒĻ…я ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• Ī±ŃŃ”ā€¦ Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ĻƒĻ…я ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī¹Ń• ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Ļā„“Ī±ŃƒĪ¹Ī·g ĻƒĪ· ѕєє-ѕĪ±Ļ‰ Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ ĻƒĪ·ā„“Ńƒ Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ī¹Ń‚Ń• Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ʒĻ…Ī· Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ уĻƒĻ… Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī±ā„“Ń•Ļƒ Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Ī¹ Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚Ī·Ń‚ Š¼Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚ gĻƒĪ¹Ī·g āˆ‚ĻƒĻ‰Ī· 2 ѕєє уĻƒĻ… яĪ¹Ń•Ī¹Ī·g !!! Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ń‚Ī¹Š¼Ń”Ń• Ī¹Ī· ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ļ‰Ń” тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ Ļ‰Ń” āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Ī±Ī·ŃƒĻƒĪ·Ń”. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ń‚Ī¹Š¼Ń” Ļ‰Ń” āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Ī±Ī·ŃƒĻƒĪ·Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ļ‰Ń” Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ā€¦ ѕĻƒ āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ ā„“єт уĻƒĻ…я Š²Ń”Ń•Ń‚ Š²Ļ…āˆ‚āˆ‚Ī¹Ń”Ń• gĻƒ єĪ½Ń”яā€¦ Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· Ī¹ Ļ‰Ī±Ń• Š²ĻƒŃĪ·, gĻƒāˆ‚ ѕĪ±Ī¹āˆ‚, ā€œĻƒŠ½ Ī·Ļƒ! Ī±Ī·ĻƒŃ‚Š½Ń”я Ī¹āˆ‚Ī¹ĻƒŃ‚ā€. Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ń”ŃŃ” Š²ĻƒŃĪ·, gĻƒāˆ‚ ѕĪ±Ī¹āˆ‚, ā€œĻƒŠ½ Ī·Ļƒ! Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼ĻŃ”Ń‚Ī¹Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·ā€. Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ ŠŗĪ·Ń”Ļ‰, ĻƒĪ·Ń” āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ тŠ½Ń”Ń•Ń” тĻ‰Ļƒ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Š²Ń”Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼Ń” ʒяєĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚Ń• ʒĻƒŃŃ”Ī½Ń”я! Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī± тяĻ…Ń” тŠ½ĻƒĻ…gŠ½Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… яĪ¹Ń•Ń” Ļ…Ļ, уĻƒĻ…я ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰ Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ уĻƒĻ… Ī±ŃŃ”. Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… ʒĪ±ā„“ā„“ āˆ‚ĻƒĻ‰Ī·, уĻƒĻ… ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰, Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ уĻƒĻ…я ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń• Ī±ŃŃ”. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī¹ Š¼Ī±Ńƒ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” ʒĻƒŃgĻƒŃ‚Ń‚Ń”Ī· тĻƒ ѕĪ±Ńƒ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹ Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ”. Ī¹ Š¼Ī±Ńƒ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” ʒĪ±Ī¹ā„“Ń”āˆ‚ тĻƒ ĻƒĻŃ”Ī· Ļ…Ļ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ѕŠ½Ī±ŃŃ”, Š²Ļ…Ń‚ тŠ½ĻƒĻ…gŠ½ Ī·Ļƒ Ļ‰ĻƒŃāˆ‚Ń• Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Š²Ń”Ń”Ī· ѕĻĻƒŠŗєĪ·, Š¼Ńƒ ĻŃĻƒŠ¼Ī¹Ń•Ń” ĻƒĘ’ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ļ‰ĻƒĪ·ā€™Ń‚ Š²Ń” Š²ŃĻƒŠŗєĪ·. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ…ā€™ŃŃ” āˆ‚ĻƒĻ‰Ī·, Ī¹ā€™ā„“ā„“ Š²Ń” тŠ½Ń”ŃŃ” тĻƒ Ā¢Š½Ń”Ń”Ń уĻƒĻ… Ļ…Ļ. Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ…ā€™ŃŃ” тĪ¹ŃŃ”āˆ‚, Ī¹ā€™ā„“ā„“ Š²Ń” тŠ½Ń”ŃŃ” тĻƒ ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń‚ уĻƒĻ… Ļ…Ļ. Ī¹ā€™ā„“ā„“ Š²Ń” уĻƒĻ…я ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī·Ļƒ Š¼Ī±Ń‚Ń‚Ń”Ń Ļ‰Š½Ī±Ń‚! Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Š½ĻƒĻ‰ ā„“ĻƒĪ·g ѕŠ½Ī±ā„“ā„“ Ļ‰Ń” Š²Ń” ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•? āˆ‚Ļƒ уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ń‚ Ī± Ā¢ā„“Ļ…Ń”? Ī±Ń• ā„“ĻƒĪ·g Ī±Ń• ѕтĪ±ŃŃ• тĻ‰Ī¹Ī·Šŗā„“Ń” Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” ѕŠŗу, тĪ¹ā„“ā„“ тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰Ī±Ń‚Ń”Ń яĻ…Ī·Ń• āˆ‚ŃŃƒ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ тĪ¹ā„“ā„“ тŠ½Ń” āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ Ī¹ āˆ‚Ī¹Ń”. Ļ‰Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Š²Ń” ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ тŠ½Ń” ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ· Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”Ń• уĻƒĻ…, Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ ʒĪ¹gŠ½Ń‚ Ļ‰Ī¹Ń‚Š½ уĻƒĻ… Š¼ĻƒŃŃ”ā€¦ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī¹Ę’ уĻƒĻ… āˆ‚яĻƒĻ Ī± тєĪ±Ń, Š½Ń” Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ ʒĪ¹gŠ½Ń‚ тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚, тĻƒ ѕтĻƒĻ уĻƒĻ…я тєĪ±ŃŃ•. ѕĻƒ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ī¹Ī·g тŠ½Ń” ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ· Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”Ń• уĻƒĻ…. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ĻƒĪ·Ń” ѕтĻƒĪ·Ń” Ī¹Ń• єĪ·ĻƒĻ…gŠ½ тĻƒ Š²ŃŃ”Ī±Šŗ Ī± gā„“Ī±Ń•Ń•. ĻƒĪ·Ń” ѕєĪ·Ń‚Ń”Ī·Ā¢Ń” Ī¹Ń• єĪ·ĻƒĻ…gŠ½ тĻƒ Š²ŃŃ”Ī±Šŗ Ī± Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚. ĻƒĪ·Ń” ѕєĀ¢ĻƒĪ·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń• єĪ·ĻƒĻ…gŠ½ тĻƒ ʒĪ±ā„“ā„“ Ī¹Ī· ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”. Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ĻƒĪ·Ń” ѕŠ¼Ń• Ī¹Ń• єĪ·ĻƒĻ…gŠ½ тĻƒ ŠŗєєĻ тŠ½Ń” яєā„“Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ· Ī±ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń”. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī¹Š¼Ī±gĪ¹Ī·! Ī± яĪ±Ā¢Ń” Š²Ń”Ń‚Ļ‰Ń”Ń”Ī· ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ. Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ Ļ‰Ī¹Ī·ā€¦.? Ī·ĻƒĪ·Ń” ĻƒĘ’ тŠ½Ń”Š¼. уĻƒĻ… ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰ Ļ‰Š½Ńƒā€¦.? Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• Ā¢ĻƒŠ¼ĻŃĻƒŠ¼Ī¹Ń•Ń”Ń• Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń” Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ• ѕĪ±Ā¢ŃĪ¹Ę’Ī¹Ā¢Ń”Ń•. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰Ī¹Ī·, Ī¹ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ ĻŃĻƒĻ…āˆ‚ā„“Ńƒ тєā„“ā„“ тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚. Š½Ń”Ńƒ! тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ā€™Ń• Š¼Ńƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń”. Ī¹ Ļ‰Ī¹ā„“ā„“ ѕĪ¹Ń‚ Š²Ńƒ уĻƒĻ…я ѕĪ¹āˆ‚Ń”, Š½Ļƒā„“āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ ѕĪ±Ńƒ, Š½Ń”Ńƒ! Ī¹ Ī±Š¼ уĻƒĻ…я ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ єĪ½Ń”Ī· Ī¹Ę’ уĻƒĻ…я ѕŠ¼Ń• Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ яєĀ¢Ń”Ī¹Ī½Ń”āˆ‚, Ī¹ тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ уĻƒĻ… ѕєĪ·Ń‚ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī¹Ń‚Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ āˆ‚Ń”ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń”ŃŃ”āˆ‚. єĪ½Ń”Ī· Ī¹Ę’ уĻƒĻ… Ī±ŃŃ” Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Ā¢Ī±ā„“ā„“Ī¹Ī·g, Ī¹ тŠ½Ī¹Ī·Šŗ уĻƒĻ… Ī±ŃŃ” тяуĪ¹Ī·g Š²Ļ…Ń‚ тŠ½Ń” Ī·Ń”Ń‚Ļ‰ĻƒŃŠŗ Ī¹Ń• Š²Ļ…Ń•Ńƒ. Š²Ń”Ā¢Ī±Ļ…Ń•Ń” Š²Ń”ā„“Ī¹Ń”Ī½Ī¹Ī·g Ī¹Ń• Š¼ĻƒŃ•Ń‚ Ī¹Š¼ĻĻƒŃŃ‚Ī±Ī·Ń‚ Ī¹Ī· ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī¹Ę’ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī¹Ń• уĻƒĻ…я Ļ‰Ń”Ī±Šŗєѕт ĻĻƒĪ¹Ī·Ń‚, тŠ½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… Ī±ŃŃ” тŠ½Ń” ѕтяĻƒĪ·gєѕт ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ· Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ā¢Ī±Ī·ā€™Ń‚ Š²Ń” Ā¢ĻƒĪ·Ń•Ī¹āˆ‚Ń”ŃŃ”āˆ‚ Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚, Ļ…Ī·ā„“єѕѕ Š½Ń” Ī¹Ń• тєѕтєāˆ‚ ĻƒĪ· тŠ½ŃŃ”Ń” ĻƒĀ¢Ā¢Ī±Ń•Ī¹ĻƒĪ·Ń•: 1. Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń” тĪ¹Š¼Ń” ĻƒĘ’ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚. 2. Š²Ń”Š½Ī¹Ī·āˆ‚ уĻƒĻ…я Š²Ī±Ā¢Šŗ. 3. Ī±Ę’Ń‚Ń”Ń уĻƒĻ…я āˆ‚Ń”Ī±Ń‚Š½. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ѕтяĻƒĪ·g Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ тяĻ…Ń” яєā„“Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½ĻƒŠ¼ уĻƒĻ… Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” ŠŗĪ·ĻƒĻ‰Ī· тŠ½Ń” ā„“ĻƒĪ·gєѕт..! Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ā¢Ī±Š¼Ń” 1ѕт ĻƒŃ Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ā¢Ī±ŃŃ”Ń• тŠ½Ń” Š²Ń”Ń•Ń‚..! Ī¹Ń‚ā€™Ń• Ī±ā„“ā„“ Ī±Š²ĻƒĻ…Ń‚ Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ā¢Ī±Š¼Ń” Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ā„“єʒтā€¦! Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ тĻƒ ā„“Ī¹Ī½Ń” Ī± ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Š²Ń”Ī±Ń‚, 2 Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚Š²Ń”Ī±Ń‚ Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Ī± Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚, 2 Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń•, тĻƒ Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Š½Ī±ĻĻĪ¹Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń• Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚, Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ 4 Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Ļ….Ī±ā„“Ļ‰Ī±ŃƒŃ•. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ gĪ¹Ī½Ń”Ń• Š½ĻƒĻŃ” Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· ā„“Ī¹Ę’Ń” Ī¹Ń• ā„“ĻƒĻ‰, Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń• Ī± Ļā„“Ī±Ā¢Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ń”Ī· уĻƒĻ… Š½Ī±Ī½Ń” Ī·ĻƒĻ‰Š½Ń”ŃŃ” тĻƒ gĻƒ, Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń• Š½ĻƒĪ·Ń”Ń•Ń‚, Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń• тяĻ…Ń”. Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń• ĻŃŃ”Ā¢Ī¹ĻƒĻ…Ń• Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ń• Ļ…. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī± Š²ĻƒĪ·āˆ‚ ĻƒĘ’ ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”, Ī± Š¼Ń”āˆ‚Ī±ā„“ ĻƒĘ’ тяĻ…Ń•Ń‚. Ī± ѕŠ½ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚Ń”Ń Ī¹Ī· ѕĪ±āˆ‚Ī·Ń”Ń•Ń•, Ī± Š½Ī±Ī·āˆ‚ Ī¹Ī· āˆ‚Ī±ŃŠŗĪ·Ń”Ń•Ń•. Ī± ѕĻŃ”Ā¢Ī¹Ī±ā„“ яєā„“Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ· тĻƒ Š½Ļƒā„“āˆ‚, Ī±Ī· єĪ±Ń Ļ‰Š½Ń”ŃŃ” ѕєĀ¢ŃŃ”Ń‚Ń• Ā¢Ī±Ī· Š²Ń” тĻƒā„“āˆ‚. Ī±Ī· Ī±ĻĻŃŃ”Ā¢Ī¹Ī±Ń‚Ń”Ń ʒĻƒŃ єĪ·Ā¢ĻƒĻ…яĪ±gєŠ¼Ń”Ī·Ń‚, ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń”Ń‚Š½Ī¹Ī· тŠ½Ń‚ āˆ‚ĻƒŃ”Ń•Ī·ā€™Ń‚ Ā¢ĻƒŃ•Ń‚. Ī± נєĻ‰Ń”ā„“ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я тĻƒ Š²Ń” ā„“ĻƒŃ•Ń‚. Ī¹Ń• тŠ½Ń” Š¼Ī±gĪ¹Ā¢ Ā¢Ī±ā„“ā„“Ń”āˆ‚ ʒ я Ī¹ є Ī· āˆ‚. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ĻƒĪ·Ń” āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ Š¼Ńƒ Š²ŃĪ±Ī¹Ī· Ī±Ń•Šŗєāˆ‚ Š¼Ń” ā€œŃƒ я Ļ… ѕєĪ·āˆ‚Ī¹Ī·g Š¼Ń•gѕ тĻƒ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒĪ· Ļ‰Š½Ļƒ Ī¹Ń• Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Š¼Ń”Ń•Ń•Ī±gĪ¹Ī·g Ļ…? Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Š¼Ńƒ ā„“Ī¹Ń‚Ń‚ā„“Ń” ā€œŠ½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ā€ ѕĪ±Ī¹āˆ‚ тĻƒ Š²ŃĪ±Ī¹Ī· ā€œĻ…ā€ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ Š¼Ń•gѕ Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī¹ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚ ā€œĘ’яĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļā€. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī¹Ń• Ī± Ī·Ń”Ń‚Ļ‰ĻƒŃŠŗ тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ī·Ń”Ń”āˆ‚Ń•: Ī·Ļƒ яєĀ¢Š½Ī±Ńgє! Ī·Ļƒ яĻƒĪ±Š¼Ī¹Ī·g! Ī·Ļƒ Ī½Ī±ā„“Ī¹āˆ‚Ī¹Ń‚Ńƒ! Ī·Ļƒ Ī±Ā¢Ń‚Ī¹Ī½Ī±Ń‚Ī¹ĻƒĪ·! Ī·Ļƒ ѕĪ¹gĪ·Ī±ā„“ ĻŃĻƒŠ²ā„“Ń”Š¼Ń•! × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ āˆ‚ĻƒĪ·Ń‚ ѕĻ‰Ī¹Ń‚Ā¢Š½ ĻƒĘ’Ę’ уĻƒĻ…я Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚.!Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ļ… Ļ‰Ī±Ī¹Ń‚Ń”āˆ‚ 9 Š¼ĻƒĪ·Ń‚Š½Ń• 2 Ā¢ āˆ‚ Ļ‰ĻƒŃā„“āˆ‚ 1уя 2 Ļ‰Ī±ā„“Šŗ 2уяѕ 2 тĪ±ā„“Šŗ 5уяѕ 2 ѕтĪ±ŃŃ‚ ѕтĻ…āˆ‚ŃƒĪ·g Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī¹ яєĪ±ā„“ā„“Ńƒ Ļ‰Ī±Ī¹Ń‚āˆ‚ тĻƒĻƒ Š¼Ī±Ī·Ńƒ уяѕ 2 ʒĪ¹Ī·āˆ‚ Ī± ѕĻ‰Ń”єт ʒяĪ·āˆ‚ ā„“Ī¹Šŗє Ļ… !!Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Ī¹ Ļ‰Ī±Ī·Ī± ŠŗєєĻ3 тŠ½Ī¹Ī·gѕ: . . тŠ½Ń” ѕĻ…Ī· . . тŠ½Ń” Š¼ĻƒĻƒĪ· . . &Ī±Š¼Ļ;.Š¼Ńƒ ʒяĪ·āˆ‚z. . . ѕĻ…Ī·4 āˆ‚Ī±ŃƒŃ‚Ī¹Š¼Ń”. . . Š¼ĻƒĻƒĪ· ʒĻƒŃ Ī·Ī¹gŠ½Ń‚ тĪ¹Š¼Ń”. . . &Ī±Š¼Ļ; Ļ….Š¼Ńƒ āˆ‚Ń”Ī±Ń ʒяĪ·āˆ‚4ā„“Ī¹Ę’єтĪ¹Š¼Ń”.Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ Š¼Ī±Šŗє Ī± Š½Ń”Ī±ŃŃ‚ Ļ‰Š½Ī¹Ā¢Š½ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š²ŃŃ”Ī±Šŗѕ, Š¼Ī±Šŗє Ī± ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“Ń” Ļ‰Š½Ī¹Ā¢Š½ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я Š½Ļ…ŃŃ‚Ń•, Š¼Ī±Šŗє Ī± тĻƒĻ…Ā¢Š½ Ļ‰Š½Ī¹Ā¢Š½ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я ĻĪ±Ī¹Ī·Ń•, Š¼Ī±Šŗє Ī± ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ļ‰Š½Ī¹Ā¢Š½ Ī·Ń”Ī½Ń”я єĪ·āˆ‚Ń•. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ѕĻƒŠ¼Ń” Ā¢Ī±Ī· gĪ¹Ī½Ń” Ļ… Ā¢ŃŃƒĪ¹Ī·g &Ī±Š¼Ļ; тєĪ±ŃŃ•. Š¼Ī±Ī·Ńƒ ĻƒŃ‚Š½ŃŃ• Ā¢Ī±Ī· gĪ¹Ī½Ń” Ļ… ā„“Ī±Ļ…gŠ½Ń‚Ń”Ń &Ī±Š¼Ļ; ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“єѕ. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ ĻƒĪ·ā„“Ńƒ яĪ±ŃŃ” Ā¢Ī±Ī· gĪ¹Ī½Ń” Ļ… ā„“Ī±Ļ…gŠ½Ī¹Ī·g тєĪ±ŃŃ• &Ī±Š¼Ļ; Ā¢ŃŃƒĪ¹Ī·g ѕŠ¼Ī¹ā„“єѕ. тŠ½ĻƒŃ•Ń” я ѕĪ¹Š¼Ļā„“Ńƒ Ā¢Ī±ā„“ā„“Ń”āˆ‚ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•.Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! ā†’ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ Ī¹Ń• Ī± ĻŃĪ¹Ā¢Ń”ā„“єѕѕ gĪ¹Ę’Ń‚, тŠ½Ī±Ń‚ Ā¢Ī±Ī·Ī·ĻƒŃ‚ Š²Ń” Š²ĻƒĻ…gŠ½Ń‚ ĻƒŃ ѕĻƒā„“āˆ‚. Š²Ļ…Ń‚ Ī¹Ń‚ā€™Ń• Ī½Ī±ā„“Ļ…Ń” Ī¹Ń• ʒĪ±Ń gяєĪ±Ń‚Ń”Ń, тŠ½Ī±Ī· Ī± Š¼ĻƒĻ…Ī·Ń‚Ī±Ī¹Ī· ĻƒĘ’ gĻƒā„“āˆ‚. Š½Ī±ĻĻŃƒ ʒяĪ¹Ń”Ī·āˆ‚Ń•Š½Ī¹Ļ āˆ‚Ī±Ńƒ ! Posted by Kiran Bele at 18:29
š‘Žš‘¢š‘”š‘–š‘ š‘š š‘Ÿš‘’š‘™š‘–š‘’š‘“ š‘Žš‘“š‘“š‘–š‘Ÿš‘šš‘Žš‘”š‘–š‘œš‘›š‘  ź”« Ā·ĖšāŠ¹ ā™” i'm always calm, grounded and relaxed ā™” all my clothes are soft, comfortable and have my desired scent ā™” my clothes always smell like baby powder and vanilla and have a very mild, comfortable scent ā™” wool and clothing tags don't bother me ā™” i have plenty of time to rest and enjoy my own company, and engage in my special interests ā™” it's easy for me to find pretty clothes that fit my sensory needs ā™” i have access to accommodations, like noise cancelling headphones, which are incredibly helpful, and cute stim toys, like mildly scented squishies ā™” i'm always warm, cozy and comfortable ā™” i have a formal diagnosis and can afford therapy ā™” i love my therapist, she's extremely helpful ā™” people around me are incredibly understanding and perform acts of service in order to make things more accessible to me ā™” i'm safe and cared for ā™” everyone i meet is extremely understanding and open to learn more about autism ā™” it's easy for me to make friends ā™” i'm immune to sensory overload, shutdowns, meltdowns and autistic burnout ā™” i love being who i am ā™” it's easy for me to learn new things ā™” i easily have access to my safe items and safe foods ā™” my life is soft and cozy, like being in the stardew valley and animal crossing universe
š¢š­ š š¢š«š„ š«š®š„šž šŸšŸšŸ‘šŸšŸ’šŸ’šŸ‘šŸšŸ‘šŸ’šŸšŸ“: š¢š š§šØš«šž š­š”šžš¦ š„š¢š¤šž š”šØš° š²šØš® š¢š š§šØš«šžš š­š”ššš­ š§š®š¦š›šžš«
š™Žš™˜š™š™¤š™¤š™” š™¢š™¤š™©š™žš™«š™–š™©š™žš™¤š™£ š™—š™šš™˜š™–š™Ŗš™Øš™š š™£š™¤š™© š™šš™«š™šš™§š™®š™¤š™£š™š š™šš™£š™Ÿš™¤š™®š™Ø š™žš™©! ą»’ź’°ą¾€ą½²ć£Ė• -ļ½”ź’±ą¾€ą½²ą§§ š™”š™¤š™Ŗ š™™š™¤š™£'š™© š™šš™£š™Ÿš™¤š™® š™žš™£š™›š™–š™˜š™© š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š™¢š™žš™œš™š™© š™š™–š™©š™š š™žš™©, š˜¼š™£š™™ š™©š™š™–š™©š™Ø š™£š™¤š™§š™¢š™–š™”!. š™‰š™¤š™—š™¤š™™š™® š™žš™Ø š™Øš™Ŗš™„š™„š™¤š™Øš™šš™™š™”š™® š™©š™¤ š™—š™š š™š™–š™„š™„š™® š™–š™›š™©š™šš™§ š™—š™šš™žš™£š™œ š™„š™Ŗš™© š™žš™£ š™– š™Øš™˜š™š™¤š™¤š™” š™›š™Ŗš™”š™” š™¤š™› š™¢š™šš™–š™£ š™„š™šš™¤š™„š™”š™š š™–š™£š™™ š™©š™šš™–š™˜š™š™šš™§š™Ø š™¬š™š™¤ š™ š™šš™šš™„ š™®š™šš™”š™”š™žš™£š™œ š™–š™© š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š™–š™£š™™ š™©š™š™–š™© š™›š™šš™šš™”š™žš™£š™œ š™©š™š™–š™© š™˜š™§š™–š™¬š™”š™Ø š™Ŗš™„ š™®š™¤š™Ŗš™§ š™Øš™ š™žš™£ š™¤š™£š™˜š™š š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š™ š™£š™¤š™¬ š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š™š™–š™«š™š š™Øš™˜š™š™¤š™¤š™” š™©š™¤š™¢š™¤š™§š™§š™¤š™¬, š™”š™¤š™Ŗ š™™š™¤š™£'š™© š™£š™šš™šš™™ š™©š™¤ š™Øš™¢š™žš™”š™š š™”š™¤š™Ŗ š™™š™¤š™£š™© š™£š™šš™šš™™ š™©š™¤ š™„š™Ŗš™© š™– ā€œš™¬š™šš™”š™˜š™¤š™¢š™š š™—š™–š™˜š™  š™©š™¤ š™Øš™˜š™š™¤š™¤š™” !ā€ š™Øš™¢š™žš™”š™š š™›š™¤š™§ š™–š™£š™®š™—š™¤š™™š™®! š˜½š™Ŗš™© š™¬š™š™–š™© š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š˜æš™Š š™£š™šš™šš™™ š™žš™Ø š™©š™¤ š™™š™¤ š™žš™© š™›š™¤š™§ š™®š™¤š™Ŗš™§š™Øš™šš™”š™›! š™‰š™¤š™—š™¤š™™š™® š™žš™Ø š™œš™¤š™£š™£š™– š™Øš™–š™«š™š š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š™–š™£š™™ š™®š™¤š™Ŗš™§ š™œš™§š™–š™™š™šš™Ø š™‰š™Šš˜½š™Šš˜æš™” š™žš™Ø š™œš™¤š™£š™£š™– š™©š™šš™”š™” š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š™žš™©š™Ø š™¤š™ š™–š™® š™–š™£š™™ š™š™šš™”š™„ š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š™œš™šš™© š™Ŗš™„ š™šš™­š™„š™šš™˜š™© š™›š™¤š™§ š™®š™¤š™Ŗš™§š™Øš™šš™”š™›! š™š™šš™¢š™¢š™šš™—š™šš™§ š™¬š™š™–š™© š™žš™Ø š™Øš™˜š™š™¤š™¤š™”? š™„š™©š™Ø š™– š™„š™”š™–š™˜š™š š™©š™¤ š™—š™Ŗš™žš™”š™™ š™®š™¤š™Ŗš™§ š™›š™Ŗš™©š™Ŗš™§š™š š™”š™¤š™Ŗš™§ š™£š™¤š™© š™œš™¤š™£š™£š™– š˜½š™žš™—š™—š™žš™™š™ž-š˜½š™¤š™—š™—š™žš™™š™ž-š˜½š™¤š™¤ š™žš™£š™©š™¤ š™– š™¢š™žš™”š™”š™žš™¤š™£š™–š™§š™š! š™š™š™–š™©š™Ø š™¬š™š™–š™© š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š™£š™šš™šš™™ š™©š™¤ š™§š™šš™–š™”š™žš™Øš™š š™™š™¤š™£š™© š™Øš™©š™§š™šš™Øš™Ø š™¤š™«š™šš™§ š™©š™š™žš™£š™œ š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š™˜š™–š™£š™© š™˜š™š™–š™£š™œš™š š™—š™Ŗš™© š™žš™£š™Øš™©š™šš™–š™™ š™—š™šš™˜š™¤š™¢š™š š™˜š™–š™”š™¢ š™–š™£š™™ š™›š™žš™­ š™©š™š™¤š™Øš™š š™©š™š™–š™© š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š™˜š™–š™£ š™©š™¤ š™—š™šš™˜š™¤š™¢š™š š™®š™¤š™Ŗš™§ š™—š™šš™Øš™© š™Øš™šš™”š™› š™–š™£š™™ š™—š™šš™˜š™¤š™¢š™š š™– š™arš™™š™¬š™¤š™§š™ š™šš™§ š™žš™£ š™Øš™˜š™š™¤š™¤š™” š™Øš™¤ š™©š™š™šš™£ š™¢š™–š™®š™—š™š š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š™˜š™–š™£ š˜½š™žš™—š™—š™žš™™š™ž-š˜½š™¤š™—š™—š™žš™™š™ž-š˜½š™¤š™¤ š™žš™£š™©š™¤ š™– š™¢š™žš™”š™”š™žš™¤š™£š™–š™§š™š!!! š˜¹š˜°š˜¹š˜°!, š˜©š˜¢š˜·š˜¦ š˜¢ š˜Øš˜°š˜°š˜„ š˜„š˜¢š˜ŗ! ĖšŹšā™”ɞĖš ą¬˜(ą©­ā—ŒĖŠįµ•Ė‹)ą©­* ą©ˆā™”ā€§ā‚ŠĖš
ļ¼µļ¼®ļ¼°ļ¼Æļ¼°ļ¼µļ¼¬ļ¼”ļ¼² ļ¼Æļ¼°ļ¼©ļ¼®ļ¼©ļ¼Æļ¼® 1: š˜š˜§ š˜“š˜°š˜®š˜¦š˜°š˜Æš˜¦ š˜¤š˜¢š˜­š˜­š˜¦š˜„ š˜®š˜¦ š˜¢ ā€œš˜Øš˜°š˜°š˜„ š˜Øš˜Ŗš˜³š˜­ā€ š˜Ŗš˜Æ š˜¢ š˜“3š˜¹š˜¶š˜¢1 š˜øš˜¢š˜ŗ, š˜ š˜øš˜Ŗš˜­š˜­ š˜“š˜®š˜¢š˜“š˜© š˜µš˜©š˜¦š˜Ŗš˜³ š˜©š˜¦š˜¢š˜„ š˜µš˜° š˜µš˜©š˜¦ š˜øš˜¢š˜­š˜­.
š“š‡šˆšš†š’ š“šŽ šƒšŽ + make a wishlist so youā€™ll be prepared when itā€™s your birthday/Christmas + do five or more journal prompts + start a new hobby or make a list of new hobbies youā€™d like to try + write a letter to your future self or film a video for your future self + digital redecorating: change the theme/layout of your devices + reread a book you havenā€™t read in 3 or more years + watch a show or film in a genre you donā€™t usually watch + go on YouTube and make a playlist of your favorite self improvement/advice videos to watch when youā€™re down or need a push + learn a favorite song on an instrument + paint or draw the view outside your bedroom window + make a Pinterest board that perfectly captures the vibe(s) you wish to embody + organize your desk + go on a walk when the sun sets + watch a YouTuber you used to love + plan your ideal trip! itā€™s super fun to dream up possible vacations!! + look for a new podcast to listen to šˆšš’š“š„š€šƒ šŽš… š’š‚š‘šŽš‹š‹šˆšš† āœ§
šŸšŸŽšŸšŸ’ priorities : mental health, self care, healthy skin, healthy hair, self confidence, self love, pilates/yoga
ą©ˆāœ©ā€§ā‚ŠĖšą¼ŗā˜†ą¼»ą©ˆāœ©ā€§ā‚ŠĖš *šŖš®šØš­šž š›š² ššš«š¢ššš§šš š š«ššš§ššž<šŸ‘* ā€œš‘¾š’‰š’š’†š’—š’†š’“ š’”š’‚š’Šš’… š’Žš’š’š’†š’š š’„š’‚š’'š’• š’”š’š’š’—š’† š’šš’š’–š’“ š’‘š’“š’š’ƒš’š’†š’Žš’”?, š‘“š’–š’”š’•š’'š’• š’‰š’‚š’… š’†š’š’š’–š’ˆš’‰ š’Žš’š’š’†š’š š’•š’ š’”š’š’š’—š’† š’†š’Žā€ ā–‘ļ¼ˆćƒ˜é›Øć¢ć‚®ćć€€ćŸćƒ¼å‡¹ćƒ½ć™ę†¶ē›Šćˆå¾€ļ¼‰ ā˜…å½”šŸ• š«š¢š§š š¬å½”ā˜… ā–¶ļøŽ ā€¢įŠįŠ||įŠ|į‹||||į‹ā€Œā€Œā€Œā€Œā€ŒįŠ|ā€¢ 0:10
..._...|..____________________, , ....../ `---___________----_____|] = = = = = D ...../_==o;;;;;;;;_______.:/ .....), ---.(_(__) / ....// (..) ), ----" ...//___// ..//___// .//___// Ī¹f уĻƒĻ… Ļ‰ĻƒĻ…ā„“āˆ‚ × Ļ…Š¼Ļ Ī¹Šø fяĻƒŠøт Ļƒf Ī± Š²Ļ…ā„“ā„“єт fĻƒŃ уĻƒĻ…я gĪ¹Ńā„“fяĪ¹Ń”Šøāˆ‚, Š²ĻƒŃƒfяĪ¹Ń”Šøāˆ‚, єĻ‡-gĪ¹Ńā„“fяĪ¹Ń”Šøāˆ‚, єĻ‡-Š²ĻƒŃƒfяĪ¹Ń”Šøāˆ‚, Š²Ń”Ń•Ń‚ fяĪ¹Ń”Šøāˆ‚, fĪ±Š¼Ī¹ā„“Ńƒ Š¼Ń”Š¼Š²Ń”я, ĻƒŃ × Ļ…Ń•Ń‚ Ī± ĻŃ”ŃŃ•ĻƒŠø уĻƒĻ… ā„“ĻƒĪ½Ń”, яє ĻĻƒŃ•Ń‚ тŠ½Ī¹Ń• ĻƒŠøтĻƒ уĻƒĻ…я ĻĪ±gє!
NEWEST GUIDELINES ON CANCERS SCREENING OF THE WOMB COMPARED TO PREVIOUS RECOMMENDATIONS SUGGESTED for AFAB people aged ~25-65 yrs. old 2020 Update 2012 old 2018 former rec. Ages <25 No screening Pap test every 3 years Pap test every 3 years Age 25ā€’29 HPV test every 5 years (preferred) , HPV/Pap cotest every 5 years (acceptable) or Pap test every 3 years (acceptable) Pap test every 3 years Pap test every 3 years Age 30ā€’65 HPV test every 5 years (preferred) or HPV/Pap cotest every 5 years (acceptable) Pap test every 3 years (acceptable) or HPV/Pap cotest every 3 years (preferred) or Pap test every 3 years (acceptable) Pap test every 3 years, HPV test every 5 years, or HPV/Pap cotest every 5 years Age 65 + No screening if a series of prior tests were normal No screening if a series of prior tests were normal No screening if a series of prior tests were normal and not at high risk for cancer
šŸŒŸ - I like you šŸ’œ - I love you šŸ‘€ - Iā€™m interested in you šŸ’˜- Iā€™m romantically attracted to you šŸ’– - Iā€™m aesthetically attracted to you šŸ‘­ - Iā€™m platonically attracted to you šŸ‘Æ - Iā€™m physıcally attracted to you šŸŽ® - I have the same interests as you šŸ‘¾ - Youā€™re so different to me šŸ‘“ - I want to see your face šŸŽØ - I like your art āœ - I like the text posts you make šŸ“¦ - I like the posts you reblog šŸ˜ŗ - I like your ocs šŸž - Youā€™re pretty desperate for attention, arenā€™t you? šŸŒ - You need to slow down šŸš« - You need to stop
šŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æ ā € ššš„š„ š§šžš ššš­š¢šÆšž šžš§šžš«š š² ā € ā € ā € ā €š°š¢š„š„ š›šž š«šžš­š®š«š§šžš š­šØ š¬šžš§ššžš« šŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æ
ā–„ļø»ćƒ‡ā•ā•ā”äø€šŸ’„ *šššššžšš˜ššššŽ šš‹šš¢ ššŠšš›šš’ššŠšš—ššŠ šššš›ššŠšš—ššššŽ* ā€œššØš­š”š¢š§ā€™ š­šØ š©š«šØšÆšž ššš§š šˆ'š¦ š›š®š„š„šžš­š©š«šØšØšŸ ššš§š šŠš§šØš° š°š”ššš­ šˆ'š¦ ššØš¢š§š ā€ š’…’š’ˆ”š’…’š’‡«š’„† šššš§š šžš«šØš®š¬ š°šØš¦ššš§ - š’”š’š’š’ˆ ā–¶ļøŽ ā€¢įŠįŠ||įŠ|į‹||||į‹ā€Œā€Œā€Œā€Œā€ŒįŠ|ā€¢ 0:10 ā™Ŗ (怀-_ļ½„) ļø»ćƒ‡ā•äø€ ā–ø (/ā›oā›)/ ā™Ŗ
š“š‡š„ š‚šŽšŒšš‹š„š“š„ š†š”šˆšƒš„ š“šŽ šŒš€ššˆš…š„š’š“šˆšš† š€ššš„š€š‘š€šš‚š„ š‚š‡š€šš†š„š’ š–šˆš“š‡ š’š€š“š’! ā™”ļøŽ š’•š’Šš’‘š’” š’‚š’š’… š’‚š’…š’—š’Šš’„š’†. šŸŽ€ š’”š’•š’†š’‘ š’š’š’†: š’…š’†š’„š’Šš’…š’† š’˜š’‰š’‚š’• š’šš’š’– š’˜š’‚š’š’•. šŸŽ€ š’”š’•š’†š’‘ š’•š’˜š’: š’ˆš’†š’• š’”š’•š’‚š’“š’•š’†š’…. Ėšā‚Šā€§ź’°įƒ ā˜† ą»’ź’± ā€§ā‚ŠĖš š’”š’•š’†š’‘ š’•š’‰š’“š’†š’†: š’…š’†š’•š’‚š’•š’„š’‰š’Žš’†š’š’• š’‚š’š’… š’‘š’†š’“š’”š’Šš’”š’•š’†š’š’„š’†. šŸŽ€ š’”š’•š’†š’‘ š’‡š’š’–š’“: š’•š’‰š’† š’”š’‚š’ƒš’ƒš’‚š’•š’‰. ā‹† Ėšļ½”ā‹†ą­Øą­§Ėš
i am lucky š–¦ć€€ Ėš 怀怀怀. āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀Ėš 怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€Ėš 怀. į°” luck is always by my side į°” i am the luckiest girl right now į°” luck never lets me down į°” it always turns out good į°” everything i want is mine į°” miracles happen to me daily į°” things always work out for me į°” i am always just so lucky 怀怀 Ėš . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš
i will receive good news soon ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. i will receive good news soon i will receive good news soon ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. i will receive good news soon
ā˜ļøŽąµƒā‹† Ö“ Ū« Ö¼ š–„” Ö“ Ū« Ö¼ Ö“Ö¶Öø Ö“ Ū« Ö¼ ā‹† Ö“ Ū« Ö¼ Ū« Ö¼ Ū« Ö¼ š–„” Ö“ Ö¼ Ū« Ö“Ö¶Öø Ö“š”“˜ ā–‘ź™°źŖ³ą½¼į·šŸ¦‹āƒ¢āƒŸą¼„ą½»ą¼˜Ķ”āƒŸLiving with angels makes you want to have wingsą»’Ķ”Ģ®Ģ©ź’± Ģ£š“†ø š“†¦š“†¦š“†¦š“†¦š“†¦š“†¦š“†¦š“†¦š“†¦š“†¦š“†¦š“†¦š“†¦š“†¦š“†¦
someone: calls me by a nickname me: šŸ’šŸ’›šŸ’–šŸ’™šŸ’–šŸ’žšŸ’žšŸ’–šŸ’žšŸ’–šŸ’šŸ’›šŸ’žā¤ļøšŸ’™šŸ’›šŸ’™šŸ’œšŸ’˜šŸ’ššŸ’ŸšŸ’ŸšŸ’“šŸ’žšŸ’ššŸ’•šŸ’–šŸ’œšŸ’šŸ’›šŸ’žšŸ’“šŸ’˜šŸ’žšŸ’–šŸ’œšŸ’ŸšŸ’›šŸ’˜šŸ’ž 2017/10/01 ā€¢
Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš 怀怀怀 .怀怀 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 .怀怀 Ėš įœŠ i choose to stop apologising for being me įœŠ i radiate confidence, balance and inner harmony įœŠ i am so pretty and i love myself įœŠ i love my body and all it does for me įœŠ i am worthy of love and good things įœŠ i attract wonderful people into my life įœŠ i do not compare myself to other people įœŠ i feel beautiful and confident with my body įœŠ i will stop worrying about everything įœŠ i am becoming more at-ease with myself įœŠ i will take things on with a gentle approach Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš 怀怀怀 .怀怀 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 .怀怀 Ėš
怀怀 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀. āœ§ my intentions for life are clear ā‹† i keep getting braver and wiser ā‹† there is no place for negative self-talk in my life ā‹† i am exactly where i am supposed to be 怀怀 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§
怀Ėš 怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 someone being patient with you is just so sweet and soft ā™” 怀怀 Ėš . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš
惻ļ½”惻šŸ§ ļ¾Ÿćƒ»ļ½”āœØ i release all negative self-talk and embrace self-encouragement * 怂 Ėš Ėš Ė› * 怂šŸŒø 怂 ā˜ļø Ėš * 怂 Ėš Ėš Ė› 怂 šŸ§ø
ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * i love kind, genuine girls who support other girls and donā€™t try bringing them down ! ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† *
ā”Šā”Šā”Šā”Š ā™”ā”Šā”Šā”Š ā”Šā™”ā”Š ā‚Š āŠ¹ā™”ļøŽ ā™”ā‚Š āŠ¹ i am so full of love and i have so much to give
ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * it has gotten better before and it will again ā˜† ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† *
š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ soft hearted, kind to myself, divine, glowing soul gentle, loving aura, dreaming big š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’
January 26th, 2013, 11:34 AM That awkward moment when you trip up in public...
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