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Copy & Paste Architecturecore Emojis & Symbols chthonic-painif you work at an inaccessible venue

chthonic-pain if you work at an inaccessible venue and a dısabled person calls up to ask if there is wheelchair access, you are doing them a favour and being a good ally by saying the truth and warning that person about inaccessibility. if you want to help dısabled people, you need to make an effort not to put obstacles in our way, and that means informing us of access issues so that we can plan around them and avoid getting stuck or hurtĢø. if you lie about or try to minimise access issues, you are instead putting us in danger. we will learn about the inaccessibility one way or another: either by you telling us, or by going there and finding out for ourselves when we hit a roadblock. don't let it be the second one.. Mar 28th, 2024

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qt-emoticons ź’¦ź’·ź’¦ź’·ź’¦ź’·ź’¦ź’·ź’¦ź’·ź’¦ź’·ź’·ź’¦ź’·ź’¦ź’·ź’·ź’¦ź’·ź’¦ź’· +*+:;;;:+*+:;;;:+*+:;;;:+*+:;;;:+ š–¦Šą»‰ ļ¾Ÿļ½„*:.ļ½”. .ļ½”.:*ļ½„悜ļ¾Ÿļ½„*:.ļ½”. .ļ½”.:*ļ½„悜ļ¾Ÿļ½„*:.ļ½”. .ļ½”.:*ļ½„悜 ā”€ā”€ļ½”ļ¾Ÿ.oļ½”( ļ½„ą¼šĢ®ļ½„ )ļ½”o.ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā”€ā”€ *āƒĢ£ā—Œā‘…āƒā—ā™”ā—Œ*āƒĢ„ā—ā™” Ėš . Ėš Ā· ā‹† 怀 .怀* šŸŒø āœ¦ 怀* 怀 怀怀. šŸŒø šŸŒø 怀. 怀 Ā· āœ§ć€€ āŠ¹ . 怀怀 怀怀 怀怀 * 怀怀怀. Ėš . šŸŒø 怀.šŸŒø . . 怂.怂:+* 悜 悜悜 *+:怂.怂:+* 悜 悜悜 *+:怂.怂.怂:+* 悜 悜悜 *ĀØāœ¼ā€¢.ĀøĀø.ā€¢į“­ą½²ą¼į“Æą¾€*ĀØāœ¼ā€¢.ĀøĀø.ā€¢į“­ą½²ą¼į“Æą¾€*ĀØāœ¼ā€¢.ĀøĀø.ā€¢į“­ą½²ą¼į“Æą¾€ā€¢.ĀøĀø.ā€¢āœ¼*ĀØ* ź”°ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź—„ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”° Ā· Ā·Ā·Ć·Ā¦Ć·Ā·Ā· Ā·Ā· Ā·Ā·Ć·Ā¦Ć·Ā·Ā· Ā·Ā· Ā·Ā·Ć·Ā¦Ć·Ā·Ā· Ā· ... šŸ’˜ ... Ā· Ā·Ā·Ć·Ā¦Ć·Ā·Ā· Ā·Ā· Ā·Ā·Ć·Ā¦Ć·Ā·Ā· Ā·Ā· Ā·Ā·Ć·Ā¦Ć·Ā·Ā· Ā· ā—Œ āŗ Ė–Ėš ā—Œ ā‘… Ėšā‚Š ā—Œ āŗā‘… Ėš ā—Œā€ .Ā·Ė™Ā·.Ā·Ė™Ā·.Ā·Ė™Ā·. Ķ€Ģ—źŖ¶ā™”Ķ™ŪŖŪ«×„ź¦æā”ˆā”ā”ˆā”ā”ˆ ā½šŸ“ā¾ĖŸļ¢•ā—¦ŪŖŪŖĢ„ ā”ˆā•® ļ½”:+* ļ¾Ÿ 悜ļ¾Ÿ *+:ļ½”:+* ļ¾Ÿ 悜ļ¾Ÿ *+:ļ½”:+* ļ¾Ÿ 悜ļ¾Ÿ *+:ļ½”:+* ļ¾Ÿ 悜ļ¾Ÿ *+:ļ½”:+* ļ¾Ÿ 悜ļ¾Ÿ *+:ļ½” āœ£āœ¤āœ„āœ¦ā‰āˆāœ²āœ¦ āœ§āœ© āœŖ āœ« āœ¬ āœ­ āœ® āœÆ āœ° āœ± āœ²āœµ āœ¶ āœ· āœø āœ¹ āœŗ āœ» āœ¼ āœ½Ūž ā… ā† āˆ ā‰ āŠ ā‹ āœ™ āœš āœ› āœœ āœ  āœ¢ āœ£ āœ¤ āœ„ ā€  ā‹†ā‹†ā‹†ā˜… ā˜… ā˜…ā‹†ā‹†ā‹† ā²āœ¦ā€¢Ā·Ā·Ā·Ā·Ā·ā³Ā°ā€¢ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā”ā‹± ā‹® ā‹° (+[__]āˆ™:āˆ™) [+..ā€¢ā€¢] Ā· Ā· ā€¢ ā€¢ ā€¢ āœ¤ ā€¢ ā€¢ ā€¢ Ā· Ā· ļ¼Šļ½”ļ½”*ļ¾Ÿ*ļ½”ļ¼Šļ½”*ļ¾Ÿ*ļ½”ļ½”ļ¼Š šŸ”ŖĀ·ā€¢Ā°šŸ–¤Ā°ā€¢Ā·šŸ—” (:Ģ²Ģ…:Ģ²Ģ…:[Ģ²Ģ…:ā™”:]Ģ²Ģ…:Ģ²Ģ…:Ģ²Ģ…:Ģ²Ģ…) *ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŠ±ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢āœ©ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŠ°ā€¢* ā‹†*Ėøāø¼ĶÆį®«Ķ“Ģ½Ėø*ā‹† ąæ™ĶœÖ’ąæšąæ™ĶœÖ’ąæšąæ™ĶœÖ’ąæšąæ™Ö’Ķœąæšąæ™Ö’Ķœąæšąæ™Ö’Ķœąæšąæ™Ö’Ķœąæšąæ™Ö’Ķœąæšąæ™ĶœÖ’ąæš āāƒ˜ą¤¼ļøŽā€¢ļ½„ļ½„Ķ“ā”ˆĢŠļøŽĖ³ļ½„Ģ„Ģ¤Ė³ā”ˆĢŠļøŽļ½„Ķ“ļ½„ā€¢āāƒ˜ą¤¼ļøŽ ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ā–€ā–„ ā™”Ķ„ ā™”Ķ¦ ā™”Ķ® ā™”Ķ¤ Āø.ā€¢.ĀøĀøą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ĀØ*āœ¼*ĀØą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ĀøĀø.ā€¢.Āø ąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæšąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæšąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæšąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæšąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæšąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæšąæ™ąæšąæ™ąæ†ąæš āĢ«āĢ«āĢ«āĢ«āĢ«āĢ«āĢ«āĢ«āĢ« ā‹†ąøŗ=ĶŸĶŸĶžĶž=ĶŸĶŸĶžĶž ą­Øą­§ā”„ā”ˆą­Øą­§ā€§āŗĢ£ĖšĢ£Ģ£*Ģ£Ģ©ā‹†Ģ©Ā·Ģ©Ģ©ą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§Ā·Ģ©Ģ©ā‹†Ģ©*Ģ£Ģ©ĖšĢ£Ģ£āŗĢ£ā€§ą­Øą­§ā”ˆā”ˆą­Øą­§ š“ƒŗš“ƒ”š“ƒ¾š“ƒæš“„€š“„ƒš“†™š“†‘š“†¦š“†Ø Ū° āø¼ Ū« ā—Œ ā‹® įŸšļ¼š ā‹†*Ėø*āœ»*Ėø*ā‹†ć€€ā‹†*Ėø*āœ»*Ėø*ā‹†ć€€ā‹†*Ėø*āœ»*Ėø*ā‹†ć€€ā‹†*Ėø*āœ»*Ėø*ā‹† ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŗĖš āŗā€§Ķ™āŗĖšā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŗĖš āŗā€§Ķ™āŗĖšā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŗĖš āŗā€§Ķ™āŗĖšā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŗĖš Ā·Ķ™āŗĖš*ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āœ©ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™*Ėšāŗā€§Ķ™āŗĖš*ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āœ©ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™*Ėšāŗā€§Ķ™āŗĖš*ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āœ©ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™*Ėšāŗā€§Ķ™ Ėšą¼˜ āƒŸ ā‹® į°. Ė–ą£Ŗ ą­Øą­§āøāøĖ™Ė³ā‘…Ė™ā‹†ź’°šŸØź’±ļ»æā‹†ļ»æĖ™ā‘…Ė™Ė³āøœāøœą­Øą­§ .惻*惻.惻*惻.惻*惻.惻*惻. . * āœ¦ . ā— āˆ˜ . * āœ¦ ā€§ āˆ˜ āŠ¹ ā€ŽāŒ–Ėšā€ŽŁ­ ļ“¾ļ“æ āŒ–Ėšā€ŽŁ­ š“‚‚ š“ø š“ ā—Œ ā•ā•ā•ā• āˆ˜ā—¦āā—¦āˆ˜ ā•ā•ā•ā• .ćƒ»ć€‚.ćƒ»ć‚œāœ­ćƒ».惻āœ«ćƒ»ć‚œćƒ»ć€‚. *ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŠ±ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢āœ©ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢Ģ©Ģ©Ķ™āŠ°ā€¢* ā‹†āŒāŒāŒā¤ļøŽāŒāŒāŒā‹† .āƒ— āø¼ * Ū«ŪŖŪŖŪŖ Ė– Ė‘ ÜøÜø Ū° āø¼ ā‰ *ĢŠą„¦Ö»ĢŠą„°Ė³Ö¶ĢŠą„°Ģ„ą„¦Ķ™ā€§ā‚Š āƒ™ āƒš āƒ› āƒœ āƒ āƒž āƒŸ āƒ  āƒ” āƒ¢=ĶŸĶŸĶžĶž=ĶŸĶŸĶžĶž ź«‚Ķ™źØ©āƒŸĶ™Ė–āƒŸź’° ŪŖŪŖą½“ą½»āźŖ³Ķ™ź«¶į¬½ā–āƒ°Ģ¤į®€š¬†ā¢Žāƒ›Ģ·źŖ³ĶĢØĢŒįŖ½ĶŠāƒ¢ā–“āƒ›ą½“ ā”ƒą³ƒĶ“įŖ°ā–’Ģ·ź«¶ĢžāƒŸį¬ŗāƒ”ą¼…āā½āŖ ā› āœā‚Žā«ā¾ā¢Ž į¬ź¦¹ź¦µāƒ¢Ė–ź«¶ļ®³į®€ā–‘ź«¶Ģ¼Ė–Ė³į®€āƒœį¬øą§”įŖ¶Ģ¼ź«¶āƒœāø™ą­ź«¶ āœ¦Ā°.ā€¢ā €āˆ—.ā€¢.Ā°āœ¦Ā°.ā€¢ā €āˆ—.ā€¢.Ā° ā‰āø¼ * Ū«ŪŖŪŖŪŖ Ė– Ė‘ ÜøÜø źœœ āøƒāøƒ āø¼ źžˆ āø— ā­ ā–¾ ź­› Ė– ļø“ ā†» ā‡ ļ¹ 悛 ā‡¢ ļ¾ž ļ¢” ā¾ā¾ ā­ž ą¬½ ą­­Ģ„ āž¶ ā†» āœ˜ ā”ˆ ąæ‰ąæ†ąæ†ąæƒąæ†ąæ‰ąæ†ąæ†ąæ‰ąæ†ąæƒąæ†ąæ†ąæ‰ąæ†ąæ†ąæƒąæ†ąæ‰ąæ†ąæ‰ąæ†ąæ†ąæ‰ąæ†ąæ†ąæƒąæ† ā€Ž ĖšĖ™ą¼“ąæ‡ą¼“Ė™ĖšĖ™ą¼“ąæ‡ą¼“Ė™ĖšĖ™ą¼“ąæ‡ą¼“Ė™ĖšĖšĖ™ą¼“ąæ‡ą¼“Ė™ĖšĖ™ą¼“ąæ‡ą¼“Ė™ĖšĖ™ą¼“ąæ‡ą¼“Ė™Ėš Ė–āœ»*Ėøź•¤*Ėø*ā‹†ć€‚Ė–āœ»*Ėøź•¤*Ėø*ā‹†ć€‚Ė–āœ»*Ėøź•¤*Ėø*ā‹†ć€‚Ė–āœ»*Ėøź•¤*Ėø*ā‹†ć€‚ ā€¢ āŠ¹ * Ėš Ėš * āŠ¹ ā€¢ ą„±ā—ŒĢ„*āƒĢ£ ā‹†.*āƒĢ„ā—Œą„± Ģ‘ā–’āƒ¤ā–’āƒ¤ā–‘āƒ¤ įš” įš’ įš‘ įš įš įš‘ įš’ įš” ֎֍ įš¼į•€į āœ©Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£ĶÆā”„ā€¢Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™ā”„āœ©ĶÆā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ©ĶÆā”„ā€¢Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™ā”„āœ©Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£ĶÆ ā¤ĶŸĶžĶŸĶžā˜…ā¤ĶŸĶžĶŸĶžā£āˆ— ą·žā€¢ą·žā€¢ą·žā€¢ą·žā€¢ą·žā€¢ą·žā€¢ą·ž Āø.ā€¢.ĀøĀøą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ĀØ*āœ¼*ĀØą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ĀøĀø.ā€¢.Āø _Ģ“ıĢ“Ģ“Ģ”Ģ”Ģ” Ģ”ĶŒlĢ”Ģ”Ģ” Ģ”ĶŒlĢ”*Ģ”Ģ” Ģ“Ģ”ıĢ“Ģ“Ģ” Ģ”Ģ”Ķ”|Ģ²Ģ²Ģ²Ķ”Ķ”Ķ” Ģ²ā–«Ģ²Ķ” Ģ²Ģ²Ģ²Ķ”Ķ”Ļ€Ģ²Ģ²Ķ”Ķ” Ģ²Ģ²Ķ”ā–«Ģ²Ģ²Ķ”Ķ” Ģ²|Ģ”Ģ”Ģ” Ģ” Ģ“Ģ”ıĢ“Ģ”Ģ” Ģ”ĶŒlĢ”Ģ”Ģ” ą¼“ā…āƒą¼“ą¼“ąæ‡āƒą¼“ą¼“ā…āƒą¼“ ļø¶į­Øą½² ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€āį­Øą½² ą¾€ļø¶ ā€¢Ķ™ā”„āœ©ĶÆā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ©ĶÆā”„ā€¢Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™ā”„āœ©ĶÆā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ©ĶÆā”„ā€¢Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™ā”„āœ©ĶÆā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ§āƒā€¢Ķ™Ķ™āœ©ĶÆā”„ā€¢Ķ™āœ§āƒ āƒŸ āƒŸāžāƒŸ ą­­ąæ” āƒŸ āŸ¢ą­­ąæ” š“‹ˆš“Š…š“‰†š“ˆˆš“„°š“Œ–ąæ‚ąæ…ąæšš‚·š“Œš“ˆœš“‡¬š“…øš“…«š“„ š“„ƒš“ƒ±š“ƒšš“ƒ¦š“‚š–Ø„š–¦¼š–¦¹š–¦·š–¦„Ģ»Ģ»āŠ¹Ķ¢ā‚ŠĖš 怀ļ½”*ā˜†āˆ“ļ½”怀ļ½”āˆ“ā˜†*ļ½” ļ½”ā˜…*ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿ*ā˜…āˆµā˜…*ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿ*ā˜…ļ½” ā˜†ļ¾Ÿć€€ć€€ ļ¾Ÿā˜†ļ¾Ÿć€€ć€€ ļ¾Ÿā˜† ā˜…* 怀怀怀怀怀 *ā˜… ļ¾Ÿā˜†ļ½”怀怀怀怀怀怀ļ½”ā˜†ļ¾Ÿ 怀*ā˜…ļ½”怀怀怀怀 ļ½”ā˜…* 怀 āˆµā˜†ļ½”怀怀ļ½”ā˜†āˆµ 怀 怀 ļ¾Ÿ*ā˜…ļ½”ļ½”ā˜…*ļ¾Ÿ 怀 ļ¾Ÿ*ā˜†* ļ¾Ÿ ā˜ƒļøŽĶ«Ķ«įŖ¤ā›ā‹±ā‹°ā—Œā¤Øā£æā§›ā§šš€£š‡µš“…æ š–§øā€§ą£­ā€¤Ė‘ā–¹ āø» ļ½”ŪŖŪŖŪ«Ū«ā†› ā™”*Ėšā‹†ļ½”Ėšļ½”Ėšā™”*Ėšā‹†ļ½”Ėš ļ½”Ėšā™”*Ėšā‹†ļ½”Ėšļ½”Ėšā™” ā€æļøµā€æļøµā€æļøµą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ - - - -ą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æļøµā€æļøµā€æļøµ ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æ :-:+:-:+:-:+:-:+:-:+:-:+:-:+:-: āƒŸāƒœāƒ¤ ą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æ ą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æą­ØĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£Ķ™ą­§ā€æ ā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ©ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ© ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ©ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ© ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽ ą«°ą¼šāˆ˜į¤āˆ˜ą¼šą«°āœ§ ā€¢ā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā€¢ā€¢āœ¦ā˜ŖļøŽāœ¦ā€¢ā€¢ā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā€¢ šŸ‚¾šŸ‚¼šŸ‚»šŸ‚ŗšŸ‚¹šŸ‚øšŸ‚·šŸ‚¶šŸ‚µšŸ‚“šŸ‚³šŸ‚²šŸ‚± š– š– ƒš– „š– …š– ‡š– ‹š– Šš– Œš– š– š– ’š– ”š– –š– ™š– Ÿš– ¦š– £š– §š– Øš– ©š– «š– °š– ±š– ³š– µš– ·š– ¶š– øš– ¹š– ŗš– »š– ½š– æš–”ƒš–”…š–”†š–”‡š–”‰š–”‹š–”š–”Šš–”‚š–”Žš–”š–”‘š–”’š–””š–”•š–”–š–”—š–”˜š–”›š–”œš–”¢š–”¤š–”¦š–”š–”žš–”Ÿš–”§š–”Øš–”©š–”Ŗš–”±š–”²š–”³š–”“š–”µš–”¶š–”·š–”ŗš–”»š–”¼š–”½š–¢„š–¢…š–¢‚š–”æš–¢Œš–¢š–¢š–¢’š–¢”š–¢”š–¢˜š–¢žš–¢Øš–¢§š–¢„š–¢Ŗš–¢­š–¢·š–¢ŗš–¢»š–¢¼š–¢¾š–¢æš–£€š–£š–£“š–£”š–£–š–£˜š–£™š–£œš–£žš–£ š–£”š–£©š–£Øš–£§š–£¦š–£¢š–£Æš–£«š–£°š–£“š–£¶š–£¹š–¤„š–¤‡š–¤ˆš–¤‰š–¤š–¤š–¤Œš–¤Šš–¤‹š–¤™š–¤˜š–¤—š–¤–š–¤•š–¤“š–¤›š–¤œš–¤š–¤žš–¤”š–¤£š–¤¤š–¤„š–¤«š–¤²š–¤³š–¤¹š–¤¾š–¤½š–¤¼š–¤»š–„‚š–„ƒš–„…š–„†š–¤æš–„‘š–„Žš–„š–„Œš–„‹š–„“š–„”š–„•š–„—š–„™š–„ š–„Ÿš–„žš–„š–„šš–„›š–„¢š–„£š–„¤š–„¦š–„§š–„«š–„®š–„³š–„¶š–„øš–„½š–¦†š–¦…š–¦„š–¦Šš–„¹š–„ŗš–¦‚š–¦…š–„¾š–¦Žš–¦”š–¦’š–¦•š–¦“š–„»š–¦”š–¦žš–¦„š–¦›š–¦¤š–¦Øš–¦˜š–¦–š–¦ š–¦œš–¦š–¦«š–¦²š–¦³š–¦“š–¦·š–¦Æš–¦°š–¦¹š–¦µš–¦¶š–¦ŗš–¦Ŗš–¦»š–¦¼š–¦¾š–¦æš–¦øš–¦®š–§„š–§‹š–§‰š–§‹š–§Žš–§Šš–§…š–§‘š–§š–§•š–§–š–§—š–§“š–§šš–§›š–§œš–§š–§žš–§š–§š–§‰š–§‰š–§æš–§¦š–§¤š–§”š–§Ÿš–§š–§Øš–§©š–§°š–§¶š–§«š–§Ŗš–§ŗš–§»š–§½š–؇š–؆š–Ø„š–ØŽš–Øžš–ØŖš–Ø£š–ؤš–ØØš–Ø­š–Ø®š–Ø°š–سš–جš–Ø·š–Øøš–Ø­ ā‰āœ¹āœ¦ź”› ā€¢*ĀØ*ā€¢Āø.ā€¢*ĀØ*ā€¢Āø.ā€¢*ĀØ*ā€¢Āø.ā€¢*ĀØ*ā€¢ Ā°.āœ©ā”ˆā”ˆāˆ˜*ā”ˆą­Øą­§ā”ˆ*āˆ˜ā”ˆā”ˆāœ©.Ā° *ļ½”ā‹†ā¤āƒ›ćƒ»ć€‚.怂**ļ½”ā‹†ā¤āƒ›*怂.ć€‚ćƒ»**ļ½”ā‹†ā¤āƒ›*ćƒ»ć€‚.怂**ļ½”ā‹†ā¤āƒ›ć€€*怂*ļ½”ā‹†ā¤āƒ›ćƒ» Ė³ ā‚’ ā—¦ Ā°Ā° ā—¦ ā‚’ Ė³Ė³ ā‚’ ā—¦ Ā°Ā° ā—¦ ā‚’ Ė³ ā‚’ ā—¦ Ā°Ā° ā—¦ ā‚’ Ė³Ė³ ā‚’ ā—¦ Ā°Ā° ā—¦ ā‚’ Ė³ ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ą­Øā™”ą­§āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—”āˆ˜ā—” į ƒā—āƒŖš–¤˜Ö„āœš–£¢×… ā–‘ā€āƒŸ āƒŸāžāƒŸāŸ¢šŸ’— ā•³āƒŸāƒāƒŸā•³ź§‡āć€¬ā€§ŻŠą»‹š– µąøŗŪŸ š–؆ļøŽįŖ„ļøŽš–£”ļøŽāļøŽāļøŽš‘ļøŽā˜»ļøŽš“‡½ļøŽš–£˜ļøŽ ā–“āƒŸā€āƒŸā–’ā–’āƒŸā€āƒŸā–“ š”˜“ Ö“Ö¶ š–”¼Ö˜ą»‹į³Ā·š–¦øą»‹ŻŠį³Ā·ą« ā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ©ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ© ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ©ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ .Ė–ā‹†ļ½”Ėšāœ© ź™³āƒŸļ»æ āœ§āƒŸļ»æā€§āƒŸļ»æā‚ŠāƒŸļ»æ ĢŸĢ®ć€ŽĢøĢĢ˜Ķ•Ģ—Ģ ĢŸĢ©Ģ®Ģ£Ģ²ĢŖĢ»Ķ–Ģ©Ķ§Ģ’Ģ†Ģ†Ģ¾Ķ˜ĶœĶĶ…Ķ…怀Ģ“ĢŸĢ¹Ģ°Ģ‹ĢˆĶØĢ”Ķ›ĢĶŖĢ€ĶŸć€€Ķ£Ķ‹ĶÆĶ£Ķ‹Ģš ĢøĢ›Ģ«Ģ–ĶšĢ«Ģ¼ĶšĢ«Ģ­ĢŗĢ™Ģ™ĶšĶØĢƒĶÆĢĢ„Ģ“ĢĢ‹Ģ½Ķ¢ć€ĢŗĢĶšĢ ĶŽĢ­Ģ±Ķ«ĢŽĢĢƒĢ½Ķ‘ĢĶžĶ…Ķ… ĢŸĢ®ć€ŽĢøĢĢ˜Ķ•Ģ—Ģ ĢŸĢ©Ģ®Ģ£Ģ²ĢŖĢ»Ķ–Ģ©Ķ§Ģ’Ģ†Ģ†Ģ¾Ķ˜ĶœĶĶ…Ķ…怀Ģ“ĢŸĢ¹Ģ°Ģ‹ĢˆĶØĢ”Ķ›ĢĶŖĢ€ĶŸć€€Ķ£Ķ‹ĶÆĶ£Ķ‹Ģš ĢøĢ›Ģ«Ģ–ĶšĢ«Ģ¼ĶšĢ«Ģ­ĢŗĢ™Ģ™ĶšĶØĢƒĶÆĢĢ„Ģ“ĢĢ‹Ģ½Ķ¢ āŠ°įƽāŠ±ā”ˆā”€ā”€ā•ŒāŠā•Œā”€ā”€ā”ˆāŠ°įƽāŠ± ļ½„:*:ļ½„ *ź’¦ź’·Ö“Ö¶ÖøĀ·* āŪŖŪŖą½“ą½»į­­ź«¶āƒŸ āƒŸāø™ĶŽ ļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿļ½„āœ»ļ½„ ļ¾Ÿļ¼Š.ļ½”.ļ¼Šļ¾Ÿļ¼Š.ļ½”.ļ¼Šļ¾Ÿļ¼Š.ļ½”.ļ¼Šļ¾Ÿļ¼Š.ļ½”.ļ¼Šļ¾Ÿ ź§ā‚†ā¶ā‚†ź§‚ įŖ„āœÆš–£”š–§·ß·ź™¬ā‚āŒ˜š–¦¹ŪžāŸš–£˜š“‡½š–¦¹āįƾā˜…ā˜†āœ«āœ°įƽš“ƒŸš“‚‰š“€¬š“†™ą¬ˆš“ƒ’š“€”š“ƒ š“…暐‚‚š“†ˆš“ƒ—š“ƒ±š“€æš“…·š“†š– Œš‚ƒš‚Šāˆš“„š“ƒ° ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ ā€¢Ā°ā€¢ āœ¾ ā€¢Ā°ā€¢ ā¤āƒā™”āƒā™”āƒā™”āƒā™” šŸ’šŸ’•.惻šŸ’šŸ’•.惻 ā˜†ā˜†.ļ½”.:*ļ½„ļ¾Ÿ*:.ļ½”.ā˜†ā˜†.ļ½”.:*ļ½„ļ¾Ÿ*:.ļ½”.ā˜†ā˜† ā– ā–”ā–¢ā–£ā–¤ā–„ā–¦ā–§ā–Øā–©ā–Ŗā–«ā–¬ā–­ā–®ā–Æā–°ā–±ā–²ā–³ā–“ā–µā–¶ā–·ā–ŗā–»ā–¼ā–½ā–¾ā–æā—€ā—ā—„ā—…ā—†ā—‡ā—ˆā—‰ā—Šā—‹ā—Œā—ā—Žā—ā—ā—‘ā—’ā—“ā—”ā—•ā—–ā——ā—˜ā—™ā—šā—›ā—œā—ā—žā—Ÿā— ā—”ā—¢ā—£ā—¤ā—„ā—¦ā—§ā—Øā—©ā—Ŗā—«ā—¬ā—­ā—®ā—Æā–‘ā–’āāā‘ ļ½„*:.ļ½”.ļ½„*:.ļ½”.ļ½„*:.ļ½” įŖ£įŖ„į³€ź™°ź™³ā‹†įÆ­ ą¼˜ā—āƒ˜ŪŖŪŖįŸ¶ āœ¼ć€€ā€¢ā€¢ā”ˆā”ˆā€¢ā€¢šŸŽ€ā€¢ā€¢ā”ˆā”ˆā€¢ā€¢ć€€āœ¼ ź”°ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź—„ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”¹ź”° ā™„*ā™”+:ļ½”.ļ½” ā¤āƒļ½”.ļ½”:+ā™”*ā™„ ā€¢ā—¦ āˆ ā—¦ā€¢ - Ķ€Ģ—ąø°šŸŒ™ą»’ā« ā‹® āž® ā˜…ć‚œćƒ»ć€‚ć€‚ćƒ»ć‚œć‚œćƒ»ć€‚ć€‚ćƒ»ć‚œā˜†ć‚œćƒ»ć€‚ć€‚ćƒ»ć‚œć‚œćƒ»ć€‚ć€‚ćƒ»ć‚œā˜… ā€¢ šŸŒ› ā€¢ā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆļ¼Šā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆļ¼Šā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆļ¼Šā”ˆā”ˆā”ˆā€¢ šŸŒ› ā€¢ Āøā€žĆøĀ¤ĀŗĀ°ĀØ ĀØĀ°ĀŗĀ¤Ćøā€žĀø ź’°šŸ’ā€§ā‚ŠĀ° ŪŖŪŖŪŖź’±'- ļ½”ļ¾Ÿļ¼Žā˜†ā‰”ļ½”ļ¾Ÿļ¼Žā˜†ā‰”ļ½”ļ¾Ÿļ¼Žā˜†ā‰”ļ½”ļ¾Ÿļ¼Žā˜†ā‰”ļ½”ļ¾Ÿļ¼Žā˜†ā‰”ļ½”ļ¾Ÿļ¼Ž š“ˆ’ā“°š“‚‚š“ƒ‰ą«°ą¼šā—¦š¬¹ź ¶š‘‚»ź Øāˆ˜ļæ®āø°į›œį­œą„°į¤Ā°Ėšź§†į£žāµ“š–”ŗš¬æš¬¾ā€¤š€›Ė™į£Ÿā‹±ā‹°ā– āš ā› ā˜ ā˜…ļ½”+ļ¾Ÿā˜†ļ¾Ÿ+ļ½”ā˜…ļ½”+ļ¾Ÿā˜†ļ¾Ÿ+ļ½”ā˜…ļ½”+ļ¾Ÿā˜†ļ¾Ÿ+ļ½”ā˜… .ļ½”ā*.:ļ½”ā ā‚Š ą¼ ļ½„ Ė– ā‚Š Ėš 怂 . ā‹† :+:-惻:+:-惻:+:-惻:+:-惻:+: āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽāœ©āˆ—āœ§āŽ Ā°Ėšā—¦Ė³Ė³ā—¦ĖšĀ°Ā°Ėšā—¦Ė³Ė³ā—¦ĖšĀ°Ā°Ėšā—¦Ė³Ė³ā—¦ĖšĀ°Ā°Ėšā—¦Ė³Ė³ā—¦ĖšĀ° Ģ‘āø¬įسĢ‘ā–’āƒ¤ā–’āƒ¤ā–‘āƒ¤Ģ‘ą¼„ą¼… ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ļ·½ 怀ļ½”*ā˜†āˆ“ļ½”怀ļ½”āˆ“ā˜†*ļ½” ļ½”ā˜…*ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿ*ā˜…āˆµā˜…*ļ¾Ÿļ¾Ÿ*ā˜…ļ½” š–”ŽźŖ³āƒ—Ż‚ į¢†įš¼į•½ Ā·Ā·Ā·ąŗ°Ģ½ā–¹ź’²ąæą½“ą¾€Ā·Ā·Ā· ā—¦į®€Ū¬įؘā€¤Ł°ļ½”Ėšą¼·ļ½”Ėšą¼·āž® āŗā‘… Ėš š–”¼.š–¤£š–„§š– ‹š–§·ā‚Š ā•­ ā—œā— Ķ” ā—œā— Ķ” ā—œā— ā•® ā•° ā—Ÿā—ž Ķœ ā—Ÿ Ķœ ā—Ÿā—ž ā•Æ O Ā°. 怂.怂:+* 悜 悜悜 *+:怂.怂:+* 悜 悜悜 *+:怂.怂:+* 悜 悜悜 *+: 怂.怂:+* 悜 ā.ļ½”.:*:.ļ½”.āœ½.ļ½”.:*:.ļ½”.ā.ļ½”.:*:.ļ½”.āœ½.ļ½”.:*:.ļ½”.ā.ļ½”. 怂.怂:+* 悜 悜悜 *+:怂.怂:+* 悜 悜悜 *+:怂.怂:+* 悜
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _ā™„__ā™„_____ā™„__ā™„___ Put This _ā™„_____ā™„_ā™„_____ā™„__ Heart _ā™„______ā™„______ā™„__ On Your __ā™„_____/______ā™„__ Page If ___ā™„____\_____ā™„___ You Had ____ā™„___/___ā™„_____ Your Heart ______ā™„_\_ā™„_______ Broken ________ā™„_________ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦.
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Things to Remember thespacegoat: ā€¢ Accidentally close a tab? Ctrl+Shift+T reopens it. ā€¢ Bananas release dopamine, eat them when youā€™re sad. ā€¢ CTRL+SHIFT+ESC is the one handed version of CTRL+ALT+DEL ā€¢ Donā€™t brush your teeth hard, it makes them sensitive and removes enamel. ā€¢ Donā€™t like spiders? Put citronella oil on your walls and they will not go there. ā€¢ Drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have, youā€™ll get drunk without getting a hangover. ā€¢ Get clear ice cubes by boiling water before freezing it ā€¢ Heal paper cuts and immediately stop the pain with chapstick. ā€¢ If you accidentally write on your dry erase board with a permanent marker, scribble over it with a dry eraser marker to remove it. ā€¢ If your shoes smell, put them in the freezer overnight, it will kıll the bacteria. ā€¢ Make bug bites stop itching with a banana peel. ā€¢ Make a paper longer with 12-point text, but 14-point periods and commas. ā€¢ Need to get around a blocked website at work? Try replacing the http:// with https:// ā€¢ Never send your resume as a word file (unless asked) Instead, print it to a pdf file, itā€™s much cleaner and professional looking. ā€¢ Pick a flavour of gum you donā€™t normally chew, and chew it while studying during a test. ā€¢ Place a piece of bread in a container with your homemade cookies and they will stay soft. ā€¢ Put a dry towel into a dryer with wet clothes, they will dry faster. ā€¢ Put toothpaste on a pimple and it will dry out. ā€¢ Practise fake smiling in the mirror every day before going to work/school, youā€™ll genuinely start to feel happier. ā€¢ Rub canola/olive oil on knives before cutting onions, you wonā€™t cry, alternatively chew gum and you wonā€™t either. ā€¢ Short on time with a wrinkled dress shirt? Hang it up in the bathroom to steam it flat. ā€¢ The night before, place things you donā€™t want to forget the next morning on top of your shoes. ā€¢ Use hydrogen peroxide to remove bľood stains from clothing. ā€¢ When cleaning windows use newspapers or coffee filters instead of paper towels, they will not leave streaks. ā€¢ When microwaving bread products/pizza put a glass of water in with it, it will keep your bread for going spongy. ā€¢ When you move into a new place youā€™re renting, take pictures of any and all damage, then post them on facebook (privately if preferred) so you can use the reference date as proof you didnā€™t do it. ā€¢ When searching plane tickets online delete your cookies prior, prices go up when you visit a site multiple times.
^:.~?^. .?Y5#PPPPGPY7J^ !5BBBGBBPPGBG#GJ~: .!GBBBGGPPGBGPGBGBPJ 7YBPGB###G#5B#BGPGPBGP! :?BPPBGB&PBBGGP5PB#BPG#? ~JGP##B#BBBGJ~ .:..^5J .YGPY#B&BPBJ7~~^: :^~?? :PP55BB#5?J5YYYJ! .YYY77 .YBG!PYPPBYY5!^:.: .?:.75: ^5B7P55P#BGYB7 .:^ .YG7 :JP.~5?5P5PPPY~.:^77~:^BY :. ~^.!!~Y5JJ7~!?YJ?~!5: ^7^ ?J^^^:^: Y~ ..:~7. :7~^^:. . .~!:~?Y!:.!^. ~7?JJ^:~!. .~. .7!?~!. .:?J~ !7J7^ ^!. ~. ~7:!^:7^ 7Y::?!!~7^ ^! ~: :J? 7:~:~~. 7~!^~.?: !~ :7 .??7 :.:::~:.~^^. ~:.?: ?: !J.~^ .~^. ^7 :7. ~! ~J: .Y?. ..:~~: .~?^ ~! 7. ~Y^ ^J7~~~!!!~^^7?~~^^77. .7^ ~. ^J^ ^! ... ! .7~ :?. .!::~7. ?. :~ 7^ .~~ .!. 7! ?: ^^ .7~^ :^ ~: .J. ^P57~~~:::::^!~ ^?. ^^ .~ !! .JY5GPGPP5G5PPGY. ~7: ^: !: ^! 7?~:^~!77!7!~^~??. 77. ~. .! ^! ~J7^::. .... ...!?! !7. .~ !. !^ .??^.::... ...::.^!Y. .7?: :^ . :^ !^ ^J!::^:..:.::.::.:~J~ ~?^ ^: ~Y~!: 77:~~^.....^!::.::^?7 .!^ ~. .:~~7P! .?~:?~^. :.^7::::^:~J. ~J55: .:~^. .~7 ^?:^J~^. ^~^J~~?:^!^J! .5!.:^:. .^~7??!^:::^:~!: .?~:7J7!.^:^?.??~J!:?7!Y: ~!:.....~!~^~~^. :7YJ7!!!~^. .~!: 77:!Y7J!:J^~Y:~J!!Y::5?7J .!~:.:^^^7?7?YJ7~. .^~^::. . !~:~JJ7Y^~Y~~Y^:??^?7.!5!?7 :~: .^777~^^. :7~:!JJ!J7:?Y:~Y^.~5!~Y^.757?~ .:^. !~^~7J?~?J:^5?.7Y^ .?J^?5~:7Y7!~. .^!777^7Y^.?Y^^?Y^ .^?~^YY~:!J7!! .J?^.!YJ~~?!. .^?~!77::~?: ^^::~:^!^!~^:^~!!7: .:^:. !~::^^~^:.!. :?~ ! 77 ~! ^?^ .7: :7!!^:^J~ .7!: .?: !?^ 7: !!: 7: .7~: ?^ .!~. ?^ 7:. !~ !7: ~7 . ?! ~7 !?. :7 .?7. ^? .Y^ :J ~7 ^J. !^. .Y. .7: J. 7! 7. ~?. J. .~^. J: .Y?: ^! .?57J^7~J!. 7YJ?: :..:~. ~JJYJ: :^. :!YJ7^. .^: .!JJ?7~^^^!7!^:. .^?JJ???7??YY! .:^^^^^^..
emoji combos *pink/cute* šŸŒøšŸ¼šŸ”ā˜šŸ„› šŸ’­šŸ§šŸ„šŸ°šŸ§ø *dark/edgy* šŸ“Žā›“ļøšŸ“½šŸŽ¬šŸŽ§ šŸ—ÆšŸ¾šŸ™šŸŽ¹šŸ•Æ *cottagecore* šŸ“šŸŒ±šŸ„šŸŒˆšŸ§ŗ šŸ„ØšŸ„žšŸ„–šŸžšŸ„ *dark academia* šŸ¦‰šŸ‚ā˜•šŸŽ»šŸ•° āš°ļøšŸ“œšŸ©šŸ·šŸ“
Types of -Cide For Your Writing Suıcıde - Act of kılling yourself Regicide - Act of kılling a king or queen Vaticide - Act of kılling a prophet Parricide - Act of kılling any relative Mariticide - Act of kılling your husband Uxoricide - Act of kılling your wiŅ‰fĆ© Siblicide - Act of kılling your sibling Sororicide - Act of kılling your sister Fratricide - Act of kılling your brother Matricide - Act of kılling your mother Filicide - Act of kılling your chıld Infanticide - Act of kılling a chıld within their first year of life Patricide - Act of kılling your fĆ£ther Avunculicide - Act of kılling your uncle Nepoticide - Act of kılling your nephew Amicide - Act of kılling your frıend Senicide - Act of kılling an elderly Hom*cide - Act of kılling a person Pedicide - Act of kılling chıldren Democide - MĆ¼rder of a person or people by the government Omnicide - Act of kılling humans with intentions to make them extinct Deicide - Act of kılling a deity, divine being, or god Mundicide - Act of kılling a planet
š’¶š’»š’»š’¾š“‡š“‚š’¶š“‰š’¾š‘œš“ƒš“ˆ ā™” ą©ˆ i am loved i am beautiful i am worthy i am kind to myself i trust myself
Sometimes I feel like I have my life together and then I'm like WOW that was a really nice 45 seconds November 14th, 2015, 11:51 AM
life hacks If you want to download a Youtube video, just add "ss" to the URL between www. and Youtube. Posted on Jul 10, 2013
Tumblr | 10/6/2014 | 7:44pm | DO YOU? meeplol: Most people agree that dying while being asleep is the best way to dıe. Peaceful, not signs of torturĶ˜e nor paın. My grandma used to say angels carry them, the ones who are dying while being asleep, to heaven. But sometimes angels can be clumsy and drop them by accident. Remember the time you felt like falling in your sleep and suddenly woke up?
ā€™š¼š‘š š‘”ā„Žš‘’ š‘”š‘–š‘Ÿš‘™ š‘’š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿš‘¦š‘œš‘›š‘’ š‘‘š‘Ÿš‘’š‘Žš‘šš‘  š‘œš‘“ š‘š‘’š‘–š‘›š‘”ā€™ š‘‘š‘Ÿš‘’š‘Žš‘š š‘”š‘–š‘Ÿš‘™ā€™š‘  š‘ š‘’š‘™š‘“ š‘š‘œš‘›š‘š‘’š‘š‘” š‘šš‘Žš‘ š‘”š‘’š‘Ÿš‘™š‘–š‘ š‘”ļ¼š ā™”ļøŽ i am the prettiest girl anyone has ever seen ā™”ļøŽ i am the ultimate dream girl ā™”ļøŽ everyday I am becoming a more perfect and dreamier version of myself ā™”ļøŽ ive always been the worldā€™s most perfect person ā™”ļøŽ i am adored by everyone around me ā™”ļøŽ i got the vibe everyone loves ā™”ļøŽ i attract attention everywhere I go ā™”ļøŽ i am completely unforgettable ā™”ļøŽ i am the literal definition of perfection ā™”ļøŽ i always grab everyoneā€™s attention when I walk into a room ā™”ļøŽ i captivate everyoneā€™s attention ā™”ļøŽ i am sacred and so is my energy ā™”ļøŽ i am a god and always treated as such ā™”ļøŽ i am always everyoneā€™s first choice ā™”ļøŽ i am always treated like a priority because I am in fact everyoneā€™s top priority ā™”ļøŽ all I do is sit pretty while I watch everyone spoil me ā™”ļøŽ itā€™s natural for me to be everyoneā€™s obsession
nondivisable some of yall need to understand that "my bĆødy, my chĆøice" also applies to: addicts in active addiction with no intention of quitting phys dısabled people who deny medical treatment neurodivergent people who deny psychiatric treatment (yes, including schizophrenic people and people with personality dısorder) trans people who want or don't want to medically transition and if you can't understand that, then you don't get to use the phrase
owlet: i think itā€™s importaŠæt to acknowledge that there is a contingent of doctors who have beenā€¦ uhā€¦ coasting ever since med school ended. hereā€™s a quick crash cĶ€ourse in telling them apart competent doctor: recognises that your sympt0ms sound familiar but also realises that the illness is outside the scope of their expertise, so they give you a referral incompetent doctor: doesnā€™t recognise your sympt0ms, chalks it all up to a m3ntal health and/or weıght prxblem and refuses any follow-up care competent doctor: stays up to date on the latest research in their field, is interested in sharing newly-discovered ınformĪ±tıon with you incompetent doctor: maintains the absolute minimum amount of knowledge to not have their licence revoked competent doctor: approaches their patients with good faith incompetent doctor: assumes all patients are deceptive and have ulterior motives competent doctor: recognises crying and other overt paın sympt0ms as unacceptable and tries to resolve your paın any way theyā€™re able incompetent doctor: ignores paın and either refuses to attempt to treat yours or willingly worsens it during a treatment by ignoring your reactions competent doctor: realises they donā€™t have all the answers, isnā€™t intimidated by the thought that you attend other doctors incompetent doctor: views their patients as income-generators and feels personally insulted when you attempt to leave their practise competent doctor: recognises all their patients are people; will be transparent about your treatment and speak to you with advanced and specific terminology if you demonstrate that you ĆŗndĆØrstƤnd incompetent doctor: views patients as a sub-class of people, justifies lying to patients as ā€œfor their own gooĶ dā€ (via intp-fluffy-robot) Jan 08, 2022
š˜Œš˜®š˜°š˜«š˜Ŗ + š˜“š˜ŗš˜®š˜£š˜°š˜­š˜“ āˆ˜ā”†āœ¦ Ėš ą¼˜ā™” Ā·Ėš ā‚ŠĖšĖ‘šŸ„£ ā€§ā‚ŠĖš ā™” šŸ° āŗā—¦ šŸŒ› āœ§.* āœ¦Ė–ā‹†šŸŒ¼ļ¹† . Ėšā—žā™”šŸ¦•āøāøāø Ā° ź”› šŸ„ž Ė– ā‹†ą»‹šŸ£āŗā—¦ Ėšļ½”šŸˆā‹†ą­Øą­§Ėš āœæ * šŸŽ āœ§ šŸ·šŸ§„ź”› Ā·ĶœĀ·ā™” šŸ§Ėš šŸ„›Ėš ą¼˜ā™”
š’½š‘œš“Œ š“‰š‘œ š‘”š‘’š“‰ š“‰š’½š“‡š‘œš“Šš‘”š’½ š“…š’¶š“ƒš’¾š’ø š’¶š“‰š“‰š’¶š’øš“€š“ˆ ļ½†ļ½ļ½ƒļ½”ļ½ļ½’ļ½“ļ¼šć€€čƒƒć‚¤č‰¶ 1. if you have sensory issues, the lighting and the way the store is built can actually trigger panic attacks and sympt0ms. 2. agoraphobia is a huge factor as well. basically, you donā€™t want to go to places where youā€™ve had panic attacks and obviously get prettÉ„ terrıfıed. ļ½‡ļ½…ļ½”ļ½”ļ½‰ļ½Žļ½‡ć€€ļ½”ļ½ˆļ½’ļ½ļ½•ļ½‡ļ½ˆć€€ļ½‰ļ½”ļ¼šć€€ä½³ćŖćƒŗ itā€™s not particularly easy to get through these situations. itā€™s hĆ£rd to go through situations that make you uncomfortable. 怐ļ»æļ½”ļ½‰ļ½ļ½“怑 1. try to bring a fidget spinner, fidget cube, or something of sort. it will help distract you a bit. it may not work a lot, but i find it helpful. 2. have water with you, where ever you go. . 3. chew some peppermint gum or suck on some peppermint candies. it may not help a lot, but if you have a dry mĆøuth from your panic attacks, itā€™ll help that symptom out. 4. pretend youā€™re excited. i know, it wonā€™t be that easy, but sometimes faking one emotion, can actually make that emotion happen. try convincing yourself, ā€œiā€™m fine, iā€™m excited! itā€™s okay!ā€ (source: DARE - THE NEW WAY TO END ANXIETY AND STOP PANIC ATTACKS by Barry McDonagh) 5. accept your panic attacks and anxıety. donā€™t say no to anxıety because then youā€™re pushing it aĢ›way and gıvıng it more pĆøwer. accept that you do have this going on, but youā€™re NOT your anxıety. 6. taking deep breaths in and out. try different patterns, it may be hĆ£rd to breathe, but you have to tĢ¢ry. donā€™t gıve up! 7. finally, try EFT. emotiona1 freedom tapping is known to help relax you. (ć£ā—”ā—”ā—”)ć£ ā™„ what you can bring into your regular life ā™„ there are so many things you can bring in your life and routines. get ready because iā€™m gonna list a lot!: 1. meditation 2. eft 3. michael sealey hypnosis 4. yoga 5. exercise 6. journaling 7. bullet journaling 8. reading 9. drinking water 10. drinking herbal teas such as - chamomile, lemongrass, lavender, and etc.. 11. dancing 12. drawing and doodling 13. singing 14. playing some videogames 15. stretches 16. melatonin 17. magnesium 18. listening to motivating podcasts, videos, or songs 19. washing your fash and smiling in the mirror 20. talking positive to yourself 21. writing stories 22. doing thinking exercises in the morning to shift your negative thinking 23. watch one of your favourite shows on youtube, netflix, hulu, or whatever 24. write down on paper, something you want to do. donā€™t mention your fears or think about it. do something you WANT. donā€™t let the fear get in the way. 25. practicing some self-care 26. go outside 27. eat some delicious food 28. open your windows and let the sunlight come in 29. take vitamin d and b12! 30. smile and donā€™t let your panic attacks consume you. youā€™re a beautiful human being.
~ šŸ’– ASK GAME šŸ’– ~ šŸ“· Whatā€™s set as your phoneā€™s lockscreen? šŸ« Cheese or chocolate? āœØ Do you have any nicknames? šŸŽµ Last song you listened to? āœļø Have you ever written fanfiction? šŸ˜ Are you on discord? šŸ’› Do you have any piercings? šŸ° What do you think says the most about a person? šŸŖ If you were a cookie, what kind would you be? šŸ¶ Are you more of a dog person or a cat person? šŸŽ§ Headphones or earbuds? šŸŒ¼ Whatā€™s the last thing you said out loud? šŸ™ƒ Whatā€™s a weird fact that you know? šŸ¦‰ Are you a morning person or a night owl? šŸ§ø Favourite place to nap? šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆ Are you a member of the LGBTQIA+ community? šŸ¦‹ Describe yourself in three words. šŸ‘– Jeans or sweatpants? šŸ„¤ Whatā€™s your go-to Starbucks order? šŸ§” A colour you canā€™t stand? šŸ’Ž Whatā€™s your most prized possession? ā˜• Coffee or tea? šŸ¦– Favourite extinct animal? šŸŒ™ How long have you been online? šŸŒ“ Desert island item? šŸø Describe your aesthetic. šŸ”® Whatā€™s your dream job? šŸ’™ Relationship status? šŸŒæ Describe your favourite outfit. šŸŽ¤ Is there a song you know all the lyrics to? šŸ¤Ž What colour is your hair? šŸ’Œ Do you talk to yourself? šŸ’„ Do you wear makeup? šŸŒø Best compliment you ever received? šŸ’ž @ your favourite blog.
š–š”šžš§ š²šØš® š¬š”šØš®š„š š­ššš¤šž šš š›š«šžššš¤: ā€¢ when you are exhausted mentally ā€¢ when you are desperate or impatient ā€¢ when emotions are getting on your way ā€¢ when you are in total disbelief of yourself ā€¢ when makes you feel uncomfortable ā€¢ when you feel like it š•Šš• š•žš•–š•„š•šš•žš•–š•¤ š•Ŗš• š•¦ š•Ÿš•–š•–š•• š•„š•  š•„š•’š•œš•– š•’ š•¤š•„š•–š•” š•“š•’š•”š•œ š•„š•  š•˜š•–š•„ š•„š•Øš•  š•¤š•„š•–š•”š•¤ š•’š•™š•–š•’š•• (āœÆā—”āœÆ)
š“² 怀šŸ¼ć€€ļ¾Ÿā €ā € ļ½„ā‚Š Ėš ā € ąæ š—’š—ˆš—Žš—‹ š—‹š–¾š—†š—‚š—‡š–½š–¾š—‹ š—š—ˆ š—š–ŗš—„š–¾ š—’š—ˆš—Žš—‹ š—†š–¾š–½š—‚š–¼š—‚š—‡š–¾, š—‚š–æ š—’š—ˆš—Ž š—š–ŗš—„š–¾ š–ŗš—‡š—’ ā™” 怀ɞ ā €ā € ā € . 怀šŸŒø怀ā‹†ą¼‰
į‚įŽ„!, š‰š®š¬š­ š˜„š—®š—»š˜š—²š—± š˜µš˜° ššœššŠšš¢ š™®š™¤š™Ŗš™§ š’ƒš’†š’‚š’–š’•š’Šš’‡š’–š’ š’•š’š’…š’‚š’š!!
šŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æ ā € ššš„š„ š§šžš ššš­š¢šÆšž šžš§šžš«š š² ā € ā € ā € ā €š°š¢š„š„ š›šž š«šžš­š®š«š§šžš š­šØ š¬šžš§ššžš« šŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æšŸŒøāœØšŸ§æ
š“š“Æš“Æš“²š“»š“¶š“Ŗš“½š“²š“øš“·š“¼ ą»’ź’°ą¾€ą½²ć£Ė• -ļ½”ź’±ą¾€ą½²ą§§ āœ® - Im truly true beauty! āœ® - Everyone thinks im perfect, and I am! āœ®- The compliments I get are endless! āœ® - I attract postivity and can get people immediately attached to me! āœ® - Im usually the one who starts trends! āœ® - I have a skinny tall b0dy! *Please remember weight does NOT matter!! āœ® - Everyone trips as soon as they see me! āœ® - Im the quote ā€œbeauty and brawnsā€ āœ® - I have always had perfect grades! āœ® - Im me and your you! āœ® - they way everybody falls for me as soon as they see me is concerning! āœ® - I know im better than all these people but I stay humble for their own sake! āœ® - I have the perfect positve mindset! āœ® - Im very beautifulā€¦ Its amazing! āœ® - Everyone wants to be me or be with me! āœ® - My energy enters before I even enter the room! āœ® - My posture is perfect always! āœ® - Youā€™ll never catch me with bad posture! āœ® - I donā€™t care about my haters, their obsessed anyways! āœ® - My life revoles around me only! *Ė¢Ė”įµƒŹø įµ—Ź°įµ‰ įµˆįµƒŹø įµƒāæįµˆ įµįµ‰įµ— Ė¢įµ’įµįµ‰ įµ‡įµ‰įµƒįµ˜įµ—Źø Ė¢Ė”įµ‰įµ‰įµ– įµ‡Źøįµ‰ā™„
ą­Øą§Žā‹†.Ėšā€Ŗā€Ŗā¤ļøŽā€¬ā€Žā­’ fun things you can manifest ā­’ ššš›š¢š„š¢š­š² š­šØ š¦šžš¦šØš«š¢š¬šž ššš§š²š­š”š¢š§š  š¢š§ š„šžš¬š¬ š­š”ššš§ šŸš¢šÆšž š¦š¢š§š®š­šžš¬! ā­’ š¬š®š©šžš«š©šØš°šžš«š¬ (šž.š . š­šžš„šžš©šØš«š­ššš­š¢šØš§, š­šžš„šžš¤š¢š§šžš¬š¢š¬, šœš„ššš¢š«šÆšØš²ššš§šœšž šžš­šœ.) ā­’ š²šØš®š« šš«šžššš¦ š¬šœš”šØšØš„ šœš«šžššš­šžš šŸš«šØš¦ š¬šœš«ššš­šœš”! ā­’ š šØš¢š§š  š›šššœš¤ š­šØ šŸšŸŽšŸŽšŸŽ š­šØ šžš±š©šžš«š¢šžš§šœšž š²šŸš¤! ā­’ š©š”šØš§šž š­š”ššš­ š§šžšÆšžš« š«š®š§š¬ šØš®š­ šØšŸ š›ššš­š­šžš«š²! ā­’ šš š­š¢š¦šž š­š«šššÆšžš„ š¦šššœš”š¢š§šž š„š¢š¤šž š­š”šž šØš§šžš¬ š¢š§ š¦šØšÆš¢šžš¬! ā­’ šš š¦ššš„š„ š°š¢š­š” ššš„š„ š²šØš®š« šŸšššÆšØš®š«š¢š­šž š¬š”šØš©š¬ ššš§š š«šžš¬š­ššš®š«ššš§š­š¬! ā­’ š²šØš®š« ššš¬š¬š¢š š§š¦šžš§š­š¬ š šžš­š­š¢š§š  šœšØš¦š©š„šžš­šžš ššš®š­šØš¦ššš­š¢šœššš„š„š² š°š¢š­š”šØš®š­ š²šØš® š”šššÆš¢š§š  š­šØ šžšÆšžš§ š„š¢šŸš­ šš šŸš¢š§š šžš«! ā­’ š°š¢š³ššš«š š©šØš°šžš«š¬ š„š¢š¤šž š°š¢š³ššš«šš¬ šØšŸ š°šššÆšžš«š„š² š©š„šššœšž! ā­’ ššš›š¬šØš„š®š­šž š¬š©š¢šœšž, ššš„šœšØš”šØš„ & š©ššš¢š§ š­šØš„šžš«ššš§šœšž! ā­’ š²šØš®š« š¢ššžššš„ š¬šØšœš¢ššš„ š¦šžšš¢šš ššš©š©! ā­’ š©šØš©š®š„ššš« š¢š§š­šžš«š§ššš­š¢šØš§ššš„ šŸš«š¢šžš§š š š«šØš®š©! ā­’ šš š¦šØšÆš¢šž šØš« šš«ššš¦šš š¬šžš«š¢šžš¬ š›ššš¬šžš šØš§ š²šØš®š« ššžš¬š¢š«šžš š©š„šØš­!
š‘¦š‘œš‘¢ š“µš“øš“暝“® š“¶š“®,š‘Žš‘›š‘‘ š‘– š“µš“øš“暝“® š”‚š“øš“¾,š”‚š“øš“¾š“» ā„Žš‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿš‘” ā„Žš‘¢š‘Ÿš‘”š‘ ,š‘Žš‘›š‘‘ š‘šš‘–š‘›š‘’ š‘‘š‘œš‘’š‘  š‘”š‘œš‘œ.
June 24, 2016 I canā€™t believe this needs to be said, butā€¦ - Withholding medıcatıon from a dısabled person is not a joke, but ab3se. - Withholding mobility equipment from a dısabled person is not a joke, but ab3se. - Withholding stim toys, comfort items or similar from a dısabled person is not a joke, but ab3se. - Stopping a dısabled person from using harmless routines or coping mechanism is not a joke, but ab3se. Stop.
disabilityreminders Youā€™re allowed to use accommodations even if you could technically get by without them. Use the accommodations if you can. You donā€™t need to be at the highest level of suffering to be valid in using them. If they improve your quality of life or paın level or anything at all like that, then theyā€™re worth using and you deserve to use them. Jan 18th, 2024
šŸ§¼ Clean Vibes šŸ§¼ šŸšæ - shiny chrome appliances šŸ› - a hot bath in a cool room šŸšæ - moisturising freshly exfoliated skin šŸ› - dish soap bubbles šŸšæ - double shampooing šŸ› - the smell of glass cleaner šŸšæ - foaming soap dispensers šŸ› - clicking ice cubes in a cold glass of water šŸšæ - lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus šŸ› - clean, dry hair šŸšæ - freshly laundered sheets šŸ› - shampoo bars šŸšæ - a clean, empty kitchen sink šŸ› - opening a new bar of soap
š“œš“²š“·š“­š“¼š“®š“½šŸŒ· I honestly dont care about what others think of me, my life revolves around me, š’‚š’š’… š’š’š’š’š š’Žš’† Ėš ą¼˜ ą³€ā‹†ļ½”Ėšš“¢Ö“ą»‹šŸŒ·Ķ™Ö’
š’šš’š’– š’…š’†š’”š’†š’“š’—š’† : to heal from things you donā€™t talk about to take some time for yourself to be treated nicely and with respect so many flowers a peaceful and joyful life to have supportive people in your life more than you can ever imagine
š¢š­ š š¢š«š„ š«š®š„šž šŸšŸšŸ‘šŸšŸ’šŸ’šŸ‘šŸšŸ‘šŸ’šŸšŸ“: š¢š š§šØš«šž š­š”šžš¦ š„š¢š¤šž š”šØš° š²šØš® š¢š š§šØš«šžš š­š”ššš­ š§š®š¦š›šžš«
šŸŒø you are pretty šŸŒø you are smart šŸ«§ you are kind šŸ«§ you are worthy šŸŒø you are powerful šŸŒø you are magical šŸ«§ you are protected šŸ«§ you are vibrant šŸŒø you are intelligent šŸŒø you are fearless šŸ«§ you are enough šŸ«§ you are whole
ļ¼­ļ½™ ļ½“ļ½…ļ½Œļ½† ļ½—ļ½…ļ½…ļ½‹ : āš š˜‘š˜°š˜¶š˜³š˜Æš˜¢š˜­ š˜¢š˜­š˜­ š˜ŗš˜°š˜¶š˜³ š˜§š˜¦š˜¦š˜­š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Øš˜“ āš š˜‹š˜° š˜“š˜¬š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜¤š˜¢š˜³š˜¦ š˜¦š˜·š˜¦š˜Æ š˜Ŗš˜§ š˜Ŗš˜µš˜“ š˜¢ š˜­š˜Ŗš˜µš˜µš˜­š˜¦ āš š˜‹š˜° š˜¢š˜Æš˜ŗš˜µš˜©š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø š˜µš˜©š˜¢š˜µ š˜®š˜¢š˜¬š˜¦š˜“ š˜ŗš˜°š˜¶ š˜§š˜¦š˜¦š˜­ š˜©š˜¢š˜±š˜±š˜ŗ āš š˜™š˜¦š˜¢š˜„ š˜¢š˜§š˜§š˜Ŗš˜³š˜®š˜¢š˜µš˜Ŗš˜°š˜Æš˜“ š˜¢š˜Æš˜„ š˜¤š˜°š˜®š˜±š˜­š˜Ŗš˜®š˜¦š˜Æš˜µ š˜ŗš˜°š˜¶š˜³š˜“š˜¦š˜­š˜§ š˜øš˜©š˜Ŗš˜­š˜¦ š˜­š˜°š˜°š˜¬š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø š˜Ŗš˜Æ š˜µš˜©š˜¦ š˜®š˜Ŗš˜³š˜³š˜°š˜³ š˜›š˜³š˜ŗ š˜µš˜° š˜¬š˜¦š˜¦š˜± š˜¢ š˜Øš˜°š˜°š˜„ š˜±š˜°š˜“š˜µš˜¶š˜³š˜¦ š˜µš˜©š˜Ŗš˜“ š˜øš˜¦š˜¦š˜¬ āš š˜™š˜¦š˜¢š˜„ š˜¢ š˜£š˜Ŗš˜µ š˜®š˜°š˜³š˜¦ āš š˜š˜§ š˜ŗš˜°š˜¶š˜³ š˜øš˜¦š˜¢š˜¬ š˜Ŗš˜Æ š˜¢š˜Æš˜ŗš˜µš˜©š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø, š˜µš˜³š˜ŗ š˜µš˜° š˜­š˜¦š˜·š˜¦š˜­ š˜Ŗš˜µ š˜¶š˜± āš š˜›š˜³š˜ŗ š˜Æš˜°š˜µ š˜µš˜° š˜°š˜·š˜¦š˜³š˜“š˜©š˜¢š˜³š˜¦. š˜ š˜°š˜¶ š˜‹š˜–š˜•š˜› š˜•š˜Œš˜Œš˜‹ š˜›š˜– š˜—š˜™š˜–š˜š˜Œ š˜ š˜–š˜œš˜™š˜šš˜Œš˜“š˜ š˜›š˜– š˜ˆš˜•š˜ š˜‰š˜–š˜‹š˜  š˜–š˜’š˜ˆš˜ ? (Ėµ ā€¢Ģ€ į“— - Ėµ ) āœ§
stop trying so hard for people who don't care Feb 18th, 2018
š’¹š’¶š“‰š‘’ š’¾š’¹š‘’š’¶ šŸ§øą¾€ą½²: letā€™s both wear cute pyjamas, bake heart- shaped cookies together and then fall asleep with a pink fluffy blanket on us
New year affirmations ā™„ļøŽ š¼ š‘Žš‘š š‘šš‘¦ š‘š‘’š‘ š‘” š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿš‘ š‘–š‘œš‘› š‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘  š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ ā™„ļøŽ š‘‡ā„Žš‘’ š‘›š‘’š‘¤ š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ š‘–š‘  š‘Žš‘š‘œš‘¢š‘” š‘”š‘œ š‘š‘’ š‘”š‘Ÿš‘’š‘Žš‘” š‘“š‘œš‘Ÿ š‘šš‘’ š‘Žš‘›š‘‘ š‘”ā„Žš‘’ š‘œš‘›š‘’š‘  š¼ š‘™š‘œš‘£š‘’ ā™„ļøŽš‘–ā€™š‘š š‘š‘œš‘šš‘š‘™š‘’š‘”š‘–š‘›š‘” š‘Žš‘™š‘™ š‘šš‘¦ š‘”š‘œš‘Žš‘™s ā™„ļøŽ š‘”ā„Žš‘’ š‘›š‘’š‘¤ š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ š‘Žš‘Ÿš‘Ÿš‘–š‘£š‘’š‘  š‘¤š‘–š‘”ā„Ž š‘—š‘œš‘¦ļ¼Œ š‘šš‘œš‘›š‘’š‘¦ š‘Žš‘›š‘‘ ā„Žš‘’š‘Žš‘™š‘”ā„Ž ā™„ļøŽš‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘  š‘–š‘  š‘šš‘¦ š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ ā™„ļøŽš‘’š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿš‘¦š‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘›š‘” š‘–š‘  š‘¤š‘œš‘Ÿš‘˜š‘–š‘›š‘” š‘œš‘› š‘šš‘¦ š‘“š‘Žš‘£š‘œš‘¢š‘Ÿ š‘›š‘œš‘¤ ā™„ļøŽ š‘‡ā„Žš‘–š‘  š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ š‘–š‘  š‘Žš‘™š‘™ š‘Žš‘š‘œš‘¢š‘” š‘šš‘’ ā™„ļøŽš¼ā€™š‘£š‘’ š‘›š‘’š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿ š‘š‘’š‘’š‘› ā„Žš‘Žš‘š‘š‘–š‘’š‘Ÿ ā™„ļøŽ š¼ š‘Žš‘š š‘™š‘’š‘£š‘’š‘™š‘–š‘›š‘” š‘¢š‘ š‘’š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿš‘¦š‘‘š‘Žš‘¦ ā™„ļøŽ š‘”ā„Žš‘’ š‘›š‘’š‘¤ š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ š‘–š‘  š‘šš‘–š‘Ÿš‘Žš‘š‘¢š‘™š‘œš‘¢š‘  ā™„ļøŽ š‘“š‘Ÿš‘œš‘š š‘›š‘œš‘¤ š‘œš‘› š‘’š‘£š‘’š‘Ÿš‘¦š‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘›š‘” š‘–š‘  š‘š‘œš‘ š‘ š‘–š‘š‘™š‘’ š‘“š‘œš‘Ÿ š‘šš‘’ ā™„ļøŽ š‘Žš‘šš‘Žš‘§š‘–š‘›š‘” š‘š‘’š‘œš‘š‘™š‘’ š‘Žš‘Ÿš‘’ š‘šš‘’š‘’š‘”š‘–š‘›š‘” š‘šš‘’ š‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘  š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ ā™„ļøŽ š‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘  š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ š‘–š‘  š‘“š‘¢š‘™š‘™ š‘œš‘“ š‘š‘™š‘’š‘ š‘ š‘–š‘›š‘”š‘  ā™„ļøŽ š‘”ā„Žš‘–š‘  š‘¦š‘’š‘Žš‘Ÿ š‘–š‘  š‘”ā„Žš‘’ š‘š‘’š‘ š‘” š‘œš‘›š‘’ š‘¦š‘’š‘”
šŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļø you can get through anything, i believe in you šŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļøšŸ§ā˜ļø
ā—Œ šŸŒø ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € š—‡š–¾š— š—†š—ˆš—‡š—š—ć€€ ā€Žā—Œ šŸ§ššŸ½ā€ā™‚ļø ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € š—‡š–¾š— š—š—‚š–»š–¾š—Œ 怀 ā€Žā—Œ šŸ«§ ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € š—‡š–¾š— š—†š–ŗš—€š—‚š–¼ ā€Žā—Œ šŸŒ± ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € š—‡š–¾š— š–¾š—‡š–¾š—‹š—€š—’ ā€Žā—Œ šŸŖ· ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € š—‡š–¾š— š–»š–¾š—€š—‚š—‡š—‡š—‚š—‡š—€š—Œ
怀Ėš 怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš 怀 . everything you are worried about is going to turn out ok, i promise you Ė™įµ•Ė™ ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† ā‹†. š–¦ ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† ā‹†. š–¦ ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† ā‹†. š–¦ ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹†
Thank You You know, Iā€™ve really grown attached to you. All this time Iā€™ve spent with you has really made me feel a special connection to you. I mean, that doesnā€™t surprise you now, does it? You gave me shelter, fed me, and youā€™ve always been there for me. I honestly do not know how I could ever truly express my gratitude towards you. Youā€™ve been so good to me, and I hope you know that I could not be any more grateful. I just wanted you to know that tonight, Iā€™ll be bearing my - no, our - children, all 15,000 of them. Theyā€™ll be a reminder of the special connection weā€™ve shared these past few weeks; I just hope that you, or maybe your friends or family, will share the same connection with our children. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for being such a good host.
š‘”š‘–š‘ šŸŽ€ ą·† self love is respecting yourself ą·† self love is setting boundaries ą·† self love is not skipping meals ą·† self love is standing firm on your beliefs ą·† self love is being kind to yourself ą·† self love is listening to what your body needs ą·† self love is prioritizing your mental health ą·† self love is embracing your physical ā€œflawsā€ because itā€™s a part of you and makes you who you are ą·† self love is leaving people and situations that drain you ą·† self love is saying ā€œnoā€ to situations youā€™re not comfortable with even if it hurts someone elseā€™s feelings
The more I heal, the more I come home to myself šŸŒ¹šŸŖ½šŸ¹ Posted: 1 month ago Notecount: 11 Via: daughterofvenus222
š’š’‡š’‡š’š’Šš’š’† š‘Žš‘›š‘‘ š’š’š’š’Šš’š’† š‘–'š‘š š‘ š‘”š‘–š‘™š‘™ š‘”ā„Žš‘’ š‘ š‘Žš‘šš‘’ š‘š‘Ÿš‘–š‘›š‘š‘’š‘ š‘ , š‘ š‘¤š‘’š‘’š‘” š‘Žš‘  š‘£š‘Žš‘›š‘–š‘™š‘™š‘Ž š‘Žš‘›š‘‘ š‘ š‘”š‘Ÿš‘Žš‘¤š‘š‘’š‘Ÿš‘Ÿš‘¦ š‘“š‘Ÿš‘œš‘ š‘”š‘–š‘›š‘” ā™” Ėšā‚Šā€§āŗ
š‘€š‘œš‘›š‘‘š‘Žš‘¦ š½š‘œš‘¢š‘Ÿš‘›š‘Žš‘™ š‘ƒš‘Ÿš‘œš‘šš‘š‘”š‘  what are 3 things i want to accomplish this week? what are 3 ways i can improve from last week? what can i let go of this week? what drained my energy last week? how can i prevent that from happening this week? list 3 things iā€™m grateful for my affirmation for this week is?
Read bungo stray dogs (ŹƒĘŖ ā–¾ ą¾š“¼ ļ¼‰ Symbols from websites on retro spring/tumblr~ ĢˆĶšĢˆ ą«®įŠ ā™”' įسą£Ŗ š“ˆ’ Āæ ą©­ š“ˆ’ ā™” źŖ†ą­§ šŸ·šŸ·šŸ· ā‘… āƒ˜ įس ź’° ŪŖ ź’± š“ˆ’ Ā·.ą¼„ąæ” ā €ā™Ŗā € Ö“ ā €ā €×‚ ā € ą©Æ ā—Ÿ š™š Ļ… ā € Ö“ ā €ā € ā€āœ¦ā €ā €ā™¬ā €ā €ā™Ŗā €ā €ź ¹į­‚ ą¼ŗā € š“„§ šŸ©øā€ ą£Ŗ ļ½”šŸ«– į©§š’œŹøššŠ 怀 ąæš Ķœ ą£Ŗā™¬āˆ— 慤 Ė™Ā· . Āø. ļ¼Ÿ ׅš–¤  ā€‰ą½²ą½“Ķ *:Ā·.šŸ©øļøµā€æąæ“ Ėš š“ø ą¾€ą¼ ā €ā”Ø ĖˆĶ™ā €ā€ā €Ū«ŪŖŪŖ ā €Ė–Ģ‡ ā—ž ą¾€ą½²ā—Ÿ Ķœ ā—ž ą¾€ą½²ā—Ÿ Ķœ ā—ž ą¾€ą½²ā—Ÿ ŹƒĘŖ(Ā“. [āœš]š“¼ )ą¼ą»’ź’±ą¾€ į›Ŗą¼™ š–„Øį© ×„Ż ą¾āœš į˜›Ā­ā¦…āœšĶœĶ”ā¦†į˜š į›Ŗ ā€  ą¼’ ą¾€ š“‚ƒ ą»’ź’± * ā•¬ Ė™ ļ½” 慤 慤 慤 ą½²į­Øį©§ą¾€ć…¤ 慤 ź’°Ķ”ā €š…„ā €Ķ”ź’±ć…¤ 慤 āø 慤 慤 慤 慤 š“šą¹Ö»ć…¤ć…¤ 慤ā­‘ą¹‹Ü‚ą·Ø慤慤 ź˜“źž‹źž‹įŸ°įŸ°ź£“ 慤 慤 慤 慤 š”Œį­„į©™ą¼‰ć…¤ 慤 š’ˆ”āƒ›Łć…¤ 慤 į°”į©šą²Ž ā€Žź’·ŲžŲ™Ų–Ė– š“ˆ’ .š“ˆ’ą½²ą½“ ą¼½ą§£ą§¢š“ˆ’ . ą¹‘ąæ” ą¼˜ą½“ Ķą¼ĖšĢ£Ģ£Ģ£ą¼.ą¼… ( Ģ¶Ģ·ĢĢ . į“— āĢ“Ģ›āŽ) ā³‹ą§Žą¾€ą½²ąæā¦…ā¤ļøā€šŸ©¹ā¦† ź¦¼ź«‚ . Ā·Ģ©Ķ™Ėš š“‚ą¾š“‚„ą»Šą¼†ą¾€ļøµā€æąæ“ ā € š“ˆ’ą½²ą½“Ė–ā€ āƒØāƒ° āŠ± āŠ°ą¼ą¾€ā€ƒą½¼Ā¹ ā€Øā € ā € ā € ā¦…ā³‹ą§Žą¾€ą½²ā€ ĢˆĢ„ąæ”ā¦† ą¾ į¶» š•«. ā™”āƒŸĶšĢŠ ą¾€ąæ” š“‹«ā€Øā € Ö“Ö¶Öøš“‚ƒ ą£ŖĖ– Ö“Ö¶ÖøšŸ‡ą¼‹ą¼˜ąæ š“Æš“‚ƒ š“¼ į­“ ą¾€ą½“ą¼ŗąæ” ą¦ ą¼¢ ā¦…ą¾ ā¦† ą¼™ą¼ ą¾€ ź’° ą¾€ą½² Ķ ą¾€ą½² š”Œ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶāœ§ āœ¦ āœž āœ§ āœ¦ į… Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ ĶĶā€į… āœ§į… ā¦ź«¶ą½“āƒ›į°­ į… āœ§į… ā€į…  į… Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ ą½†ą½²ā¤ļøŽą½†ą¾€ ā €š„žĶį… ā˜™į… š…˜š…„š…®į…  āœŸ įŖ² Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ Ķ Ķ Ķ ĶĶ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ķ Ā°ą½ą½²ā™”ĢµĢ¼Ķ“Ģ„Ķ’Ģ¾Ķ˜ą½‹ą¾€Ā° ā¬šĶ’ą±¢ Ź•Ģ¢Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ©Ģ©Ģ©Ģ©Ā·Ķ”Ė”Ā·ą½¼ÉĢ”Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ£Ģ©Ģ©Ģ©Ģ©ā™”Ģ©Ķ™ š“ˆ’ą½²ą½“š–„Øį© ×„Ż ā™„ļøŽĢ¼Ģ» āœ¦ āœ§ Ā·ĢŠā€§Ģ„Ā°Ģ©Ģ„ĖšĢ©Ģ©Ģ„Ķ™Ā°Ģ©Ģ„ā€§Ģ„Ā·ĢŠā€§ĢĢŠ įŖ–.įŖ².į©¤į­” ź ¹į­‚ā€ ā € ą½²źØ© ā“øĶ™Ķ™šž„‡ šŸ³ ā¦ź«¶ą½“āƒ›į°­ įضįƃą¾€ą½²āœæ š–£ āœš į© ā™”ĢµĢ¼Ķ“Ģ„Ķ’Ģ¾ ź’°Ķ”Ķœ ą­­ Ķ”Ķœź’± ą®‡ ā™Ŗ ą³• ź’° Ķ”ĶŸ || Ķ”ĶŸ ź’± ĖƒĢ¶ĶˆĢ€ ą„¢ ą«į­„ Ė– ą„± š–„Ÿ į­…į¬» ą³‹źØ¶ļø” š‘£æ į­„į¬½ 惭āœ§ ą½ą½² ą½‹ą¾€ ā€š†¬āƒš—ˆµš‘‡› ā–Šā– Ķą½“ą½“Ģ‘Ģ‘ā € Ź¢-Ģ«Ķ”-Ź”Ķ ā˜† ā„ ą¼šą¼…ą¼šĖ³āœæĖ³ą¼šą¼…ą¼š ą¼„ ą½“ ąŗ¼ĖƒĢ¶ĢØĢ”ąæ” į‡Ķœį©˜ā˜šŸ–„ļø ā€į®¬×ą£®āœ§ į­„į¬¬ Ā ąµƒą½“慤慤ā™« ą½‰ Ģ®Ķ”ą„‚Ėšāŗ āœæź«¶āƒØ āœŸĶ ā¤ļøŽį­®ą¼Žąŗ¶ ą¼¼ąŗ¶ą½½Ā° Ė³ĢŠĪ‡į¶“š”“•į¶”Ī‡Ė³ĢŠ ź¦æź¦øā¤ļøŽąŗ¶
I hate when websites ask "are you human?" ... no, I'm a vacuum. August 7th, 2012, 6:14 AM
Ėš . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš 怀 怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ sending you as many good vibes as virtually possible āœØšŸ§āœØā˜ļøāœØšŸ§āœØā˜ļøāœØšŸ§āœØā˜ļøāœØšŸ§āœØā˜ļø
January 15th, 2013, 1:58 PM I have a bad habit of laughing at inappropriate moments.
šŸ’™ šŸ’™
š•¬š–˜ š•­š–‘š–†š–ˆš– š•³š–Žš–˜š–™š–”š–—š–ž š–’š–”š–“š–™š– š–ˆš–”š–’š–Šš–˜ š–™š–” š–† š–ˆš–‘š–”š–˜š–Š š–š–šš–˜š–™ š–† š–‹š–—š–Žš–Šš–“š–‰š–‘š–ž š–—š–Šš–’š–Žš–“š–‰š–Šš–— š–‘ š–†š–’ š–‡š–‘š–†š–ˆš– š–Šš–›š–Šš–—š–ž š–’š–”š–“š–™š–. š•²š–”š–”š–‰ š–’š–”š–—š–“š–Žš–“š–Œ š–š–†š–›š–Š š–† š–Œš–—š–Šš–†š–™ š–‰š–†š–ž š–†š–“š–‰ š–‡š–Š š–˜š–†š–‹š–Š š–†š–˜ š–œš–Šš–‘š–‘.
To who ever is reading this; youā€™re lovely. Absolutely lovely. A perfect creation. You have so much potential and can achieve so much. Really, you are. So live your life the way it feel right, dream big dreams, and live passionately. Aug 19th, 2019
Repost this If you miss someone right now. July 27, 2015
Losing Carrie Carrieā€™s parents were deep in mourning They had lost their daughter, without warning Her mom moaned and wailed in deep sorrow Her dad would call the funeral home tomorrow Her mom looked down and in her head She wondered, if Carrie could, what she would have said If she could speak to them now, reach into their hearts Tell them how they would cope, where could they start? Her father looked down also and in his head His mind was racing with a sense of dread See, if Carrie could talk what she really would have said Is, ā€˜Mom, please help me, he knows Iā€™m not dead.ā€™
Giggles Chuck climbed out of the bed and made his way to the bathroom, refusing to turn on the bedside lamp in case he disturbed his wife whom was lĆ„yÄ«ng beside him. Finishing his busıness, he made his way to the sink, and just as he began to run the water, thought he heard a faint laughter coming from the bedroom. ā€œHoney? Was that you?ā€ He listened carefully, but there was no reply from that dark doorway. Chuck turned back to the sink and continued to wash his hands, certain that it was just his half-asleep brain playing tricks. However, moments later, he once again thought he could hear a faint laughter from the bedroom. He turned off the water, and began to make his way back into the bedroom. The light was off, and in the bed, he could make out the shape of his wife lĆ„yÄ«ng there. ā€œHoney? Were you laughing?ā€ Chuck flicked on the bedside lamp, and in an instant was looking into the unblinking đeađ eyes of his wife, her mouth sliced from ear-to-ear in a grotesque mockery of a smıle. Chuck felt his heart freeze, before relief washed over him. ā€œOh, it WAS you!ā€ he exclaimed with a smıle as he peeled back the Ģ› bed sheets, stıll stiff from the long dried błoođ, and climbed back into Ģ› bed, kissing his wifeā€™s cold cheek before turning out the light. ā€œFor a moment there, I thought I was going cRaZy.ā€
Hidden by the Rustling Corn The shortcut through the Corn field tempts you as youā€™re walking home the clouds above keep the moon concealed As you enter the swaying corn, alone. - The corn grows tall and thick, my friend, the path you chose is muddy it grows in rows without scope or end and in the dark, you hurry - You donā€™t see the standing forms As you pass them on your way they stand still amongst the swaying corn which hides their pallor, and decay - hundreds gather in this field tonight though you see none at all yet still you look around in fright but the corn grows too thick, too tall - You tell yourself as you continue through ā€œIts merely the rustling of the leaves,ā€ But they see you, and they hear you, And they might not let you leave.
I Want to Help It was a beautiful morning when I woke up, the sun shining through and the wildlife up and about. I went for my morning stroll, taking my usual route. I stopped by the surface of the water, when I saw the most peculiar thing: a little girlā€¦ In there. Couldnā€™t she breathe? Why didnā€™t she come out? Panicking, I reached out and grabbed her arms, yanking her out of it and holding her close to me. She started to scream, but then seemed to be choking. I tried to calm her down. ā€œShhā€¦ Everything is fine, little one, I saved you! Relax! Breathe in!ā€ But she wouldnā€™t. And soon, despite all my efforts, she went limp. Not again! I couldnā€™t understand. I had taken her out of that horrible, disgusting air, and into the safety of the water. What had I done wrong this time? Maybe my tentacles frighten them. Maybe I wasnā€™t gentle enough. Human children are so unpredictable. Iā€™ll save one for real next time, I swear.
The End ā€œThe End is nighā€ ā€œAgency Officials: Spend this time with your loved onesā€ ā€œCitizens prepare for the Inevitableā€ The newspapers were all the same. His mother whisked him away from the news stand and into her arms, but not before he read the last headline. ā€œThe Invasion: What could We have done?ā€ ā€œMommy, whatā€™s happening?ā€ he whispered. She pressed his warm, chubby hand to her wet cheek and let out a quiet sob. ā€œThe humans. They found us.ā€
Skin Deep On Monday she looked beautiful, her skin silky smooth and sleek. Then on Tuesday she was saddened by the pimple on her cheek. Wednesday was a nightmare, the awful blemish grew and grew. On Thursday people stopped and stared; it seemed like everybody knew. Friday left her scrambling, finding cover-up that matched. And early Saturday morningā€¦ hatched.
in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½” in my healing era ā˜ļø į”£š­© ļ¾Ÿļ½”
bebsi-cola disabled people deserve more than the bare minimum to live tbh and i don't mean in the "oh we have extra costs that makes being disabled more expensive" - which is true but i'm counting those in the budget to live. disabled people also deserve enough money to buy treats, nice clothes, fund their hobbies, take a trip away and so on. being disabled shouldn't force you into a life of frugality and poverty Mar 7th, 2024
Accessibility should not be an afterthought Feb 21st, 2024 silversarcasm Your daily reminder that inaccessibility isnā€™t just a little bothį„±r to dısabled people but is part of a violent ableist culture that bars dısabled people from many parts of life and treats them as unimportant and unneeded Blue/purple lıps and fingernails are a symptom of low oxygen in lighter skın tones. In darker skın tones you can look for grey or white lıps and fingernails. Other places where this may be not evidence is the tongue and gums. Figured since one gets taught what low oxygen looks like on lighter skın. Everyone should know what it looks like on dark skın too. -fae Nov 2nd, 2022
chronically-persistent You know Iā€™ve been thinking, there should be no guilt in experiencing happınį„±ss as a disabled or chronically ıll person. We donā€™t need to suffer every waking moment to justify our experiences and our truths. Joy is a universal right. And that includes us. Feb 14th, 2024
11/16/23 Ā· 09:15 am i have such a lĘ”ve for characters who descend into maĶdnessĢ· or villainy out of deep, deep empathy. characters who fundamentally cannot copeĶž with the cruel realities they find themselves in and blow up about it in spectacular fashion. fallen angel type characters with těars of outrage in their eye's. characters who bĶžreak before they bend, and bĶžreak so badly they splatter bľood all over their noble ideals. every variation on it gets me so good
compassionatereminders "But why do you let your disability stop you?" Because that's.... what disabilities... do. That's... literally the basic definition... of being disabled... A disability impairs your ability to function. That's what the term means. That's the main thing Feb 17th, 2024
@allthingswhumpyandangsty April 1st, 7:56 AM I love you misunderstood villain whoā€™s been through the worst and wasnā€™t able to come out of it unscarred. I love you villain who is well understood and just likes doing baĶd things for pure pleasure. I love you villain who is loved by the fandom. I love you villain who is hated by the fandom. I love you villain who has to cry alonČ© and tend their wounds in the darkĢµ because theyā€™re too scared to let anybody see them vulnerable. I love you villain whoā€™s not scared to shoį„™t all their paın and trauma at the top of their lungs for the world to hear. I love you villain whoā€™s on their knees begging to be accepted and lĆ²ved for once. I love you villain who never bows down to anyone. I love you villain who hıdes their scars like their deep, darkĢµ secrets. I love you villain who shows their scars like trophies from the battles they won. I love you villain who wants to create a better world, even if their way of trying to achieve the goal is different than the heroā€™s. I love you villain who wants to burn the world dĆøwn.
inkskinned so first it was the oral contraceptıve. you went on those young, mostly for reasons unrelated to birth cĆøntrĆøl - even your dermatologist suggested them to cĆøntrĆøl your acne and you just stared at it, horrified. it made you so mentally ıll, but you just heard that this was adulthood. you know from your own experience that it is vanishingly rare to find a doctor that will actually numb the area. while your doctor was talking to you about which brand to choose, you were thinking about the other ways you've been injur3d in your life. you thought about how you had a suspicious mole frozen off - something so small and easy - and how they'd numbed a huge area. you thought about when you broke your wrist and didn't actually notice, because you'd thought it was a sprain. your understanding of paın is that how the human bĆødy responds to injury doesn't always relate to the actual paın tolerance of the person - it's more about how lucky that person is physıcally. maybe they broke it in a perfect way. maybe they happened to get hurĶ˜t in a place without a lot of nerve endings. some people can handle a broken femur but crumble under a sore tooth. there's no true way to predict how "much" something actually hurtĢø. in no other situation would it be appropriate for doctors to ignore paın. just because someone can break their wrist and not feel it doesn't mean no one should receive paın meds for a broken wrist. it just means that particular person was lucky about it. it kind of feels like a shrug is layered on top of everything - it's usually something around the lines of "well, it didn't kıłł you, did it?" like your life and paın are expendable or not really important. emi--rose Hi. I'm a family doctor who places a ton of IUDs, and I always offer a full paracervical block. It makes all the difference. The way it's just brushed off? I don't believe in inflicting unnecessary suffering. roach-works i tried to get an IUD once. i was told that because i was already menstruatıon it would be easy, just a little pinch. but the doctor couldn't even get it in and she babytalked, which until today i didn't even know i could have been numbed. it hurĶ˜t so much. i was told that was just a little pinch.
kingdomheartsddd I hope black girls with depressıon have a good day today. dasativasage I hope black girls with Anxıety have a great day today yelnatszeroni I hope my black girls with schizophrenia and bıpolar dısorder have a great day ghettoinuyasha i hope my black girls w personality disorders and PTSD have a good day today reusablequicksand I hope black girls with ADHD and/or autism have a good day thehotgirlproject I hope black girls suffering from chronic paın have a good day jasmine-reanne I hope black girls with şelf image issues , and low şelf esteem have a great day . teethagoddess I hope black girls with terminal illnxssxs are having an amazing day angelpoldark I hope black girls have an incredible day kouhaiofcolor I hope Black Girls w dark skin have a phenomenal dayāœØļø commandertartar i hope black girls w anger issues have a spectacular day <3 Mar 17th, 2024
ā€œIn the evenings, before I went to sleep, and in the mornings, in the moment I woke up, I realised I was praying for rain.ā€ ā€” The Garden of Words (2013)
š’ƒš’š ā€œš‘¾š’š’š’šš’š’–š’š’ˆš’Šš’”š’Žā€! ą»’ź’°ą¾€ą½²ć£Ė• -ļ½”ź’±ą¾€ą½²ą§§ ļ¼³ļ½”ļ½•ļ½„ļ½™ ļ½”ļ½‰ļ½ļ½“ ļ½†ļ½’ļ½ļ½ ļ½“ļ½ļ½ļ½…ļ½ļ½Žļ½… ļ½—ļ½ˆļ½: ļ½‡ļ½…ļ½”ļ½“ ļ½ˆļ½‰ļ½‡ļ½ˆ ļ½‡ļ½’ļ½ļ½„ļ½…ļ½“ ļ½ļ½Žļ½„ ļ½‰ļ½“ ļ½ ļ½”ļ½…ļ½ļ½ƒļ½ˆs ļ½†ļ½ļ½–ļ¼: źœ°ÉŖŹ€źœ±į“› É“į“ į“…ÉŖźœ±į“›Ź€į“€į“„į“›ÉŖį“É“źœ±!: į“į“€į“‹į“‡ źœ±į“œŹ€į“‡ Źį“į“œŹ€ į“˜Źœį“É“į“‡ ÉŖźœ± į“„ŹŸį“źœ±į“‡į“… į“€É“į“… ŹŸį“į“„į“‹į“‡į“… į“€į“”į“€Ź! į“”Źœį“€į“› ÉŖ į“…į“ ÉŖźœ± į“˜į“œį“› į“Ź į“˜Źœį“É“į“‡ į“Ź€ į“”Źœį“€į“›į“‡į“ į“‡Ź€ į“…į“‡į“ ÉŖį“„į“‡ Źį“į“œ į“œźœ±į“‡ ÉŖÉ“ į“€ źœ°į“€Ź€ į“…Ź€į“€į“”į“‡Ź€ į“›Źœį“€į“› Źį“į“œ į“˜Ź€į“Ź™ į“”į“É“į“› Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“‡É“į“į“œÉ¢Źœ į“į“į“›ÉŖį“ į“€į“›ÉŖį“É“ į“›į“ É¢į“ É¢į“‡į“› ÉŖį“›! į“€É“į“į“›Źœį“‡Ź€ į“”į“€Ź ÉŖźœ± į“„ŹŸį“źœ±ÉŖÉ“É¢ į“›Źœį“‡ É“į“į“›źœ°ÉŖį“„į“€į“›ÉŖį“É“źœ±! (į“€É“į“… ÉŖźœ± Źį“į“œ į“„į“€É“/į“”į“€É“į“› į“…į“‡ŹŸį“‡į“›ÉŖÉ“É¢ źœ±į“į“„ÉŖį“€ŹŸ į“į“‡į“…ÉŖį“€ į“€į“˜į“˜źœ±!), źœ±į“‡į“„į“É“į“…: źœ°į“Ź€į“„į“‡ Źį“į“œŹ€źœ±į“‡ŹŸźœ°źœ°źœ°źœ°źœ°!!!! į“į“į“›ÉŖį“ į“€į“›ÉŖį“É“źœ± ÉŖźœ± É“į“į“› É¢į“É“É“į“€ ŹŸį“€źœ±į“› ŹŸį“É“É¢ Źį“į“œ Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“›į“ źœ°į“Ź€į“„į“‡ Źį“į“œŹ€źœ±į“‡ŹŸźœ°! ÉŖį“›źœ± źœ±į“‡ŹŸźœ° į“…ÉŖźœ±į“˜ŹŸÉŖÉ“į“‡! źœ±į“€Ź į“›į“ Źį“į“œŹ€źœ±į“‡ŹŸźœ° ā€œÉŖźœ° Źį“į“œ į“‹į“‡į“‡į“˜ į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± į“œį“˜ Ź/É“ Źį“į“œŹ€ É¢į“É“É“į“€ É¢į“‡į“› É¢Ź€į“€į“…į“‡źœ±, É“į“ į“€į“„į“€į“…į“‡į“ÉŖį“„ į“ į“€ÉŖŹŸį“…į“€į“›ÉŖį“É“, į“€ É¢į“į“į“… į“ŹŸā€™ źœ±ŹŸį“€į“˜, į“Šį“Ź™, į“€É“į“… Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“›į“ Ź€į“‡į“…į“ į“›Źœį“‡ Źį“‡į“€Ź€ į“į“‡į“€É“į“”ŹœÉŖŹŸį“‡ į“€ŹŸŹŸ Źį“į“œŹ€ źœ°Ź€ÉŖį“‡É“į“…źœ± į“€Ź€į“‡ į“˜Ź€į“Ź™ É¢į“É“É“į“€ į“į“į“ į“‡ į“É“ į“›į“ į“›Źœį“‡ É“į“‡xį“›!ā€ į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± į“É“į“‡ ÉŖźœ± į“”Źœį“€į“› Ź€į“‡į“€ŹŸŹŸŹ į“‹į“‡į“‡į“˜źœ± į“į“‡ É¢į“ÉŖÉ“É¢ ŹŸį“ŹŸ! ā‚ŠĖšŹš į—¢ā‚ŠĖšāœ§ ļ¾Ÿ. į“›ŹœÉŖŹ€į“…!: į“‹į“‡į“‡į“˜ÉŖÉ“É¢ į“Ź€É¢į“€ÉŖÉ“źœ±į“‡į“… ÉŖźœ± Ź€į“‡į“€ŹŸŹŸŹ Źœį“€Ź€į“…! į“‡į“ į“‡É“ źœ°į“Ź€ į“į“‡ źœ±į“€į“…ŹŸŹ:( Ź™į“œį“›! į“É“į“‡ į“źœ° į“Ź ÉŖÉ“źœ±į“˜į“źœ± ÉŖźœ± į“˜ÉŖÉ“į“›į“‡Ź€į“‡źœ±į“› É“į“į“›į“‡źœ±! ÉŖ ŹŸÉŖį“‹į“‡ į“›į“ į“…į“ į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± į“›Źį“˜į“‡ į“źœ° É“į“į“›ÉŖÉ“É¢! ÉŖį“›źœ± Ź€į“‡į“€ŹŸŹŸŹ źœ±ÉŖį“į“˜ŹŸį“‡ Ź™į“œį“› Źį“‡į“› Źœį“‡ŹŸį“˜źœ± į“į“‡ į“€ŹŸį“į“› į“”ÉŖį“›Źœ ŹŸį“‡źœ±źœ±į“É“źœ± ÉŖ į“…į“ É“į“į“› į“œÉ“į“…į“‡Ź€źœ±į“›į“€É“į“…! ÉŖį“›źœ± į“„į“€ŹŸŹŸį“‡į“… į“„į“Ź€É“į“‡ŹŸŹŸ É“į“į“›į“‡źœ±! į“˜ŹŸį“œźœ± į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± ÉŖźœ± Ź€į“‡į“€ŹŸŹŸŹ Ź€į“‡į“€ŹŸŹŸŹ ÉŖį“į“˜į“Ź€į“›į“€É“į“›!: į“›į“€į“‹ÉŖÉ“É¢ É“į“į“›į“‡źœ± į“”ŹœÉŖŹŸį“‡ ÉŖÉ“ į“„ŹŸį“€źœ±źœ±! É“į“į“› ŹŸÉŖį“‹į“‡ źœ°į“œŹŸŹŸ į“É“ É“į“į“›į“‡źœ± į“Šį“œźœ±į“› Ź€į“‡į“ÉŖÉ“į“…į“‡Ź€źœ±! (į“‡x: ā€œį“€źœ± źœ±į“į“É“ į“€źœ± ÉŖ É¢į“‡į“› Źœį“į“į“‡ ÉŖ į“”ÉŖŹŸŹŸ źœ°ÉŖÉ“ÉŖźœ±Źœ į“›Źœį“‡ Ź™ÉŖį“ŹŸį“É¢Ź į“€źœ±źœ±ÉŖɢɓį“į“‡É“į“›ā€, ā€œÉŖÉ“ 2:50į“˜į“ ÉŖ į“”ÉŖŹŸŹŸ źœ±į“œį“Ź™ÉŖį“› į“›Źœį“‡ į“į“€į“›Źœ į“€źœ±źœ±ÉŖɢɓį“į“‡É“į“›ā€) į“œźœ±į“‡ ŹŸÉŖį“›į“›ŹŸį“‡ źœ±į“į“€ŹŸŹŸ į“„į“ŹŸį“Ź€į“‡į“… É“į“į“›į“‡źœ± į“€É“į“… źœ±į“›ÉŖį“„į“‹ į“›į“ į“›Źœį“‡į“ į“É“ į“€É“Źį“›ŹœÉŖÉ“É¢! ŹŸÉŖį“‹į“‡ Źį“į“œŹ€ į“„ŹœŹ€į“į“į“‡ ŹŸį“€į“˜! į“Ź€ Źį“į“œŹ€ źœ°į“€į“  į“œźœ±į“œį“€ŹŸ É“į“į“›į“‡Ź™į“į“į“‹ Źį“į“œ į“œźœ±į“‡ į“Ź€ źœ±į“į“į“‡į“›ŹœÉŖÉ“É¢, į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± Ź€į“‡į“€ŹŸŹŸŹ Źœį“‡ŹŸį“˜į“‡į“… į“į“‡ źœ±į“›į“€Ź ÉŖÉ“ į“›ÉŖį“į“‡ į“€É“į“… Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“€ źœ±į“„Źœį“‡į“…į“œŹŸį“‡! (į“€É“į“… ÉŖźœ° Źį“į“œ Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“€ į“į“‡źœ±źœ±Ź į“˜ŹŸį“€į“„į“‡, į“˜ŹŸį“‡į“€źœ±į“‡ Ź€į“‡į“ÉŖÉ“į“… Źį“į“œŹ€źœ±į“‡ŹŸźœ° į“‡į“ į“‡Ź€Ź źœ±ÉŖÉ“É¢ŹŸį“‡ į“›ÉŖį“į“‡ į“„ŹŸį“‡į“€É“ į“œį“˜!, į“›ÉŖį“…Ź į“œį“˜! į“€É“į“… źœ±į“›į“œźœ°źœ° ŹŸÉŖį“‹į“‡ į“›Źœį“€į“›, ā€œį“€ į“„ŹŸį“‡į“€É“ Ź€į“į“į“ = į“€ į“„ŹŸį“‡į“€É“ į“ÉŖÉ“į“…ā€ į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± ÉŖźœ± į“€į“„į“›į“œį“€ŹŸŹŸŹ į“ į“‡Ź€Ź į“›Ź€į“œį“‡! į“€É“į“… į“„į“€É“ į“€źœ°źœ°į“‡į“„į“› Źį“į“œŹ€ į“į“‡É“į“›į“€ŹŸ Źœį“‡į“€ŹŸį“›Źœ! į“”Źœį“‡É“ Źį“į“œ Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“€ į“į“‡źœ±źœ±Ź Ź€į“į“į“ į“›Źœį“‡É“ Źį“į“œŹ€ É¢į“É“É“į“€ Źœį“€į“ į“‡ į“€ į“į“‡źœ±źœ±Ź į“ÉŖÉ“į“… į“”ŹœÉŖį“„Źœ ÉŖźœ± É“į“į“› É¢į“É“É“į“€ Źœį“‡ŹŸį“˜ źœ±į“›į“œį“…ŹÉŖÉ“É¢! į“Źœ į“€É“į“… ŹŸį“į“į“‹ į“œį“˜ į“˜ÉŖÉ“į“›į“‡Ź€į“‡źœ±į“› źœ±į“›į“œį“…Ź Qį“œį“į“›į“‡źœ± į“›Źœį“‡Ź Źœį“‡ŹŸį“˜ į“į“‡ į“€ŹŸį“į“› źœ±į“›į“€Ź źœ°į“į“„į“œźœ±į“‡į“…!) ą¬˜(ą©­ā—ŒĖŠįµ•Ė‹)ą©­* ą©ˆā™”ā€§ā‚ŠĖš į“›ŹœÉŖźœ± ÉŖźœ± į“€ŹŸŹŸ į“›Źœį“‡ į“›ÉŖį“˜źœ± ÉŖ į“„į“į“œŹŸį“… į“›ŹœÉŖÉ“į“‹ į“źœ° Ź€ÉŖÉ¢Źœį“› É“į“į“”!, ÉŖźœ° į“›Źœį“‡Ź€į“‡źœ± į“į“Ź€į“‡ ÉŖ'ŹŸŹŸ į“›į“‡ŹŸŹŸ Źį“€ŹŸŹŸ ŹŸį“€į“›į“‡Ź€ Ź™Źį“‡!! <3 ą©ˆāœ©ā€§ā‚ŠĖšą¼ŗā˜†ą¼»ą©ˆāœ©ā€§ā‚ŠĖš
the signs as characters from Spongebob ARIES: Gary the Snail TAURUS: The Flying Dutchman GEMINI: Squilliam Fancyson CANCER: Squidward Tentacles LEO: Mrs. Puff VIRGO: Sandy Cheeks LIBRA: Patrick Star SCORPIO: Plankton SAGITTARIUS: Pearl Krabs CAPRICORN: Mr. Krabs AQUARIUS: Larry the Lobster PISCES: SpongeBob SquarePants
ā—Œ šŸŒŸ ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € New week ā€” start fresh ā—Œ šŸ’­ ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € New mindset ā€” think positively ā—Œ šŸŒø ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € New opportunities ā€” be grateful ā—Œ šŸ«§ ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € New possibilities ā€” be optimistic ā—Œ šŸ©° ā €×…ā €ā €×ā € New attitude ā€” be kind, be loving
惻ļ½”惻šŸ§ ļ¾Ÿćƒ»ļ½”āœØ i release all negative self-talk and embrace self-encouragement * 怂 Ėš Ėš Ė› * 怂šŸŒø 怂 ā˜ļø Ėš * 怂 Ėš Ėš Ė› 怂 šŸ§ø
{\__/} āŸ” ā‹† 怀 怂怀 ā˜† ( ā€¢Ļ‰ā€¢) ā™” š“‚ƒ ā‹† 怀 ~ āŸ” 怂 /恤šŸ’ hereā€™s some flowers i picked for anyone who is having a bad day, hang in there things will get better
šš•šš˜ššŸššŽ šš‹ššŽšš’šš—šš ššŠ šššš’šš›šš•šš¢ ššššŽššŽšš—ššŠššššŽ šššš’šš›šš• āœ§Ė–Ā° ā€œš˜ š˜°š˜¶ š˜­š˜°š˜·š˜¦ š˜£š˜¦š˜Ŗš˜Æš˜Ø š˜¢ š˜Øš˜Ŗš˜³š˜­?ā€ Ė–āŗā€§ā‚ŠĖš ā™” Ėšā‚Šā€§āŗĖ– ā€œš˜ š˜¦š˜“ š˜°š˜£š˜·š˜Ŗā€
ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * i love kind, genuine girls who support other girls and donā€™t try bringing them down ! ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† *
Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš 怀怀怀 .怀怀 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 .怀怀 Ėš įœŠ i choose to stop apologising for being me įœŠ i radiate confidence, balance and inner harmony įœŠ i am so pretty and i love myself įœŠ i love my body and all it does for me įœŠ i am worthy of love and good things įœŠ i attract wonderful people into my life įœŠ i do not compare myself to other people įœŠ i feel beautiful and confident with my body įœŠ i will stop worrying about everything įœŠ i am becoming more at-ease with myself įœŠ i will take things on with a gentle approach Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš 怀怀怀 .怀怀 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 .怀怀 Ėš
ā‹†Ė–āŗā€§ā‚Šā˜½ā—Æā˜¾ā‚Šā€§āŗĖ–ā‹† iā€™m trusting the universe i believe everything comes to me at the perfect time and everything will turn out just fine ā˜† ā‚ŠāŠ¹ ą¼˜ā‹† āœ® ą¼˜ā‹† ā‚ŠāŠ¹ ā˜†
怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . you are bigger than what is making you anxious 怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀Ėš 怀怀怀 .
āœ® ā‹† Ėšļ½”š–¦¹ ā‹†ļ½”Ā°āœ©
i am lucky š–¦ć€€ Ėš 怀怀怀. āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀Ėš 怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€Ėš 怀. į°” luck is always by my side į°” i am the luckiest girl right now į°” luck never lets me down į°” it always turns out good į°” everything i want is mine į°” miracles happen to me daily į°” things always work out for me į°” i am always just so lucky 怀怀 Ėš . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš
morning routine as a teenage girl ą¼‰ā€§ā‚ŠĖšāœ§ āŽÆāŽÆ ą­Ø ą­§ āŽÆāŽÆ ą­Øą­§ . wake up at 6:30am. ą­Øą­§ . drink some water! ą­Øą­§ . go and feed my downstairs neighborā€™s cat. ā™” ą­Øą­§ . brush my teeth. ą­Øą­§ . do my skin care (cleanser , toner , serum , eye cream , moisturiser , sunscreen ) ą­Øą­§ . make my mumā€™s bed & my bed. ą­Øą­§ . straighten up my room a bit! ą­Øą­§ . do my makeup. ą­Øą­§ . get dressed. ą­Øą­§ . style my hair! ą­Øą­§ . get backpack together. ą­Øą­§ . deodorant , lotion , perfume. ą­Øą­§ . out the door , time for school
night routine as a teenage girl Ā·Ėš ą¼˜ ą­Øą­§ . do homework / study ą­Øą­§ . take a shower ( everything shower tonight !! ) ą­Øą­§ . put on silk pjs & Uggs ! ą­Øą­§ . skin care ( cleanser , toner , serum , eye cream , moisturiser ) ą­Øą­§ . gua sha & jade roller ! ą­Øą­§ . meditate , stretches , yoga , pilates , etc. ą­Øą­§ . read ( plan to finish soon ! ) ą­Øą­§ . turn down bed ą­Øą­§ . get comfy and have some me ( and bfie time ā™” ) ą­Øą­§ . sleep well and wake up for school / work the next day !
ļ½”惻 ļ¾Ÿćƒ»ļ½” ļ½” +. ļ¾Ÿļ½”惻. ļ½”. * ļ¾Ÿ + ļ½”惻ļ¾Ÿćƒ»ļ½”惻ļ¾Ÿćƒ». ļ½”* ļ½” 惻ļ¾Ÿćƒ» ā‹†š™šā‚ŠĖšāŠ¹ a small reminder for you, try not to be so hard on yourself, i know you are trying and giving your best! i know it might sound crazy to you right now but better days WILL come and you will look back at this exact moment and remember how impossible it all seemed. ā™” but look, you DID it! you got through one of your hardest days. so, donā€™t give up. healing takes time. it might all seem impossible but you will get there. it doesnā€™t have to look a certain way, in fact, healing looks different for everyone. go at your own pace and donā€™t try to rush anything! itā€™s not a race! ā™” donā€™t stress yourself out and try to worry less. you are stronger than you think and i KNOW you can do this and get through whatever you are going through! šŸŒø you GOT THIS! Ė™įµ•Ė™ ļ½”惻 ļ¾Ÿćƒ»ļ½” ļ½” +. ļ¾Ÿļ½”惻. ļ½”. * ļ¾Ÿ + ļ½”惻ļ¾Ÿćƒ»ļ½”惻ļ¾Ÿćƒ». ļ½”* ļ½” 惻ļ¾Ÿćƒ»
ā”Šā”Šā”Šā”Š ā™”ā”Šā”Šā”Š ā”Šā™”ā”Š ā‚Š āŠ¹ā™”ļøŽ ā™”ā‚Š āŠ¹ i am so full of love and i have so much to give
ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * it has gotten better before and it will again ā˜† ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. ą±Øą§Ž ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† *
ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ»ć€‚ćƒ» i hope this year brings us lots of love, blessings and good people šŸ§ āŸ” ļ¾Ÿļ½”
June 2nd, 2016, 3:21 PM That awkward moment when you get called on in class and you weren't paying attention
š“š‡šˆšš†š’ š“šŽ šƒšŽ + make a wishlist so youā€™ll be prepared when itā€™s your birthday/Christmas + do five or more journal prompts + start a new hobby or make a list of new hobbies youā€™d like to try + write a letter to your future self or film a video for your future self + digital redecorating: change the theme/layout of your devices + reread a book you havenā€™t read in 3 or more years + watch a show or film in a genre you donā€™t usually watch + go on YouTube and make a playlist of your favorite self improvement/advice videos to watch when youā€™re down or need a push + learn a favorite song on an instrument + paint or draw the view outside your bedroom window + make a Pinterest board that perfectly captures the vibe(s) you wish to embody + organize your desk + go on a walk when the sun sets + watch a YouTuber you used to love + plan your ideal trip! itā€™s super fun to dream up possible vacations!! + look for a new podcast to listen to šˆšš’š“š„š€šƒ šŽš… š’š‚š‘šŽš‹š‹šˆšš† āœ§
š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ soft hearted, kind to myself, divine, glowing soul gentle, loving aura, dreaming big š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’ š“Æš“‚ƒ ā­’
. āœ§ 怀 Ėšć€€ . i will face whatever comes today with a positive attitude ā™” 怀怀Ėš 怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ .
Dear Voldemort, A couple of lies should fix your problem. Sincerely, Pinocchio. March 2nd, 2012, 11:37 AM
怀Ėš 怀怀 . āœ§ć€€ć€€ 怀怀 Ėš 怀怀怀 someone being patient with you is just so sweet and soft ā™” 怀怀 Ėš . āœ§ć€€ć€€ Ėš
šŸ’šŸŒ·šŸŒø sending flowers and love to anyone not feeling their best today
i will receive good news soon ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. i will receive good news soon i will receive good news soon ā€§ ļ¾Ÿļ½”ā‹† * ā‹†. i will receive good news soon
memies: image INTRODUCTION/ICEBREAKER STARTER - Feel free to change pronouns, e.t.c. ā€œAllow me to introduce myself, my name isā€¦ā€ ā€œA new face, eh? Havenā€™t seen one of those in a while.ā€ ā€œIā€™m sorry, but I couldnā€™t help but notice that you are crying. May I offer you a tissue?ā€ ā€œDo you know any good cafes in the area?ā€ ā€œNo, we havenā€™t met before. I must just have one of those faces, I suppose.ā€ ā€œThat looks heavy - need a hand?ā€ ā€œWhy donā€™t you want to tell me your name?ā€ ā€œHey! You canā€™t be in here!ā€ ā€œI seem to be low on cashā€¦ Would you mind sharing a ride with me?ā€ ā€œWhat are you staring at?ā€ ā€œWould you mind sharing your umbrella with me? I forgot mine at home.ā€ ā€œExcuse me!ā€ ā€œPlease donā€™t stand on that!ā€ ā€œI love your sweater, would you mind telling me where you got it?ā€ ā€œI know we barely know eachother, but Iā€¦ I could really use some company right now.ā€ ā€œGet out of my way!ā€ ā€œWould you mind removing your arm? You are blocking my armrest.ā€ ā€œExcuse me, have you seen this dog?ā€ ā€œI think you dropped this.ā€ ā€œIs this seat taken?ā€ ā€œNo, Iā€™m *Name here*. I think you are mistaking me for someone else.ā€ ā€œI wouldnā€™t mind some company, I donā€™t know anyone here.ā€ ā€œMay I borrow your phone?ā€ ā€œCould you help me with this?ā€ ā€œI need a strangerā€™s honest opinionā€¦ Which one of these dresses look best on me?ā€
prospectkiss Sleepy intimacy is one of my favorite things, and I think the last point is why - itā€™s all about trust. Trusting someone enough to let your guard down. To lower your defenses. To be vulnerable. That kind of trust is not always given easily, which is what makes sleepy intimacy so heartwarming.
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