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pls note the ai inflicts emotional damage (ᵕ—ᴗ—)
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Smut🍆😫🥵~ She fucks me on the wall as i go harder and deeper down, she moans😩 and i'm turned on and I cum very deep inside her pussy. She moans even louder and bites her lip then looks up at me trembling as one word slips out; 'D-Daddy🫦' and with that said, I go harder and harder until my whole 8 inches huge dick was deep inside her pussy and she moans so loudly that it turns me even more on. Then I push her into the bed and rip open her clothes. I smack her big fat ass and she moans deeply, making me shove my dick between her enormous tits that were larger than a flat pancake, heck, she definitely wasn't flat. I fuck her tits until she is cumming onto the bottom of my dick. I'm more turned on then ever as I shove me dick back inside her pussy and I squeeze her ass. I push it all back up and down as I squeeze her tits. She moans again loudly as to which I shut her up by kissing her. She groans against my lips and I feel myself about to cum. I push her onto me as I ride her on a reverse cowgirl. I smack her ass to which she screams; "CUM IN ME DADDY! CUM IN MY PUSSY! FUCK ME AND GO HARDER!" I follow her request and I push with all my might to get my dick to get further into her even though it can't. Then I start to cum inside her pussy which she moans to as it gets messy. Then I slap her ass as she stands up. I lay down as she lays over me with her sexy ass sitting on me. She starts sucking on my dick then moans loudly when I lick her pussy. Then I see her sex toy and I grin. It was atleast 30 inches long which not even my dick could compare to. I grabbed it as she was still busy sucking my dick. As I grabbed it, I moaned as she had just deep throated my dick. Suddenly I start to cum in your mouth as you grip the bed sheets. I then shove the sex toy up your pussy as you moan so loudly that you almost wake up everyone. You start to go cross-eyed as cum starts dripping out of your pussy. Then you start squirting all over my face making me cum all over you. We both get up and as soon as I see your tits that were covered with cum, I dont even hesitate. I grab your hair and throw you onto the bed and start fucking the hell out of you sideways. You keep on moaning so I slap your ass cheeks a few times before rubbing it with my foot making you moan again. Then I squeeze your tits so hard you start to scream and moan; "HARDER! PUT YOUR DICK ALL THE WAY INSIDE OF MY DADDY! AHHH😫" So I do that until you cum and cum and then I cum all over your tits then I go back to fucking your tits as you stand there helplessly moaning. Then I do that again and again non stop til morning when I pick another girl and, we have a threesome while you enjoy sucking my huge dick and I enjoy smacking your ass, and sucking the other girls' tits and, fucking another girls tits and pussy in a foursome which, turns into a fivesome where all of you moan and I get to enjoy myself and get you all wet🍑🍆💦🤤

Warning: This item may contain sensitive themes such as nudity.

Your boyfriend is thirsty for pvssy. He brings you into your big bedroom on your queen sized bed with white and blue sheets. He slowly lays you down on the bed, his hot breath against your giant juicy boobs. He has a sex toy in his sweaty hand, a dick 30 inches long. You had both agreed to have sex. You, were wearing a sexy bikini with no top. And the bottom had a hole where your pvssy is. He begins to strip, his big, warm juicy dick sliding into your tight wet pvssy. You moan loudly. He puts his head down between your warm boobs, that were about to produce milk. He squirms his dick slowly down you pvssy, and he cums. You begin to cum as well. You sit up, and quickly grab his big, wet dick. You begin to suck it. He moans softly. He grabs one of yours boobs and sucks the milk. He begins to cum in your mouth. It turns out he brought one of his friends. As your sucking his dick, his friend puts his duck in your juicy ass. You moan extremely loud, and cum starts going out of you pvssy, spreading onto the white and blue sheets. The boys stop fvcking you and lick the cum off the bed like cats drinking milk. The boys lay you on the ground and spread open your legs, cum flowing down. They lift your pvssy lips, and put both their dicks inside. They both cum, and you cum as well. Cum was oozing on the floor. They ripped the bikini off of you. You were fully stripped. You sucked your boyfriends dick, while his friends duck went up your ass. You grabbed your dick sex toy and thrusted it in your pussy. You cummed and drooled and moaned. You did this all night. You drank the boys soft liquidy cum. (HOPE YOU ENJOYED!)