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Eyo yall I know among us is a popular meme but when and how did we choose MEMES for it? I also need this to be like an among us fandom but like facebook XD lol but yea if u wanna post to me tag this @EternalFan anyway you can tag me anytime I might post late though because I'm usually studying for my High School's tests. anyway back to my point. so why do you use among us for memes and how did this start? and why rename it AMOGUS when yeah its funny but think about all these and maybe think, "yeah, why?" but yeah its just something that really questions me. I might do this more btw because I, for some reason, enjoy sharing about this and please don't be mad and say "WHAT THE F*CK? NO THIS ISNT TWITTER OR FACEBOOK, (ECT)" or something, I'm just saying like, how did this become a thing? LOL anyway post back whenever, and if you forgot here is my tag so you can post to me @EternalFan but yea good day to you all! bye!πŸ’–

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