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Copy & Paste Corneous Emojis & Symbols 😈ðŸ’Ķ | ðŸ’Ķ | why tf are people literally having a f

why tf are people literally having a full on fight in a fucking emoji copy n paste- crazy asf that you can literally start fights everywhere, js stfu if you dont wanna find cursed ass stuff then dont fucking search it up, kids will be kids, they soon have to learn abt these things. but honestly js stop fighting this is getting wild 💀
⟡ pls note the ai inflicts emotional damage (áĩ•â€”áī——)
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guys the tag is h**rny for a reason, post the stupid message somewhere else its annoying. also its not our fault the kids parent failed to atleast put safesearch on or be watching them when they go on the internet. they already messed up when they give a literal child internet access. gtfo and post it somewhere else, yall are super annpying..
ouch....Yall are beefing on😅😅😅😅😅 Im just watching and laughing so....
i wanna fuck you so badly that I grab your ass and start spanking it while pushing your head on the floor doggy fucking you until you start to drool. I notice the saliva beginning to drip and grab your face, slapping it, shoving my cock inside your mouth deep throating you in and out continuously until I cum a big ass load into your mouth and make you swallow my hot creamy cum. I then get hard again and start to make you ride me like a cowgirl, riding my dick as you move your hips back and forth whilst I thrust my dick inside you, hitting deep inside your wet, juicy pussy. I then grab your boobs and twist your nipples while you ride my dick, I cum so much all over your belly and face it that it shoots out like a hose upwards. Pushing you to lay face down on the bed, squeezing your ass cheeks together, I start fucking you like a sex toy whilst you grab the bed sheets in pleasure enjoying my big ass cock fucking you over and over againðŸĪĪðŸĪĪðŸĨĩ🍆😏
How yall jerking off to dots thats beyond me Aye but any freaky ass bad bitches hmu @neckt on ig

Warning: This item may contain sensitive themes such as nudity.

K-KITTEN??? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?? I THOUGHT WE WERE 4LIFERS!! ðŸĪŽðŸĪŽ WE WATCHED SKIBITI TOILET TOGETHER, SANG THE SONG, DRANK GRIMACE SHAKES TOGETHER, ETC!! 🔊🔊 THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!! ðŸ‘ŋðŸ‘ŋðŸ‘ŋ *alpha scratches you and you die* W-WAIT, NO KITTEN!! I DIDN’T MEAN TO! W-WAKE UP!! PLEASE!!!! NO!! MY OHIO LEVEL THREE GYAT ONE TWO BUCKLE MY SHOE LIGHTSKIN STARE KITTEN!! NOOOOOOOOO! IM SO SORRY!!!!!! WAKE UP, PLEASE!!!!!!! ⛓ïļâ›“ïļâ›“ïļâ›“ïļâ›“ïļâ›“ïļâ›“ïļâ˜ ïļâ˜ ïļâ˜ ïļâ˜ ïļâ˜ ïļðŸ–ĪðŸ–ĪðŸ–ĪðŸ–ĪðŸ–ĪðŸ–ĪðŸ‘ŋðŸ‘ŋðŸ‘ŋðŸ‘ŋðŸ‘ŋðŸ‘ŋðŸ‘ŋ🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊 i-i must goâ€Ķ i hurt my kitten, the one i swore to protect no matter the cost. i’m so sorry kitten. daddy loves you.
k-kitten?! pookie are you ok alfa gyat kitten?!?!(!!??! what happened? shiver me timbers gyat diddly darn it u killed my kai cenat rizzler e kitten that i met on skibidi simulator! how dare uâ€Ķ i warned u not to awaken my alphanessâ€Ķ AWOWOWOOOOOOOOOO!! *turns into skibidi gacha hybrid demon king* “I WARNED YOU!!!!-!2!/!2!!!/!1!1!1!” “OH MY GYATTRRS!!” *dies by alphaness* aphmau appearsâ€Ķ ‘gasp omg aphmau uwu” “Nya ichi ni san” said skibidi aphmau *aphmau turns into skibidi rizzler* “OMG SLIBIDI RIZZLER I BIG FAB!!!””””-@/@ “sticking out gyatt” omg! THIS HAS AWAKENEDD MY ALFA POWERS!! 🐚🐚🐚🐚🐚🐚⛓ïļâ›“ïļâ›“ïļâ›“ïļâ›“ïļðŸĨ€ðŸĨ€ðŸĨ€ðŸĨ€ *tunrs itno alpha demon hybrid*AWOWOOOOOO!!!!’ I AM TBE SIGMA MALE AND I WIL AVENGE MY KITTEN?!!;’wnwajwwj” “OMG!” *sees volumptuous gyatt* “WILL U BE MY NEW E KITTEN?!” “yes pookie princess i will!” AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! ðŸĨ€ðŸĨ€ðŸĨ€â›“ïļâ›“ïļâ›“ïļâ›“ïļðŸšðŸšðŸšðŸšðŸšðŸŒ‘🌑🌑🌑 imma Sigma male from ohio!!! one two buckle my shoe gosh diddly darn!! *turns into skibidi Sigma male from ohuo* *sees bigger gyatt* runs to gyatt and eats gyatt* “yummy yummy”
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