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May 20th, 2010 My best friend suffers from allergies to 17 different types of foods. A while back, a boy asked me for a list of these foods. That boy is now her boyfriend. He changed his entire diet just so he could kiss her whenever he wanted. He vowed never to eat those foods again and so far hasn’t. His LGMH
→ α ƒяιєη∂ gινєѕ нσρє ωнєη ℓιƒє ιѕ ℓσω, α ƒяιєη∂ ιѕ α ρℓα¢є ωнєη уσυ нανє ησωнєяє тσ gσ, α ƒяιєη∂ ιѕ нσηєѕт, α ƒяιєη∂ ιѕ тяυє. α ƒяιєη∂ ιѕ ρяє¢ισυѕ α ƒяιєη∂ ιѕ υ.
Sunday 25 November 2012 Motivational SMS Motivational SMS → ∂ση’т ℓσωєя уσυя gσαℓѕ тσ тнє ℓєνєℓ σƒ уσυя αвιℓιтιєѕ, ιηѕтєα∂, яαιѕє уσυя αвιℓιтιєѕ тσ тнє нєιgнт σƒ уσυя gσαℓѕ. → σƒтєη ωнєη ωє ℓσѕє αℓℓ нσρє.. &αмρ; тнιηк тнιѕ ιѕ тнє єη∂. αℓℓαн ѕмιℓєѕ ƒяσм αвσνє.. &αмρ; ѕαуѕ.. “яєℓαχ ∂єαя.!! ιтѕ נυѕт α вєη∂, → ωєη ∂яσρ σƒ ωαтєя ƒαℓℓѕ ιηтσ яινєя, ιт нαѕ ησ ι∂єηтιту! вυт ιт ƒαℓℓѕ ση ∂ ℓєαƒ σƒ ℓσтυѕ, ιт ѕнιηєѕ ℓιкє ρєαяℓ!! ѕσ ¢нσσѕє ∂ вєѕт ρℓα¢є ωня υ ¢αη ѕнιηє!! → “∂ση’т αѕк gσ∂ тσ gυι∂є уσυя ƒσσтѕтєρѕ ιƒ уσυ’яє ησт ωιℓℓιηg тσ мσνє уσυя ƒєєт…” → ∂σ ησт ωσяяу αвσυт ƒαιℓυяє… ωσяяу αвσυт αℓℓ тнє ¢нαη¢єѕ уσυ мιѕѕ ωнєη уσυ ∂ση’т тяу. gσσ∂ мσяηιηg. → ℓαυgн αт υя мιѕтαкєѕ, вυт ℓєαяη ƒяσм тнєм.. נσкє αт υя тяσυвℓєѕ, вυт gαтнєя ѕтяєηgтн ƒяσм тнєм,.. нανє ƒυη υя ∂郃ι¢υℓтιєѕ, вυт σνєя¢σмє тнєм! тнαтѕ ℓιƒє! → ƒαℓℓєη ƒℓσωєяѕ ¢αη ησт ¢ℓιмв вα¢к. ѕσ ∂σ ησт тнιηк αвσυт тнє ραѕт. ℓσνє тнє ρяєѕєηт. ℓινє ƒσя тнє ƒυтυяє, ωιтн α вєαυтιƒυℓ &αмρ; ѕωєєт ѕмιℓє.:-) → ιƒ υ мιѕѕ αη σρρσятυηιту, ∂σ ησт ¢ℓσυ∂ υя єуєѕ тєαяѕ! кєєρ υя νιѕιση ¢ℓєαя ѕσ ∂αт υ ∂σηт мιѕѕ ∂ ηєχт σηє! : Posted by Kiran Bele at 22:02
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→ ιη ℓιƒє ωнєη уσυ ƒα¢є ¢нσι¢єѕ, נυѕт тσѕѕ α ¢σιη, ησт в¢σz ιт ѕєттℓєѕ тнє qυєѕт. вυт, ωнιℓє тнє ¢σιη ιѕ ιη тнє αιя, уσυ’ℓℓ кησω ωнαт уσυя нєαят ιѕ нσριηg ƒσя.

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When my sister was younger she came home from school one day and demanded I take her to the library so she could get books on sign language. I asked why? She told me there was a new kid at school who was deaf and she wanted to befriend him. Today I stood beside her at their wedding watching her sign “I DO”. GMH Feb 1st, 2010
When I was 13, a bunch of girls decided to lock me into the gardening house. The sprinklers poured down, leaving me scared, wet, cold, and crying. A boy punched through the glass and, carried me to the school nurse, even with a bleeding, broken hand. My now-husband’s courage GMH Mar 11th, 2010
3 days ago, my best friend died. 2 days ago, I found that she was an organ donor. 1 day ago, I heard that a nine year old boy now had her heart. Today, I met that nine year old boy. He told me that because he had my best friend’s heart, he’d be my best friend now. My best friend and him GMH. POSTED 13 YEARS AGO
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _♥__♥_____♥__♥___ Put This _♥_____♥_♥_____♥__ Heart _♥______♥______♥__ On Your __♥_____/______♥__ Page If ___♥____\_____♥___ You Had ____♥___/___♥_____ Your Heart ______♥_\_♥_______ Broken ________♥_________…………….
Jan 3rd, 2010 This morning as I was packing lunch, about to leave for work, my boyfriend danced into the kitchen singing a made up song consisting of only my name over and over. When he saw me, he turned red and said “Oh, you’re still here”. Sneaking a peak in the daily routine of someone who really loves me GMH.
May 19th, 2010 My boyfriend died about a year ago. I was in the hospital for kidney problems and he was driving to visit me on a rainy day. The police said his car flipped over due to the rain. He died an hour later in the same hospital I stayed at. Before he died, he told the doctors to give me his kidney. His love GMH.
July 27th, 2010, 3:46 AM Today, my boyfriend came over and met my parents. Then he left, and my Dad told me that my boyfriend loved me. I smiled and asked, “How do you know?” He said, “Because he looks at you the same way I look at your Mother.” Love GMH
In high school, my best friend and I swore that we would never date. Our friends laughed, and joked that they would quote us on that at our wedding. They did. May 2nd, 2010
My boyfriend, Justin, lost his wallet one day. I texted him good morning at 6 AM, getting a reply saying he was at my school where we were the night before, a good 20 blocks away, looking for it. I wondered what was in it that made him so eager to find it… I found it at my house. No money, no change. Just the first letter I had ever written him. May 2nd, 2010
I was on the bus on my way to the mall, when a homeless man sat next to me. He saw that I was looking at the bouquet of flowers he held, and told me that they were for his wife because today is her birthday. As he got off the bus, he walked into the cemetery and placed the flowers on his wife’s grave. A love that never dies GMH. Apr 6th, 2010
I was at the mall the other day when I saw an old couple sitting together. The man looked over at the woman and said, “Jane, we did it. We grew old together.” The look in her eyes GMH. Jan 9th, 2010
My boyfriend was eager to meet my Mom, despite my various protests. I pulled into the parking lot of the cemetery where she’s buried, expecting him to completely freak out. When we approached her grave, he sat down, said hello, and talked for an hour about how lucky he was to have me. LGMH POSTED 13 YEARS AGO
April 16th, 2013, 4:17 AM I was having lunch with my boyfriend and was telling him how I was scared to loose him He then smiled, got down on one knee and said “How about this, if you promise to grow old with me I promise to never break your heart” We’re now married and happier than ever. His LGMH.
https://s1.sos.mo.gov/records/archives/archivesmvc/deathcertificate s#search
___MMM___ ||| (0-0) (o o) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-oOO--(_)--OOo-=-=-ooO--\ /--Ooo-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= | | | | | | | V | | | | | CHANSON DES ESCARGOTS | SONG OF THE SNAILS QUI VONT A L'ENTERREMENT | THAT WENT TO THE FUNERALS Original french poetry by | Translated for Asar's lilones Jacques Prevert | By Chevalier :)) A l'enterrement d'une feuille morte | At the burying of a dead leaf Deux ecargots s'en vont | Two snails are going Ils ont la coquille noire | Their shells are black Du crepe autour des cornes | Mourning crepe is around their horns Ils s'en vont dans le soir | They walk in the evening Un tres beau soir d'automne | In a very beautiful Fall evening Helas quand ils arrivent | Alas when they arrive C'est deja le printemps | It's already Spring Les feuilles qui etaient mortes | The dead leaves Sont toutes ressucitees | Are all restored to life Et les deux escargots | And the two snails Sont tres desappoites | Are much disapointed Mais voila le soileil | But suddenly comes the sun Le soleil qui leur dit | the sun that says to them: Prenez prenez la peine | Take, take the time La peine de vous asseoir | The time to sit Prenez un verre de biere | Take a glass of beer Si le coeur vous en dit | If you feel like it, Prenez si ca vous plait | Take if you want L'autocar pour Paris | The bus for Paris Il partira ce soir | It will leave tonight Vous verrez du pays | You will see the country Mais ne prenez pas le deuil | But don't be in mourning C'est moi qui vous le dit | I tell you: Ca noircit le blanc de l'oeil | It blackens the white of the eyes Et puis ca enlaidit | And also, it makes one ugly Les histoires de cercueils | Stories about coffins C'est triste et pas joli | Are sad and not cute Reprenez vous couleurs | Take your colors back Les couleurs de la vie | The colors of life! Alors toutes les betes | And then all the animals Les arbres et les plantes | The trees and the plants Se mettent a chanter | Start to sing A chanter a tue-tete | To sing at the top of their voice La vrai chanson vivante | The real living song La chanson de l'ete | The song of summer Et tout le monde de boire | And everyone drinks Tout le monde de trinquer | And everyone clinks glasses C'est un tres joli soir | Its a very beautiful evening Un joli soir d'ete | A beautiful summer evening Et les deux escargots | And the two snails S'en retournent chez eux | Return home Ils s'en vont tres emus | They return very touched Ils s'en vont tres heureux | They return very happy Comme ils ont beaucoup bu | And since they drank a lot Ils titubent un petit peu | They stagger a little bit Mais la haut dans le ciel | But high in the sky La lune veille sur eux. | The moon watches over them Jacques Prevert | | ___ | // __`\ o o ~ | ll ( .) l_) ) ` | __\\ \__/ / | . . .. .._/_/________/^^ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-oOOo-(_)-oOOo-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
I hate my appearance. I was working at McDonalds the other day and while a lady was paying, her 3 year old daughter tugged on her mother's skirt, pointed at me and said, "look mommy, a princess!" The mom said, "why do u say that?" Then the girl replied, “She's BEAUTIFUL!” Her innocent LGMH Jul 15, 2013 at 10:30pm by Anonymous
20 OCTOBER 2010 VIA LoveGivesMeHope lovegivesmehope: givesmehope: My best friend died in a car accident on his way to deliver me soup for my cold. Found in the car was also a bouquet of flowers and a card that read: “We’ve been best friends for the last 5 years. Now, let’s be lovers for the next 50.” Unforgettable LGMH
Today my school had a fire drill. I was standing outside with one of the most popular football players, when a Down Syndrome girl came up to him and wanted to hold his hand because she was scared. Happily, he held her hand in front of all his friends back to class. His soft side in front of his boys GMH May 16, 2010 at 12:00pm by Rachel, Griffith IN
My Brenda was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and given 6 months to live. A year later she was still fighting when my grandma was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Brenda spent every second of her last days on Earth caring for her mum. Her selflessness GMH. Jan 1, 2015 at 11:00am by Abigail, Carmel, Indiana
Today I fell and slipped into my community pool, a man jumped into the pool and grabbed me out and started to perform CPR. I was totally fine, I noticed these groups of jocks were laughing at me. Who saved me? The captain of the football team, also known as my crush. His care for people GMH Aug 9, 2013 at 9:30pm by Charlie Jean, Santa Barbara, CA
I was diagnosed with breast cancer and wasn't expected to survive the night. The night I was expected to pass, my whole team surprised me at the hospital. They took shifts, and made sure I always had someone to talk to. 3 years later, they still GMH. Dec 31, 2014 at 11:00pm by spittinmoose
When we were 12, he asked me to marry him. I said no. He asked me to marry him several times after that, even after we attended different colleges. Each time I said no. After 14 years, I finally asked him. We're getting married today. KGMH Jan 7, 2015 at 9:30pm by Anonymous
I was reading about a little kid whose mom told him the key to life was happiness When he was in school the teacher asked them to write down what they wanted to be when they grew up. He said happy. They said he didn't understand the assignment. He said they didn't understand life. My generation GMH Sep 4, 2010 @ 7:00 am by kaaadeceBAM
29TH JUNE 2010 2 years ago, he sat behind me in class. 18 months ago, I gave him his first kiss. 12 months ago, my leukemia came back. Yesterday, he gave me his kidney. We’re still in high school. His LGMH.
POSTED 13 YEARS AGO I found out 20 years ago I would never be able to have kids due to radiation treatment. 9 months ago my 15 year old sister found out she was pregnant. My whole family encouraged to abort, but she refused. Today my husband and I brought home this beautiful baby – not as our niece, but as our daughter. My sister’s selfless love GMH. POSTED 13 YEARS AGO
→ ƒяιєη∂ѕнιρ ιѕ ναѕт ℓιкє υηινєяѕє. ∂єєρ ℓιкє σ¢єαη. нιgн ℓιкє ѕку. ѕтяσηg ℓιкє ιяση. кιη∂ ℓιкє мσтнєя. ¢υтє ℓιкє мє.
LOVEGIVESMEHOPE TEXT POST I was crying one night and my 10-year-old sister was listening to me at the door. She must’ve overheard me saying that all I needed in my life was just one hug a day. Now, every night before my little sister goes to bed, she looks for me just to tell me she loves me and then she’ll hug me. Emily, your LGMH. 13 YEARS AGO ON AUGUST 13, 2010 AT 10:52 AM
Love SMS I ωιℓℓ ∂ιє вυт му ℓσνє ηєνєя … Iт ωιℓℓ αℓωαуѕ тσωαя∂ѕ тσ уσυ … Oηє яєQυєѕт ηєνєя ¢яу ƒσя мє ωнєη ι. ωιℓℓ ∂ιє … Oηє ωιѕн ∂ση’т ƒσяGєт мє αƒтєя му ∂єαтн … Oηє ƒα¢т ι ¢αη’т ѕтσρ мιѕѕιηG уσυ υηтιℓ м αℓινє !!! July 18, 2014 by Love Doctor
POSTED 13 YEARS AGO I was on the verge of committing suicide when a guy came to the roof to have lunch. He saw me climbing over the railing and asked me to share his lunch with him. After receiving my puzzled look, he explained, “Everyone should die happy. Or at least with a full stomach.” We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last month. POSTED 13 YEARS AGO
– ̗̀ 𝓗𝔞𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔰 𝔤𝔬𝔫𝔫𝔞 𝔥𝔞𝔱𝔢 ̖́- ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ✧
I was dealing with weight issues. I ate enough to keep me alive. I told my best friend about it. He took me in his arms and said "You're beautiful". As l was telling him he was wrong he said, "I'll prove it." He stood on a lunch table and said "Scream if you think she is pretty!"As the room screamed,I kissed him. We're going on our 1st date tomorrow. Rikki From Michgan Aug 6, 2014 2:00 PM
https://iagenweb.org/buenavista/DeathRecords/Deaths.html https://iagenweb.org/buenavista/DeathRecords/BuenaVistaDeathRecords(1880-1895&1907-1912)/deathrecords.html
When my daughter was 3 she told me that her best friend had given her a ring pop on the condition that she married him one day. I just smiled not thinking it would ever happen. Last year, when my daughter was 23, that very same boy asked her to marry him. The only difference from 20 years ago was that the ring was a diamond. Their childhood LGMH. Apr 19, 2013 at 4:00am by Kate, Canada
girl misunderstood 51 followers 82 following ~♥~ уσυ нανє тσ тαкє тнє gσσ∂ ωιтн тнє вα∂, ѕмιℓє ωнєη уσυ'яє ѕα∂, ℓσνє ωнαт уσυ gσт αη∂ яємємвєя ωнαт уσυ нα∂. αℓωαуѕ ƒσяgινє вυт ηєνєя ƒσяgєт, ℓєαяη ƒяσм уσυя мιѕтαкєѕ вυт ηєνєя яєgяєт, ρєσρℓє ¢нαηgє, тнιηgѕ gσ ωяσηg, ѕσ נυѕт яємємвєя тнαт ℓιƒє gσєѕ ση...~♥~ ~♥~ ι ωαηт тσ вє яємємвєяє∂ αѕ тнє σηє ωнσ αℓωαуѕ ѕмιℓєѕ єνєη ωнєη нєя нєαят ιѕ вяσкєη, αη∂ тнє σηє ωнσ ωσυℓ∂ αℓωαуѕ вяιgнтєη υρ уσυя ∂αу, єνєη ωнєη ѕнє ¢συℓ∂η’т вяιgнтєη υρ нєя σωη ~♥~ ~♥~ ωє єηנσу ωαямтн вє¢αυѕє ωє нανє вєєη ¢σℓ∂. ωє αρρяє¢ιαтє ℓιgнт вє¢αυѕє ωє нανє вєєη ιη ∂αякηєѕѕ. ву тнє ѕαмє тαкєη, ωє ¢αη єχρєяιєη¢є נσу...вє¢αυѕє ωє нανє кησωη ѕα∂ηєѕѕ ~♥~ ~♥~ ∂ση'т єνєя gινє υρ ιƒ уσυ ѕтιℓℓ ωαηт тσ тяу, ∂ση'т єνєя ωιρє уσυя тєαяѕ ιƒ уσυ ѕтιℓℓ ωαηт тσ ¢яу. ∂ση'т єνєя ѕєттℓє ƒσя αη αηѕωєя ιƒ уσυ ѕтιℓℓ ωαηт тσ кησω. ∂ση'т єνєя ѕαу уσυ ∂ση'т ℓσνє нιм ιƒ уσυ ¢αη'т ℓєт нιм gσ ~♥~ ~♥~ ƒσя єνєяу вєαυту тнєяє ιѕ αη єує ѕσмєωнєяє тσ ѕєє ιт. ƒσя єνєяу тяυтн тнєяє ιѕ αη єαя ѕσмєωнєяє тσ нєαя ιт. ƒσя єνєяу ℓσνє тнєяє ιѕ α нєαят ѕσмєωнєяє тσ яє¢єινє ιт ~♥~ ~♥~ тнє ¢яα¢кѕ ιη тнє ¢ση¢яєтє яємιη∂ тнαт ησ мαттєя нσω ѕтяσηg уσυ αяє, уσυ ωιℓℓ αℓωαуѕ ƒαℓℓ αραят αт ѕσмє ρσιηт ιη уσυя ℓιƒє ~♥~ ~♥~ ηєνєя ƒяσωη...єνєη ωнєη уσυ'яє ѕα∂ '¢αυѕє уσυ ηєνєя кησω ωнєη ѕσмєσηє'ѕ ƒαℓℓιηg ιη ℓσνє ωιтн уσυя ѕмιℓє ~♥~ ~♥~ ι ωαℓкє∂ тняσυgн тнє нαℓℓωαу нσℓ∂ιηg му ωяιѕтѕ, нσριηg ησ σηє ωιℓℓ ѕєє мє ℓιкє тнιѕ. нє ℓσσкѕ αт мє, ѕ¢αяє∂ ωнαт нє'ℓℓ ƒιη∂. нє ηєνєя тнσυgнт ι нα∂ тнєѕє тнιηgѕ ιη мιη∂. нє αѕкѕ мє, "...ιѕ тнєяє αηу мσяє؟" ℓσσкιηg αт нιм ωιтн тєαяѕ ιη му єуєѕ ι ωнιѕρєя α ѕιмρℓє яєρℓу,...'єνєя ωση∂єяє∂ ωнαт вяα¢єℓєтѕ ωєяє ƒσя'..؟ ~♥~ ~♥~ ѕσмєтιмєѕ ωє мυѕт вє нυят ιη σя∂єя тσ gяσω, ƒαℓℓ ιη σя∂єя тσ кησω, ℓσѕє ιη σя∂єя тσ gαιη. αη∂ ѕσмєтιмєѕ ωє нανє тσ вє вяσкєη ѕσ ωє ¢αη вє ωнσℓє αgαιη ♥~ ~♥~ ησт єνєη мαкє υρ ¢συℓ∂ мαкє нєя вєαυтιƒυℓ...вє¢αυѕє яєαℓ вєαυту ¢σмєѕ ƒяσм ℓσνιηg уσυяѕєℓƒ αη∂ тнαт'ѕ ѕσмєтнιηg ѕнє ¢αη ηєνєя ∂σ ~♥~ ~♥~ яєαℓ тєαяѕ αяє ησт тнσѕє тнαт ƒαℓℓ ƒяσм тнє єуєѕ αη∂ ¢σνєя тнє ƒα¢є вυт αяє тнσѕє тнαт ƒαℓℓ ƒяσм тнє нєαят αη∂ ¢σνєя тнє ѕσυℓ ~♥~ ~♥~ ℓєαяη тσ αρρяє¢ιαтє тнє яαιηвσω αƒтєя ¢υяѕιηg тнє яαιη. ιт’ѕ נυѕт ℓιкє ℓσνιηg αgαιη αƒтєя єχρєяιєη¢ιηg тнє ραιη ~♥~ ~♥~ уσυ ηєνєя кησω ωнєη уσυ ωιℓℓ ℓσѕє ѕσмєσηє, ѕσ gяαв тнєм αη∂ тєℓℓ тнєм тнαт уσυ ¢αяє ησω вє¢αυѕє ιт мιgнт вє тнє ℓαѕт тιмє уσυ ωιℓℓ єνєя вє αвℓє тσ ~♥~ ~♥~ тнє ѕку ιѕη'т αℓωαуѕ вℓυє. тнє ѕυη ∂σєѕη'т αℓωαуѕ ѕнιηє. ѕσ ιт'ѕ σкαу тσ ƒαℓℓ αραят ѕσмєтιмєѕ ~♥~ ~♥~ мσѕт σƒ тнє ιмρσятαηт тнιηgѕ ιη тнє ωσяℓ∂ нανє вєєη α¢¢σмρℓιѕнє∂ ву ρєσρℓє ωнσ нανє кєρт ση тяуιηg ωнєη тнєяє ѕєємє∂ тσ вє ησ нσρє αт αℓℓ ~♥~ ~♥~ тєαяѕ ƒяσм тнє нєαят, тєαяѕ ƒяσм тнє ѕσυℓ, тєαяѕ ƒяσм єνєяуωнєяє, тнєу тαкє ¢σηтяσℓ ~♥~ ~♥~ ωнєη ι ∂σ ѕσмєтнιηg gяєαт, ησ σηє єνєя ѕєємѕ тσ яємємвєя, вυт ωнєη ι ∂σ ѕσмєтнιηg ωяσηg, ησ σηє ¢αη єνєя ѕєєм тσ ƒσяgєт ~♥~ girl misunderstood 51 followers 82 following
Today I was at the grocery store with my mom. As we were pushing our cart, I thought I heard a woman sobbing. I turned around. There stood a couple, linked arm in arm, the woman laughing so hard she was crying, and the man with two carrots stuffed up his nose, laughing as well. They were about eighty years old. Their love GMH. May 20. 2010 02:00 PM by Stephanie C. IN
My daughter goes to kindergarten, and there is a boy there who is blind. She didn't understand what this meant, so I explained. The next day when I picked her up, I found her sitting across from the boy with her eyes closed, describing what trees looked like. The boy was grinning from ear to ear. GMH. Sep 3, 2010 @ 6:00 pm by Sandy, Sydney, Australia
I got my first boyfriend at age 16, and soon after I was diagnosed w/ multiple sclerosis. Soon after, I developed a bad limp and have trouble walking. But, he's stayed with me for 5 years. He still takes care of me and tells me I'm beautiful everyday. Now, we're engaged. GMH - 2009-06-08 by (012)
To the homeless man who always smiled . There is always a homeless man standing on this coner holding a sign saying smile for change. Every time you would see him he would be smiling. Today my uncle took him out for lunch and gave him 50 dollars. My uncles care and that man's smile GMH. Jan 3, 2015 at 6:00pm by Liz, Ohio
My friend was a smoker. One night he took me out and he smoked a cigarette stick while I was watching. After finishing it, he held my hand and told me. "I want to stop smoking. Because from now on, I want to be addicted ONLY to you." He is now my boyfriend. And he kept his word. LGMH Aug 12, 2013 at 4:00am by April, Philippines
RootsWeb http://freepages.rootsweb.com › StP... https://freepages.rootsweb.com/~ourstuff/genealogy/StPaulsS-Z.htm
Boys: Tell her you love her but only if it's true. Tell her youll never leave but only if you won't. Tell her she's the most important thing in the world to you but only if you're willing to prove it. Always listen to her. Dont make her go too far. And no matter what always tell her she's beautiful. lgmh
Yvonall says: 1940 days ago ('')....('') .( ' o ' ).єχ¢єℓℓєηт αηd вєαυтιƒυℓ ¢яєαтιση .('')--(''). ⑤ ⓢⓣⓐⓡⓢ (''''')-(''''') Ꭿ ℓσνιηg нυg му ƒяιєηd ♥ ●/ /▌ / \
Today my aunt found out she's having a girl She told me she was upset, I asked why She said "I don't think anyone can live up to be as great as you, but then I remember that she will have you to look up to and to become as wonderful" My aunts love for me GMH:) Jul 15, 2013 at 4:00am by Ashley S
One morning I was at the airport and terrified I wouldn't catch my flight. One woman recognised my anxiousness and upon hearing why she took my hand and led me to the front of the security line. She had no idea I was going home to comfort my mum on her cancer diagnosis, but her blind compassion GMH. Jan 8, 2015 at 6:00pm by MI
Yesterday my baby sister unlocked the gate and fell into our pool while my back was turned. She would have drowned, but my dog, Daisy, jumped in and swam underneath her. Daisy's a 15 pound shihtzu. Without her my sister might not be here today. That tiny dog GMH. Jul 26, 2013 at 4:00pm by Ari C., Asia
Michigan (.gov) https://vitalstats.michigan.gov › https://vitalstats.michigan.gov/osr/gendisx/search2.asp
gιяℓ:∂σ уσυ ℓιкє αηуσηє؟ вσу:уєѕ. ι ℓσνє нєя мσяє тнαη тнє αιя ι вяєαтн gιяℓ: ωєℓℓ ι'м αℓωαуѕ нєяє ƒσя уσυ вσу: ι кησω gιяℓ: ωнαт'ѕ ωяσηg؟ вσу: ι ℓιкє нєя ѕσ мυ¢н gιяℓ: тαℓк тσ нєя вσу: ι ∂ση'т кησω, ѕнє ωσηт єνєη ℓιкє мє gιяℓ: ∂ση'т ѕαу тнαт уσυ'яє αмαzιηg вσу: ι ¢αη נυѕт тєℓℓ. gιяℓ: ωєℓℓ נυѕт тєℓℓ нєя вσу: ωнαт ѕнσυℓ∂ ι ѕαу؟ gιяℓ: тєℓℓ нєя нσω мυ¢н уσυ ℓιкє нєя вσу: ι тєℓℓ нєя ∂αιℓу gιяℓ: ωнαт ∂σ уσυ мєαη؟ вσу: ι'м αℓωαуѕ ωιтн нєя. ι ℓσνє нєя gιяℓ: ι кησω нσω уσυ ƒєєℓ. ι нανє тнє ѕαмє ρяσвℓєм вυт нє'ℓℓ ηєνєя ℓιкє мє вσу: ωαιт ωнσ ∂σ уσυ ℓιкє؟ gιяℓ: σн ѕσмє вσу вσу: σн...нσω ωιℓℓ ι кησω ѕнє ℓιкєѕ мє؟ gιяℓ:ι кησω ѕнє ∂σєѕ вσу: нσω ∂σ уσυ кησω؟ gιяℓ: вє¢αυѕє, ωнσ ωσυℓ∂η'т ℓιкє уσυ؟ вσу: уσυ! gιяℓ: уσυ'яє ωяσηg, ι ℓσνє уσυ вσу: ι ℓσνє уσυ тσσ gιяℓ: ѕσ αяє уσυ gσιηg тσ тαℓк тσ нєя؟ вσу: ι נυѕт ∂ι∂ ~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~● gιяℓ: ∂σ ι єνєя ¢яσѕѕ уσυя мιη∂ вσу: ησ gιяℓ: ∂σ уσυ ℓιкє мє؟ вσу: ησт яєαℓℓу gιяℓ: ∂σ уσυ ωαηт мє؟ вσу: ησ gιяℓ: ωσυℓ∂ уσυ ¢яу ιƒ ι ℓєƒт؟ вσу: ησ gιяℓ: ωσυℓ∂ уσυ ℓινє ƒσя мє؟ вσу: ησ gιяℓ: ωσυℓ∂ уσυ ∂σ αηутнιηg ƒσя мє؟ вσу: ησ gιяℓ: ¢нσσѕє--мє σя уσυя ℓιƒє вσу: му ℓιƒє тнє gιяℓ ιη ѕнσ¢к αη∂ ραιη αη∂ тнє вσу яυηѕ αƒтєя нєя ѕαуѕ... вσу: тнє яєαѕση уσυ ηєνєя ¢яσѕѕ му мιη∂ ιѕ вє¢αυѕє уσυ'яє αℓωαуѕ ση му мιη∂. тнє яєαѕση ωну ι ∂ση'т ℓιкє уσυ ιѕ вє¢αυѕє ι ℓσνє уσυ. тнє яєαѕση ι ∂ση'т ωαηт уσυ ιѕ вє¢αυѕє ι ηєє∂ уσυ. тнє яєαѕση ι ωσυℓ∂η'т ¢яу ιƒ уσυ ℓєƒт вє¢αυѕє ι ωσυℓ∂ ∂ιє ιƒ уσυ ℓєƒт. тнє яєαѕση ι ωσυℓ∂η'т ℓινє ƒσя уσυ ιѕ вє¢αυѕє ι ωσυℓ∂ ∂ιє ƒσя уσυ. тнє яєαѕση ι'м ησт ωιℓℓιηg тσ ∂σ αηутнιηg ƒσя уσυ вє¢αυѕє ι ∂σ єνєяутнιηg ƒσя уσυ. тнє яєαѕση ι ¢нσѕє му ℓιƒє ιѕ вє¢αυѕє уσυ αяє му ℓιƒє
My boyfriend and I were studying. I leaned forward to type something when my shirt slipped down, revealing part of my undershirt. Barely didn't notice until he reached and gently pulled on the back to cover it up. I looked at him and he shrugged. "I love you. Therefore I respect you." His respect, chivalry, and love GMH Jul 20, 2013 at 11:00pm by Alice
When one of my friends was born, the doctors told her parents she wouldn't live past a week. Then, they said that she would live, but she wouldn't be able to walk. Yesterday, at 17, we were walking through the mall together. She helped somebody in a wheelchair, saying "That could be me" She GMH Mar 22, 2011 at 7:00am by Emma G, Dallas
I came out to my parents a month before I graduated from high school. They did not accept me and my lifestyle and asked me not to return to my home for awhile. My best friend and her mom who had know for months took me and provided me with a bed, laundry, and lunch to take to school every day. At my graduation my friends mom was the loudest one cheering for me. My best friend and her mom unending generosity and love give me hope. Jan 3, 2015 at 11:00am by CeCe, Alabama
♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ”fяιєи∂ѕнιρ ιѕи’т αвσυт ωнσ уσυ’νє киσωи тнє ℓσиgєѕт. ιт’ѕ αвσυт ωнσ ωαℓкє∂ ιитσ уσυя ℓιfє αи∂ ѕαι∂ “ι’м нєяє fσя уσυ” αи∂ ρяσνє∂ ιт.” ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ ♩
༺✿ڰۣڿ✿༻ GOOᗪ ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪᔕ ᗩᖇE TO ᗷE GᗩTᕼEᖇEᗪ ᒪIKE ᖇOᔕEᔕ ༺✿ڰۣڿ✿༻
☆ ▄▀▄☆ ▄▀▄▀☆ ▄▀▄▀▄☆ ▄▀▄▀▄▀☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀☆ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄☆ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀☆ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄☆ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ☆ ƑƦƖЄƝƊƧ ƑƠƦЄƔЄƦ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ☆ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄☆ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀☆ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄☆ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ▄▀▄▀☆ ▄▀▄▀▄▀☆ ▄▀▄▀▄☆ ▄▀▄▀☆ ▄▀▄☆ ▄ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊☆ ┊ ★ ☆
r/TwoSentenceHorror TwoSentenceHorror r/TwoSentenceHorror 9 hr. ago CalebVanPoneisen “Sorry, but I just can’t do this,” I admit to the bungee instructor. The next moment, I’m falling, pushed by my friend, whose horrified face reveals him realising my harness wasn’t attached.
https://freepages.rootsweb.com/~ourstuff/genealogy/StPaulsA-C.htm https://freepages.rootsweb.com/~ourstuff/genealogy/StPaulsG-J.htm
ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS ! 💘 friends to lovers ❣️ enemies to lovers 💜 love at first sight 💙 slow burn 💚 skinny love 💔 exes to lovers again 🖤 on again , off again familial relationships ! 🌼 older sibling 🌺 younger sibling 👭 twins 🌻 friends like siblings 🍃 cousins 🌵 parental friend relationships ! ☀️ best friends 🌦 enemies to friends 🌈 friends since childhood ⛅️ friends of circumstance ☁️ school friends 🌩 friends from traumatic experıences enemy relationships ! 🔪 friends to enemies 💣 stole something from my muse 🔦 stole something from your muse 🗡 bullied my muse 🔫 bullied your muse ⚔️ family feud 🛠 feud between mutual friends ❌ guilty by association
I was visiting my 90 yr old grandparents, when my grandmother mentioned they’d just celebrated 65 years of marriage last month. I said, “That’s a lot of years!” My grandfather replied, “Not nearly enough!” Loving each other from WWII til today GMH. Dec 1st, 2014
In 1989 a woman gave birth to a girl who had down syndrome, and a hole in her heart and stomach. She died 3 years later. Her next child was miscarried. She got pregnant again and was told to have an abortion that refused even though she knew the risks were high for her and the baby. Here I am 14 years later, perfectly healthy. Mom, your LGMH Dec 1st, 2014
22 years ago, a 16 year old girl was pregnant with a baby. Understanding the circumstances, her parents told her to abort or be disowned. Her best friend - her 18 year old neighbour - although he was not the father, stepped into the father figures shoes. They got married 2 years later. Mom and Dad, your love for me, and for each other, GMH. Dec 1st, 2014
My best friend's grandma had been fighting Alzheimer's for about 10 years, and she barely remembered her husband of 64 years. Last night, she miraculously found her husband's hospital room (he was dying of cancer) and climbed into his bed. They died together that night. Fairy tale love GMH May 3rd, 2010, 5:21 PM
One day, I sat across from an old couple on the train. When we arrived, the driver announced over the loudspeaker to make sure we had all our valuables with us when we stepped off. The old man took his wife’s arm and said, “I got it all!” Men who are still sweet to their wives after so long GMH. 20 JANUARY 2015
I've been bulimic for 3 years. I was crying as I went to go purge, when my little brother grabbed my hand and asked if he could read me a story. One hour later, I found myself asleep in his bed; he was laying on the ground praying for God to "make me happy and healthy again." Joshie, your LGMH. May 4th, 2010, 2:12 PM
March 27th, 2010, 4:37 PM A few years ago, I was with my parents grocery shopping. My mom told my dad to “go and pick up anything he wants”. Without a word, he picked up my mom. Their LGMH.
One day my best friend and I were talking on the webcam and I had to go to the bathroom for a second. When I came back and he still couldn't see me. I could hear him practising how to say "I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you." His LGMH. by PwreddiieThicck June 27, 2010
When my mother died - my best friend was there to help me through the hardship... His LGMH. by YourLuvGivesUsHope August 16, 2011
My boyfriend is probably the hardest guy around school. One day, we got into an argument, and I had walked away. I came back to see if he was okay, only to find him staring at the floor, hands over his head, tears slowly streaming down. He hadn't cried in years. His LGMH. September 9th, 2010, 3:50 AM
April 30th, 2010, 8:14 PM Today, my mom had a baby girl. Girl, no boy will ever hurt you, 'cause if they do, you have 9 older brothers who will ruin the chances of that kid ever reproducing. Love, your eldest brother. LGMH
LGMH → lovegivesmehope: I always felt like I could never find prince charming. I was constantly depressed. Then, I met someone who truly makes me feel beautiful, cares for me, and makes me laugh everyday. Turns out I was looking in the wrong place the whole time because the prince charming I was looking for was really a princess. Love regardless of gender GMH. lovegivesmehope Feb 8 2010
19 April 2011 Via givesmehope: My boyfriend of one year had suddenly become more busy than normal for the past few weeks. Today was my 18th birthday. I was woken up at midnight to see him sitting by my bed playing guitar and singing ‘Just The Way You Are.’ He’d been spending his time/money on guitar/singing lessons the whole time. I couldn’t ask for more. I love you. Like the love stories? Try: LoveGivesMeHope
Mon May 17th, 2010 at 6:18pm My dad saw a homeless man digging through the trash. He offered to buy the man food. Once he had the food he thanked my dad and turned to leave. Dad said to eat with him. He almost cried. They ate & talked, and he tried to give my dad the only thing he had: a Beatles record. My dad and that man GMH
I never told anyone. Today, I told my fiance. Instead of being angry or upset, he held me close to him and whispered, “Baby, I love you so much. You will never go through anything like that ever again.” His Love Gives Me Hope. LGMH by foreveravcc June 27, 2010
LOVEGIVESMEHOPE TEXT POST Me and my “soul mate” have known each other since second grade. A few years ago, he told me he has cancer and was going to dıe in a year. He also said that he loved me and wanted to spend that year with me. 3 years later, he’s cancer free and still mine. 13 YEARS AGO ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2010 AT 6:40 PM
Apr 25, 2013, 1:45 AM Lol honestly if you were still here I would be lookin towards dating you. You're so sweet and a really good friend and super beautiful. But you're so fat FAR!! I meant far lol
One morning I was at the airport and terrified I wouldn't catch my flight. One woman recognised my anxiety and upon hearing why she took my hand and led me to the front of the security line. She had no idea I was going home to comfort my mum on her cancer diagnosis, but her blind compassion GMH. Jan 8, 2015 at 6:00pm by MI
September 8, 2013 Good Friends Care For Each Other, Close Friends Understand Each Other, But TRUE FRIENDS Stay Forever... Beyond Words, Beyond Distance, Beyond Time.
˚    ✦  .  .    ˚   . ✦  ˚  . ✦  ˚ . i love kind people so much, thank you for existing ♡ ˚    ✦  .  .    ˚   . ✦  ˚  . ✦  ˚ .
The kids I babysit are two year old twins, boy and girl. One day she wouldn't stop crying when I put them down. I was listening on the baby monitor and I heard the boy climb out of his crib into hers and say "Its okay Shea. I love you." When I went to get them up two hours later he was still in her crib. Siblings' love for each other. Aug 12, 2013 at 8:00pm by Jennie CT
When my grandfather passed away, he had been battling numerous ailments and sicknesses. When I was 6 he promised me that when he is in heaven he would make a cloud shaped like Mickey Mouse. A couple days after his death I looked up and saw he kept his promise. His promise GMH. Jul 27, 2013 at 9:30pm by Kyle H, Port Charlotte, FL
If you love something let it go, If it comes back to you it's yours, If it doesn't, it never was, and it's not meant to be. May 6, 2014
ℍ𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕒 𝕘𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥 𝕕𝕒𝕪 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕠𝕟𝕖!!!!!! 𝕊𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕙𝕦𝕞𝕡 𝕕𝕒𝕪 𝕝𝕒𝕦𝕘𝕙𝕥𝕖𝕣!!!!
Terms for the Mvrder of Loved Ones Amicicide: of one’s friend (amicus - friend) Avunculicide: of one’s uncle (avunculus - maternal uncle) Familicide: of one’s family (spouse and children) (familia - family) Filicide: of one’s daughter or son (filia - daughter; filius - son) Fratricide: of one’s brother (or sibling) (frater - brother; fratrem - sibling) Mariticide: of one’s husband (or spouse) (maritus - husband, spouse) Matricide: of one’s mother (mater - mother) Neonaticide: of one’s newborn child (neo - new; natus - born) Patricide: of one’s father (pater - father) Prolicide: of one’s offspring (proles - offspring) Senicide: of one’s elder (senes - elderly; senex - old man) Sororicide: of one’s sister (soror - sister) Uxoricide: of one’s wife (uxor - wife, spouse) Amiticide: of one’s aunt (amita - paternal aunt) Aniclicide: of one’s female elder (anicla - old woman) Avicide: of one’s grandparent (avia - grandmother; avus - grandfather) Conjicide: of one’s spouse (conjux, coniux - spouse, husband, wife) Nepticide: of one’s niece (nepti - niece)
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ 𝐫𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫: :¨ ·.· ¨: ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ `· . ꔫ To all the people who had a rough day, week or month, remember to focus on what you can control, you are enough and you deserve all your desires♡
January 2, 2013 Messages I think we should see other people ... Roses are red Violets are blue U really thought I would cry over u? I said I loved you You thought that was true well guess what player You just got played to smartphOWNED.com
Date: 15/12/22 Support Tips: Preparation: in order to best prepare some actions might include ~ Considering your sensory needs- pack a bag with sensory aids such as headphones, earplugs, coloured glasses, stim tools, comfort items and so on to support your comfort whilst at your appointment. Considering your communication needs- perhaps take a trusted friend or family member to support with verbal communication, a hospital passport that you can share with staff or notes including scripted comments or responses that you can refer to during the appointment to support with or replace verbal speech. Wear suitable clothing that can be easily taken on and off. To minimise uncertainty, research what is involved in the procedure before attending so that you have a good idea what to expect. Write out a list of questions to avoid relying on memory during a potentially stressful experience. Plan your travel route in advance and leave plenty of time to get to your appointment to minimise anxiety and allow time to adjust to the environment upon arrival. Engage in calming, grounding techniques prior to the appointment start time. During: whilst at the appointment it may be helpful to ~ Ask for the nurse practitioner to talk you through the procedure in full before it commences, preferably with use of images or demonstrations with relevant equipment. Be open about which aspects of the experience you might struggle with as an Autistic person and request particular adjustments. Engage in grounding techniques such as mindful breathing. Hold on to a stim object that is comforting or acts as a stress reliever. Listen to music to support self-regulation. Share your concerns or worries with the nurse practitioner to invite reassurance or helpful advice. Remember your reason for attending and why it is important for you. Aftercare: following the procedure, it is a good idea to plan in some time for self-care and self-regulation, some ideas might include ~ Get yourself into a sensory safe space where things feel predictable and calm (for e.g. a quiet room with dim lighting, weighted blanket etc). Arrange to debrief/chat to a friend or another supportive person about your experience after leaving your appointment. Arrange to meet with a trusted person following the procedure to support you with getting back home or perhaps to do something you might enjoy together. Engage in your dedicated interest. Acknowledge your achievement in attending and getting through the appointment. Journal about your experience to help with emotional processing. Engage in your favourite stim to release any tension that may remain in your b0dy. Allow yourself to physically rest or sleep once back at home. Date: 15/12/22
They told me I wanted attention. Brett, the class clown who is known for being a jerk, looked at my wrist and gently ran his fingers over the cut. He asked me if I wanted to go into the hallway to talk about it. The fact that the guy I barely knew cared more about me than my friends GMH Mar 20, 2011 at 7:00pm by Erin, Pennsylvania/USA
SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2009 YAADEIN... Holle se chupke se aati hain yaadein.. Ateet me hume kheench le jaati hain yaadein.. Koshish to ke the bhoolne ke aapko.. Par har koshish ko nakaam kar jaate hain yaadein.. Tez hawa ka jhonka bankar aati hain yaadein.. Is shaant zindagi me hulchul le aati hain yaadein.. Fir dheere se humara haath thaam kar.. Khwabon ke duniya me le jaati hain yaadein.. Kya maksad hai inka, kyu aati hain yaadein.. Beete hue baatein, dohraate hain yaadein.. Ab peeche reh gaya hai sab.. Aur chal pade hain hum.. Ab to yaadein he yaadein hain..yaadein he yaadein.. Bas yaad aati hain baatein.....yaad aati hain yaadein...... POSTED BY SAUMYA SHRIVASTAVA AT 3:02 AM
Repost this If you miss someone right now. July 27, 2015
𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 𝐓𝐎 𝐃𝐎 + make a wishlist so you’ll be prepared when it’s your birthday/Christmas + do five or more journal prompts + start a new hobby or make a list of new hobbies you’d like to try + write a letter to your future self or film a video for your future self + digital redecorating: change the theme/layout of your devices + reread a book you haven’t read in 3 or more years + watch a show or film in a genre you don’t usually watch + go on YouTube and make a playlist of your favorite self improvement/advice videos to watch when you’re down or need a push + learn a favorite song on an instrument + paint or draw the view outside your bedroom window + make a Pinterest board that perfectly captures the vibe(s) you wish to embody + organize your desk + go on a walk when the sun sets + watch a YouTuber you used to love + plan your ideal trip! it’s super fun to dream up possible vacations!! + look for a new podcast to listen to 𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐀𝐃 𝐎𝐅 𝐒𝐂𝐑𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆 ✧
No One Will Get This 100% Right! 1)My First Name 2)My Middle Name 3) My Last Name 4) Something I Can't Live Without Repost 5)My Favourite Colour And See 6)My natural Hair Colour 7)My Birthday Who 8)My Eye Color Knows 9)My Favourite Candy 0)My Nickname You Best! 1)My Shoe Size 2)My Favourite Soda October 18, 2013
November 17, 2013 It's hard to forget Someone who gave you So much to remember.
Expect different bødy language. Autistic people don't always make eye contact, sit still, or look at the person they are listening to. However, that doesn't mean they aren't paying attention. It's helpful to be direct, so they don't get confused about your intentions. Here are some examples of things you could say: "Do you want to hold hands?" "How about a kíss?" "Hey, I'm behind you. Want a hug?" (Some autistic people startle easily when touched from behind.) Autistic people might be uncomfortable with certain types of to͠uch and ıntımate, because of sensory issues. To find out what works for them, just ask. Having a clear conversation is easy for many autistic people, and you'll get a clear sense of what they like. Be clear about your own thoughts and feelings. Picking up on body language can be difficult work for an autistic person, and they might not realize what's going on, or guess completely wrong. If you want them to know your feelings, the easiest way is to express them out loud. "I'm sorry I snapped at you. I'm a little on edge today because of my dad coming. You did nothing wrong." "I wish you would have told me earlier about Amy's math meet. I would like to have rearranged my schedule so that I could be there for her." "It hur͘t my feelings when you said that my beard looked like a hipster beard." Be prepared for them to show and experience emotions differently. They may not understand their own feelings (alexithymia), and thus act less emotional than others (e.g. not appearing to grieve when family members dıe, even though they're very upset). This does not mean that they aren't experiencing emotions. Autistic people may react with a problem-solving approach: they see that you are upset, and they are determined to fix it so you can be happy. They may not realize that you don't want advice, just a listening ear. Autistic people may appear emotionless, even when they are experiencing deep emotions.
🌿 ・。 🧘🏻‍♀️ ・。 🕯 ・。 🌱 ・。 ✨ ・。 🕯 ・。 🌱 sometimes it’s nice to disconnect and enjoy your own company ෆ
how to become ✨ 𝒽𝑒𝓇 ✨      ˚     . ✧     ˚     . ✧     ˚   set and pursue goals have a positive attitude no more negative self-talks find a style that you wear with confidence love yourself and your body believe in yourself don’t judge others ˙ᵕ˙ practice positive affirmations be your most authentic self embrace imperfections      ˚     . ✧     ˚     . ✧     ˚  
A real friend is someone who knows how totally crazy you are but is still willing to be seen out with you in public. April 8, 2014
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