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⟡ pls note the ai inflicts emotional damage (ᵕ—ᴗ—)
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here’s a story request. by the way everyone who makes these stories tag it “.lavender” so people can find it easier OKAY LETS START NOW- you were single, you really wished u werent. u were always alone and horny. u were bored so decided to go out, even though it was night, the streets would be alive. you went into the secret club and softly knocked on the door, they let you in. u went to get a drink. as u were waiting, a beuatiful girl in a bikini sigs beside you. you notice there was a pool, which explained why her hair was a but damp. “hi” she said. “hi” u said back. “do you wanna go for a swim? im just taking a drink… sorry if im being weird, its just you’re really pretty and-“ “i understand” you said. yiu grinned. she smiled. u both finished ur beer and headed to the pool. “wait… i-i dont have a swimsuit…” “its fine, they guve out free ones” she responded. u went into the change room, and she brought u a really revealing swimsuit “here! i git the best one, its light pink though i hope u dont mind. even though you were naked, she walked in. she closed the stall door. your eyes sparkled. she was gorgeous. you both seemed to hav ethe same thoughts. she pulled off her swimsuit and went on top of you. you were in a reserved room, as the secret club had rooms yiu can reserve. She locked the door. the room was big. there was also a bedroom since sometimes customers fall asleep here. you guys walked to the bed. you both couldnt wait any lnger. she put her pvssy in ur mouth and cum rapidly flew out into ur mouth. you moaned softly. she went up and down, and her pvssy was surprisinly big even thiugh she had such a slim torso. She slowly pulled it out. you guys both smiled. you sit in a dog-like position, as you cum onto her torso. she sits up and jiggles her tits on you. (๏人๏) you decide that you need to step up your game. you actually had the swim suit top on, and you desired to take it off. it was too tight. your hourglass body didnt show. yiu slipped of the top, and your t1ts were so big that it pulled you forward. she bit ur n1ppl3. yiu both moaned btu paused for a moment. “m-mommy…” she whispered in yiru ear, and her hot breath on ur neck “yes?” you responded “c-can ik your name…” “oh, its [___] what abt u honey?” “my name is [u decide]” she said you both smiled. she pushed you onto the floor, and you knew what was coming was gonha be good. she put her @sś into your pvssý. yiur pvssy was so tight that it was hard to put in. she pushed as hard as she could. you felt the cūm and sat up. you came onto her t1ts. you decided that you should take her home. she iffers to take u home. you both slip on some clothes and she brings u to a mansion. ut was amazing. she brought you to her bedroom, a king sized bed. ♡ it was a humongous bed, perfect. she opened a drawer, and brought out a vibrator. she thrusted it into your pvssy and the cům splattered everywhere that was the best night PART 2! you woke up with her n1p still in ur mouth. you had yiur thighs wrapped around her neck. yiu slowly unwrapped it. she woke up and said “hey baby” shebrought matching red lingerie. red thongs and a red bra. yiu both brush ur teeth and brush ur hair yiu put it up into a ponytail, she leaves it down. “wanna keep going?” she asked you agreed. “this time, i wanna try simething new” you said “oooh~ what is it?” she asked “im ginna try to make u čûm with my voice” you said ( ͜ₒ ㅅ ͜ ₒ) yiu both took off your bra and thong. 𝙖𝙝𝙝𝙝~ yiu moaned in her ear she licked around her mouth trying really hard eventually, she čűm onto you. you lick ar0nd her pvsy she yelled out loud. you were satisfied. she spread out her th1ghs you went in front of her and stood up on the bed. you put on leg on her shoulder, then both like a piggyback ride but in the shoukders. she smacked ur big juicy @ś$ 🍑💦💦 you p33d on her and she l1ck3d all over you, she hùmp3d your t1ts( ๏ 人 ๏ ) this went on for 5 hours

Warning: This item may contain sensitive themes such as nudity.

(❀❛ ֊ ❛„)♡ 🌽
🌽 corn,popcorn
i havent seen even a SINGLE weird thing yall r fr complaining over nothing like most of it has been taken down. 🤯 STOP TAGGING IT UNDER GENUINE SEARCHES BROO
✨🌽 girl👩‍🌾

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