Image to Dot Art Generator

Create text art using this simple image to text art converter. Create your own custom ASCII art that you can copy and paste. Converts images to braille text.

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Tip: Use an AI icon generator (with 'flat' style) to create source images.


The image will be converted into pure black and white using a threshold, and then the resulting image will be converted into text art using Braille Unicode characters.
This determines the pre-processing that is applied to the image before thesholding it into a pure black and white image. Certain modes work best for certain types of images. If the resulting dot art looks bad, try another mode, or adjust some settings.
← make it smaller
more detailed
A larger value produces higher-resolution text art, but note that wide dot art will be distorted by line wrapping if copy-pasted into places that aren't wide enough. So ideally you should choose a size that is big enough to show all the important details, but no bigger.
← make it darker
make it lighter
This adjusts the "cut-off" value at which the pixels become white or black. You should adjust it if the overall result has too much black or too much white.
← fewer lines
more lines →
Move this up to make line detection more sensitive. A high value means many subtle lines in the image will be detected. If it's too high, you may see lots of messy dots and marks in the output image.
← thinner lines
thicker lines →
Use this slider to thicken the detected lines.


If you've found a bug or have feature ideas, you can provide feedback here. Thanks to @LachlanArthur and @carolineec for code that powers certain aspects of this generator.